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The Mail Bag

Kirkby 'Design and Build' stadium is second-rate

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It's official - the Kirkby 'Design and Build' stadium is second-rate. A report published by CABE — the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment — an ogranisation funded by, and reporting to, both the Dept for Culture, Media and Sport and Dept for Communities and Local Government has slammed Tesco's proposals for both the store it proposes to build in Kirkby, and the stadium it is building for Everton.

The report states:

"We also think that both Everton and Kirkby deserve a stadium of first class design quality, and we are not convinced that this has been realised by the current proposals"

Something many of the No voters have been saying since before the vote took place last year.

It goes on...

"We are concerned that the stadium design is being delivered by a Design and Build contractor. It is our view that Design and Build contracts can produce successful outcomes only when high quality design is embedded in the process; we do not feel that this has been achieved in this case"
The final paragraph is perhaps the most damning:
"The scheme proposed will have a detrimental impact on the town and is not of a standard that Kirkby deserves. This scheme does not meet the criteria in terms of design quality set out in PPS1 and we do not think that it should receive planning permission. "

The question remains. If it's not to a standard Kirkby deserves, why do Wyness and Kenwright think it's good enough for Evertonians.

The report, which can be read here also calls into question the crowd control measures.

Now is the time for all Evertonians to call for the club to reject the plans for this second-rate stadium. You may not be happy with Goodison, but what is the point to moving to somewhere that is not good enough?

If the scheme goes to a Public Inquiry, it will all be over anyway — both Tesco and Everton have said so. Perhaps we now have the reason Tesco bought out Development Securities last week — at least they have a Plan B.
David Thompson, Liverpool     Posted 29/04/2008 at 09:32:38

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Steve Wolfe
1   Posted 29/04/2008 at 10:50:53

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Why do government advisors amongst others think its not good enough and yet yes voters apparently do?
Ed MacDonald
2   Posted 29/04/2008 at 17:57:21

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Kenwright and Wyness cannot be trusted to do this!

They both have histories of stuffing up stadia projects.

If this was Liverpool, they’d be on the streets demonstrating. We are sitting on our arses watching it happen.
Stephen Stuart
3   Posted 29/04/2008 at 19:37:46

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Some further info about Tesco?s way of dealing with things they don?t like:
Gerard Madden
4   Posted 29/04/2008 at 20:30:57

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I sometimes get accused of using the RS new stadium project as an example of why our project will get passed and I?m afraid (for the ?no? voters) here we have another perfect example......CABE have always objected to the various RS new stadium stadium schemes too using many of the same arguments, of course it didnt stop LCC and Hazel Blears rubber stamping it through in January did it? And guess what - LCC and Hazel Blears will rubber stamp their £100m cheaper design through again in May/June as well, much ado about nowt I?m afraid....
Gerard Madden
5   Posted 29/04/2008 at 21:52:56

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Steve - I?m sorry if the ?nugget? of info that CABE objects to LFC?s new stadium is not helpful to your stance on OUR stadium issue. The point I?m getting across is that LFC dont appear to be having sleepless nights over CABE?s view ? and evidently the government and council didn't determine CABE?s objection (not retracted) as important enough in determining that they should stop their project. Or is CABE?s view only important when they opine over an EFC stadium?
Mark Cassin
6   Posted 30/04/2008 at 10:58:12

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There have been a lot of things mentioned about the CABE report and other negative spins on the Kirkby stadum fiasco. I don't mind saying that I am totally confused.

The main argument with CABE is that Kirby's transformation would not be in keeping with organic growth. They mention the stadium being used for other events (concerts etc) and suchlike and actually describe the stadium design as being sub-standard. The Kings Dock ship has well and truely sailed now as we all know so perhaps Kirkby is the best option?

Either way I just can't understand this CABE report -- how different is the proposal to a mini-Milton Keynes? Also do we actually have any 'real' drawings on the stadium design or just those stupid computer images?

Peter Howard
7   Posted 01/05/2008 at 14:48:32

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Ed, how many RS fans have you seen on the streets protesting about the OWNERSHIP OF THEIR CLUB ?

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