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The Mail Bag

Can anyone help me get my head around this?

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So Sunderland, they have a big stadium 45000 and loyal fans, but how the hell do they find £50M to spend having been relegated twice in recent years and yet Moyes rarely gets more than £25M a season.

Sorry but i find it hard to believe that a club like Sunderland can possibly give the manager £50M yet a club like Everton, 100% Premier League status and relatively modest spenders don't appear to be able to match that sum.

Also, where do West Ham and Spurs get the money from too?

Maybe I need to look at the bigger picture but certainly from the business saide of things at Everton the numbers just don't add up. Wyness and Co what the fuck is going on?
Daniel Johnson, Newcastle     Posted 14/05/2008 at 11:40:45

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Roy Masey
1   Posted 14/05/2008 at 15:37:26

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I?ll think you?ll find that Sunderland are owned by a consortium of Irish guys who own, amongst other things Boylesport, the bookmakers. Now they are definitely not in the Abramovich league of billionaires but have got a few bob than Bill.
Paul Lenehan
2   Posted 14/05/2008 at 15:35:52

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Its investment money. Rightly or wrongly Kenright clearly is discouraging investment. The fact that Derby, Sunderland, Newcastle, Portsmouth etc etc have all been bought by extremely wealthy investors proves this point. I don?t think there is any arguing that EFC is just as an attractive investment (if not better) than the abovementioned. So the only explanantion can by our current owners don?t want to sell up or lose control. I'm not saying this is right or wrong but I can see no other reason why we haven?t been invested in to the extent of most Premier League clubs.
Micky Norman
3   Posted 14/05/2008 at 17:01:57

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If I was a supporter of any of the above teams I’d be asking what the hell have we wasted all our money on and how come Everton finish so far above us in the league. Rich owners are rich because they invest wisely. Some of these owners will pull out and try to sell to the next mug in the line to try and get their money back when thet finally realise they can’t compete with the real money men. Just look at the RS Bubbles will burst.
Daniel MacSweeney
4   Posted 14/05/2008 at 17:11:29

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you have to consider who made those comments about the 50million and when they were made. The person who made the comments was Charlie Chawke and he did so when faced with a reporter from one of the local newspapers up there. Charlie Chawke is a reasonably well known publican in Ireland. Publicans don’t deliver bad news, it’s not good for business. So of course he was going to tell the journalist what he wanted to hear. And what he actually said was ""Some way or other he must get it". There is a big jump between making that statement and actually finding 50m. Lets not get carried away until Sunderland sign Kaka and Ronaldihno. And when that happens you’ll know it’s time to stop smokin’ the wacky tobacco...... Oh and one last thing, I think the Kenwright/Moyes set up has been the best thing to happen the club since Reid/Steven/Sheedy/Bracewell.
John Lloyd
5   Posted 14/05/2008 at 17:26:10

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"I think the Kenwright/Moyes set up has been the best thing to happen the club since Reid/Steven/Sheedy/Bracewell. "

Yet again more of our fans allowing the great work done by David Moyes to be credited to Bill Kenwright who through nothing but incompetance has overseen some of the worst ’business’ decisions in the history of our club at a time when the business side of things is nearly as important as the actual playing side of things........Bad Shout Daniel
Jay Harris
6   Posted 14/05/2008 at 17:43:03

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John Lloyd
Totally agree with you not to mention the torrent of deception and lies that come out of that man?s mouth.

I still cant get my head around why no one has picked up on Manny ("He will be signing in the morning") for £12 million last August and now that supposed available money has disappeared back into the Rabbit?s hat.
Chris Jones
7   Posted 14/05/2008 at 17:56:37

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@ John Lloyd. At least give BK credit for wresting the club from Johnson, oh, and appointing a certain D. Moyes as manager!

And since failure is all too often laid at the feet of the bod at the top, why then not give them some of the credit for successes?
Stephen Kinder
8   Posted 14/05/2008 at 17:59:03

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Not to mention the money they got for faddy, probably used to open another shit show on the westend.
Terry Maddock
9   Posted 14/05/2008 at 18:30:03

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Yes, Stephen kinder... Every penny of transfer cash goes straight in to BK?s back pocket ...NOT..
The only chairman in the league not to take a wage from the club... the buisness he owns by the way.
Daniel MacSweeney
10   Posted 14/05/2008 at 18:35:55

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Chris Jones, couldn?t agree more. Everyone knows that Moyes is a great manager but lets not forget that BK signed him and has backed him strongly since (Moyes has broken the club transfer record in each of the last two summers). And even when things were tough BK backed Moyes too - remember 3 seasons ago when we were in bottom 6 going into Christmas. How many prem boards would do that? Not Spurs and Newcastle anyhow. Both BK and Moyes have proven themselves up to this point. We?ve gone from bottom 6 club to a top six club. Played in the champions league (qualifier), and now the UEFA cup in consequetive seasons. The next challenge is to get us back to the top and winning silverware. Where we belong. It?s going to take more money than before and a new stadium to help generate some of that money. Moyes/BK have got us this far, so for me both of them have earned the right to be given a chance to take us to the next level too.
Alex Spelling
11   Posted 14/05/2008 at 19:16:46

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Add this projected £50m figure to the £40m they spent last season. I know they’ve got some wealthy backers but I dont seriously believe that these guys have put tor will put heir own cash into the transfer pot. Most of it must be borrowed and / or transfer fees will be on the drip, season by season (Newcastle for instance are paying for Duff and Martins over 4 and 6 seasons respectively) I dont see how £50m for Sunderland is sustainable unless they begin challenging for UEFA qualification at the very least. As Daniel says however, it makes the mind boggle that we’re still scrapping around for funds.
Simon Templeman
12   Posted 14/05/2008 at 19:20:34

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Well said Daniel, it seems to me that too many fans on this site are looking for negatives; we have had a very good season however you measure it and next season has every chance of being better. Keep the faith.
Nelly Blythe
13   Posted 14/05/2008 at 19:27:47

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The very sad & BAD but true news people is that these same Irish people wanted to invest in and approached another Premier League side BEFORE they invested in Sunderland. That premier League club was...... EVERTON FC.
I know this for a fact as a very close friend of mine actually had dealings with said Irish people and it came straight from the horses mouth.
In fact so disgusted was my friend (a truer stauncher blue you cannot find) that he actually posted all the details regading this on this web site sometime ago, as a fan article.

Makes yer sick dont it !!!
Roberto Birquet
14   Posted 14/05/2008 at 21:16:54

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West Ham are in trouble. The club’s wage bill eats up almost the whole of its income. It will be a selling club this year. Tottenham have the riches fans in the prem and the most expensive tickets with the exception of Chelsea.

And when did we ever spend £25 million in a summer? And big up for those supporting Kenwright - yes he mucked up King’s Dock and i fear that will always be a massive regret, but he’s made some damned good calls too. Including supporting Moyes when half of Everton’s followers wanted him out. What was it? Our results were rubbish for about 20 games with a tiny squad, many of which were new players. So forget he saved us from going down. Forget he got us our best finish in seven seasons. We have reaped a great harvest.
Ste Booker
15   Posted 14/05/2008 at 22:19:46

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Love him or hate him BK, with a lot of help from DM I don’t deny, has provided us as a club a lot of stability & a foundation for the future. When the Prem league was established Leeds & N Forst,were prominant figures, & lets be honest we were seasonal relegation fodder! I am a strong believer that the truth of the matter is BK saved this club to a certain extent, & definately doesn’t deserve the abuse that the man gets! I would rather be owned by a true blue than an yankee oil tycoon or the russian mafia!
Jay Harris
16   Posted 14/05/2008 at 23:03:13

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It seems you either love him or hate him.

I can't pretend to like him for the constant stream of lies and I firmly believe that when Walter Smith (who he backed to the hilt till the fans turned on him) recommended Moyes he couldn't be arsed looking for anybody else.

Now as regards Moyes, I believe he?s a very principled man who tells it straight and has done more singlehandedly than any one at this club for 20 years.

He has gained us respect in football not just in results but in the way he conducts himself and talks about others.

It was also claimed recently that DM canvasses the opinion of around 6 other professionals about players before he buys them which is one of the reasons they attribute his success in the transfer market.

Now if DM says we need £40 million I believe him rather than the "we always pull a rabbit out of the hat" man.
Roy Coyne
17   Posted 14/05/2008 at 23:50:57

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Jay Harris, good post mate. Kenwright is a lucky man, as if Moyes was not so good people might see through Bill to be honest though I can not for the life of me understand how so many people are willing to turn a blind eye to all the lies and half truths he has uttered.

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