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The Mail Bag

AJ The One-Trick Pony

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Last season we had to endure ?It?s not his fault if he?s the lone striker.? ?He works hard for the team.? and my personal favourite ?He?s good for the dressing room!? ... James Beattie has come and gone, but those words remain. Remember when you forgot your homework or arrived late at school. As children, the first thing we would do is make up an excuse. It was the easy thing to do.

?It?s Moyes?s fault for supplying the wrong tactics"; "It?s Wenger?s fault for putting him off"; "It?s the defence's fault for playing hoof-ball"; "It?s God's fault that the pitch is too dry"; "It?s his parents fault for their genetics? ? and yes, you're right: don?t blame AJ, blame the mysterious "one armed man!"

So we bought him to be the saviour of Goodison, really? If Toffeeweb handed out awards, he?d be scuffling with Lescott for the second highest goal-scorer boot! And if I have to endure another season of his endless Benny Hill ball runs towards that fucking corner flag I will die!

Including pre-season, we had to wait until 7th November 2007 for a Johnson goal. England relied on him 8 times and guess what, no returns. For us he scored 10 times in 40 appearances (again). At a cost of £2.1Million a year that?s a 25% return. If Arteta completed 25% of his passes he?d be watching us on cable.

When the team, is down his head is the first to go. When we need a leader he goes missing. When the team provide a killer pass he runs sideways. ?But Jason? I hear you cry ?he runs a lot,? Yeah, so does my niece!

At £4M, Ebanks-Blake is another Defoe waiting to happen. He is young, hungry, confident, cheap, has two incredible feet, links well with midfield, is just as fast and just as strong as AJ and he is ours for £4M. Do the maths! If not Ebanks I?m sure that there are other options. We need money, we need quality, and by God we need goals. At £8M it could be time to sell AJ!
Jason Broome, London     Posted 16/05/2008 at 17:52:25

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Michael Kenrick
Got to agree with you, I think he's been terrible for us this season ? and you didn't even mention his hopeless first-touch (more like "watch the bouncing ball and see where I should stick my foot") or his powder-puff shooting.

Sorry, I know we are not supposed to be negative but look at this way: it would definitely be a positive development if we were to sell him and either invest in a better striker (and don't ask who ? that's Moyes's job) or do what Jay Harris suggested and dispense with srikers altogether ? just have goalscoring midfielders and defenders! Nah... we need the Yak. There's a player who knows how to hit the ball!

Connor Rohrer
1   Posted 16/05/2008 at 20:01:56

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He’s a very average player really. No we don’t completely play to his strengths but I atleast expect him to work the opposition defenders or atleast control a ball every once and while.

Fact is nothing is up to scratch bar him aimless running. Considering he’s supposed the be quick the amount of times he actuallty outpaces someone is very few and far between. Last game he played against Arsenal Gallas had three or four sprint offs with him and smoked him every time. Maybe he’s lost a bit of pace.

Not a fan to be honest and he’s probably the only player on our books who I’d consider selling. It won’t happen though.
Jay Harris
2   Posted 16/05/2008 at 20:11:25

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Have to agree although I don't like to knock players. He was OK when we were just a hardworking pressure on the ball team but has poor first touch and not very clinical finsihing. If we can get 8 million I?d let him go.

Now back to the 4-6-0 tactics like United play. If we could get Manny Ossie Cahil and Arshavin in, we could make the Yak a squad player.
Nick Entwistle
3   Posted 16/05/2008 at 20:15:12

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Got to say he?s playing to the standard I thought he?d play to when we signed him. I guess his first half of 06-07 had us believe he can play like that all the time, but no.
If he?d been bought for £3m then I wouldnt be disappointed, though I don?t think we should sell him... Vaughan?s injuries may continue, but it's a squad-member status for Andy from now on in my opinion.
Alan Clarke
4   Posted 16/05/2008 at 20:21:50

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Opposing defenders have sussed him out. Stay really tight on him and his first touch will always take him away from goal. Because of his pace, defenders used to stand off him in case he went past them but they know now the less time you give him the less effective he?ll be. If Moyes does need to raise funds this summer, I don?t mind AJ being sacrificed.
Lyndon Lloyd
Editorial Team
5   Posted 16/05/2008 at 20:57:26

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While I agree that AJ is far from the complete striker, that his first touch can be poor and that he has limited skill, I don?t agree at all that he has been "terrible" this season. ? crucial goals against Alkmaar and Fiorentina (not to mention the one that should have stood at Blackburn) and spectacular strikes against West Ham and SK Brann should be evidence enough of that.

He?s a goalscorer; he needs the ball in and around the six-yard box and while I don?t have the stats to hand right now, I?d wager he played more games than had goalscoring chances in the games following the second leg against Fiorentina.

He?s no Yak but, by the same token, he?s not James Beattie either.
Connor Rohrer
6   Posted 16/05/2008 at 21:10:51

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Lyndon Lloyd, whilst I agree he hasn?t been terrible he?s certainly no goalscorer. He does too much dirty work to be a goalscorer and doesn?t have the movement or positioning to score goals or use his pace effectively.

One thing I?ve noticed about AJ this season is he tends to drop deep whilst Yakubu plays off the last man. Whether it is Moyes telling him to do this or he feels this is his natural game I don?t know but it doesn?t suit him. He doesn?t have the awareness or techical ability to link play and get involved so he should stick to playing off the last man. If he does this them maybe he?ll be a little more effective and a little less headless chicken.

I think AJ can make a career here if Manny Fernandes does or someone similar to Manny. Fernandes is the only player who plays for AJ and creates the passes into space that he likes. We saw this when they last linked up against Arsenal.

Realistically I?d like to keep him as we're trying to build a squad but if there?s one player who isn?t guaranteed a spot in the team but does guarantee you a decent fee it's Johnson.
Alan Clarke
7   Posted 16/05/2008 at 21:44:19

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AJ is a nearly man. He’s nearly there when a ball is played into the box, his pass nearly reaches Yakubu for a simple tap in. He’s never quite there.

I think this is because he’s not ruthless enough. He’s not busting an absolute gut to get there. I’ve noticed as well that he’s too polite. If he challenges someone, he always helps them up, if they challenge him, he never gets annoyed. He needs to get more a lot more nasty in the way he plays to become a lot more ruthless.
Ray Said
8   Posted 16/05/2008 at 21:42:58

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I think we should move him on as I think his style of play actually encourages our defenders to hit it long. His energetic running after shit punts into the areas around the fullbacks makes the ?passes? look better than they are and gives the defenders the easy way out.
His runs are now all away from the penalty box/ danger area instead of the diagonal runs between the centre backs as he used to do when at palace. No-one can doubt his heart and running power, it's his footballing brain that I doubt. Take any decent bid and move on.
Andy Morden
9   Posted 16/05/2008 at 21:56:34

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I?d like to just pull Jason up on the Ebanks-Blake assertion. No he is not a good striker! I have seen him several times this season. A reasonable Championship striker he may be, but still capable of doing the Beattie-sky-it-from-5-yards special. I?m risking my neck here, but there are few youngster that Man U let go that are truly top quality
Adam Cunliffe
10   Posted 16/05/2008 at 22:11:23

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Don't want to make excuses but he has been injured alot this campaign. If the price is right it might be time for him to go but if it isn't, keep him. If we are to challenge the Sky 4 and try to win some silverware we need to keep a decent squad together and AJ is by no means deadwood.
Dave Jeanrenaud
11   Posted 17/05/2008 at 00:22:06

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I?m not one for slagging off Everton players but I think this is one of those occasions when a parting of the ways would be the best for all concerned.

If Yak and Cahill are fit then AJ will be on the bench at best and even then if Vaughan is fit he may only be second choice sub striker.

If anyone is silly enough to pay £8 million or above then I would sell.

John Andrews
12   Posted 17/05/2008 at 00:23:30

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I don?t know how many times I have to post on here to try and convince anybody/everybody that AJ is well worth every penny we may pay him.

It was mentioned on here before that he is continually running towards the corner flags. This may be because the likes of Jagielka et al keep on smashing the ball in that direction? He may also have had the misfortune of playing when our midfield consisted of Neville and Carsley in which case he was probably chasing lost causes all day!

Then there are our hoofball specialists who insist on whacking the ball, in the air, to AJ who is never going to beat any centre back in the air. It is really very simple to supply somebody like AJ. The answer is to PLAY THE BALL ON THE FLOOR AND LET HIM CHASE IT. He has the speed to worry most defenders but all the time the ball is played in the air it is just making him look a very ordinary player.

I saw a lot of AJ when he was at the Palace as my daughter follows the Palace. He now appears a shadow of the player he was then.

So Jason Broome before you start criticising AJ for making those Benny Hill runs towards the corner flag just try and remember who kicked the bleeding ball in that direction! My first guess would be Jagielka!

Dave Southword
13   Posted 17/05/2008 at 01:06:23

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I agree with John Andrews. Hopefully as our play continues to evolve next season and we have a midfield that can hold the ball then the whole team will play further up the pitch. This will put Fernandes for example a lot closer to him and that young fella can pick a pass.

Instead of Jags’ punts he might actually run onto a pass that is heading in the direction of the goal.
Christine Foster
14   Posted 17/05/2008 at 01:29:48

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Interesting thread. AJ has had a bad / frustrating season for all concerned, his form has dipped and so has his confidence. It has to be said though that the 4-5-1 system is not playing to his strengths. As any striker will tell you, they want to be running onto a ball in the area that they can strike first time. Strikers score goals around the six yard box. The truth is when you play one man up he runs his arse off holding the ball up and waiting for the team to get up the field. Its a waste of a striker.

The ONLY time I have ever seen it work consistently well was playing to a front man who could win balls inthe air, had a first touch to die for and could strike the odd ball with venom from outside the box.(Ferguson?) Thats not AJ. Not his skillset. He is a penalty box preditor who can beat defenders on a one on one (usually).

The tatics that David Moyes has employed do not compliment AJ?s skills and so he must be unhappy running to the corner flag attempting to wn no hope balls in the air...

Good guy, wrong team (manager/ tactics); sadly, letting him go is the only sensible answer if Moyes wants to continue with his tactics.

Steve Ryan
15   Posted 17/05/2008 at 01:50:07

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I?m not a fan of AJ however, I am in agreement with John Andrews who forgot to mention that it wasn?t just Jageilka but all of the back four who played hoofball to AJ, presumambly under instruction from Moyes.

The likes of Connor are quick to write off players like AJ and Carsley while conveniently turning a blind eye to the deficiencies of our so called ?technically gifted? players like Osman, Fernandes and Arteta who are much too inconsistent to be regarded as top level players. Osman has been inconsistent for 5 years and Arteta has never performed in the big games and rarely away from home since he signed for us. I would, however, persevere with Fernandes.

As I have mentioned on previous occassions, our achilles heel is the midfield which needs a complete reconstruction. It lacks CONSISTENCY, balance, pace, strength, bottle, goals, and incisiveness and is nowhere near good enough to compete with the top 4. Only Cahill, would be an automatic choice for me however, for some strange reason he is also been heavily criticised by people on this site, maybe because he is not pretty on the eye.

Dave Wilson
16   Posted 17/05/2008 at 06:48:33

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Can't bring myself to say anything bad about a guy who works so hard for the Everton cause, but work rate will not cut it against the big boys. Curbushly wants him, he has always wanted him, could we offer him in exchange for one of the Hammers better players? Ashton or young Noble? Or maybe even the young lad who came on at GP and ran our back four ragged.
Ron Leith
17   Posted 17/05/2008 at 09:39:29

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AJ is a good foil for Yakubu. He runs and runs all game which Yakubu does not. We finished 5th and he played his part. If we need to go up to the next level then we could use the £10million we would get for AJ to buy somebody else. That means somebody miles better not somebody for the sake of it. Is there anybody out there who would give that energy? I cannot think of anybody. But we have Vaughan already if he can stay fit. If I had to buy another striker it would be Peter Crouch who would give something different.
Paul Gladwell
18   Posted 17/05/2008 at 10:01:26

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Really like AJ but the simple fact is his confidence is too easily shattered and this is just no good for someone wanting to be regarded as a top-drawer player.
When he first came he was on fire, then came the diving accusations which affected him, then the missed penalties knocked him for months and this is not what a top-drawer striker is about; a bit of attitude, arrogance and selfishness is what is.
Conor Waters
19   Posted 17/05/2008 at 10:00:38

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I agree that he has had a poor season, regarding goalscoring. But I guarantee you won't find a player at Goodison who works harder every 90 mins. It's not about just running about, he doesn't give up on a situation. Sometimes it won't pay off, but the fact is, he never stops. That can't be said for Anichebe or the Yak, who barely seemed bothered at most times...
Connor Rohrer
20   Posted 17/05/2008 at 11:13:51

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Steve Ryan, All I have said is that Carsley needs replacing. I’m not denying he’s had a good season nor am I denying he hasn’t been an excellent servant for this club but we do need a younger, more mobile midfielder. Same with AJ he’s a useful player to have but we could looking at a better striker.

I always look at the postives and weakenesses of players so I don’t know what your talking about. I’ve mentioned many times that Fernandes’s defensive game and work rate need work, Osman needs to bulk up and bit as does Pienaar and Arteta has to improve on his end product as well as his contribution in big games.

I love the way you mention Cahill and completely ignore his defieciencies. Would Cahill be effective without the likes of Arteta, Osmana and Pienaar behind him? No he wouldn’t. He needs creativity to work and if he doesn’t get that you hardly see him for a full game. If he doesn’t get the service all he is is a combative midfielder and a more attacking version of Carsley so to speak.

He wouldn’t be an automatic starter at all. If we sign two centre midfielders and another striker and revert to 4-4-2 where will Cahill fit in may I ask?

I like Tim and I love his passion but he isn’t a nailed on starter and I’d rather have the likes of Arteta before him. They contribute much more to the team.
Paul Gladwell
21   Posted 17/05/2008 at 11:19:05

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21 goals in how many appearances? Don't get me wrong, he can be great on his day but he needs at least ten chances to score one, the Yak needs two.

So what if he works hard? So did John Ebbrell and a good few others, not least our captain, but that means jack shit if your arse goes over a little bit of stick and it takes you a couple of months to recover. Don't even put him in the same league as the Yak, strikers are paid to score goals, end of. ? And the figures are there for you in black and white.

Paul Gladwell
22   Posted 17/05/2008 at 11:30:33

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Connor, I would disagree with you on Cahill mate. We had two bad runs this season at the start and the finish, both coincided with the injuries to Cahill. The bit in-between, which was our best football we have played since we were Champions, coincided with his return and numerous goals. He is the only player out of our so-called big stars who always does something against the big teams, namely score. I have yet to see Arteta do anything against the same teams and that's why you won't see them wanting to buy him in the near future.

As for the 4-4-2 shout, I think we played that system at City and Cahill was superb then. I am sure if you asked Fergusson, Wenger and Co who they feared most when playing us, they would say Tim every time. It's just my opinion by the way but the stats are there to back it up

Connor Rohrer
23   Posted 17/05/2008 at 12:03:26

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Paul Gladwell, your missing the point. I agree Cahill is the man in a 4-5-1. He makes the formation and is a key player. 4-5-1 is our favoured formation so once we lose a key player its loses its shape and we have to revert to a 4-4-2 which at the moment we don’t have the players to occupy.

If we buy two centre midfielders and maybe a striker and revert to 4-4-2 then Cahill’s place is without doubt under threat. He’s never shown over a long period of time that he is an effective out and out central midfielder. Occassionly he puts in a good performance but it does seem its followed by two average ones.

In a four man midfield alot of his deciencies show up. His lack of disipline, his passing ability and he general lack of creativity. He can do a job there definatly but he’s more proven himself over a long run of games.

If we where to have played 4-4-2 this season and I was to choose an attacking midfielder to go alongside Carsley it would be Fernandes or Osman over Cahill every time. I want my attacking midfielder to be creative and especially alongside Carsley and Cahill doesn’t offer that. He’s a combative midfielder and gives you alot of energy but techically he’s not brilliant and at this stage of our development we need a bit of quality in the middle.

If Moyes is looking at reverting to 4-4-2 and I’ve got a feeling he is then I can’t see where Cahill fits in unless we buy a play maker and a defensive midfielder rolled into one who would compliment him. If we go 4-5-1 then he’s the main man. Thats my opinion, anyway.

Its very unfair to compare Arteta to Cahill in big games. Arteta has to do alot more to get credit. Cahill can score a goal, go missing for 80 minutes and everyone says he’s had a good game. Arteta has to do alot more. He has to get on the ball, try and create and most of all he’s got defensive duties. Cahill plays in a free role and doesn’t have to mark anyone or do any defensive duties which doesn’t limit his attacking game.

If Tim was playing in a basic 4-4-2 he wouldn’t score as many goals as he does and his impact against the big teams wouldn’t be as big either.

We also didn’t play 4-4-2 against City we played 4-5-1 twice against them home and away.
Jason Broome
24   Posted 17/05/2008 at 12:53:02

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Firstly thank you all for contributing.

I told you some would reiterate the same old tired excuses!

Funny how the inconsistent, two-faced, paradoxical comments emanating from the ?I don?t like to criticise our players? club, go on to criticise individual players in defence of AJ. Excuse me, but didn?t you just? never mind!

Regardless of how we play, Everton FC is not AJ. We should not change our whole dynamic to cater for a one-dimensional inadequate player!

Torres, Adebayor, Yakubu, Defoe, Rooney, Santa Cruz, have refined their game to out-think, out-play and out-skill the Premierships finest. They Command and Conquer. They adapt and fear no one!

Our defence, midfield and even the Vaughan have made such sacrifices. AJ is spent and out of ideas. Michael?s right. You can be as fast and as slick as a £2 whore but if your ?first touch? takes you towards the corner flag!?

?Only a fool makes 4 steps where 2 will do.?

He?s been found out at a big club. He?s a fly-weight, sitting at the grown-ups table. He may have looked good playing college ball but this is the NFL.

I for one am no longer in denial, Time to Sell!
Paul Gladwell
25   Posted 17/05/2008 at 12:28:30

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Thats a fair comment and you are right about the City game but I disagree about the 4-4-2 comment ,we know he will score more in a five man midfield but how can you judge him untill he is in a four man midfield that involves a partner with legs?as you cannot play a four man midfield with a holding midfielder as you just give too much space and possession to the opposing team, we are crying out for a proper box to box midfielder who can cover acres of ground and then I think you will see that Cahill can do it in a four man midfield, but at the end of the day the way forward has always been 4-5-1 and in my opinion I would continue that as long as it is an adventurous 4-5-1 which is the case when everyone is fit.

As for Arteta, yes he is our most productive and skillfull player but defend him all you like, he hides against the big powerful teams in my opinion, time after time, this is only my opinion but look back and think of one game were he did the business, Cahill scored a last minute equaliser at Chelsea and played well too ,as he did at Old Trafford and numerous times against the shite so I would say it is a little unfair to say he scores but does sod all else, the man has a nasty attitude about him to that winds these big boys up and we could do with a few more doing it instead of shitting themselves like they did at Anfield.

Kevin Molloy
26   Posted 17/05/2008 at 15:20:50

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I would sell him just cos he looks as though all hope is lost even when we?re three nil up.
Ron Wilmington
27   Posted 17/05/2008 at 16:41:04

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Problem with AJ is that he’s frequently injured and as such can’t be relied on. It seems like he plays three games then misses three games. Another quality striker needs to be added to the squad .
Andy Crooks
28   Posted 17/05/2008 at 20:12:13

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I just cannot believe the stick that AJ is getting. He?s a quality striker playing without complaint in a system which appears to designed to bring out the worst in him. He gives 100%, chases lost causes and loves Everton. Remember how good he looked when we stuffed Liverpool? If we sold him for £8m who could we get for that price to replace him? Compare him to David Nugent who we might have got. I think it?s time to stop knocking players who give their all.
Mike Hayes
29   Posted 17/05/2008 at 22:25:38

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For double the price of AJ we could have got Darren many did he score last season? Spent more time on the treatment table than AJ....
John Lloyd
30   Posted 18/05/2008 at 11:23:23

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Nugent, Ebanks-blake, Freddie Sears have been mentioned on here about replacements for AJ???? Are you fucking kidding me!!

If we had Defoe or Santa Cruz, the same people slating AJ would be slating them for being lazy, selfish & not team players as that is how they would seem with our style of play.

We have to look at the big picture, firstly, Dont just write off AJ?s running like its headless chicken type stuff, he is constantly harrassing defenders, making shitty clearences look not as bad by getting to them. If any of the strikers mentioned above were in AJ?s place a few games this season we would have been under a lot more pressure, possibly conceded more & therefore not won as many times!!

When defenders & midfielders as limited as some of ours are just lumping the ball out with no attempt at a pass, Riise style (kick as hard & far as possible) then the ball would come back so much more if AJ wasnt harrasing the defenders & and making things hard for them.

Which brings me to my second point, you say he hasn't adapted by using weird yank comaprisons such as ?its not college ball its NFL???? whatever. He has adapted, at Palace he was the main focal point of their attacks, played on the last man, running onto ?quality? balls and usually finishing!!!

Basically, we spent £8million (nothing these days!) on a hard working quick striker who could get goals. AJ is a fantastic team player who has scored important goals, never moaned when left out and offers us something different from our other strikers & since he has been here we have finished 5th & 6th and been one of the better teams in the league.... of course he can improve in areas, WHO CANT?? But before you write him off & post (IMO) bollocks pieces like this, look at the bigger picture. Then if you're still not happy with his ?niece-like? running then maybe turn your attentions to poor, poor distribution threw at him by the likes of Jagielka, Hibbert, Yobo, Neville, Carsley or Howard.

I enjoy talking football especially with fellow blues but this site?s OTT negativity is hard work sometimes. Over the last six months we have had critisizm of Cahill, Arteta, AJ, Yakubu, Yobo, Howard & Moyes!!!! Take people like this out of our setup & were back in 1999. Everyone needs a kick up the arse now & then, just balance the article or point you are trying to make.

Mike Allison
31   Posted 18/05/2008 at 13:28:11

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Since the Yakubu signing AJ is not even in our first eleven, I think we’d be lucky to get £8M for him but there are London clubs with more money than sense, so selling him would be a good deal for both parties. I just hope it wouldn’t lead to the same criticism of Moyes that followed another ’good sale’ when we got £5.5M for McFadden. As for Ebanks-Blake, I haven’t seen much of him, but I’d go as high as £12M for Arshavin before looking at anyone else. Another cheaper option would be Fraizer Campbell who’s done well on loan at Hull, although I think Man Utd have already said he’s not for sale... yet.
Jason Broome
32   Posted 18/05/2008 at 11:50:20

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John Lloyd? Breathe.

Judging by your emotive and nervous response I can see that you?re an AJ admirer. Good for you. Somebody has to be.

So now I am being used as an AJ scapegoat. Whose next? George Bush!

So you wanted the ?bigger picture? OK:

He can?t Command & Conquer, cannot lead from the front, does not posses the physical capabilities to handle this level, is easily knocked off the ball, frequently gives away possession, misses too many chances, gets to a ball with speed then spends too long trying to control it, does not read the midfield play (therefore ends up out of position), provides the team with no creative ideas to pass to (therefore runs after everything), does the same thing every bloody game? For Gods sake man it?s Sunday and its sunny ? I have to stop!

What can he do? In your words? ?Run and chase lost causes.? WOW? So does Paula Radcliffe! We should sign her, I hear she?s cheap (ouch!).

While at Palace Premiership defenders didn?t know of him, therefore they had no point of reference to adapt. That has changed! They have moved on, he hasn?t.

I applaud your attitude and the ?I am easily pleased so he can never do anything wrong in my eyes as long as he wears the blue shirt? mentality but even you are as bad as the others when you produce this drivel?

?When defenders & midfielders are as limited as some of ours? and ?turn your attentions to poor distribution thrown at him by the likes of Jagielka, Hibbert, Yobo, Neville, Carsley or Howard.?

Criticise Toffeewebbers all you want but you are truly Two-faced!

Why is it so impossible for someone to promote AJ without slagging off the rest of the team. Tired of this!

The Yak has the same challenges as AJ but none of the problems. Why? Because he adapts, commands and conquers.

Who cares whether or not I?ve watched more football than you, or who sees the bigger picture, or whose daddy can ?ave? whose daddy, Whatever!

Further I don?t care whose criticised who of late. I am not them. My focal point is AJ. The boy can?t cut it (?Yank like? metaphor) therefore our ambitions out-weigh his ability.
John Lloyd
33   Posted 19/05/2008 at 08:48:29

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Command and conquer??? You should read what you?ve wrote back, its very well written but just reeks of you not being a fan of AJ. That is fine by the way, I?m not as you say an AJ lover but the critisizm levelled at him is unfair.

You havent looked at the bigger picure at all, you say you have but you havent mate. I mean the team & the teams performance when he has played, of course there has been games when he should of done better ?same as every player!? & the points you use to have a go at him are arguable, at least some of them.

But I?m not getting into a footie debate with someone who either talks or types with an American twang & an obvious dislike of AJ, its not like I?m gonna talk you round is it???
Tom Abdy
34   Posted 19/05/2008 at 11:14:01

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Well said John Lloyd.
Jason Broome
35   Posted 19/05/2008 at 13:03:18

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John Lloyd... you're a top guy!

I wrote this article to shape the debate and you more than contributed... thank you.
John Lloyd
36   Posted 19/05/2008 at 13:29:13

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I like the love on ToffeeWeb today.... ha ha!

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