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The Mail Bag

Bigger the Better?

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In the old days when announcing you had a new girl friend your mam's first question with a trace of anxiety in her voice would be, 'What religion is she?'

I guess the first question from an Evertonian upon being told we had signed a new midfielder would be, 'How big is he?' And that would be with more than a trace of anxiety.
Dick Fearon, West Australia     Posted 07/05/2008 at 00:26:39

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David Moore
1   Posted 07/05/2008 at 06:33:40

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My mate who is a Spurs fan was laughing when I told him we might be going for Huddlestone. He says that if we pay more than $5mill we have lost out. He also says that he is slower than a snail. I don?t know but for $5mill I would buy him any day.
Patty Beesley
2   Posted 07/05/2008 at 08:44:02

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Dick - As far as our Mums were concerned, it was a case of

Green or Orange Red or Blue

and hoped she got the right answer!!!
Mark Pendleton
3   Posted 07/05/2008 at 09:14:18

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Even if Huddlestone is slow he can’t half pick out a pass so he’d be as good sitting there, taking the ball off the defenders and allowing the midget gems to be the ones caning it forward. Could he be a shoe in for the Carsley role?
Andy Lea
4   Posted 07/05/2008 at 11:47:29

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What Huddlestone lacks in pace he makes up for with his footballing brain - his ability to close down space as well as pick a pass allied with his physical presence would make him a welcome addition to our midfield of borrowers.

I flagged him a few weeks ago but got litle response. With Moyes also looking at 6ft 1 Michael Bradley maybe the penny has dropped that we need to be more physical on the pitch where it counts most!
Jay Harris
5   Posted 07/05/2008 at 13:37:49

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I think Moyes has this one in hand with his comment to Baines that he played Lescott there because MF werent big enough for corners etc.

Personally I think Huddlestone is not good enough. His workrate is poor and his form erratic. He is also prone to hoofball although with more accuracy than Jags, Neville or Hibbert.

Peter Roberts
6   Posted 07/05/2008 at 13:50:46

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"His workrate is poor and his form erratic"

Quote, unquote, Jay Harris.

Yakubu was deemed lazy and erratic and yet at times this season he?s worked very hard and fitted into Moyes?s ethic. If DM can do that with the Yak there?s no reason why he can?t do it with the Hudd.
Nelly Blythe
7   Posted 07/05/2008 at 14:03:05

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Huddlestone!!!!.... I'd rather have Fred Flintstone!!!
Jason Broome
8   Posted 08/05/2008 at 00:31:38

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Think people, think! If Huddlestone isn’t good enough for Spurs, why would he be good enough for us!

Manchester United & Arsenal improve each season by replicating their quality and improving upon it.

How on earth is Huddlestone going to do that for us? The kid will never be Gerrard, and like it or not that is the only level of player DM should be looking to buy for that position.

In the modern era no young athlete/ footballer has an excuse to be slow, fat and lazy. Like Gardener the pair should remain a North London and not a Merseyside mistake!

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