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The Mail Bag

Show Him The Money

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So Kenwright is 'seething'. Presumably because David Moyes chose to air his disatisfaction with the current episode of a soap opera that is EFC. Not only do we fail to secure the club's best asset on a long term contract and risk losing him. But we fail to arm him with the finacial information he needs in order to secure the best deals this summer.

The debacle over Stanley Park has given me much to laugh at for the past few months but we are surely not far behind. The fist signs of a crack between manager and chairman are starting to show. Wasn't it not so long ago that they talked on an almost 'daily basis'? Why do they have to wait to the end of this week to talk?

I'm guessing that the reason Kenwright has failed to deliver this summer's spending power to Moyes is that it's bad news, and there isn't much to spend. If anyone should be seething its Moyes and I bet that behind that 'I'm relaxed about it' (definite sarcasm) stance, there is a raging red headed Scotsman about to smash the boardroom table with a claymore demanding to be 'Shown the Money'.
Martin Doherty, Liverpool     Posted 13/05/2008 at 13:16:33

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Alan Whitehead
1   Posted 14/05/2008 at 09:13:25

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The news that Davey is trying to get Manny back on yet another loan says it all to me. Everton are fucking skint and can only beg,borrow or steal to sign players ?to take us to the next level?. The truth is we ain?t really ever going to be in a position to compete ? not with this bloody Kirkby thing hanging over the club an with such a poverty stricken chairman at the helm.

End of season euphoria over methinks!

Russ Kavanagh
2   Posted 14/05/2008 at 09:26:04

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I believe that Kenwright is using the club as his ’train set’ and holding on until we get the new stadium to earn a premium on his investment.

He is not wealthy enough to pump money into the club and i am annoyed that he cannot (or more probably - will not) find investment into the club. Other clubs seem to find investors easily enough.
Paul Tran
3   Posted 14/05/2008 at 09:59:25

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I think it would be good business to get Fernandes on loan - has he really shown enough/been fit enough to justify a big fee?

Get him in for a year on loan and keep our powder dry for others!
Paul Chisholm
4   Posted 14/05/2008 at 10:32:48

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Why not get a chairman on loan? Someone like Abramovich will do. We can then send him back to Chelski once we’ve fleeced him.
Philip McAvoy
5   Posted 14/05/2008 at 11:29:48

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Has a budget been announced?
Has Kenwright actually said he?s annoyed?
Has Moyes said he?s annoyed or leaving?
Has Fernandes justified paying £12mil or just shown potential AGAIN?
How can you be annoyed at things that haven?t happened yet?
Paul Cooke
6   Posted 14/05/2008 at 11:17:50

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As we all know, Billy bullshit very rarely tells the truth to the fans. He comes crawling out of the woodwork when things are looking good and crawls back in there when things look bad.

What if he has been "pulling the wool" all along? Saying that we dont have major funds and trying to kid us into believing that not much will happen in the transfer window, when in reality there is quite a substantial amount of money available for player transfers this close season.

By my reckoning, there should be the £12m we had put to one side for Manny last season, the £5m gained for McFadden, the additional revenue awarded for our lofty league positions over the last 2 seasons and the improved TV rights money. I dont think we are actually as skint as everybody makes out!

I wouldn’t be surprised if we spent in excess of the £30m this year, and changed the wage structure to attract the big name signings we need to challenge the top four, if we dont, 5th place is the best we could hope for and I know that Moyes wouldn’t be happy that. This means Bill has to keep Moyes happy if he wants to keep him, and he wont let Moyes go. Will he?

Watch this space.
Gary Creaney
7   Posted 14/05/2008 at 13:15:42

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Paul Cooke, I agree. There’s also the money from the Rooney deal and the european money, albeit relatively small amounts but add this to everything you’ve mentioned and I don’t think we’re that skint at all.

I’m predicting a couple of really exciting signings and 3 or 4 decent squad fillers, with no further departures.
Tony Williams
8   Posted 14/05/2008 at 13:55:29

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Didn?t Moyes say a few weeks ago that they would discuss his conetract after the season ended and I am guessing that everybody will be on their hols right now after a long, hard season.

Then again where would we be without the sensationalist headlines from the ever reliable and trustworthy papers.
Erik Dols
9   Posted 14/05/2008 at 08:12:56

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The article on the main page linking to the Echo-article about Crunch-talks from Moyes mentions £20M - £40M is needed in his revised 4-year plan. The Echo-article mentions no such thing, so I have some questions:

- Where did those numbers come from? Have I missed something?
- Is the money mentioned the transfer kitty for a four year-period (then it is not that mpressive to say the least) or for just this summe, possibly including coming winter (that would be a heavy transfer kitty for our standards although I think we spend somewhere around £20M last summer!) ?

Thanks for your answers! Personally I have the feeling BK will give Moyes a big transfer kitty this summer. Big for our standards at least.

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