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The Mail Bag

Is a windfall possibly due?

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I seem to recall that this season is the last where the club is due a payment if Man U win anything as part of the Rooney deal. Could be between 1 and 2 £ million?

Does anyone know if thats still the the case?
Steve Jones, Wavertree     Posted 29/04/2008 at 23:28:50

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Michael Kenrick
Errr.... One word: Phil Neville & Tim Howard. Okay, I can't count, but hopefully the message is there....
Ian McDowell
1   Posted 30/04/2008 at 06:01:46

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I was wondering the same thing, but as, Michael says I am sure the deals involving Neville and Howard where offset against some of the money from the Rooney sale, which was an absolute disgraceful piece of negotiating by Everton, but I won?t get on to that.
Nick Xenos
2   Posted 30/04/2008 at 07:36:42

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Surely we are due some sort of compensation after they sold us damaged goods, ie. Phil Neville.
Dave Whitwell
3   Posted 30/04/2008 at 07:38:11

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This is a link which shows the breakdown of the deal, we stand to get £1.5m if they do the double, also I think we have another season to run on it.
Luke Gould
4   Posted 30/04/2008 at 08:33:06

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I guess we failed to purchase an extended warranty for Neville, Nick ;-)
John Lloyd
5   Posted 30/04/2008 at 09:27:45

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I understand the Phil Neville comments but if some of the Rooney debt was offset on getting Tim Howard then you wont get any complaints from me. Best Goalie since the binman, a fantastic keeper, good attitude & in my opinion one of the best in Prem.

Still makes me sick to think how little we got for Rooney though, Man U got him & Ronaldo for about £24 to £28 million!!! Fucking thieves...
Michael Hunt
6   Posted 30/04/2008 at 10:09:09

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The Rooney deal had nothing to do with Neville and Howard, we paid the going rate for both of them. We are still eligible for the terms of the deal struck re Rooney.
We’ve bagged a lot of cash all considered. Moyes has also largely put the funds generated to very good use.
I feel we got a good deal all factors considered. The most important factor is that Rooney would not sign a record breaking deal with promise of captaincy etc. and so to not sell him when we did would have meant his value would have tumbled dramatically in the following season/s. Especially since his form was not the best then and has remained patchy since. Still, a class act he remains and I’d gladly swap him for AJ...perhaps Moyes could spike Fergie’s drink and have a pen handy! Still, no one player is bigger than the Club and all that and it’s just a shame Rooney was not bright enough to see through the bullshit his questionable agent spun him. Moyes winning the court case seems to prove Rooney was wrongly mistrustful of Moyes when he should have been rather more sceptical of his agent, not least as he made 1 million quid when Rooney signed for ManU. Ah, the ignorance of youth!
Would n’t it be nice if Rooney won the CL this year and then came out and said that having won the Premier League, F.A.Cup and Champions League with Man U he would love to make it up to Everton and Moyes by re-joining the Pride of Merseyside and helping bring back the glory days to Goodison Park. Still, that is most likely a romantic and unrealistic notion in today’s mercenary football world. NSNO!
Chris Fisher
7   Posted 30/04/2008 at 10:26:59

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Any deal that brought Tim Howard to us is ok with me!!! I'm hoping Man Utd win the Champs League only because we?ll get a few bucks because of it!!

It would've been nice if Rooney had of stayed with us. I think if we had of been able to build the team around him, we would've broken into the top 4 so much quicker, and he would've demanded passing to feet as opposed to long balls and clapping the players that play them!!

Jesus, can you imagine the bollocking he would've given certain players for doing that!! In that sense AJ is way to nice!! Although I've started to sense the Yak getting adgitated more and more by it! Him and AJ are different players though so im not sure about swapping them ? you can't compare them really, i think they could've worked quite well together... or Rooney and the yak!

I guess we?ll never know, I still will never fully understand why someone who loved Everton as much as Rooney did decided to just leave straight away for the glory. If it had of been me, staying with Everton would of been so much more rewarding than running away to make a quick buck and get some trophies! He had and still has years ahead of him. Oh well... we can't live in the past!

Ant Mill
8   Posted 30/04/2008 at 10:58:35

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It?s not a bad deal at all for Rooney, £23 mill upfront then £1 million for the next three seasons and then £1 mill if they win the Champions League, £0.5 mill for the Premier League and after 20 caps for England. Also, we get 25% of the transfer fee if they were to sell him, unlikely to happen but that could be about £6 or 7 mill. Just think if he?d never have signed for Everton in the first place we wouldn?t have had half the money to spend on big money signings like Beattie, Johnson and now Yakubu.
Alex May
9   Posted 30/04/2008 at 11:14:35

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Are our finaces so desperate that the possibiility of receiving £1m or so, could be considered a ’windfall’ or material in any way?

On second thoughts, don’t answer that.
Anthony O'Sullivan
10   Posted 30/04/2008 at 11:34:57

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Dissapointing to see the sarcastic answer to a perfectly good question,that happens all to often on this site.

Yes, we will get some extra money if they win as others have pointed out.

I'm sure Howard and Neville have been well paid for by now as I doubt Utd sold them to us and said take them and we?ll knock £1.5 mill off the price for the double we will win in 2 years time.

(sarcasim intended)
Tony Kelly
11   Posted 30/04/2008 at 11:46:05

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Talking about Rooney... Charlie McCann, the racing expert and Everton fan who works for Talk Sport, was telling Mike Parry, another Talk Sport presenter, the background to the Rooney deal. It went as follows:

Both negotiating parties were in the Old Trafford boardroom, negotiating a price for Rooney. After a while, they couldn't agree a fee. So luvvie Bill said, "I will phone my mum and ask her what Wayne is worth."

She replied, "He is worth his weight in gold." Next thing they find out Rooney's weight and they discovered he would only be worth £15 million. So they scrapped that idea, eventually agreeing a staggered fee.

This is a true story, Mike Parry will verify it. This person is running our football club ?you just couldn't make it up!

Jay Harris
12   Posted 30/04/2008 at 12:43:03

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Ant Mill I?m pretty sure it wasn't £23 mill up front.

Wasnt it £10 mill season 1 then another £10 mill season 2 followed by some ancillary payments for appearances etc for £3 mill?

Anyway I?m glad to see the back of him. We have done well enough without him and the transfer money has enabled us to fund other players.
Albert Dock
13   Posted 30/04/2008 at 13:42:51

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As gold was around £7,500 per kilo at the time of rat boy’s transfer, for him to be worth £15,000,000, he must have weighed in at 2,000 kg.

Now I know he can be a bit on the tubby side now and then, but he must have been eating a lot of pies that week.
James Asquith
14   Posted 30/04/2008 at 13:38:38

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Dave Whitwell posted a link to the BBC?s breakdown of the deal, but nobody seems to have read it...

The basic fee is £20m, paid in 2 installments (£10m immediately, £10m 1 year on).

  • £1m if United win the Champions League

  • £500,000 if United are runners-up in the Champions League

  • £500,000 if United win the Premiership

  • £250,000 if United finish second in the Premiership

  • £150,000 if United win the FA Cup

  • £500,000 if Rooney earns 20 England caps in competitive games while a United player

  • £500,000 if Rooney plays a further 20 times for England in competitive games while a United player

If none of those things happen in the next five years the Toffees will receive at least an extra £3m, paid in £1m instalments on 1 August 2006 and the same date in 2007 and 2008.

So according to that, we should so far have received:
  • £10,000,000 (year 1)

  • £10,000,000 (year 2)

  • £250,000 (United finish 2nd in PL in 05/06 season)

  • £750,000 (year 3 installment minus £250,000 paid above)

  • £500,000 (United won PL in 06/07 season)

  • £500,000 (year 4 installment minus £500,000 paid above)

TOTAL so far: £22,000,000

Whether or not United win anything this year, we are due the final £1,000,000 on 1st August.
If United win both the PL and CL, we are due £1,500,000 (including the guaranteed £1,000,000).
If they win the CL and come second in the league, we get £1,250,000.
If they win the PL and lose the CL final, we get £1,000,000 (which we?re going to get anyway)

So the most we will get (ignoring any sell-on) is £23,500,000 and the minimum is £23,000,000, so the extras based on United?s success add up to £500,000 - or 1/2 a season?s wage for the average PL squad player!

Finally, the sell-on clause is 25% of any excess above monies already paid under the deal, so to get an extra £5m as was suggested earlier, he would have to be sold for £43,000,000 or more.
Jay Harris
15   Posted 30/04/2008 at 15:19:51

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James Asquith,
Thanks for pointing that out. Once again it shows up the smoke and mirrors that go on in EFC.
Andy Hudson
16   Posted 30/04/2008 at 16:49:36

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I’m pretty sure the 25% sell of clause was only if Man U sold him within 5 years i.e. the initial lenght of Rooney’s contract when he signed for them. As he is unlikely to leave them anytime soon we can pretty much write that money off as were not likely to see it
Bob Turner
17   Posted 30/04/2008 at 17:42:53

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James, my interpretation of that deal is that we will get the £1m regardless of how Man Utd do, and that if they do win the league and Champions’ League, we would get an additional £1.5m. I can’t see where it says that the £1m would be part of the £1.5m??

In reply to Alex, about whether £1m is material or not, I really don’t think £1m could be considered as immaterial. That would work out as £40 extra on 25,000 season ticket prices, which I’m sure would be met with universal condemnation on here.
Alex Spelling
18   Posted 30/04/2008 at 18:13:18

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The 04/05 Man Utd book accounts claim Ronney’s transfer at that point had a book value of £25.066 million. Moreover, In addition to the above incentives we were supposed to get another £1.5m if he signed a contract extension (which he did in 06 or 07).

For all the hyperbole about the deal, if we can separate the emotion, myopic feelings about the board and look at it rationally, considering the circumstances we’ve actually done pretty well from the deal. Yes he is / was hugely talented with bags of potential but how much do people really think we could have got for him back in 04? £30m upfront, £40m? More? We could have lost him for a lot less one year later. He was just shy of 19 when sold!! He’s still the most expensive British teenager. To put it into perspective Christiano Ronado cost £12m !

If Rooney was sold now, after four years at one of the biggest and most successful clubs in the world, how much would he fetch realistically? In the £30-40 million bracket would be my guess.

We got the best deal we could in shit awful circumstances, glad those darker days are over.
Ron Leith
19   Posted 30/04/2008 at 19:35:34

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A million quid to see Man Utd beat Liverpool in the final would be a good deal. It would not be a good deal in any way. The Rooney deal was the most coroupt deal and I posted this on BBC the day it was done. Then Arsene Wenger read my post and it dawned upon him that it stank like a garlic aroma that could flatten Dakoma. Let's face it, EFC profit from Man Utd winning. Erm what the fuck? Then the police arrest poor old Harry Rednapp for doing diddly squat. No wonder Harry got the hump.
Craig Walker
20   Posted 01/05/2008 at 12:03:58

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Regarding Phil Neville, I hope we kept our receipt.
Paul Fuller
21   Posted 01/05/2008 at 12:15:11

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Does anyone know if Everton will receive further cash if Manchester United wins the Champions League? I know there was a variety of permutation to the sale of Rooney that meant Everton received further payments should United & Rooney achieve things. So how much are we looking at, surely winning the Champions League has got to have a large payment attached to it. Would be funny if they one so had to pay up, but Rooney missed the final through injury.....
Ian Tunny
22   Posted 01/05/2008 at 14:24:35

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Rooney didnt sign a 5-year deal the first time around; it was 6 years.
£23 million for Rooney isnt a good deal. SWP was £24 million, Carrick and Mascherano were £18 million and Drogba was about £26 million with Sevchenko £30 million.
I was mis-led into thinking we would probably get £27 million, which is closer to his true value.

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