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The Mail Bag

Sunday will set the mood

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Upon Sunday`s result will depend my mood for the whole of this summer. A cracking performance and I shall go to the beaches of Spain safe in the knowledge that my team is in good hands and assured that next season will be one to look forward to. On the other hand, should our last game prove only a continuance of the dross of the last two months, then a pall will hang over my recuperation period as I fear what is in store for us come August.

Such is the responsibility on the shoulders of David Moyes and his men this Sunday. Send an old man away happy or ruin what might well be his last overseas vacation. Here`s hoping!
Tony  Bird, West Derby     Posted 09/05/2008 at 10:58:48

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David O'Brien
1   Posted 09/05/2008 at 11:38:17

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Does anyone know what Keegan is blithering on about when he says Newcastle is the 5th biggest club in the country? It can't be silverware as we're 5th with Villa in 6th. 5th biggest money wasters perhaps?
Nick Coyne
2   Posted 09/05/2008 at 11:27:45

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Can anybody shed any light on the new kit which is usually rolled out for the last home game of the season? I haven't seen any images or designs as of yet....
Rob Newland
3   Posted 09/05/2008 at 15:19:38

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There is also the option of a "drossy" performance in which we win. Considering that the creative heart of our team is still injured and the rest are obviously fatigued I don’t think even the most optimistic toffee is expecting "pre-Fiorentina" football. Until we get Arteta and Cahill fit (or buy someone new) we won’t play like we did in the first part of this season because they are the keys.
Alex Spelling
4   Posted 09/05/2008 at 15:22:29

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Dave I think he means attendances and / or revenue. As you say revenue which is often pissed away!
Albert Dock
5   Posted 09/05/2008 at 15:12:53

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Please spare a thought for others who will be inconsolable in the event of a bad result Sunday ? the players.

Oh sure they?ll be putting on a brave face in Barbados, Dubai or Martinique. But deepdown they?ll be hurting. They don?t want to be lounging about on the beach they would much rather be on a bus travelling to Norwich for a League Cup tie. They would happily swap the tropics for the leaden skies of Liverpool.

While other fathers are building sandcastles they?ll be drawing tactical formations in the white sand and dreaming of the season to come. Spain is like so last decade so get yourself off to Dubai and help these boys recover from the guilt and remorse they are suffering from.
Ant Mill
6   Posted 09/05/2008 at 16:01:43

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What is it with Everton? We’ve got the most important game of the season coming up, a nice week long rest for the players and we still manage to get several players injured. Surely that must have been the main priority for Moyes, keep players fit. It seems to happen every week, you’ll be lookin forward to the game and the day before you’ll go on the website and it says several players face late fitness tests. This time if doesn’t say which players face late fitness test, I just hope its not Osman, Pienaar or the Yak, because were short enough in midfield as it is without Cahill and Arteta, hence why Phil Neville is playing there. Anyway C’mon the blues, shut that red shite Keegan up and make him eat his words!
Trudy Boston
7   Posted 09/05/2008 at 16:16:40

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Look, let?s not get too dispondent if the worst happens and Newcastle United take three points from Goodison, and Villa manage to overturn West Ham this weekend.

It?s been an impressive season, one of the best under David?s reign in fact. Yes, we did not get fourth place, attributed partly to going out of Europe at a critical stage, but even so, a Fifth place finish represents a fine finishing position for this club. Gone are the days of last day relegation battles and having to sit in the Upper Bullens road on such occasions facing the possibility of having to play Championship football next season.

Everybody is entitled to their opinions on here, it?s what the forum pages are for, for each supporter, whether you are pro- or anti-Moyes to vent your opinions and have your say on all things Everton.

I am quietly confident that we can get at least a point from Sunday?s encounter that will ensure 5th place and with it a place in next season?s Uefa Cup. I also suspect that West Ham will emerge triumphant from their corresponding fixture.

One final note. Does anybody recall back in 1996, twelve years to the day almost, under Joe Royle, when we had to beat Aston Villa at Goodsion in order to finish in a Uefa Cup place?

We did just that, Joe Parkinson got the only goal in a 1-0 home victory. Everton finished in seventh place that year I believe, but were nudged out of a Uefa Cup place by Arsenal winning at home to Sheffield United late on.

No such heartbreaks tomorrow as let?s be honest, Newcastle will not beat us and Villa will not beat West Ham in London?s East End.

That?s what I?m hoping for anyway. You never know!
Brian Baker
8   Posted 09/05/2008 at 16:36:23

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A bad result, will mean they will have to rush back from their sunny beach holiday to play some unknown European team in the Intertoto cup, with Moyes kicking their asses!
Adam Carey
9   Posted 09/05/2008 at 16:40:24

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Trudy, sorry but if we lose 5th to Villa it will be a major disappointment to the season overall.
I can just about take the fact that we’ve lost 4th to a team with more resources but we cannot surrender 5th.
If the team fail to win at home this Sunday you have got to question how many of the team deserve to run out for us next season?
Glen Strachan
10   Posted 09/05/2008 at 17:20:26

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Sunday at Goodison is just another game.

No worries........................Villa are chokers.......they will not get three points at West Ham !

5th place is already in the bag.........our lads can keep on enjoying this lovely holiday that they have been on since Fiorentina finished our season !

2008-09 season beckons !
Dave McKay
11   Posted 09/05/2008 at 18:13:20

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Now City are on course to get a Euro spot!!!
"Manchester City are in pole position to claim a spot in next year?s Uefa Cup after the FA was awarded an extra place in the competition.
The Manchester club face a final match at Middlesbrough on Sunday and with the game effectively meaningless for both sides, they appear well placed to maintain or better their position in the domestic fair play league.

Intriguingly, Everton are just a place behind City in sixth, and need to make up only a 0.5-point margin.

With up to 10 points per match awarded purely for yellow and red cards, and four other factors also coming into play - positive play, respect towards the opponent, respect towards to referee and behaviour of officials - that could clearly be achieved during the final round of matches.

Unlike City, however, the Merseyside club face a crucial game this weekend as they attempt to claim the point from Newcastle that would guarantee UEFA Cup football via a fifth-place finish in the Premier League.

Should Everton lose and be overtaken by Aston Villa, who need to win at West Ham to take fifth, the fair play league now offers the hope of salvation"

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