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The Mail Bag

Stating the obvious?

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Firstly let me just add to the well wishers (everyone!) and thank Lee Carsley for 6 years of wonderful service to the club. We all hoped that he would stay another year hopefully as back up to a younger defensive midfielder but it seems as though he has left to play more games.

That last sentence may surprise some as he played alot last season, he did come out last week and make a comment that Moyes was looking to bring in 4 midfielders so I am assuming the above. With this in mind we are all praying Moyes does indeed have the cash and hoping he spends it wisely.

Looking at our midfielders we are not looking clever as by my reckoning we only have two...that's right, two midfielders! For me Cahill does not have the skillset to play in the centre and is better as a support forward-same for Osman who should be his understudy. This leaves us with Arteta and Pienaar (no point counting VDM).

Whom Moyes signs is anyone's guess at the moment although what seems like stating the obvious is that we need two more first-XI players and four more reserves! That's right, six midfielders, this along with a reserve centre back to cover for our three stars makes seven players just to have two players for every position (not including GK!)

Now I don't know about others' views here but seven players will cost a great deal of money. Including the supposed X-factor player Moyes and 'Captain fantastic' have mentioned — this is going to cost us a fortune.

Disappointingly today we have denied going for Gera through the IC Liverpool website, I just hope we can pick up some quality free transfers to enable us to splash out on a couple of top stars...

Personally I am hoping we can get Fernandes in again and put him in the Pirlo role — then of course someone like Lorik Cana of Marseille to add some steel. If we get these two then I'd be happy with 2 young reserves (Ramsay) and a couple of Gera-esque Bosmans...

This will be the most interesting summer of Moyes tenure and I hope, the chance to take us to the next level.
Mark Cassin, Singapore     Posted 19/05/2008 at 19:33:04

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Dan Parker
1   Posted 20/05/2008 at 01:17:52

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Not happy about Cars going but I guess we can't stop him if he wants to. I suspect we'll miss him like the first time we released Alan Stubbs and come to realise how crucial he was at the expense of league points at the start of the season.

My concern is we've off-loaded a lot of players including faddy in Jan. Given that we needed more players than we had already, I'm now expecting about 10 new arrivals?

Same old story.......

Jason Lam
2   Posted 20/05/2008 at 03:20:20

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I’ll always have fondness for Cars but the role he played in midfield was limited, sitting in front of the back 4. I mean, to be one-dimension at least be exceptional good at it, which he wasn’t. Further it added burden to the players around him to play keep-ball - with a player in the middle that didn’t want the ball. The result - hoof.

I’m really excited about the new season as this only adds more impetus (if there wasn’t already) to Moyes and restructure the midfield.
Leo Hamilton
3   Posted 20/05/2008 at 04:03:38

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Lorik Cana of Olympique de Marselle seems like a sort of player that we badly need since he has such a determination, courage and steel -- but, AS Roma are definitely after him, and so are Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.
Rob Beel
4   Posted 20/05/2008 at 05:56:16

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NIce one Cars for 6 years great service! You have been a credit to the club and all the best at your new club. Plus one of the last games i saw at Goodison, before I left to emmigrate, was the game against Brum in November, what a thunderbolt to make it 2-1!!! In the paper here the other day in Singapore it stated our income from TV revenue was £42.1 million pounds compared to £25.3 million the season before, does that mean Moyesiah will be shopping at Harrods this summer or bargain basement!!!
Alisdair Denny
5   Posted 20/05/2008 at 06:03:01

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I don’t understand how you can claim that Cahill and Osman are not midfielders - they are. However, if we choose to accept your logic, and we only have 2 midfielders, then that means we would have 6 forwards in the squad, which is too many. So we sell 2 of them and that provides the funds for 2 midfielders, which puts us back at 4 midfielders.
Either way, we don’t need to buy 7 additional players.
Mark Cassin
6   Posted 20/05/2008 at 06:25:16

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@Leo Hamilton -- Cana is exactly who we need to replace Carsley. I believe he would be the equal of anything any of the top fours? defensive midfielders in the Premier League.

@Alisdaie -- Cahill plays in the whole behind the forward, same as Sheringham/Bebeto used to and Osman is useless in any other position. I wouldn?t call Sheringham or Bebeto midfielders but support forwards in the hole.

We arent going to sell either of them as one is first 11 and the other is his cover. In attack we cant sell Yakubu and Vaughan or Anichebe are just developing (or injured). The only one to sell is Johnson but that would leave us short with no reliable cover so no-one there to sell.

This leaves us with a midfield of Pienaar and Arteta to make up a midfield 4. Obviously we also need cover so this would be 6 players plus a reserve for Left side centre back making 7 new players.
Mark Cassin
7   Posted 20/05/2008 at 07:23:11

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By the way, today we are linked with Jo from CSKA for £18mil on a Fernandes-style loan deal. Also, Fernandes was removed from the official site squad list but has now been put back up there again.
Gareth Jackster
8   Posted 20/05/2008 at 07:51:09

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There is one positive to come out Carsley's departure: he and Neville won?t be paired up in midfield together again!

I wouldn?t be totally suprised if Moyes didn?t really replace Carsley but plays Neville there instead.

I'm disapointed if the media reports are true of a £20M kitty because I feel we need double that to be more competitve this season. This season alone we have seen we don?t have the squad depth and quality to compete in 4 competitions. Personally I feel we stumbled over the finishing line this year, we could of sewn up the Uefa Cup spot by the middle of April and been closer to Liverpool in we had that squad depth.

Next season I think we see Tottenham, Villa, Man City and maybe Blackburn or West Ham given us a good run for the 4th/5th spot. Tottenham have already started to spend big and Im sure Man City and Villa will splash some cash.

Priorities for us I feel are another right-back, defensive midfielder, two wingers (ala Kanchelskis mould) and another striker. I want to see another striker beacause I feel we need another Yak type player (20 goals a season). Johnson and Anchiebe are not scoring enough and if Neville wants to win a trophy next year we will need players who can come in a do a job wether it being from the bench or the reserve team.
Connor Rohrer
9   Posted 20/05/2008 at 07:56:49

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Moyes obviously has a few names lined up. I certainly hope so anyway. The rumours are he?s trying to get his players in as early as possible which is good news. Help them adapt and get used to there teammates. It's the way to go if you ask me.

Hopefully Fernandes will be done as soon as possible. A loan deal with a fixed fee like the Pienaar deal will be excellent. We can acess him over a season and see what he?s really worth and what he shows in terms of quality, consistency and attitude over a full season.

I?m sure he?ll do well here if he gets a full pre-season under his belt. We?ve have yet to see a fully fit Manuel Fernandes and that is an exciting prospect in my opinion. He?s a potential match winner and has the potential to turn a game on its head with a goal, assist or set piece. Get him signed.

As much as I like Lorik Cana there is no way he?ll join us. He?s out of our League at the moment and has bigger fish to fry than Everton. If he?s going anywhere its to a Champions League club.

I think where looking at either Alou Diarra or Modeste M?Bami. Both good midfielders and exactly what where looking for. M?Bami?s game is more about energy and he also has quality on the ball. The closest thing to him in the Premier League is Muntari at Portsmouth. Aggressive, strong despite being on the small side, puts his foot in and covers the ground quickly.

Diarra probably fits the bill a bit more. He?s more defensive minded than M?Bami and plays the Makelele role so to speak. Closest thing I can compare him to is Hamann at City. Neat and tidy, uses possession well but more mobile than Hamann. At 6ft 3 he also has the stature where looking for.

If I was to pick between the two then it would probably be M?Bami. More of an all round player and on his day alot better than Diarra. M?Bami probably lacks a bit of consistency though. Maybe thats down to wanting a new challenge. If where looking for a solid no frills defensive midfielder then my pick would be DIarra. Either one would improve our team. I think M?Bami would adapt quicker to the League.

Moyes also needs to look at a wide player and a backup centre half. Don?t make them priority as centre midfield is key but we are light in the areas mentioned.

I?m not to worried though. Moyes has his faults but he?s very good in the transfer market. Whether its from abroad or English based he seems to get the right players in. He has a good knowledge of football outside of England and knows which players are fitted to the Premier League.
Terry Silva
10   Posted 20/05/2008 at 08:06:34

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Carsley’s been a fantastic servant to this club and I wish him all the very best, but I only see his departure as a positive one.

It now means that we have to look forward and move on and replace him with a quality addition who is comfortable both in possesion and adaptable to a midfield four.

Although I am still convinced we’ll end up with Sean Davis this summer as a possible person to fill this role and boost numbers. Out of favour at Portsmouth, Moyes a known admirer and wouldn’t command a huge fee.
Dave Whitwell
11   Posted 20/05/2008 at 08:16:11

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I think we are all forgetting the emphasis of Rodwell & Gosling. Certainly I think in the case of Rodwell, I wouldn’t be surprised if Moyes utilises him as a fourth choice CB and also understudy to whoever the new Carsley will be, also Gosling has been employed for the reserves in CM so again would be a useful understudy to that position. Therefore I would say we probably only need 2-3 Midfield guys although more would be welcome. Someone like Asharvin would be good as he can be utilised as a forward or winger. My guess is that he will undoubtedely look for versatile players.

Also with regards the media reports of £20m, it did suggest a minimum of £20m, clearly it would be stupid of the board to actually tell everybody how much we have. Having said that they also suggest that Moyes has signed a 4 yeal deal, although there is nothing on the official site!
Mark Cassin
12   Posted 20/05/2008 at 08:17:02

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Hi Connor, have to say that I usually agree with your posts and whilst I do in part here I cannot see the logic of signing either of these players.

M’Bami is a midget and about the same size as Lassana Diarra at Pompey. I think if we were going to sign a dwarf then we would have gone for him--Moyes has said that he wants tall players which brings me to Alou Diarra. This big lump has no passing ability and is essentially a good clean tackler but nowhere near the standard of the top 4 teams--he was let go by Bayern/Liverpool and Lyon and so to be valued at 8mil surprises me. Apparently our interest has ’cooled’ anyway.

Perhaps Cana is a bit of a pipe dream but we should be competing for guys like this--we can offer him first 11 football--to take us to the next level. Whilst not in defensive midfield, any deals of the calibre of JO or Fernandes on loans with options to buy would be wonderful.
Connor Rohrer
13   Posted 20/05/2008 at 08:48:46

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Mark Cassin, I know M’Bami is small but he’s deceptively strong. Similar to little Diarra at Pompey. He’s also very quick and has decent qualities on the ball. The only thing about him is consistency. On his day he’s a very effective player but he has hot and cold spells if you know what I mean.

Diarra has come on alot since his Liverpool days. He’s usually in French squads and he has had an excellent season. His distribution has also improved alot. Don’t get me wrong he’s not a Viera but he’s not a Sissoko either in terms if quality on the ball.

I think either player would improve us. I’d like to sign either one or the other alongside Michael Bradley and Fernandes on loan. I think we should be looking to bring atleast 2/3 centre midfielders in.

As I’ve said as much as I like Cana and the likes of Lucho Gonzalez there out of our league. Ofcourse we should be looking at this calaibre of player but its more than likely we’ll be turned down on the spot.

Have you got any other midfield options you’d like to see here?
Jim Slade
14   Posted 20/05/2008 at 08:52:58

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Moyes has stated that Baines will play a big part next season so that means he will play him either left back and play Lescott centre half, this means Jagielka could play the holding role or Yobo even, or Baines could play left midfield. We are forgetting Neville .I think Rodwell could be given a run this season too. So there's 3 midfielders. I know I am being a bit far-fetched but it wouldn't surprise me if the 5 man midfield first game of season was Neville, Jagielka, Osman, Arteta and Cahill . It would be far from an improvement but it wouldn't be a surprise.
Mark Murphy
15   Posted 20/05/2008 at 09:27:31

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Is J P Kissock ready to step up?

With Baines, Gosling, Rodwell, Cahill & Vaughan hopefully fit and added to the squad (that finished 5th this season) I don't see any need for panic buying 7 to 10 players. 3 midfielders and a replacement for AJ should see us right, imo.
Terry Silva
16   Posted 20/05/2008 at 09:25:48

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Jim Slade.... Jagielka is not a holding midfielder in a million years he?s so uncomfortable on the ball it?s untrue, centre half or nothing for me. Yobo played there in one or two games a few seasons ago and looked even worse.

Can?t see it myself, we need players playing in there proper positions, we need both a quality creative playmaker and defensive minded midfielder to be brought in. Both Jagielka & Yobo don?t cut it.
Mark Cassin
17   Posted 20/05/2008 at 09:18:07

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Connor, I would go for the following (only looking at who we have been linked with) ;
I?d go for Gera/Bradley as squad fillers along with Misimovic--guess all three would cost about 5/6 mil .

That would leave us with;

We would then need 3 more of the following linked players by my reckoning;

DM--Lorik Cana
DM--Alou Diarra

Very hard to second guess Moyes this summer as the heavily linked players such as Arshavin and Joaquin both play in Artetas position and I can?t see him leaving. One thing is for sure I hope we get Fernandes in quick and hope there is substance to this JO rumour (even a loan).

What formation do you think we will play?

I would say 4-1-3-1-1 with Fernandes as deep playmaker behind 2 box to box types.
James Marshall
18   Posted 20/05/2008 at 10:05:18

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Joao Alves de Assis Silva

I’ll say no more.
Connor Rohrer
19   Posted 20/05/2008 at 10:06:18

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I?d be happy if we signed Gera, Fernandes, Bradley and M?Bami. I think all four players offer us different styles of centre midfielders and all have the potential and quality to improve our squad.

Gera as the versatile wide player, Bradley as the box to box midfielder, M?Bami as the defensive midfielder and Fernandes as the deep lying play maker.

Gera would obvioulsy be a squad player. He can play left, right, centre and behind the striker. He?s technically gifted and good in the air which is a bonus. At 29 he?s experienced and comfortable in English football.

I think Bradley?s got the physical abilities and tenacity to be a good English style midfielder. Playing in Holland would also have made him more of a rounded footballer technically. I don?t think he?d take long to adapt and he?s capable of playing defensive midfield, centre midfield and the "Cahill" role which he plays for Heerenveen. He?d be my tall midfielder. At 6ft 1 he?s pretty tall.

Someone like M?Bami for me would be a very useful midfielder. We lack mobility in midfield and he is very quick, strong for his size and tenacious. He can also get forward and attack. Teams with naturally quick centre midfielder are very effective and I?d like a bit of athletisism in midfield. He?s small height wise yes but he?s got a good physique and is physically strong.

We all know how much I rate Fernandes. If it was up to me I?d sign him but a Loan will do aslong as we retain his services next season, get a pre-season under his belt and watch the true potential come out. You need that little bit of quality and Fernandes offers that. People seem to have forgot about his physical abilities too. He may be small and he may not like a tackle but as he showed last season especially he has excellent upper body strength. If he can add a bit of bite and work rate to his game I can see him being a key player for us next season.

I still think Moyes wants a big signing. A £10-12 million man so to speak. I haven?t got a clue who it will be to be honest. Hopefully he suprises us.
James Marshall
20   Posted 20/05/2008 at 10:21:25

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I have a feeling its gonna be Alou Diarra - he fits the bill, tall, rangy, strong, good in the air etc - reminds me of Viera. M?bami is a bit more like Makalele isn?t he?

I have a good feeling about theis kid ?Jo? as well - he really knows where the goal is, and he?s only 21 - again he?s tall, great in the air and hell of a finisher - scored 30 goals in 52 games for CSKA and looks like he?d fit in nicely in the Premier League. Jo and the Yak up front would do nicely thank you Mr Moyes!
Andy Hudson
21   Posted 20/05/2008 at 11:53:15

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Mark - "Very hard to second guess Moyes this summer as the heavily linked players such as Arshavin and Joaquin both play in Arteta's position and I can?t see him leaving".

I can?t see him leaving either, but I could quite easily see Moyes playing a 5-man midfield with a true out-and-out winger on the right and moving Arteta infield. He is after all a central midfielder by trade but was too lightweight to play there in a 4 man midfield. I?d quite like to see a big strong defensive midfielder with Arteta and Cahill in front, Arshavin or Joaquin on the right and Peanut on the left.

As for this Jo guy he sounds amazing! I hope we do buy him rather then laon him though for two reasons:

1) It states that CSKA Moscow would be interested in an ?expensive loan deal?. I.e. we pay money for a player with no return other then money gained through a better league placing/run in Europe.

2) If he proves a sucess it?ll be just like the Tevez situation... i.e Man U, Arsenal etc will snap him up. I don't like the idea of us being used a shop window for the ?big boys?.

This would also mean playing a 4-4-2 which would make midfield re-enforcements even more of a priority... a strong DM, and a attacking playmaker who could dictate play... where would that leave Tiny Tim?
Steve Ferns
22   Posted 20/05/2008 at 11:59:33

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Christ, are you lot all bored at work or something? Osman is a midfeilder, so is Cahill. Our first XI was good enough for 5th last year. Why on earth is Moyes going to rip it up and start again when he’s just started to get some consistency?

What I believe he’ll do is sign a central midfielder. Someone who can hold but also play in a flat 4. And then after that i don’t see any gaping holes in the team so it should now be a matter of identifying world class or potiental world class players to bring in. One by one. I expect 2 maybe 3, proper signings at the most. Moyes will stick true to form.

Please stop it with this ridiculous clamering for Lorik Cana and Stephane M’Bia. I bet none of you have even seen more than a couple of games with him in sky. We all know you need to see a player in the flesh to judge, not a highlight reel, just ask Mike Walker.
Andy Hudson
23   Posted 20/05/2008 at 12:31:54

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Steve in answer to your question.... yes I for one am extremely bored at work lol!

I don’t think were looking at finishing 5th again though, were hoping to break in to the top 4 and for that we need world class players. Sadly our midfield isn’t of that standard and needs radically improving. Players of Osman’s ability are importtant to the team but are not good enough to break us into the top 4. However he is good enough to challenge for a 1st team spot and be used in rotation.

I agree with you however that Moyes will bring in about 3 players. He knows the importance of building slowly and bringing in 6-10 players as some people are wanting would be very detrimental... just ask Sven. Also add not buying players simply because they are mint on FM to your highlight reel point... just as Sven!
Connor Rohrer
24   Posted 20/05/2008 at 12:35:30

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Steve Ferns, I have watched both M’Bia and Cana. They both played for PSG when when I was studying in France.

The French League is also regularly on Setanta Sports. You can catch of few of there games on there for Marseille.

And I disagree with you theory that its better watching footballers in flesh than on TV to make a judgement. If you want to analyse a player and see how he plays individually then its best to watch on Television.
Karl Masters
25   Posted 20/05/2008 at 12:30:22

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I’d be pleased to see:

Firstly, just bear in mind that Gosling and Rodwell will be coming through next season for right back, centre half and midfield.

Pacy winger: Joaquin

Defensive midfielder: M’bia / Diarra

Defender / Midfielder, proven in the Premiership with an eye for goal: Paul Scharner

Forward cover: Jason Roberts

Bargain on a Free: Gera

Total cost: around £30m

Fit again Cahill, Arteta, Vaughan

That’ll do for me!!!! ;)

Erik Dols
26   Posted 20/05/2008 at 12:36:13

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Would Moyes really have the money to go for Jo and still buy something more than a cheap squad player? I guess not, and since I can?t imagine Jo being his top priority I think we can only expect a loan deal for him, if any deal at all. Which my be an expensive thing like Andy hudson stated.

But just imagine having Bradley, Gera, Diarra, Joaquin and Jo all on the team.. this would force Neville into the DR-role where has proved he can do a good job amidst better footballers. Now that would be a selection to do business with!

Of course it will never happen. The combined signings of Joaquin and Diarra would most probably eat our total transfer budget. We?ll get a player for around £12 mil and two or three for around £4-5 mil and maybe a bosman and another loanee but that?s it, I guess. I have the trust in Moyes that he will make these signings count.
Steve Ferns
27   Posted 20/05/2008 at 12:40:27

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I happen to think that the better Everton get the better Osman gets. Maybe he should declare himself Cypriot or Turkish and he’d get more respect. He is one of the most skilful players I have ever seen. He has such quick feet and an even quicker football brain. The better the players get around him then the more you can see his quality. I really believe that if Leon had come through the ranks at Manchester Utd then people would class him in the same bracket as Joe Cole, but with better workrate. I’m expecting big things from Leon next season particuarly if we sign any of the players mentioned above.
Monty Carlo
28   Posted 20/05/2008 at 12:38:15

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Jo is a great talent, but I would be worried about paying big bucks for somebody we would eventually reduce to running towards the corner flags at great pace every time we hoof the ball upfield.

If you buy a talent like Jo then you need a supply line. E.g. a pacy winger (Joaquin?)

The major reason Yakubu scores so many goals is that he doesn’t always rely on the rest of the team to put it on a plate for him (although he can do that too of course)
Steve Ferns
29   Posted 20/05/2008 at 12:50:05

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How is it better to analyse a player on TV? Is it because you can have some numpty like Hansen or Gray brain wash you into thinking what a great player someone is? A defensive minded player would need to be assessed for his positioning and his covering. You simply cannot do that when he’s off screen. You have to be there for yourself to get a proper look at a player, (unless you sit in an end and then you get a really close look for about half of the game).
Connor Rohrer
30   Posted 20/05/2008 at 12:52:25

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Agreed on Osman. I was never a fan up until this season. He was far to inconsistent for me but he’s took his game up a notch this season. He’s definatly found his position in the middle. People underrate his contribution to the team. His work rate his movement and the way he reads the play are excellent.

He was in Joe Cole’s age group and there mates. Cole said at the time Osman was one of the best youngsters around and technically the best. I think injuries at such a young age took a yard or two off him.

The better players we get around him the better he will get. Same goes for Pienaar. There not going to run games on there own and they’ll struglle in poor teams but if they’ve got quality, pace and power around them they revel.

I don’t think he’s Turkish or cypriot enough to play for the national teams. Shame really as he’d be perfect in slow European games where its more about technique and ability than pace and power.

I’m a big Osman fan knowadays.
Steve Ferns
31   Posted 20/05/2008 at 12:58:53

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Leon’s Dad is turkish cypriot. How much more eligibility do you want?
Steve Ferns
32   Posted 20/05/2008 at 13:03:13

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If you don?t want to take my word for it.
Connor Rohrer
33   Posted 20/05/2008 at 12:58:35

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Its better to watch a player on TV because you can see the full pitch and can concentrate on certain players you want to analyse. If your sitting in the Park End or the Glwads street for example you only get a certain view. If you’ve got an excellent view and the match then thats different but there are very few excellent views at Goodison.

I’ve gone to some games thought a player had an excellent game and then watched it only TV to find out he wasn’t very good at all.

I think if your looking for players touch and technique then its best to watch at the game because you get a closeup view. If you want to see a players movement on and off the ball, how he passes and where he moves then your best off watching a game on Tv.

I have the luxury of both. I go the game and then download the match a day or two later on the internet.
Connor Rohrer
34   Posted 20/05/2008 at 13:04:26

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Steve Ferns, Osman said on EvertonTv that he’s only eligible for England. He has Turkish blood yes but he can’t play for them.

I’m sure he would if he could. Like Colin Kazim-Richards for example.
Steve Ferns
35   Posted 20/05/2008 at 13:14:40

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Connor if you saw Leon say that then it must be right. However, I do know for a fact that Leon’s dad is a cypriot of turkish nationality. I’m bemused as to his apparent ineligibilty.
Erik Dols
36   Posted 20/05/2008 at 13:20:33

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On another note: I can remember some people wanting Barton for centre midfield a year ago. The lad faces six months jail I just read... Glad we didn’t go for him.
Jim Slade
37   Posted 20/05/2008 at 13:15:48

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Terry Silva, I agree with you 100%, we need to be playing players in their natural positions. I wouldnt like to see Jags or Yobo in that position but we have 3 centre backs for 2 positions. In response to Lee Rodgers, trust me its gonna be along summer of all this speculation, don't listen to it too much coz 99% is nonsense. Paper never refused ink. In relation to Osman, he is far from good enough for England or Turkey. He is good enough for our squad and maybe a start when he is playing to his very best level. Then and then only.
Karl Masters
38   Posted 20/05/2008 at 13:23:03

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I don?t know if we were actually that interested in ?the bad lad from Huyton? or not, but if we were you can add him to a list of near misses that we are all grateful for such as:

Robbie Savage
Danny Murphy
Mikkel Forsell
Scott Parker
Sean Davis
Barry Ferguson
Carlton Cole

Fortune smiled on us with not getting that lot.... On the other hand, in recent years we nearly landed:

Benni McCarthy
Michael Carrick
Mattieu Flamini
Sully Muntari

All goes to prove how tricky bringing in the right players, especially from abroad, is.
Tony Williams
39   Posted 20/05/2008 at 13:41:22

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Terry Silva has hit the nail on the head, play your players in their correct positions. Just look at Jagielka for that example, he stunk the place up in midfield but has been a mini revelation at centre half.

Also Karl Masters, Jason Roberts for a striking cover????? I would rather we got Marcus Bent back
Chris Jones
40   Posted 20/05/2008 at 13:40:31

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I just hope whoever we get they are as consummate professionals as Carsley is (tx Cars for your great service at the club). How glad are we now we didn?t break the bank for Barton - who has today been handed a 6 month jail sentence.

All that said, I?m quietly confident that if Moyes is given a decent wodge of folding stuff, he?ll bring in some good men, as he has done (for the most part) to date.
Karl Masters
41   Posted 20/05/2008 at 14:12:10

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Tony Williams:
Re: Jason Roberts.

Yes, I know he’s not the very best, but he’d be there for cover. Good in the air and a reasonable goalscorer - as 4th or 5th choice not bad at all. You can’t expect us to go for somebody like Drogba and expect him to accept being 4th or 5th choice can you.

Our priorities are not up front, but without McFadden we are a little short in numbers there. So I would expect Davey to spend most of his budget on midfield where it’s really needed and add in a few experienced bargains in the Jason Roberts / Paul Scharner / Zoltan Gera mould.

Of course, if you think it’s up front we need to spend big, I hear Louis Saha is looking for a move..... ;0

And don’t knock Bent.... he did a marvellous job running around up front on his own for a whole season when we came 4th>
Nolberto Bobbio
42   Posted 20/05/2008 at 14:56:45

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Mark, I think you are doing Leon Osman a disservice there. Firstly he is a totally different player to cahill and is good in the middle with his touch and awareness of those around him.Yes, he is shrugged off the ball too easliy against big midfields like Pompeys but he offers a lot interms of build up vision and getting play moving on the pitch. Tim Cahill plays the easier balls but is more skilfull than you give him credit for. He never shirks a tackle and links play effectively if not amazingly. Obviously though he is a constant goal threat which certainly adds a very important string to his bow.

What we need is another playmaker to give competition and variety, and a big hard break-up man to play against the bigger, stronger midfields. I make that two midfielders needed. Back-up from one more versatile player would be a bonus.
Mark Cassin
43   Posted 20/05/2008 at 15:42:53

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Hi guys to answer the few points above;

A- Cahill is not playing as a midfielder. He has been playing as a 2nd forward for a couple of seasons now.

B- Osman, whilst a tidy player is hardly the superstar to take us to the next level. Nice squad player.

C- Cana/Mbia etc etc-- I used to live in France and have quite a few contacts there. Those are Monaco/Paris based and give me intel on Marseille and Monaco in particular. I also watch the games on satellite which have highlighted Marseilles midfield this season (check out Nasri).

D- People saying we need 2/3 midfielders are I think incorrect. If using the premise that we have 5 centre midfielders (thats including Cahill/osman to make it easier for you) then we would need 10 in total. We currently have 4--Osman/Arteta/Cahill/Pienaar. What if 2 or 3 get injured???? Will next year be our deja-vu season?
David Ellis
44   Posted 20/05/2008 at 15:39:23

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Put simply we need to replace the players that have left since January plus Fernandes who is only on loan.

This means we need:1. Cover at centre back to replace Gardner ? this can be a loan/free/low value acquisition;
2. Three centre midfielders to replace Gravesen, Fernandes and Carsley. I hope we sign Fernandes, and suspect that Sean Davis will be another. That leaves room for one big signing in central midfield;
3. One wide midfielder to replace AvdM, and to provide cover for Pienaar and Arteta. This will also prevent Fernandes and Osman being played out of position too often. Alternatively we could go for a high profile wide player and allow Arteta back into central midfield;
4. One forward/winger to replace McFadden.
5. One experienced goalie to replace Wessels

This is 7 new players of whom I expect two will be first team regulars and one will be a £10M plus signing ? the rest will be higher quality cover than those they have replaced.
>We may get away with less than 7 if

(a) any youngsters come through but I think it is probably premature for the current crop (although possibly one of the young ?keepers is now ready?) or

(b) we get highly versatile players that are comfortable in more than one position - e.g. a forward that can play wide midfield, or a wide midfielder that Moyes would play in the centre ahead of Phil Neville (sadly not likely) or central midfielder that can also play centre back etc

I am pretty pumped up. £20M is a lot for Everton to be throwing around and unlike say Villa or Spurs we are not under threat of losing any of our current stars. Also, our team is very strong in every area apart from Central midfield. £20M should fix that and the overall impact on our team should be greater than say Spurs buying Eto for £24M.

Let's take a quick look at our "rivals" outside the big 3 (4).

Villa will suffer from losing Barry. City will be a shambles. Portsmouth trailed off badly last year and, like Villa, will have a Uefa Cup campaign to handle this time round. Newcastle ? their team looks ordinary, even on paper; Blackburn are not spending big; West Ham are talking about selling to buy and controlling their wage bills ? so will not be big spenders again this year (but may improve with players coming back from injury).

Spurs were almost 20 points below us and I am not sure that they are a happy camp. They remain the biggest threat in my opinion, but will miss Berbatov and his replacement may not gel.

As for those above us we can only hope that Liverpool or Arsenal slip up enough for us to get past them. I think we will put them under much greater pressure next year. The ownership issues at Liverpool should prevent them from spending a lot and this will be unknown territory for Benitez. Hopefully they will buy Barry and not use him - so wasting their money and damaging Villa at the same time.

Meanwhile in the long term the debt position of Chelsea and Man Utd looks interesting and may bring them down in a few years.

We shall see!
Tony Marsh
45   Posted 20/05/2008 at 16:25:52

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I really hope some one comes in for Osman and we off load him as well. I doubt though as we are the only Premier club daft enough to touch the lad. Carsley has done us proud over the years which is more than can be said for Leon the Loaffer.
Rich Will
46   Posted 20/05/2008 at 19:54:16

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Cahill is improving in the centre, every season his technical improvement and vision is improved, it is enjoyable to see a player still progress and get better into his mid/late 20s, we haven?t seen the best of him yet. Last year I also felt he couldn?t play as a centre mid but I am willing to give him a go and let him develop.
Ben Jones
47   Posted 20/05/2008 at 21:58:04

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Bloody hell Tony Marsh.. you’re just negative for the hell of it! You’re obviously stuck to the glory days of the 80’s... we’ve moved on since then!! Do you just love keeping this reputation on this site?

And David Ellis... that’s top analysing. I completely agree with you... and hope Moyes does the same!
Andy Lea
48   Posted 20/05/2008 at 22:21:20

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Whilst I dont mind opinions etc this kind of talk is just a waste of everybodys time. Name games and Champo based theorys do my conkers in!

There are players I would like to see at Everton, but speculating on what we need well I would rather leave that to David Moyes - he knows the budget, he knows where we are light, he knows what youngsters may break thru and he knows who he has been scouting.

Would rather watch the summer unfold because strangely enough I dont think David Moyes reads TW and thinks by christ they are right, how did I not see it - if only I played Champo more.

His dealings got us to 5th this season and that was with injuries to key players at the wrong time. Am sure he will rectify this, Wessels, Graveson hardly gonna be missed, Carsley is a priority DM has this covered already am certain - would say he knew at the Newcastle game that Lee was going.

Relax and watch it happen.
Paul Maghee
49   Posted 21/05/2008 at 00:15:10

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Just got to say that, out of all the regular posters on here, Connor Roher displays the widest knowledge of football by a mile. You can tell he watches the game closely and comments on players he has watched regularly rather than a 3 minute cameo on youtube. Keep up the good work Connor lad,
Steve Green
50   Posted 21/05/2008 at 00:56:48

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Paul Maghee, fuck me!,
Conner Rohrer, one newcomer,
Tony Marsh, pain in the arse (admittedly),
But seen the years, knows the fears,
Doesn?t always see the positive,
in fact often quite negative,
But Connor Rohrer, contemporary view,
Tony Marsh, knows what?s due.
Connor?s comments, always welcome,
Tony?s knowledge, always..............
Well always for the right reason.

Mark Cassin
51   Posted 21/05/2008 at 03:59:13

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Have to agree with Marsh here... thought Osman?s a tidy reserve player.

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