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The Mail Bag

Laursen - Silly??

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Laursen has never had any bother from the Everton fans as far as I'm aware and he's never been goaded or shouted at with any real meaning.

So why did he feel the need to goad the fans on Villa's second goal. By all means celebrate the goal that your team has just scored, but why turn to the home fans and deliberately goad them?

Isn't there something in FA rules prohibiting this?
Brian Wolf, Newcastle     Posted 28/04/2008 at 14:11:52

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JL Slap
1   Posted 28/04/2008 at 14:39:25

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The FA prob pissed themselves when they saw it. "That’ll shut the moaning scouse pricks up!! While were at it, lets give em Clattenburg last game of season" My point, I dont think we’re they’re favorite club.
James Asquith
2   Posted 28/04/2008 at 15:55:06

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Jeez, I wonder why people think we moan a lot!

When Villa scored the second, we were still celebrating our second, with a mass rendition of "You?re not singing any more" echoing around Goodison. Surprisingly, this stopped as soon as we allowed Barry all the room in the world, and Carew got the wrong side of Lescott to head home.

I think Laurson was just cupping his ear to the crowd as if to say "Who?s not singing now?"

Footballers get everything from mild banter to hate-filled bile thrown in their direction by ?supporters? all round the country. Personally, I have no problem when they respond in a light-hearted (if pointed) way as Laurson did. It wouldn?t surprise me if the ?fans? most offended by his actions are the exact same ones who?ll give any opposition player the worst kind of abuse.

If it offended you, ask yourself if it was as bad as things you?ve done/said towards opposition players at GP.
Martin Cutler
3   Posted 28/04/2008 at 16:14:05

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Maybe he was just relieved because he was the one that got us the own-goal off of Neville?s shot. Doesn?t excuse whatever he did if it was inappropriate though.
David Jones
4   Posted 28/04/2008 at 17:14:54

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Honestly, who cares?? Did Neville not run half the length of the pitch and slide in front of their fans???
Jimmy Jones
5   Posted 28/04/2008 at 21:18:59

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Yes we are likely to be in Europe even if by the back door. While Villa have done well to catch us it realy is a disgrace that they have been GIVEN an opportunity. We should be out of site by now with the lead we had six weeks ago even when not playing our best but we just do not look quite good enough. There are so many rumours about Moyes? Arteta? Johnson, will Manny stay or go,has the Yak given up? Is there money for players? What's going on about Kirkby? Always problems... the story should have been how well we have done: 4th or 5th, but NO something as usual stinks at the club & it is wrong. WHAT is it????? Who does????

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