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The Mail Bag

UEFA Cup Fair Play

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I see England has got the 'fair play' automatic place in next season's Uefa Cup. When I last looked (admittedly at a table dated 5th April), this looked like being our last resort for getting our place in the competition.

It turns out that on the latest table we are behind Man City so we'll just have to do it the proper way.
Phil Guyers, Maghull     Posted 09/05/2008 at 15:42:11

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Joey Brown
1   Posted 09/05/2008 at 16:17:37

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Is it just me or are the rules changing every ten seconds? Manchester City now have a way to the UEFA Cup based on the fair play table. Next thing you know they'll let Derby in because they have 5 letters in their name.

Also this will just add fuel to the fire because if City go and we somehow screw up Sunday literally every other team (assuming Pompey don't mess up the FA Cup) that are around our level will be in. Granted if we don't get the job done I probably will feel like we don't deserve it anyway. But it's some insult to injury when everyone but us is going to Europe.

Jonathan Tasker
2   Posted 09/05/2008 at 17:00:15

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So will it go to the highest team in the league that have not already qualified? No, it will go to the team that has committed the least fouls.


Geraint Cooksley
3   Posted 09/05/2008 at 18:15:49

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Does anyone know how many cards Man City would need to receive in the last game for them to slip below us and therefore hand us qualification, even if we lose to Newcastle!?
Brian Baker
4   Posted 09/05/2008 at 17:03:01

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UEFA are to abolish the Intertoto cup in 2009, making this year the last Intertoto tournament.

No slip ups next year, chaps!!

John Barry
5   Posted 10/05/2008 at 09:59:57

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European club football has become a joke. From the ridiculous Intertoto cup, to the swollen Champions League entrants for the rich leagues, to the second chance of European success in the Uefa Cup for teams eliminated from Champions League groups, and now this hideous extra place for the Fair Play league.

So English sides in Europe have earned this extra place for their behaviour this season, to which Everton FC have contributed yet Man City have not! If you extend this logic why should it be confined to just top-flight teams? Tranmere are as worthy as Man City if they?ve earned the fewest yellow cards this season.

I enjoy watching Everton play in Europe but the two remaining competitons are no longer fair, it?s purely about earning sponsorship and tv rights.
Matt Bone
6   Posted 10/05/2008 at 10:21:15

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There is a lot more to the fair play league than just red and yellow cards. Just been on the website and incidentally its not up to date ? we are a little further behind after Lescott's booking last week versus no bookings for Man City. Attitude to the ref, attacking play and attitude of club officials also count towards a final points score.

To be honest, I would rather qualify by this route than Intertoto but if we need either it is a little embarassing. All said an done, I think we?ll get the point tomorrow that is required.

Kev West
7   Posted 10/05/2008 at 11:22:56

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What makes it even worse is that Man City are 5th in the fair play league behind Spurs, Man Utd, Arsenal and Liverpool. As those 4 are already in Europe that would mean the next team was Man City.
Shaun Sparke
8   Posted 10/05/2008 at 13:34:59

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I dont get it! We have had 40 bookings this season as opposed to Man City?s 50. We have had 3 sent off which is the same as city. How come they are ahead of us in the misnamed "fair play league". We have had less bookings than any other side this year and 2 of the three sendings off were from that clown Clattenburg.
Michael Kenrick
9   Posted 10/05/2008 at 14:04:52

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Shaun, here?s the full menu, in all it?s Uefa-driven madness:

Red and yellow cards: max 10 points
Deduction from a maximum of 10 points: yellow card = 1 point, red card = 3 points. Two times yellow equals red, but yellow + direct red = 4 points deduction. The total of this aspect may become negative.

Positive play: minimum 1 point, maximum 10 points
Positive aspects: attacking tactics, acceleration of the game, efforts to gain time, and continued pursuit of goals.
Negative aspects: deceleration of the game, time-wasting, tactics based on foul-play, play-acting, etc. In general terms positive play correlates with the numer of goal-scoring chances created and the number of goals scored.

Respect of the opponent: minimum 1 point, maximum 5 points
Assessement should be based on positive attitudes (e.g. helping an injured opponent) rather than infringements. Double counting against the item "red and yellow cards" should be avoided. Blameless behaviour, but without any particularly positive attitude, should be assessed with a mark 4 rather than 5.

Respect of the referee: minimum 1 point, maximum 5 points
A positive attitude towards the referee (and assistant referees), including the acceptance of doubtful decisions without protest, should be rewarded. Double counting against the item "red and yellow cards" should be avoided. Normal behaviour, but without any particularly positive attitude, should be assessed with a mark 4 rather than 5.

Behaviour of team officials: minimum 1 point, maximum 5 points
Postive and negative aspects of the behaviour of team officials should be assessed. E.g. whether they calm or provoke angry players or fans, how they accept the referee?s decisions, etc. Co-operation with the media should also be considered as a factor. Blameless behaviour, but without any particularly positive attitude, should be assessed with a mark 4 rather than 5.

Behaviour of the crowd: minimum 1 point, maximum 5 points
Encouragement of teams by shouting, singing, etc. may have a positive influence on the atmosphere. The spectators are, however, expected to respect the opposing team and the referee. The should appreciate the performance of the opposition even if they emerge as the winners. They must in no way intimidate or frighten the opposing team, the referee, or opposing supporters. This item is applicable only if a substantial number of fans of the team concerned are present.

Overall assessement: Add all points of the individual components, dividing this total by the maximum number of points, and multiplying the result by 10. The maximum number of points per game generally equals 40. If, however, the team is being supported by a negligible amount of fans, the maximum is 35. The general assessement should be calculated to three decimal points and not rounded up.

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