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Trading places

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As David Moyes ponders over signing another lengthy contract, I can`t help wondering why I`m feeling so pissed off. Let`s be honest, the Scotsman`s tenure has brought stability where none existed, European football when previously it was a distant memory and...... well, precious little excitement along the way.

Now given what we are frequently told is the parlous state of our Club`s finances, I guess we`re lucky to be where we are. OK, Moyes is a genius to have achieved so much and I hope he signs that bloody contract tomorrow but somehow I can`t help thinking I`d trade it all to be doing a Pompey and going to Wembley in a week or two.

Tell you truth, I wouldn`t mind trading places with the Rangers fans if it meant a good day out in Manchester! I know, I know, Walter Smith was a crap manager and would have got us relegated but for.......

Somebody said you don`t get an open top bus for finishing fifth/sixth and I guess that`s what I`m missing. I`ve got no bloody heroes. I ask you, how can you get excited about Phil Neville or Leon Osman and as for Lee Carsley, I ask you!

You see, Our Davey has highered the bar but I`m bored now. I think it`s more because of the dross he dishes up than our not breaking into the Elite League. But as I say, if only we were going to Wembley or Manchester, I`d even forgive hin that... for a week or two anyway!
Sam  Davis, Maghull     Posted 08/05/2008 at 10:18:07

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Michael Kennrick
Man, you sound just like I feel! No doubt this will trigger the usual barrage of "short memories", "Moyes has achieved... ", "we are no longer relegation fodder..." "Get real", "perspective", "we have no money.." responses from a section of the readership, but I'm sure this feeling is nevertheless a real one for a section of the readership ? just not the same one.
Martin Barron
1   Posted 08/05/2008 at 14:31:50

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Well said. I fully agree. While delighted with our position in the league the way we play football is effective but awful to watch.
Dave Lynch
2   Posted 08/05/2008 at 14:32:55

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Good post Sam.
Totally agree with the sentiments. Being mediocre is all well and good for a while, it then becomes boring and predictable.
6 years to build a team and still no midfield to speak of, people keep stating that this is our highest points total ever in the prem.
Whoopie Doo !
Still nothing to show for it.
Give me mid table and a trophy any day.
Jay Harris
3   Posted 08/05/2008 at 14:39:40

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We were ONLY a few penalties away from a potential Uefa Cup final and 4th place.
All we need for next season is to up the referees bung fund and we?ll be there!
Andy Ellams
4   Posted 08/05/2008 at 14:42:35

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Jay Harris, we were only a few penalties away from a Uefa Cup QUARTER final, and we look as though we are going to miss out on 4th place by over 10pts.
Chris Wright
5   Posted 08/05/2008 at 14:42:13

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After the Fiorentina game I was proud of the way we played, but after a couple of days I realised that we had blown a great oppurtunity and am still disappointed that we are not ’going to City twice’ and as well as we played in the 2nd leg, we blew it in the first. And that for me is typical Moyes in his years in charge, we somehow always blow the oppurtunity- just missing out on Europe first year, Champs League and Europe this. I do like Moyes and we have played better football this year- Sunderland, West Ham away Fulham home, to name a couple, but the fact I can list these shows we are not a consistently good side. Moyes has done well during his time here, we ARE better than when he joined, but is he capable of improving us further. I’m just not sure.
Steve Ashton
6   Posted 08/05/2008 at 14:29:45

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Top post Sam - echoed my feelings exactly.

While I would never diss any player in a blue shirt but I have to say that Moyes has been with us for six years and in that time we haven’t really moved on from a performance point of view. We are just far more resiliant than we used to be we now have almost the 3rd best defence.

Our general lack of ambition on the field makes me think that DM has taken us as far as he can. Maybe in his apparent reluctance to sign a new contract he recognises that fact as well.

But don’t let this stop us from getting behind the blues on Sunday 100%. The recriminations can start at 5.00pm - but not before.
Mark Perry
7   Posted 08/05/2008 at 14:33:58

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Perhaps you would prefer to be in a relegation scrap?

Sometimes I think some of us dont know a good thing when they see it. Or are only happy pouring scorn on the manager or the board. I agree that we dont play like Arsenal, but we play a hell of a lot better football now than we did when we finished 4th, and better than last year when our formation was 1-8-1-1 - ie try and nick 1 and then defend for your lives.

Top 4 is nigh on impossable to break into without a mountain of money. We will (hopefully) achieve a top of the without the sky 4 mini leauge.

We had a great Euro run, and the football up until after our exit was at times great. The long unbeaten runs, the 7-1 deomolition of Sunderland.

Our football is getting better as the quality of the squad improves. With a replacement for Cars, a couple of powerful and skillful midfielders and we shoud be able to give catching Liverpool a real go next year.

We play a lot less hoofball now than we did, and when Cars goes and Nev reverts to fullback we should play alot more flowing football.

Moyes loves this club and I would rather he is running it instead of a mercinary like big Phill Scolari, or 'manage by numbers' Alardyce.

Chelsea play very unattractive football and we know how successful they are! I think we are getting better and Moyes is getting better in his subs and tactics ? although not perfect by any stretch. He is the right man for this club.

If you think things are that bad then how would you change them?
Nelly Blythe
8   Posted 08/05/2008 at 14:31:09

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Sam...know just how you feel mate !!
To my mind I?d swap 5th place finish for a 7th place and some silverware any day (a la Pompey)...nobody will remember who finished 5th in 2008 in two years time but a trophy win will always be remembered and not just because it?s entered on to the club?s honors list.
I?ll be fuckin? gutted next Wednesday when they line up in Manchester as I firmly believe it could and more importantly SHOULD have been us. Had Moyes not been so SHIT SCARED of getting beaten against Chelsea (Carling Cup 2nd lg) & Fiorentina (a) then who knows ??... those days we both long for may have returned but alas playing ?not to get beat? did exactly the opposite.
Maybe next season he will be able to sign the ?quality? he says he wants, learns from his mistakes and goes out to try and WIN a big game....WE can but hope !!

PS ....and by quality I dont mean Stephen Carr, Sean Davis and every other failed Man U reserve no mark or ?never gonna be? that we?ve been linked with...!!
Arshavin, Joaquin, Contra etc... now that?s more like it !!
Guy Hastings
9   Posted 08/05/2008 at 14:52:13

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After a 2-1 defeat at the hands of Cardiff I bet you?d be saying, ?Sod the FA Cup, I wish we?d had the UEFA Cup to look forward to.? As most Portsmouth fans will be reflecting on the way home from Wembley, I suspect.
Mark Perry
10   Posted 08/05/2008 at 14:52:28

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Dave Lynch "No midfield to speak of"

I suppose Arteta, Pinnear and Cahill wouldnt walk into most premier leauge teams then?

your glass mist be so emply it has a hole in the bottom!
Jimmy Crack
11   Posted 08/05/2008 at 15:03:35

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Damn, Michael!

You talk about us as if we’re a brainless mob who chant the same stuff, when it’s just that we have a different opinion than you!

Quit being so condescending!
Nelly Blythe
12   Posted 08/05/2008 at 14:59:38

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Mark Perry..... think Dave was referring to the likes of Carsley, Neville, Osman, playing AJ wide right, Baines wide left etc...!!
Dave Lynch
13   Posted 08/05/2008 at 14:59:54

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Yeah right Mark.
Carsley, Neville, Osman ?
The most used mid for us this season.
Plays Pienaar to wide.
Cahill injured most of.
Arteta useless for most of the season.
Oh ! I almost forgot.
Graveson and Fernandes. WE HAVE NO STRENGTH IN DEPTH.
Keep drinking the meths mate.
Dominic Buckley
14   Posted 08/05/2008 at 14:56:36

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There?s a lot of forgetful dreamers about. Portsmouth rode their luck against Man Utd to get to the FA Cup, we lucked out against Fiorentina and Chelsea. If McFadden?s shot had gone in instead of hitting the post, if Lescott hadn?t headed in that last minute og etc etc

Porstmouth couldn?t score for about 4 home games in a row earlier this season. We?re still comfortably ahead of Villa (who have scored a majority of goals from set pieces, wow - dead exciting) and until we lost our two best midfielders to injury we were playing sparkling exciting football.

Yeah, we couldn?t hold out against Benitez?s larger more rested squad but we made progress on them and hopefully will do so again next year.

What do those who aren?t happy with Moyes actually want? Sound like the type of folks who chant "you don?t know what you?re doing" to Avram Grant.
Michael Kenrick
15   Posted 08/05/2008 at 15:12:04

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Well, I?m sorry, Jimmy but most of it does come across as brainless repetition of shit we all know already, that no-one has forgetten.

Yes, we were relegation fodder six years ago.. BFD! How many times do people have to repeat it? We all know what we were like six years ago! It has no relevance to current discussions about the manager?s limitations.

I could go on but I?m sure you know all the other pat phrases that get bandied about.
Phil Hamer
16   Posted 08/05/2008 at 15:58:57

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Do me a favour, what a ridiculous post. If I had written a ?positive? equivalent Michael would have binned it after five minutes. Now, as usual he?s the first to jump on the bandwagon. Sam, ?how can you get excited about Phil Neville or Leon Osman and as for Lee Carsley, I ask you!?, all you?ve done there is list the more one dimensional players we have and conveniently forgotten about TIm Cahill, Yakubu, Mikel Arteta, Jolean Lescott - all players that most other Premier League teams would LOVE to have.
?Brainless repetition of shit we all know?, Michael you really have hit the nail on the head there mate, but you should be referring to yourself and others like you.
Nelly Blythe
17   Posted 08/05/2008 at 15:56:59

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Dominic...IF...IF...IF !!! Give us REASONS not EXCUSES !!
We DID NOT ?luck out? (as you put it ) against Fiorentina (a) & Chelsea (CCSF)...WE SHIT THE BED !! A little bit more attacking positivity could and probably WOULD have seen us get the right result in both games. Will you people stop lauding Moyes as ?god?s gift ? to football management.

I fully agree he HAS done a great job to get us to where we are now from were we where six years ago but he DOES have several flaws which were painfully evident to see in ALL the most important games we have played this season.

Let's hope he throws caution to the wind on Sunday and ?goes for the throat? and attacks Newcastle from the first whistle (a la Fiorentina at Goodison... the same way he SHOULD have done against Chelsea & many others).

This is NOT an anti-Moyes post, just a realistic ons as I see it, but If he was as good as you make out we wouldn?t have to worry about Newcastle because we would have won the league!!

Jay Wilson
18   Posted 08/05/2008 at 16:01:56

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Secret Meeting

And how many times do you have to remind us of this fact Michael, just about every time you get a post like the one above. You?re just as much a broken record as the people you criticise.

And as for Pompey/ don?t get to be in their position with out a little bit of luck. Pompey beat United in the most one sided match I?ve ever seen. United get a nailed on penalty turned down and James practically keeps them in the game single handedly. Where has our luck been this year with?

And as for Rangers, they quite literally parked the bus in front of their goal against Fiorentina in both legs and got lucky in a penalty shoot out.

It?s these tiny margins that decide the fate of cup competitions. You have to play well but you also have to have a lot of luck along the way.
Mark Stone
19   Posted 08/05/2008 at 16:19:41

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Managers get paid to finish as high in the league as possible - and David Moyes has achieved, and continues to achieve much more than most of his contemporaries. Football is a business.
Andy Hudson
20   Posted 08/05/2008 at 16:13:29

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It takes time to build a squad... we have a few good players and a lot of average players... therefore our football is usually efective but dull cause we dont have the players to play any other way and still get a result.

Michael... what happened 6 years ago does have relevance to now as it shows the progress made with very little money from being favourites for the drop to a team which has finished (if we get that point at Newcastle) 4th, 11th, 6th, 5th in the last 4 seasons.

In fact we are THE only team to manage to finish in the top 4 other then the usual candidates in many many years. Yeah we could have kicked on from that, but as Moyes was given no money to strengthen we didn't, so he?s slowly built us back up again into being a much better team then we were then.

Some fans want it all... others are more realistic. You play Neville and Carsley in midfield your not going to see football of a high standard, but if you don?t have any alternatives what can you do? Some fans accept the limitations placed on the manager... some scream blue murder. I?m tired of hearing fans bitch on and offer no alternatives. If in pre-season Moyes brings in 2 new midfielders of world class quality we?ll see better football. If not it?ll still be crap but effective. I would prefer the former but will accept the latter if it means were fighting for a european spot at the end of the season. Some fans need a reality check... Michael, you are one who fits very firmly in to that category.
Steve North
21   Posted 08/05/2008 at 16:28:04

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FAO: Dave Lynch

"Give me mid table and a trophy any day."

Live the dream -
Dave Lynch
22   Posted 08/05/2008 at 16:19:17

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We went out with a whimper to Oldham.
Who’s fault is that ?
Lets all cry shall we because as you state.
’Where has our luck been this year’.
You make your own luck in this game.
That statement just bears out what Michael is saying.
Same old excuses for poor performances.
Dave Lynch
23   Posted 08/05/2008 at 16:40:35

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FAO: Steve North.
Grow up !
If you can?t debate, don?t bother.
Andy Hudson
24   Posted 08/05/2008 at 16:42:10

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0 penalties all season... tell me Dave how did we make that bad piece of luck?

Oldham was crap, Moyes prioritised and that game wasn?t high on the list... we may have paid the price for that, or it may have helped us sustain our run in the Uefa Cup. That was nothing to do with luck good or bad.
Andy Hudson
25   Posted 08/05/2008 at 16:25:24

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I live in a ex-council semi detatched house. Its not amazing but its nice. I do not have enough money to buy a nice detached house in the country. In the 80s I grew up in a nice detached house in the country, in the 90s I went to Uni and lived in a stinky crap student house. Since then as I've had more money my standard of living has improved and so has the accomodation I live in.

One day when I have more money I will again live in a nice house in the country. I'm pretty content and accept that I can only afford to spend a certain amount of money on buying a house. My neighbour however can't accept that the doesn't have enough money to buy a detached house in the country... he stamps his feet and complains all the time... 'I grew up in the 80s and I had a much better house then now'... 6 years ago he was nearly homeless and now he has a pretty decent house... but he's not satisfied... he thinks he should have one of the best houses around, yet cannot understand that without money this cannot be achieved. He also wants a much prettier house, and again can't understand why without money this cannot be achieved. My neighbour is an idiot.

Trudy Boston
26   Posted 08/05/2008 at 16:41:00

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It is frustrating. I like David I really do, have to stop there, my husband is watching.

Yes, Moyes is a great young manager and the best since Howard first time around. But- no trophies have arrived at Goodison during his tenure. Don’t get me wrong, I was not expecting overnight success or miracles when he took charge but it’s been over six years since he took over from Walter, and in all honesty we have not even had a sniff of a trophy since his arrival in 2002. Yes, of course there was the Semi-final of the league cup, and a last sixteen of the UEFA cup, which as I have stated before we could maybe have reached the final if events had been different on that night at Goodison, but now we will never know.

I am just wondering who will be the first manager at Goodison to win us a trophy since 1995. David? Who knows, we certainly have the players capable even though some need to vacate Goodison and a few new faces need to be brought in.

How may supporters of this club after witnessing the FA cup defeat of Manchester United back in 1995 would reckon that thirteen years on the club would not win another trophy, or even reach a final, even if it is the League Cup?

Not many, I’ll bet.
Mark Perry
27   Posted 08/05/2008 at 16:41:39

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Dave Lynch

Arteta has been playing with a hernia problem for most of the season, but still created goals - and fully fit which he was last season was voted player of the season - by us!

Pienaar has been a revalation this season, has created goals and taken the pressure of Arteta.

Cahill has been very unlucky with his foot problem and hasnt played much but still scored 9 goals!

Osman is a good squad player, scored some craking goals but has tired in the last half of the season. He is a very good squad player.

Carsley can't pass and is slow, but has done a ok job in shielding the back 4 - wouldn't walk into any other prem team I grant you.

Nev - must never play midfield again - ever, but not bad at full back.

With a natrul wide left player and a couple of centre midfield players who can both pass to a teamate and tackle we will have a midfield to rival most.
Richard Harris
28   Posted 08/05/2008 at 16:01:44

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Dominic wrote "We?re still comfortably ahead of Villa"
Comfortable? If Villa win and we lose this weekend there goes the Uefa Cup place. If we had been playing well recently (or killing off a game when we were ahead, in the better part of the season) then with a home game I would be feeling comfortable. But with one win in the last eight league games (and the win was only 1-0 at home to Derby), five goals scored and eight against, then Villa have a good chance........
Nelly Blythe
29   Posted 08/05/2008 at 16:48:34

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Andy Hudson...

Altough we have improved considerably under Moyes we are nowhere near being fortunate enough to be in a posistion to prioritise which trophies we should or should not win.
So if winning the FA Cup isn?t HIGH on Moyes? list of priorities the he SHOULD be fuckin sacked cos he?s takin the piss !!
Paul Olsen
30   Posted 08/05/2008 at 16:59:32

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Yeah, let’s have someone else and go back to those great near relegation battles again.

Those were the days eh? Strangely enough, it’s not that long ago, it’s far closer in history than the golden days most whiners in here refer to.
Paul Olsen
31   Posted 08/05/2008 at 17:02:18

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As for Oldham. Moyes decided to rest some of our best players who now are knackered anyway. If these players were to get a rest in a tight schedule when was it gonna be if not against OLDHAM?

It was a good decision, but it backfired on the day as the chosen 11 didn?t produce.

More depth of players? Sure, let?s try the likes of Gardener and Fernandes or let?s rob a bank.
If they can?t defend a place in the starting 11 they?ll get thrashed in here anyway. Moyes can?t win with this lot.

Michael Kenrick
32   Posted 08/05/2008 at 17:11:33

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Moyes can’t win when it really matters ? and that’s the real problem, Paul.
Dominic Buckley
33   Posted 08/05/2008 at 17:08:33

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Surely when we?re three points ahead, playing an average team at home while Villa (who?s great form consisted of hammering a few teams at the foot of the table, drawing at ours and being beaten at home by Wigan) have to go to play an average team away from home, that?s a comfortable position? To say otherwise really would be ultra negative.

And another thing, to those people who harp on about how we could have beaten Chelsea & Fiorentina if only we?d had a go and attack them relentlessly, do you really think it?s that easy? Generally the reason the big 4?s players are better is because they cost more. Surely this can?t be denied. Yak was circa £11 million, Drogbe circa £25 million. To try and match the big boys will generally result in you being battered.

Portsmouth got to the FA Cup Final by playing anti-football aginast Man U. Rangers got to the Uefa Cup Final by playing anti-football against Fiorentia. You can?t have a go against Moyes on the basis that he plays dull football by using those examples. To do so is, without wanting to offend anyone ignorant at best, hypocritical at worst.
Alex Spelling
34   Posted 08/05/2008 at 17:12:19

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Michael, I agree with you to a degree, we never seem to get anything in big games when the pressure is really on and there appears to be a psychological element at work. However, more often than not it boils down to a lack of creative players on the pitch to get those crucial goals; we lack that spark.

Secondly, you criticise Moyes for being ultra defensive against Chelsea and Fiorentina, yet Walter Smith as another poster acknowledged, virtually parked a bus in front of the goal in Italy. If we hadnt conceded in Italy or we had won the pen shoot out would Moyes suddenly be a hero? For any team in cup competitions the line between success and failure is often tiny.

We’ve yet to be ’stuffed’ this season (I’m discounting the 1-4 to Arsenal as it was a very open game, two of the goals were defensive cock ups and we played some sexy stuff for a change). Our defeats have pretty much all been by the odd goal and defensively we’re among the best in the country. As a result, I believe the big 4 do take us very seriously as a challenge and realise that they will have to work very hard to come away with a victory.
Nelly Blythe
35   Posted 08/05/2008 at 18:34:11

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...and come away with a victory they do !!
Alex Spelling
36   Posted 08/05/2008 at 18:48:31

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Haha! No arguments there. But the gap is closing...I class midfielders ? give Davey a call!
Jay Harris
37   Posted 08/05/2008 at 18:41:43

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Maybe some of you extremely dissatisfied blues can tell us who have won trophies outside of the top 4 before this year and then remember you only needed one hand to count them on.

I have been going on for a long time about the ineffectiveness of the Everton Board to either stop making losses or attract some investment by diluting their shareholding.

If Moyes has made little progress in 6 years what progress have the Board made?
Matthew Lovekin
38   Posted 08/05/2008 at 18:48:00

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You don’t have to be a mid table side to win a cup. There’s nothing to stop Everton doing well in the league and winning a cup, in fact if you have a decent team and do well in the league, it increases your chances of winning a cup.
What I’m saying is that the league shows how good a team you are. We are currently the fifth best team in England. Cup competitions are one off matches where with a bit of luck, lesser teams can beat the bigger sides.
Our chances of doing better in the cups has been proven this season with a semi-final for the first time in years, because we have a better team. You don’t get to fifth in the PL by being average.
Sam Davis
39   Posted 08/05/2008 at 19:35:35

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Blimey! All I offered was my personal preference for a bit of excitement via a Cup Final as a relief from the dross we watch most weeks of the season.I didn’t ask for your hero to be replaced,I even said I hoped he’d sign toot sweet.
It’s clear that to many he has already gained holy status and if you want to believe he’s the best there is ,good on you.But don’t deny me and other posters a differing opinion or the dream of returning to a more entertaining Everton.Please!
Rob Newland
40   Posted 08/05/2008 at 20:04:04

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Bit glass empty really. "I can’t get excited about Carsley or Neville." Oh really? Because they are the dynamic talismans whom we all find incredibly exciting!

Write an article explaining why you can’t get excited about Arteta, Cahill and Lescott in a blue shirt and it would be a more telling article. Simply cherry-picking the likes of Neville is lazy -- explain why you don’t get excited about the likes of Cahill, Arteta and Lescott and we’ll be getting onto something.
Paul Olsen
41   Posted 08/05/2008 at 20:06:07

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Tell me then Michael. Which manager can beat the big four when it really matters?

No-one, including Mr.Moyes.

The only thing that beats these clubs nowadays is pure luck on the day, something Everton haven’t had this season.

And to those moaning that they are "denied" when posting negative posts. you are not denied, you are not a minority(at least not in here) In fact this site is a mainly negative site.
You post whatever you like but don’t act surprised when someone actually disagrees with you.
Rob Newland
42   Posted 08/05/2008 at 20:08:47

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Sam: [[ don?t deny me and other posters a differing opinion or the dream of returning to a more entertaining Everton.Please! ]]

Same, in addition to explaining why you don’t enjoy the likes of Cahill you could also be the FIRST of "your side" to actually offer an actual differing opinion and state one actual human being you think would be better for this club than Moyes and why. Simple moaning on and bloody on about how you wish we’d win something is just as useless as those of us who say Moyes has done well reminding you all of that fact. An actual opinion "I think the job ___ has done at ____ shows he would be capable of using our resources better than Moyes because ___" is an actual argument. "I wish we’d win something" is just whining.
Ed Jukes
43   Posted 08/05/2008 at 19:42:47

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I can’t believe how many Evertonians think the sun shines out of Moyes’ arse.There are at least six managers in the chasing pack who could do as good if not better job and to assume that were he to do one all would be lost here is ridiculous.In my view he is the most one dimentional manager in the top half of the Prem and I also think it’s a myth that he’s an ace in the transfer market.OK,I’ll give you Lescott and Cahill but every manager makes a few good buys.You don’t have to be a genius to pay top dollar for the likes of Beattie,AJ and Yakubu but you do need some nouse to get the best out of them.
Like Sam Davis,I’m not calling for a replacement because his love-in with Kenwright ensures he’ll never be on his way but I would like to see him become a quicker learner and if playing decent football means we have to slip down the league before making a proper challenge, so be it!
PS.And I would like the odd Cup final too!
Pete Polling
44   Posted 08/05/2008 at 20:48:45

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I have got to agree with you Sam. As a Pompey fan, I disscused at the start of the season, and midway through the season (and variuos other times) with some friends about this - and every time, we decided that the cup was better than the league! Our squad is now clearly good enough to stay up quite easily, and also good enough to give any of the top 4 a good run for there money if they pop up in a cup - so for us, it was the perfect time for a cup run. In fact, so much so, many fans thought we would win it back in september! (admitedly, we still have to beat cardif). However, should the worst happen, we have thrown away any chance of finishing 5th in our last 3 (4) games, so we could end up looking back on this season as one which should have been so great, but ended in failure on all counts. the FA cup is all or nothing, so when you fail, it could hurt - badley!
Alan Clarke
45   Posted 08/05/2008 at 20:57:35

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Paul Olsen,

Southgate got good results against the top 4 - if Boro hadn’t they’d have been relegated, so they won when it mattered.

Simon Davie at Barnsley beat 2 of the top4 when it mattered.

Redknapp won at Old Trafford when it mattered.

Ramos at Spurs beat 2 of the top 4 when it mattered.

I’m not suggesting that any of these guys should manage Everton but it shows the top 4 are not this impenetrable force that they are made out to be. I still think Kenwright’s lack of funding has a lot to do with it but ultimitely Moyes’ bottling it with his defensive tactics has more to do with us not finishing top 4.
Peter Mitchell
46   Posted 08/05/2008 at 22:10:43

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Michael - yet again I find your comments extraordinary. The section of readership you refer to is extremely large. The truth is we have done better under Moyes than we have done for years (decades in fact). The truth is that money does count more than anything else in EPL nowadays. You hanker after Portsmouth?s Wembly adventures - look at the money they have spent in the last couple of years.

This whole argument is boring. If you are bored with support Everton and want something more exciting, why not support Portsmouth or Man City or (even more exciting) Newcastle? In the meantime, do us all a favour and stop slagging off your fellow (realistic) Evertonians.
Clyde McPhat
47   Posted 08/05/2008 at 22:09:20

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This argument pops up all the time... There are times when you want to Shake DM and say last week against the Gunners. We were NEVER going to score, and they were eventually going to get one. Like Spurs at home last year... like Chelsea at home this year. Oldham. There are more. But, I think with a bigger squad next year, and some key replacements, and with a cup run (or two) we can enjoy ourselves. However, we are poised to finish fifth. We had a damn good season, and injuries crushed us.
Jay Wilson
48   Posted 08/05/2008 at 22:36:44

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Dave Lynch

"You make your own luck in this game." do you want to role out any more Clichés.

How about it’s a game of 2 halves or the person at the end with the most goals wins?

The fact of the matter is, we’ve had no penalties, 2 legitimate goals disallowed that would have gained us 4 more points. Injuries to key players at important times...need I go on.

The point I was making was that to get to a cup final you need to get the break of the ball occasionally and we this season haven’t had a break.
Jay Wilson
49   Posted 08/05/2008 at 22:48:38

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...and for a team with our resources we need our best 11 to be playing all the time...we haven’t had what I believe is Moyes’ first choice team out since the West Ham game away in december. (which I seem to remember we won both of our must win games away in the capital)

We have a really good 11 now the aim is to have a really good 18.
John Martin
50   Posted 08/05/2008 at 23:34:03

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While I agree the standard of football at Goodison this season on quite a few occasions has been poor, dont be fooled into thinking every other team is watching attractive football. Apart from Man Utd & Arsenal, most of the play is boring, Man City are very negative and Portsmouth & Villa rely on a strong defence then hit teams with long balls on the break.
The grass always seems greener on the other side.
Paul Sullivan
51   Posted 08/05/2008 at 15:44:10

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I quote from a previous post "whinge ... moan, playing not to get beaten. Blah blah." How do you think Rangers have got to the final of the Uefa Cup? Do you think Fiorentina played expansively, or Manyoo, or RS or Chelsea. But, no I suppose you would rather not be there and play 3 up front and crash out like Barcelona.

Anyway, as far as I remember we were playing passing football until the injury crisis bit us. OK so we were unadventurous away to Fiorentina, but did you see United sacking Fergie when they had a dodgy champions league away game (they have had many). Against Arsenal on Sunday I didn?t see Tim Howard hoof it once, despite the fact that we had Pip & Carsley in CM.

The same question springs to mind every time someone moans about Moyes .... Who could do a better job? Who could get this club to 5th in the league?

As for the selection of Baines, I agree he merits a place on paper, but you don?t see him train, you don?t know whether he is fit. Jagielka has done well alongside Yobo and Lescott is versatile enough to be a very good attacking full-back. So unless we change the formation and play 3 at the back with Baines and Pienaar as wing-backs one of Jag, Lescott, Baines has to be on the bench.

Patty Beesley
52   Posted 09/05/2008 at 09:20:49

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Read the article of the interview with Davey on the main page of this web site and tell me that you are not 100% behind the man. I KNOW I AM
Dan Johnson
53   Posted 09/05/2008 at 11:04:53

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I?m also unhappy about this season its left a sour taste in my mouth but then again WHY?

We were so close to the mickey mouse cup final and did fairlyw ell in Europe and we are prob gonna finish fifth.

I guess expectations have been raised and as fans we now actually want to WIN something.
Tony Williams
54   Posted 09/05/2008 at 12:28:06

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I’m with you there Patty, onwards and upwards (I hope)
Nelly Blythe
55   Posted 09/05/2008 at 12:45:40

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I’m fully behind him too but it doesn’t stop me seeing his faults and limitations...This one quote really sums everything up

"Sometimes when we play the top teams I have to accept that they have better players and if they play well they’ll win..."

That will explain why he never goes out and tries to win against a top side and confirms to ME that he is more interested in not getting beaten which never works.

Yes I know he goes on to say how he finds it difficult to accept etc but it gives me the impression he doesnt really believe that we can beat the top sides.
I do find it really hard to understand because on the very few occassions we have actullay taken the game to a top side during his reign we have WON...!!

Arsenal 2004 & 2007
Man U 1-0 2005
Liverpool 3-0 2006...

spring to mind and just shows what can be done with a little belief...!!

Once again I have to emphasise I am NOT saying we should get rid just that he should be more positive in certain games...the first one being Sunday, if WE win then it doesnt matter about anybody else !!
Ian Tunny
56   Posted 09/05/2008 at 19:45:44

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?Moyes cant win when it really matters?
It's the players who aren't winning when it realy matters, and as for swapping it all to have Harry Redknapp and a trip to Wembly, he hasn't even won it yet! He can hardly be called a winner either, he's the oldest manager in the league and has never got a team to Wembly. Moyes is still a beginner in comparrison and you can guarantee by the time he's Harrys age he?ll have a lot more medals in his cabinet than old Harry. We stand the best chance of breaking into the top 4 thanks to Moyes and once we achieve it and take the money that comes with it, trophies will follow. Patience please!
Paul Hardcastle
57   Posted 10/05/2008 at 06:03:16

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Ian, reality check: we’ve broken into the top four ... guess what: No Money, No trophies.

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