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The Mail Bag

A Season Survey

Comments (33)

I am doing some freelance work for the Daily Telegraph, who are putting together a spread on fan?s views of the season.

If you could contact me with your phone number, or are able to answer the following questions directly then that would greatly appreciated:

  1. How was the season for you ? a mark out of 10
  2. The manager ? stay or go?
  3. Player of the season
  4. Flop of the season
  5. Best moment of the season
  6. Big issue for the summer (squad quality, the board, the ground etc.)
Marcus Jones, London     Posted 13/05/2008 at 11:48:59

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Michael Kenrick
Here's one from The Independent.
James Marshall
1   Posted 13/05/2008 at 14:19:23

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1. How was the season for you ? a mark out of 10 - 8.5, I’d have taken 5th place at the start of the season for sure. Shame we didn;’t do a little better in UEFA Cup bue we did also make the semi’s on the Carling Cup which was a nice change from failing miserably!

2. The manager ? stay or go? Stay Stay Stay Stay get the picture.

3. Player of the season - Joleon, hands down, though Jags has been ace late on as well.

4. Flop of the season - Anichebe, just awful.

5. Best moment of the season - Beating the hell out of Fiorentina (ultimately a bad night but fun while it lasted!)

6. Big issue for the summer (squad quality, the board, the ground etc.) Buying top level players, not just young ones who might come good - we need to buy top quality established Internationals - whether we can remains to be seen. If Chelsea can fork out £16m on a full back I’ve never heard of and then offer £40m for Torres no questions asked, what chance do the rest of us realistically have? Here’s hoping. Joaquin anyone!? Oh yeah, and keeping Davey clearly. :)
Tony Williams
2   Posted 13/05/2008 at 14:33:35

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How was the season for you ? a mark out of 10? 6.5/10 Even though it has been a great season and we have progressed, we still have not won anything so cannot mark it too high.

The manager ? stay or go? Not worth responding to that one

Player of the season ? Easy to go with the flow with this one, Lescott but a special mention for The Yak, as he was getting slated at the start of the season when he was unfit but look what he has achieved now, even with a month at the ACoN.

Flop of the season ? Can?t understand anyone saying Anchovy with his European goals, it would have to be Graveson. Great entertainer but just a passenger now

Best moment of the season ? Watching Ossie?s goal against Larissa from the Lower Gwlady?s

Big issue for the summer (squad quality, the board, the ground etc.) ? get Moyse signed up and get the midfielders we most desperately need
Dave Dawson
3   Posted 13/05/2008 at 15:08:59

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1. 9 out f 10
2. Stay, please!!! Moyes is God.
3. Lescott
4. Graveson
5. Whipping Fiorentina at Goodison
6. Cash strapped in comparison to the chasing pack, let alone the big 4.
Adam Bennett
4   Posted 13/05/2008 at 15:13:44

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1. 8/10. After finishing 6th last term, 5th this season is an obvious improvement ? but I am disappointed that a massive dip in form after the UEFA Cup exit meant we failed to get into the top 4. A decent run in the UEFA Cup and a good run in the Carling Cup was a plus ? but the FA Cup was an embarrassment! It was another year without a trophy though, and this has to be rectified next season.

2. Stay. Has done a great job since he came. Still makes mistakes from time to time (like bringing on an extra striker when losing 1-0 in Florence) but has cut them down dramatically from the first 2/3 years of his reign. Has done brilliantly to assemble a good side with a limited budget.

3. Jolean Lescott. Left back or centre half, the man is simply superb. Strong, quick, good positional play and with an eye for goal! (I?ve bet on him all season to score first / last goal which meant for once in my life I beat the bookies!)

4. Andy van der Meyde. Does the man still exist??

5. Arteta making it 2-0 on the night against Fiorentina to bring the tie level. If only we had of had a bit of luck while bombarding their area looking for the third goal.

6. Will Moyes get enough money to build a team, and squad, capable of finishing in the top 4 while competing in Europe at the same time. Will Keith Wyness stop treating Evertonians with contempt over the possible new stadium and agree to an open meeting / debate on the subject instead of hiding behind the journalists at the Liverpool Echo and
John Lloyd
5   Posted 13/05/2008 at 15:10:19

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1. 8 - met league expectations and despite two good cup runs failed to nab a trophy

4.Andy van der meyde, again.
5.Fiorentina at home (proved that 1st leg was a bad day at office)
6.Must improve squad size & quality + put this kirkby nonsense to bed.

Whoever said Anichebe was flop is being harsh?? A young kid who has come into the side & scored important goals yet he’s the bigger flop than AvDM, Gardener, Turner, Vidarrson, Wessels?? bad shout
James Marshall
6   Posted 13/05/2008 at 15:21:52

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Surely to pick a flop, the player has to have played a few games!?! VDM has only managed to warm a few benches again - stick him on the pitch and he might do OK!

OK so I’m being optimistic!
Carl Wright
7   Posted 13/05/2008 at 15:21:27

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1, 7.5/10 - as someone has already stated, we won nothing again. But if someone had said we would have had our highest prem points, semis of carling and last 16 in UEFA we would have all taken it. The annoying thinh was it could have been even better.

2, Stay without a doubt, he still has faults but has been our best signing in the last 10 years.

3, Lescott for me. But honourable mentions for Yak, Jags, an Howard.

4, Arteta - im going to get slated for this but he started the season with so much hype and praise and never hit those expectations. We all knew VDM wasnt gonna play so how can he be a flop. Arteta failed to beat the first man on 80% of his dead balls.

5, Moyes on a long term contract, keeping the squad together and adding some proven quality. Centre mid is key as is another striker.
Dave Edwards
8   Posted 13/05/2008 at 15:16:00

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1) 8/10 - Good progress, can we take that next step up?
2) Stay (obviously) - with a new contract hopefully
3) Lescott (although don’t think Yak’s contribution, once he got going, should be over-looked)
4) Graveson (as AVdM does really count, does he?) - although would have liked to see more of him at times, just to see what Moyes must have been seeing in training to limit his appearances once he was fit.
5) The home leg v Brann was great fun with some smashing goals (yes, I know the opposition was weak, but...)
6) Moyes transfer kitty this summer - Carpe Diem, BKl!!!! - although the Kirkby move remains a dark cloud hovering over us all!
Dave Jeanrenaud
9   Posted 13/05/2008 at 15:34:05

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1. 8.5. Threatened a 10 during a wonderfulr spell around the turn of the year but we faded dissapointingly as injuries took their toll.

2. Stay forever. Best manager pound for pound in the Premiership.

3. Joleon Lescott.

4. Mark Clattenburg.

5. Leon Osman?s goal against Larissa at Goodison. Best pure footballing goal i saw anywhere all season.

6. Moyes? new contract. The board must prove to David Moyes that they share his burning ambition to put us back amongst the big boys.
Paul Lally
10   Posted 13/05/2008 at 15:48:29

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How was the season for you ?
a mark out of 10 - 8

The manager ? stay or go? - Stay

Player of the season - Lescott

Flop of the season - ADV again

Best moment of the season - Arteta goal - Fiorentina

Big issue for the summer (squad quality, the board, the ground etc.) - Stop move to Kirkby and look at all the other options openly and honestly.
Steve Flanagan
11   Posted 13/05/2008 at 15:49:16

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How was the season for you ? a mark out of 10
7.5/10 for me. Getting dumped out of the FA Cup by Oldham brings this down.

The manager ? stay or go?
I can’t see anyone giving any plausible arguments for him to go.

Player of the season
Difficult to single one out of Lescott, Jagielka and Yakubu. I’d go for Lescott as he was the steal of the century at the price we paid for him.

Flop of the season
I liked the Clattenburg answer - but player-wise I’d go for Gravesen. If VDM had played he would have won it hands down.

Best moment of the season
Fiorentina at home before the pens. Shows that we can play against a good side - hopefully we will learn from this for next season.

Big issue for the summer (squad quality, the board, the ground etc.)
Giving Moyes enough cash for him to invest in quality players to take us to the next level - with a trophy in the process.
Martin Cutler
12   Posted 13/05/2008 at 14:44:09

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1. How was the season for you ? a mark out of 10.
8 out of 10
Unfortunate ending to the season I think (I don’t mean the very last game of course) but that only goes to show that if the squad can be improved with a few quality players who knows what might happen then?!?!?

2. The manager ? stay or go?
Oh, please? STAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Player of the season?
Absolutely no question, Joleon Lescott.
Followed by The Yak, Jag and Yobo.

4. Flop of the season?
Can we have a refund for VdM?

5. Best moment of the season?
First 90 minutes of the home leg against Fiorentina! Brilliant performance!

6. Big issue for the summer?
As time moves on the ground issue is going to become more and more of an issue (as if it isn’t already!). We need something though.........being more of an outsider (over here in the States) I really can’t make up my mind if Kirkby is a good move or not.........whatever we do, regardless of location, the stadium itself (atmosphere, generation of income, playing surface, facilities etc) has to be the best we can possibly afford without breaking us.

I also think now more than ever Moyes needs to bring in the right players to REALLY go for that 4th spot and a final........I really do think Moyes can achieve that.....this season he came really, really close!!
Michael Hunt
13   Posted 13/05/2008 at 15:57:26

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1. 7 out of 10.

2. The manager ? stay

3. Player of the season - Joleon Lescott

4. Flop of the season - Andy van de Meyde. Zero contribution to the first team.

5. Best moment of the season - Arteta’s fantastic equaliser in the second leg Vs. Fiorentina.

6. Big issue for the summer - Buying at least 4 players from David Moyes’ ’Wish list of quality transfer targets’.
Jay Harris
14   Posted 13/05/2008 at 15:54:44

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1. 8/10. 5th this season is an obvious improvement ? but the disappointed after the UEFA Cup exit meant we failed to get 4th place from Liverpool. A good run in the UEFA Cup and a Carling Cup semifinal added to the excitement but It was another year without a trophy though, and this has to be sorted soon.

2. Stay. Has really elevated the club since he came not just with results but with dignity and respect for and from other clubs. Still makes the odd mistake but who doesnt?
Has done brilliantly to assemble a good side with a limited budget.

3. Jolean Lescott. Left back or centre half, the man is simply superb. Strong, quick, ggod on the ball and with an eye for goal!

4. Mikel Arteta has got so much more in his locker than he showed last season and I know he was carrying a stomach problem but that doesnt excuse really poor corners and spot kicks that he still insisted on taking.

5. Arteta making it 2-0 on the night against Fiorentina to bring the tie level. What a feeling - almost took me back to the 80?s.

6. Getting enough money to build a team, and squad, capable of finishing in the top 4 while competing in Europe at the same time.
The board looking at an alternative to Kirkby which is a definite no go for so many longstanding supporters.
Jonathan Agger
15   Posted 13/05/2008 at 16:57:17

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1. 8/10 Brilliant season - shame we didn’t push that shower across the park harder for 4th but injuries took their toll.

2. STAY - Kenwright get Moyes signed up!

3. Lescott has been outstanding and Jags and the Yak have excelled but I am amazed no one has mentioned Pienaar - superb contribution.

4. Player-wise AvDM - he is at the club to train hard and force his way into the side - he has done neither so he is defintely the worst flop. Other than that, the attrocious refereeing of the derby, which was clueless at best and plain cheating at worst.

5. Oman’s goal against Larissa - the epitomy of swift attacking football.

6. Biggest single issue is to sign Moyes for another five years then start looking down the back of the sofa to provide funds for AT LEAST four of the players Moyes targets.
Trudy Boston
16   Posted 13/05/2008 at 17:21:30

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Q1. The season’s been impressive, But - no silverware I’m afraid although we came damn close but in the end a trophy was out of reach. Thirteen (years) unlucky perhaps?

Q2. I’m sorry, but an asinine question for me. As soon as Moyes signs that new contract I will be sleeping better. Best since Howard Kendall. Sorry Joe.

Q3. Lescott for me. I can’t see anyone else who deserves that accolade, although Jagielka has earned his corn.

Q4. I will not castigate any Individuals at the club, although other supporters will know the main culprits.

Q5. Cahill at Stamford Bridge. The manner of the goal and the time it occured.

Q6. Moyes to sign that contract, to get some much needed midfield reinforcements and hopefully a striker or two.

Oh, and a truck full of manure to fall from a passing plane onto Anfield. I don’t suppose that will make much difference considering the crap that plays there week in week out.
Alex Kociuba
17   Posted 13/05/2008 at 17:37:41

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1) 7/10
2) tay
3) Yobo
4) Arteta
5) Fiorentina home leg
6) Look at other locations and partners for new stadium
Chris Fisher
18   Posted 13/05/2008 at 18:26:17

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1. 8 out of 10 really good season, just need to win a cup to make it a great seson!

2. stay obviously!

3. Lescott amazing season, close behind jags, the yak, pieenar.

4. Andy van, i think he does count because for him not to of played 1 game must show how dissapointing he was at training and off the pitch, he is a good player he could of been a goodison great but he flopped.

5. Last day vs newcastle just because the performance was class, the fans were amazing and we clinched a uefa spot!

6. get moyes tied down, get some new midfielders.
Andy Lloyd
19   Posted 13/05/2008 at 19:14:05

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1. Good season, lost the pace towards the end and disappointed to go out of the FA Cup to Oldham, but overall 8/10.

2. Stay. He does a brilliant job on an average budget.

3. Joleon Lescott. I’d love to see him made captain next season. Jagielka and Pienaar have been excellent as well.

4. Can’t really pick one out, all the first team and squad players have either been excellent or done a job when required. I cant believe that Van Der Meyde is still at the club though, surely his contract must be cancelled or expiring soon?

5. Everything about the trip to Nuremburg. Seeing the Everton fans singing by the big tower, the police and locals being polite and helpful, and the result!

6. A few really, the main ones interlinked. Sorting out Moyes’ contract and then giving him a test by giving him money to spend. Sorting out the whole mess regarding the new stadium quickly. Getting outside investment. I like Kenwright as a chairman, I believe he does have the best interests of the club at heart and is better than some faceless corporation or the situation at Liverpool/Man City, but he needs to stop treating Everton as "his" and let some other people invest now.
Jim Slade
20   Posted 13/05/2008 at 19:43:21

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1) 9/10 I cant remember the last time I was this confident and excited about the team, A great season. Had everything, a cup run , good football, high scoring. Last time I picked my formations on the back of bits of paper I was in a school uniform
2) Stay - need him more than anyone else in the club
3) Lescott - most improved -Jagielka
4) Osman - he's like the girl who had a little curl - when he was good he was good but when he was bad he was emabrassing
5) we need more strength in the midfield... someone to take up Carsley's role, Also need a right full back and a left side midfielder.
Albert Velthuijsen
21   Posted 13/05/2008 at 20:03:49

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1) 8/10.
2) Stay.
3) Yakubu.
4) FA Cup, Neville Captain.
5) £40/50 million transfer kitty.
Sell the likes of Hibbert,Neville,Johnson,Osman
Davie Turner
22   Posted 13/05/2008 at 20:36:08

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1. 8/10
2. Stay
3. Joleon Lescott
4. Andy Van Der Meyde
5. Fiorentina Home Leg
6. Key this summer is new signing, not just on the playing staff, but also a new No2 for Moyes
Micky Norman
23   Posted 13/05/2008 at 20:58:31

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Same as Davie Turner except for 5.
Tim Cahill’s goal at Chelsea. That shut the buggers up.
Paul Hennessey
24   Posted 13/05/2008 at 21:20:17

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1. 8 - had the potential to be a 9 or a 10 but April saw to that - still a great success though
2. Stay - pound for pound, the bst manager in the league, 15 other teams would love to have him, 4 other teams could have daffy duck in charge and still be alright
4 Yobo
5. Andy Van Der Meyde
6. Nuremburg away, our away support, which is the best in the league wa unreal and the team gave us a truly memorabe night
7. All of them!!! we need to buy a dominating midfielder and pacy winger to improve the team, and the board need to find investment so we can sort the ground move once and for all
Paul Hennessey
25   Posted 13/05/2008 at 21:27:35

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Sorry my number 3 key is on holiday
Terry Smith
26   Posted 13/05/2008 at 21:22:35

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1) 8.5 another season in Europe and actually performed well in the cups apart from FA obviously.

2) Stay without a doubt

3) Lescott is the obvious chocie but the Yak is staking a claim as we wouldn't be were we are without his goals.

4) VDM why is he still here??

5) Fiorentina was great until pens so Man City away gets my vote. Great atmosphere and a great performance against one of our rivals for 5th at that time

6) Investment in quality players so we can really challenge for all competitions we enter and to get Moyes signed up for many years to come. In Moyes we trust!!!
Colin Smith
27   Posted 13/05/2008 at 22:10:17

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1) 7.5 being greedy, but a bit more progress in the cups would have been nice.
2) stay, who could we get who would be better?
3) Lescott, his goals & flexibility just pip Yobo
4) nobody really flopped - expected sfa from VdM & that?s what we got.
5) Fiorentina at home
6) Getting sufficient funds to improve the squad in order to press for a top four spot. Also, its a matter of spending the money wisely - eg the skunks bags of dosh, but spent badly.
Santosh Benjamin
28   Posted 14/05/2008 at 01:15:02

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1. 8.5 / 10 ..would have been atleast a 9 except for the poor March and April results...but overall i would have bitten your arm off if offered 5th before the season started
2. Stay...not a sliver of a doubt in my mind that this man is the one to lead us further..he has made his share of little and big mistakes,but hey who hasnt?...he has got us believeing again,and that too on a tight budget!
3. Lescott for his adaptability,dependability,goals and composure..Special mention for the Yak,Jags and Howard too.
4. Dont want to say AvDM because he hardly even of the players who did play i think that AJ was disappointing overall although he did play well a few times
5. Fiorentina at home was a night to treasure..yes we got beaten on penalties but in open play,we were denied a passage to the next round only by Sebastien Frey in the form of his life!
6. Secure Moyes’ contract and then give him a decent transfer budget...get in atleast 2 quality midfielders(proven ones) and then strengthen other areas(backup for Howard,etc)
Anj Stam
29   Posted 14/05/2008 at 01:37:12

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1) 8.5-highest points tally in the EPL, great effort
2) Defo stay another five years
3) Lescott easily
4) Pip great endeavour but his passing & crossing is atrocious.
5) Fiorentina 2nd leg. Great atmosphere, great game and completely rattled them. Ban pen shoot-outs
6) Sort out Moyes's contract ASAP, get a good assistant for him as well,sufficient funds for DM as he would spend wisely on quality & bargains.

Jimmy Rimmer
30   Posted 14/05/2008 at 03:23:14

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1. You have to think what would be a 10/10 season for us... Top 4 and some silverware would get top marks. We gave it a good go on both fronts so I’d give us 8/10 this year.
2. Never been a question in my mind. Stay. Can’t think of any other manager I’d rather have.
3. I’ve loved watching the Yak and Ossie at times this season but you can’t look beyond Lescott. The lad is World class. Agree with Andy Lloyd, lets make him Captain next season!
4. AVDM. I was pretty excited when we signed him and he’s done nothing but really piss me off ever since!
5. The feeling after the Fiorentina game. Ok we got knocked out, but how proud were we all to be a blue that night? I think everyone started to believe we could be a real force again... Shame about the weeks that followed!
6. The budget DM will get to make some real quality signings in this summer. We need a few more players of real class or we’ll be in danger of being caught and overtaken by the chasing pack. There’s plenty of teams with big budgets who want to finish where we did this year!
Paul OHanlon
31   Posted 14/05/2008 at 10:43:52

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How was the season for you ? a mark out of 10
The manager ? stay or go?
Player of the season
Flop of the season
Best moment of the season
Big issue for the summer (squad quality, the board, the ground etc.)
1. 8/10
2. Stay
3. Lescott
4. Andy Van Der Meyde
5. Arteta’s equaliser against Fiorentina
6. Kenwright finding £30-40m for Moyes to now push on, or it’s all been for nothing.
Brett Bradshaw
32   Posted 14/05/2008 at 12:20:00

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1) 7/10.
2) Stay.
3) Pienaar.
4) Arteta.
5) Pienaar back-heel, Osman GOAL!!!.
6) Contract for Moyes
Alan Khan
33   Posted 13/05/2008 at 18:14:31

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1. How was the season for you ? a mark out of 10
7/10. A successful season. I would have taken fifth place in the League if you offered it to me last August.A decent run in the UEFA Cup but disappointing in the FA Cup. Add the injuries and the challenges of a small squad and we didn’t do too badly at all.

2. The manager ? stay or go?
Moyes MUST stay. He has built a team and with more funds and better resources, I hope he can bring in quality and class to bolster our current offerings.

3. Player of the season
Joeleon was very good but we need to mention the Yak and Jags too.

4. Flop of the season

5. Best moment of the season
Beating Newcastle and grabbing fifth spot to secure a place in Europe.

6. Big issue for the summer (squad quality, the board, the ground etc.)
The ground issue will surely be in the new but I hope the Everton news is dominated by the signing of quality players like Arshavin.

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