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The Mail Bag

Goals mean Points

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We don?t need a post mortem as we are alive and kicking ? sorry, passing ? and can go confidently into next season here and in Europe. But amid the end of year reports a thought crossed my mind. We know that David Moyes builds teams, as they have to be built, on solid foundations. The numbers speak for themselves ? 33 goals against puts us very much in the same league as the four clubs ahead of us, and way better than ?the rest?.

Goals scored ? excuse me for sounding a bit simplistic here ? are obviously important. But how important? And that thought made me go back over the scores for this season. Where did our 65 points come from? That?s 19 wins and 8 draws. So if every win was 1-0, the scorer earned us 3 points. If it was a 2-1 win, the first scorer earned us 1 point, the second scorer earned us the extra 2 points. Anyone after that put icing on the cake.

Now before you start shouting at me, I will criticise what I?m saying myself at the end, but here?s how it looks using the system I have imposed on the facts. Player and ?points earned from goals? in the Premier League this season. (Look away now if you think you already know.)

Joleon - 16
Yak - 13
AJ -7
Ossie - 6
Timmy - 5
Mikel & Jags & Nev ? 3
Victor & Cars ? 2
Faddy & Jo Yo ? 1

Pienaar and Vaughan also scored and there were 3 no score draws.

If I was writing in to criticise, I would say that Steven Pienaar?s goal against Sunderland, with his superb interplay with Nuno Valente, was just about as good as it gets, and in any case, any scrappy old goal is good for us and bad for them. Agreed. The more the better, and I?m not advocating ?catenaccio? one ? nil wins (although I have developed an admiration for Moyes and his ability to do this, at considerably less expense than Chelsea, who have a similar record)

But I think there is some merit in looking at our performance in this way. The fans and the players already knew how important Lescott has been for us, and the Yak could yet become a legend, but I think some of the others in this list are interesting. Our ability to score from all over the field has been noted. For me, I?m glad that our lad Leon Osman can be highlighted in this way.
Keith Glazzard, Fallowfield     Posted 13/05/2008 at 20:04:06

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Jason Siri
1   Posted 14/05/2008 at 03:20:24

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Osman has had a fantastic seaon, banging in goals as well as creating them. He is been a true professional, in and off the field. Here's to hope that he will one day make it to the England squad. Keep up the good work Ossie!
Connor Rohrer
2   Posted 14/05/2008 at 08:04:40

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Osman’s been excellent this season. Consistent, hardoworking and creative. He’s also added goals to his game as well as showing that can play in both a 4-4-2 and a 4-5-1.

People still can’t accept him though and still see him as the Osman of last season. Lightweight, small, gives the ball away all the time and lacks pace. On the wing I’d agree with that but centrally in his natural position he’s been excellent and has problems with none of the things mentioned.

Hopefully one day some fans will actually give him a chance instead of writing him off. He’s got tremendous heart and he showed that last season. He was a boo boy, the fans where out for him but he recovered, never moaned and stuck to his task. He’s now an important member of this squad.

Well done Ossie.
Brett Bradshaw
3   Posted 14/05/2008 at 12:01:56

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Nice analysis Keith, interesting to see AJ in the top 3 for goals alone, with his dog like attitude, creative play and assists he must surely come out as one of our most important players! I hope we don’t sell him.
Albert Dock
4   Posted 14/05/2008 at 12:47:18

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Saturday’s Times had an interesting statistic.

’Everton have won 40 points in the 18 matches with Tim Cahill in the team (a rate of 84 points per season) and 22 in the 19 without him (44 per season).’

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