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The Mail Bag

Another chance next season?

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Yesterday's drawn game against Aston Villa must surely have proven to even the most staunch Moyes supporters that Davey Boy just isn't a winner when it comes to these big crunch games. Another big-time match and we are found wanting. Still Moyes is learning all the time, isn't he?

Having said that, we have played 15 games more than Villa this season and in the end our season has been killed stone dead by all the extra games we played this year.

I was ridiculed on this site earlier in the season when I suggested we would have been better off getting knocked out of the Carling Cup and the Uefa Cup in the early rounds and concentrated on a 4th place finish, but some of you just would not have it one bit. We can win 'em all, you said.

Even with the massive squads the big 4 have at their disposal they still understand that it's impossible to win all the competitions they have to play in and they cut their cloth accordingly. Sacrifices are made somewhere along the line and the domestic cups are now no more than reserve team runouts. Don't believe me? Then take a look at this year's FA Cup.

The treble that Man Utd achieved in 1999 was a one-off and will never be seen again in our life times, that's for sure. Even a club as big as Man Utd are probably thanking Pompey for knocking them out of the FA Cup a few months ago. The FA Cup being 3rd on the list of things to win, the Carling Cup is not even thought about and is treated with contempt by the real big clubs.

What I am saying is with a squad as tiny as Everton's we need to prioritise which competion means the most to us and go all out for it. For me that's getting in to the top 4 and getting on board the Champions League gravy train. Never mind farting about in Norway in the middle of January for little or no reward. We will never break in to the top 4 with our resources if we are playing every Thursday in the middle of Russia or the arse end of Poland then being asked to fly down to London on Saturday morning to play again on the Sunday. We just can't hack it. I hope Villa do take 5th and we miss out on the poxy Uefa Cup next season and here is my reason why.

Let's assume for a moment that the troubles across the park will rumble on through the summer and no funds are made available to the manager thus creating havoc (please, God, make it happen). This could well leave the door slightly open for one of the clubs below Liverpool to gate crash the party, i.e. Everton.

Now, if we are involved in the Uefa Cup again along with the 2 domestic cups and the Premier League then next season will follow the same path as this one, no question. It will fizzle out about February again because we are knackered. We need to streamline the amount of games we play to capitalise on any fuck-ups over at Anfield. Do you get the picture?

It's all well and good boosting our Uefa Cup profile with big wins against shite teams in European backwaters but it doesn't put food on the table does it? The Uefa Cup doesn't enable us to progress in a financial sense. All it does is put a strain on the team.

Unless we get a rich crooked foriegn investor or a Billionare Yank to come on board then a share of the Champions League honeypot is the only way this club can progress. We have to realise that surrendering the cups will be beneficial in the long term. Next season may well be our very last chance to achieve this goal. Does anyone reckon we would've ran out of gas in the League and folded so easily the way we have this season if we hadn't gone so far in the Carling or Uefa Cups?

Let's face it, we couldn't cope with all the games that came our way and instead of achieving anything of note we end up with nothing but heartache and despair. We where 5 points clear of the RS at one point this season and a combination of fatigue and Moyes losing his bottle did for us in the end.

To me, finishing 5th or 6th gives us nothing as a club other than being able to say... well it's better now than when Wally Smith was here.
Tony Marsh, Liverpool     Posted 28/04/2008 at 17:32:12

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Lyndon Lloyd
Your post-match refrain in recent weeks has centered around Moyes not being a good enough manager. Now it's the number of games we've played that's chiefly/partly to blame. Or is Moyes now a bad manager because he elected to have a go at the Carling and Uefa Cups?

There's a few things here that bother me, Tony, not just your 20-20 hindsight vision!

Firstly, the prospect of finishing in the top 4 didn't really look to be a firm proposition until we jumped into the CL-qualifying places in late January. By that time we were out of the FA Cup ? and was Moyes's decision to rest some key players, in line with your argument here, so that he could keep them fresh not the central reason why were knocked out by Oldham that day? ? and on our way out of the Carling Cup.

If, as was prudent, it was Moyes's belief that the top four was probably beyond his team's resources no matter how few competitions they were involved in and that our club record-breaking run in the Uefa Cup was indicative of a good chance of going all the way to Manchester, then who could argue with his desire to put his energies in there? Or was he supposed to throw the towel in in that competition to concentrate on the League?

It's all very well saying now that we should have chosen which competitions on which to concentrate but I'm confident you would have been the first the lambast Moyes for such a strategy. Indeed, I recall you ripped him a new one for not going all out for victory against Chelsea in the semi-final.

Secondly, our form only really collapsed after we got knocked out by Fiorentina, in my opinion a psychological reaction on the part of the players similar to 2005 after the Villarreal heartbreak and the fiasco in Bucharest. Momentum breeds confidence breeds consistent form, something both the top teams and Everton know all about ? witness the run of results in late 2004 and again before Christmas this season that propelled us into the Champions League places in the first place ? and I honestly don't believe we would have fallen away as badly as we have if we'd stayed in the Uefa Cup a round or two longer.

Yes, Moyes has been found wanting when it comes to pulling his players out of their collective malaise when they've suffered an agonising exit from the stage on which they all want to play: Europe; yes, his decisions are still sometimes baffling ? but they're becoming rarer and rarer ? yes, he remains loyal to certain players who lack the quality we need; and, yes, he is still learning (again, witness the increasing maturity with which they approached games as the Uefa Cup campaign wore on). I still believe, though, that he is the best manager we can hope for and that our biggest obstacle now is lack of real money.

For me, the real opportunity to have a real go at finishing fourth this season was passed up in January when we should have strengthened the team in key areas. This time, however, it seems that it was Robert Earl, who apparently has the final say on sanctioning player purchases at the moment, and not Davey's dithering that stopped us from doing so.

Kieran Kinsella
1   Posted 29/04/2008 at 03:49:06

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The thing is Tony that finishing 4th means nothing. Winning trophies is what matters.
Spurs won a trophy this year and we didn’t. I would rather have a trophy than 4th spot. we had 4th a few years ago and a lot of good it did us. You have a loser attitude.
Jason Lam
2   Posted 29/04/2008 at 04:43:29

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Football is not simple project management where you can realign your resources as you please and expect to reap expected results on priority ’less risky’ projects. Footie depends on a lot of, well, luck.

I believe a lot of fans (including yourself Tony) would relate more to us winning a trophy. We have a picture of us winning the FA Cup in 1995. We have a table showing we became 4th best team in 2008 (say). 3rd runner-up in the Premier League. True, Champions League football should be an ambition for a club as Everton, however sadly I don’t believe we will ever be closer to winning the Premiership or European Cup (isn’t this why we try for the Champions League honeypot? NSNO?) by achieving 4th. The Carling, FA and UEFA are the only realistic end products for us, due in part that the top4 are not interested (or not playing in terms of UEFA). It’s actually sad.

Lyndon Lloyd summed up nicely our season.
Peter Corcoran
3   Posted 29/04/2008 at 06:42:48

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Another Tony Marsh posting another old rehash of misery and sulkiness because Moyes did or didn?t do something and the EFC board haven?t stumped up enough cash. So yet again it is TM throwing another mega baby tantrum because he can?t get his own way! Grow up TM!

Lyndon?s response was spot on.
Michael Brien
4   Posted 29/04/2008 at 07:24:35

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Tony - you seem to contradict yourself - first you blame Moyes then you blame the number of games? You rubbish the Uefa Cup - but most people recognise that qualifying for European Competition is a good way of attracting new players - good quality ones. How many times have you heard a player say in an interview the reason they chose one club over another was due to one being in European Competition.
You rubbish the Uefa Cup - yeah crap competition with crap teams like Bayern Munich, Zenit St. Petersburg, Fiorentina to name but 3 not so crap teams but rather good ones. Don?t you think our players benefitted from playing against the likes of the last two of those teams I mentioned ?

Man Utd thanking Pompey for knocking them out of the FA Cup? Blimey, what are you on!?! It?s not the Uefa Cup that full of crap - it?s you. You moan if we finish below a European place - but then you would moan if we did because we would be playing meaningless games!!!
Try reality Tony - the real world - try beaming down from planet wherever it is you inhabit to join us in the real world. It?s money ? the fact that the so called big 4 have loads more of it than the rest of the Premier League ? gives them quite an advantage over all the other clubs. That?s the main reason we have run out of steam ? we don?t yet have the resources to match Chelsea, Arsenal Man Utd, Liverpool.

Moyes is doing a good job - without the same finances the only way to challenge for a top 4 place is by signing good young players at reasonable fees and developing our own talent. But that takes time ? and we must be patient. We have a long way to go ? but let's not forget how far we have come in the last few years.

Paul Gladwell
5   Posted 29/04/2008 at 07:49:48

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What garbage. Being in Europe benefitted us this year more than hindered and I honestly think if we had still been in Europe now fifth place would have been long sewn up.
Michael Hunt
6   Posted 29/04/2008 at 07:57:14

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I think you’re argument makes good logical sence in parts Tony. Such as I agree we should be better off in the league by playing less games etc. The reality does not seem to work that way though. Getting knocked out knocks the players’ confidence for the league and that is so important.
To my mind, we just need more good players to compete better on all fronts. Being in Europe (esp. the CL) helps attract those players and give us the increased profile and finances to keep progressing on and off the pitch.
Basically, you are wrong and shame on you for wishing us to sacrifice our best chances of winning trophies...FFS!
Dave Jeanrenaud
7   Posted 29/04/2008 at 08:13:34

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You are almost as negative as that John Campbell bloke who posted the other day!

The simple reason our season has imploded is the loss of Cahill. Don’t believe me? Just look at our record with him and without him this season. It speaks volumes.

You contradict yourself at every turn Tony. Earlier in the season you were moaning about the weakened team we fielded against Oldham and the chance we threw away to win the FA Cup. Now you are saying we should sacrifice the cups to concentrate on the league?
Tony Marsh
8   Posted 29/04/2008 at 08:07:56

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Brien and Gladwell you dont get it do you.
If Everton can not make the Champions League slots next season and its a very very big ask then that's it for us as a club. I don't give a shit at the moment how good or bad anyone thinks Moyes is as he is all we have got. If EFC fall any farther behind England's elite clubs in a financial sense then we will never ever catch them up. Kenwright's not selling so forget about a sugar daddy so where will the neccasary funds come from unless its the Champions League??? Like I say, winning trophies now comes second best to CL qualification wether you like to hear it or not. What do think would of been more beneficial to EFC a Carling Cup final win or a 4th place finish. In my book its a no-brainer.
Connor Rohrer
9   Posted 29/04/2008 at 08:45:35

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5th and 6th is a good achievement in my eyes. European football was the target and if we get then excellent. It was Moyes's and the players' target, it was my target and a lot of other Evertonians targets as well.

We?ve shown that on the whole we can competete in the League aswell as having a few decent cup runs. To play a lot of games with a relatively small squad is good progress in my opinion.

Isn?t it a positive that where better than we where when Smith was here? I?d say it is. That's progress.

The Uefa Cup is good for us. Yes its tests our squad to the hilt and yes it isn?t a big money maker but it improves us as a team and gives us vital European experience. We're learning to play a slower more European game and that is something all the big boys do. They dicate the pace of games and know when to speed up and slow down. Compare us in the Metalist games to the Fiorentina. Again progress in my opinion.

Next season will be interesting. It will truly show where Moyes can take us. We?ll have had some stability with two years of Uefa Cup football and we now need to be kicking on. Looking at that "top four" and looking to wing silverware. Signings in the summer will be key. Will Moyes buy the quality needed and will he replace his favorites?
Jonathan Tasker
10   Posted 29/04/2008 at 09:10:06

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As I?ve previously said on here, 5th or 6th is a as good as it?s going to get. The Big 4 are miles ahead in terms of money and it?s impossible to break into that elite. Yes, I know we managed to finish 4th a few years ago.The challenge now is to preserve our 5th/6th finish and to recruit some good players. For me, Roque Santa Cruz and Steve Sidwell would top the wish list. I think we have seen the last of Flat Track Bully Arteta and I?m reckoning AJ will also be on the way. I do trust Moyes to buy well, though, as he has proved with Cahill and Lescott.
Tony Connor
11   Posted 29/04/2008 at 09:12:22

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If a team can?t as yet make the CL then it is vital that it keeps stacking up wins in the Uefa Cup. Why?

Simple really...the more wins you have in recent European competetitions the higher your co-efficient is when /if you do eventually break into the top 4. This co-efficient determines whether, in the qualifying stage, you end up drawing a seeded team like Villareal or some real minnow like TNS. If you remeber the season we finished 4th that was the difference between us and the RS... what do you think the outcome would have been if the oppositions had been switched?

Winning games in the form of even the lesser Uefa Cup is VITAL to building momentum for the future.
Ken Buckley
12   Posted 29/04/2008 at 09:44:38

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Tony I think your frustrations are focused only on the now.
If you look a bit deeper we are actually building which in itself is progress for this club considering what has gone on in the past.

We are creating a platform, albeit maybe not as quickly as many would like, but at least now we seem able to hold on to players which is a prerequisite for further building.

In the end we all have to accept that the size and quality of the squad we assemble will ultimately decide our ability to progress in both league and cups.

Dont give up Tony things may not be perfect but the momentum is forward, if not fast forward.

Dave Whitwell
13   Posted 29/04/2008 at 09:48:24

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Wow you really don?t like the Uefa cup do you Tony? Like most others, I would prefer the Champions League, but I enjoyed our European adventure this year and want more next year, even if it is only the Uefa Cup.

With regard to the players being knackered I think its a mental toughness rather than physical, with the exception of Cahill & Vaughan most have suffer more from the blow of losing the shootout, I certainly don?t remember too many grumbles about injuries when we were still in it!

On another note lets not forget that some of our key players were also involved in AFCON ? add to that riduculous ref decisions and it could have been very different.
Ciaran Duff
14   Posted 29/04/2008 at 10:03:01

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As with many of Tony?s postings, his ranting & raving and negativity cloud the whole issue. Sometimes there is a germ of logic hidden in there. So, if I could pose this one...
Given that we have a small squad and limited funds, if you were DM what would you prioritise :-
+ FA Cup - Our last trophy & still huge charm and TV exposure. A tough one to get through given that top teams still want to win it. UEFA cup spot.
+ Carling Cup - Poor man?s FA Cup but easier to win as there are less rounds and some top teams play reserves. UEFA cup spot.
+ UEFA Cup - Good European exposure, players/fans seem to enjoy it, good experience for future UCL (hopefully) but small prize money.
+ EPL - Our bread n butter and far higher prize money per place than UEFA etc. Could lead to UCL.

Basically it is not an easy choice for a financially constrained club like us.
Mark Cassin
15   Posted 29/04/2008 at 11:13:01

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Hi Tony, to be honest I always hate reading your posts as they are usually extremely negative. I have to agree with you on the 4th place finish rather than a cup though as that is where the money lies.

Bearing in mind we have been in the doldrums for the last 20 years I don?t think next year is our crunch year as I personally believe that Moyes will continue the rebuilding process.
Michael Brien
16   Posted 29/04/2008 at 12:00:19

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Tony - so if we had got to the Carling Cup Final you would not have tried to get a ticket for the match ? And the Uefa Cup Final - if we had made it through - and we were only eliminated by a team good enough to get to the Semi-Final and have an advantage going into the 2nd Leg - you would not have tried to get a ticket for the final? Would you have stuck to your principles - you have suggested it?s 2nd rate?

Get real, for goodness sake,can you not see how much progress this club has made in the last 6 years? I am not satisfied at 5th or 6th place I want us to aim higher, but to get there it?s going to take us a bit longer that?s all. ust like Villa ? their main signings are similar in price to ours ? but aren?t in the same league as the spending as the big 4. But look at that kid Agbonlahor ? just like us Villa are looking to develop their own youth system ? and for clubs like us and Villa it will be an important part in trying to break into the top 4.
Patience is what?s needed ? clearly something you haven?t got ? but in the future (say the next 5-10 years) when we are regularly in Europe we shall all be laughing at you.

Paul Joy
17   Posted 29/04/2008 at 12:25:00

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Tony Marsh you talk as much crap as your Rodney did on sky! "I hope Villa get 5th" and "poxy Uefa Cup" - what planet are you on pal. That's real support don?t you think.

For your info, the Uefa Cup did a number of positive things for EFC - it raised the profile of the club across Europe (helps to attract players and potentially investors), it definitely improved players who will have learned from their experience, and finally and most importantly to me it was a fuckin brilliant experience for us fans despite the crap in Florence.

Yes, we do need a bigger squad with more quality; yes, we need serious investment and a new stadium but we know all this. Continually whining about the same old things doesn?t help you or anyone.

I have supported the blues through thick and thin all my 53 yrs and I do not want to return to scrapping against relegation. So I will be delighted to finish 5th and go into the poxy Uefa Cup thanks very much. And no I am not happy to settle for mediocrity ? I want to win trophies and get back in the elite ? but the building blocks must be in place first and they are not ... yet. I don?t support Davy Moyes blindly ? I support him because he does great job with what he has.

You are entitled to voice your opinion, Tony, it's just not very bright though is it?

Ryan Sloan
18   Posted 29/04/2008 at 12:50:44

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What an honest and excellantly put post. We do not have the funds or squad to battle on all fronts. What I would argue with is that the Uefa Cup is a good learning curve for the players and manager, and that has been a success for us this season in my oponion, but the Champions League is where you want to be.
Chris Fisher
19   Posted 29/04/2008 at 12:53:57

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Yet more depressing comments from some people who seem to think finishing 5th (cos we will beleive me!) means we?ve had a bad season! I can't even be bothered to argue anymore... and as for the comments about AJ yesterday from somepeople!! Jesus, that's right, get rid of one of our best players that will improve the team replace him with somone like Peter Crouch ? that has got to be the funniest thing I've ever heard! replace a good striker with a piece of piss who can't get a regular start for the shite now thats progress!!!

Anway is anyone else confused as to why Lescott didnt even get a look in for the pfa team of the season??! Easily the best defender in the prem this season but obviously its more important as to what team you play for rather than how well you actually play.
Peter Corcoran
20   Posted 29/04/2008 at 12:59:53

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Paul Joy - Well said.
John Lloyd
21   Posted 29/04/2008 at 13:03:46

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Lyndons well written response pretty much covers this signature piece of drivel from TM. I’ve no doubt you love this club Tony, and you are having a harder time than us realising that were not up there challenging as we should be or would like to be but your articles are so full of crap its funny, you must be the most pessimistic, sensationalist person on here & your getting boring.
Tony Williams
22   Posted 29/04/2008 at 13:27:52

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Lyndon pretty much summed it up for me and should have closed the thread with that response.

Tony you have contradicted yourself within the first two paragraphs bcaused it was apparantly Moyes?s fault...............but it could have been the extra 15 games we have played.

I would like to point out the must win games against Man City and Portsmouth where Moyes bottled it there too!!

Apart from you initial finger of blame at Moyes it was a more placid Marsh post with a few well put points but it is clear that the majority will disagree with you with regards to the Uefa Cup and as Lyndon said you were one of the first to lambast Moyes with his line up and tactics against Oldham.
Tony Marsh
23   Posted 29/04/2008 at 13:28:04

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Paul Joy, I am so glad you enjoyed this season's Uefa Cup mate and the extended Carling Cup run ? amazing wasnt it? Well seeing how it's cost us a real chance of finishing 4th this year, I hope it was worth it.

People are having a go at me here but you just don't get it. If we carry on the way we have been doing the past 6 years Uefa Cup included then we are fucked.

Every season the pay out from the CL to the qualifiers gets bigger and bigger. The longer we are out of it the more imposible it will become to ever make it. Why is this so hard to grasp with you dreamers.

If you cant see where football is heading and how the big 4 and the powers that be are now controlling things then you are not watching the same sport as me. Like always with a large number of the Everton fan base, its a question of let's wait another few years and see what happens, By then it will be too late.

FFS get a grip of yourselves, wake up and smell the coffee. It's shit or bust time in the next 2 years or so and those who want to linger around and get nowhere for another 6 years make me laugh.

It's now or never boys and all the trips to Florence or Nuremberg won't help us once we have missed the boat. We will be forever on the outside looking in. WHY CAN'T YOU SEE IT????
Tony Marsh
24   Posted 29/04/2008 at 13:53:12

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Tony Williams, Moyes gave up the FA Cup tie against Oldham to concentrate on the Chelsea semi a few days later. Fair enough. We then go down to London and play Chelsea reserves for an hour with ten men and Moyes bottled out and tried to defend a 1-1 score line.

That's why I had a go back then. Why give up the FA Cup tie against Oldham only to shit out at Chelsea? Not to hard to grasp mate is it??
Mike Allison
25   Posted 29/04/2008 at 14:36:39

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Chelsea have got a hell of a reserve team. Your exaggeration doesn’t exactly do you any favours Tony.
JL Slap
26   Posted 29/04/2008 at 14:46:40

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"If we carry on for the next 6 years the way we have been, we’ll be fucked"????

What, so if we stuck on the same formula as the 6 previous we’d CL laden with domestic trophies??

You then ask why we gave up the FA cup to ’roll over’ against Chelsea yet your original post bemoans playing cup games as it has detracted from our league campaign????

You are pissing on your own points now you dozy get!!!
Connor Rohrer
27   Posted 29/04/2008 at 15:28:36

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"We then go down to London and play Chelsea reserves for an hour with ten men and Moyes bottled out and tried to defend a 1-1 score line."

Never seen so much shite written in my life. Chelsea reserves? Do you remember our midfield Tony? Johnson on the right wing, McFadden on the left wing with Cahill, Carsley and Neville playing centrally. We where missing three key midfielders in Osman, Arteta and Pienaar who at the time had been very influential.

I don’t remember us trying to defend a 1-1. When Jon Obi Mikel got sent off we scored and we where in control. They scored because Lescott made a mistake not Moyes. Mistakes can happen you know. Its football and it happens.

Patty Beesley
28   Posted 29/04/2008 at 15:54:50

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Tony you are becoming mellow in your old age!! And apart from that, the little Welsh daffodil is saying nowt!!!
Paul Gladwell
29   Posted 29/04/2008 at 15:56:39

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Tony I actually agree with the majority of what you say on this site, what I dont agree with is your shout on how it would of benefitted us getting knocked out earlier in the UEFA cup, which is rubbish.
You have mentioned the need for champions league football ,well Tony playing in the UEFA cup is a good learning curve if we do make it to the big league, and lets face it we are a little bit more experienced now than when we got into the preliminarys last time and this is down to the experience of this season in Europe, although Fiorentina away showed our Managers inexperience which will only change with more games in Europe.
Rob Jones
30   Posted 29/04/2008 at 18:12:20

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Dave Jeanrenaud - Uh what? nearly as negative? I presume you haven’t seen any of our very own grumpy old granddads posts before because if you had you would realise that (dont smye me MK) Tony is the most pessimistic and repetitive old git that Toffeeweb or any other everton site has had to endure. Oh yeah if that’s your first post, welcome to the moody man (and woman) society.
Alan Clarke
31   Posted 29/04/2008 at 23:13:30

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I think the way we won games in the Uefa Cup gave us a lot more confidence and momentum going into other games this season that allowed us to go on a club record unbeaten run. I’ve loved the amount of football I’ve been able to watch this season and the extended cup runs (except the FA cup) have added a lot more interest to our season.

Tony, you should not be saying we need to focus on 4th and sod everything else. We should all be questioning the board’s commitment to us winning a trophy and trying to finish 4th by actually finding some investment.
Ged Dwyer
32   Posted 29/04/2008 at 23:12:24

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What a help the signings of Graveson and Gardner have been. If Moyes had actually signed two fit players instead it might have helped the team to keep going. Shandy Andy’s contribution has been amazing too hasn’t it?. And playing Fernandes out of position is really helping to bring him on as an Everton player, I don’t think.
But there is one massive chance for us right now. And that’s for Moyes to be honest with himself and know his limitations and bring in a quality coach who could help the team play better football and help the team play an improved tactical game. Somehow I don’t think he’d like an assistant who could show him up.
Steve Roberts
33   Posted 30/04/2008 at 08:55:46

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Tony, you’ve spoken previously about how happy you were when Yak signed. Do you remember his reason for leaving boro and joining the blues? That’s right....because we were playing in Europe. Do you still hope that we don’t make it into the UEFA?
Dave Jeanrenaud
34   Posted 30/04/2008 at 10:21:28

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In actual fact the esteemed editor of this website recently posted a fans article by Mr Marsh under the name John Campbell. I was therefore taking the michael.

You are quite right however in that there is no more negative soul (except for Mr Campbell) than Mr Marsh although i am sure he means well.

Paul Tran
35   Posted 30/04/2008 at 10:40:17

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Tony?s exaggeration masks his valid points.

The only chance we had of finishing 4th was no injuries or suspensions and continued poor form from Liverpool.

The cup runs have increased our profile ? according to the people I work with around UK & Europe and probably the European-based players we need to buy in order to progress.

I would rather see our squad strengthened so we can realistically maintain 5th spot and mount a realistic challenge for the top 4. I would much rather see us win a trophy than get humiliated in the Champions League again.

Our current squad is the best we?ve had for years. It is over-reliant on Cahill and Arteta and short on quality, physical strength and leadership.

Regardless of where we finish, Moyes needs to spend the summer looking for leaders on the pitch. That?s what?s going to get us through the crunch games.

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