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The Mail Bag

AJ Away!

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I made a post quite a few months ago now, about AJ and maybe it whether we should get rid due to his lack of goals and performances and whether it may be the right thing to sell him in January and bolster other areas that needed improving.

The comments were in the end split about 60/40 in favour of him staying and there were quite a few that thought i was mad and we should give him a break.

Now that there is fresh speculation that West Ham may be interested, has the opinion of him being sold changed and at what price should we let him go for if there is genuine interest?
Mark Griffiths, Chester     Posted 20/05/2008 at 15:17:49

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Vincent Steele
1   Posted 20/05/2008 at 14:49:19

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Re: Rumour Mill (Johnson £15M). If (!!) this turns out to be the case we surely must get rid of him for almost double what we paid. That would be a fantastic bit of business.
Lyndon Lloyd
Editorial Team
2   Posted 21/05/2008 at 07:11:57

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Hold yer horses there, Vincent. :) That fee is mentioned in reference to their reported bid of last year. No price has been mentioned this time around but I would imagine we’d be hard-pressed to make a profit on him.
Erik Dols
3   Posted 21/05/2008 at 07:56:04

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If we really would get £15M for him, sell him and buy someone else.

But like Lyndon says it is far from sure we will get that amount.

Mark Cassin
4   Posted 21/05/2008 at 08:22:18

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I would take any kind of profit on him. I would even swap him for 2 West ham youngsters if possible (who played against us) as squad fillers.

He doesn’t quite have the X-factor! lol
Paul O'Hanlon
5   Posted 21/05/2008 at 08:48:45

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Anything around £10m.

I think he needs a move now, and we need the money to finance all the Brazilians we?re (apparently) bringing in!
Anthony Newell
6   Posted 21/05/2008 at 08:56:45

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Fresh rumours today that West Ham are looking to pay £15 mill. Seems to be this, ’he was benched for most of season but still managed to score 10 goals’ type reasoning. If that were the case you simply would have to cash in. If Birmingham were willing to pay £6 mill for McFadden then you never know!
Jason Lam
7   Posted 21/05/2008 at 09:28:54

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I say we should keep AJ for another season with the supposely superior midfield coming in. The lad had no chance with us playing 4-5-1 laced with hoofball.

If we get AA and Manny we can play the ball on the grass, short or long.
Tony Part
8   Posted 21/05/2008 at 09:36:53

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Personally I like AJ and don't think we should be thinking of selling a striker who has scored double figures twice running for us despite being addled by injuries and bad luck..(coughs! Wiley)

I don't think we should be looking to get rid of anymore players, full stop, as too many have been culled already and unless we are planning on buying/loaning 8 or 9 players this summer then I dont actually see where the improvement quantity wise comes from. Quality may come in but we have all seen too many times that numbers are needed almost as desperatly.

If we can get AJ firing on all cylinders like in the early months of his Everton career then he can provide a promising partnership with Yak like they did at Bolton for Yaks debut goal, now that ws a strike partnership goal if ever I have seen one. Johnson if anything just needs to be more confident in front of goal and shoot more like he did against Brann. If he became more direct it would probably put an extra 4 or 5 goals to his seasons tally.

I fully believe that next season given luck with injuries that he will hit between 10 and 15 goals in all competitions again and for me that's not a striker I think we should sell to one of our Premier League rivals and give them the pace,workrate and goals we will miss out on.

I was Johnson fan when we signed him and I was a Johnson fan when he was scoring the goals in those first few games against Spurs and Liverpool and I won't just jump ship now as soon as a player has a slight confidence dip.

Anthony Newell
9   Posted 21/05/2008 at 10:58:36

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Jason, I think you hit the crucial point there which explains my willingness to let him go. Are we realistically going to ditch 4-5-1 laced with hoofball in the immediate future? If not, then Johnson is an expensive and under-employed luxury, especially when you consider Vaughan. It would appear that Cahill is going to be a regular fixture and we rarely do both players in the same side. I too was a fervent Johnson fan and when he scored against the shite thought we had the real deal. Sad to see a potent player turned into a blunt instrument (again) but there you go - £15 million would be an offer too good to refuse in my book and would help strengthen the midfield no-end
Tom Abdy
10   Posted 21/05/2008 at 12:52:48

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AJ Stay!!
James Mako
11   Posted 21/05/2008 at 15:11:14

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Though I?d like to see him stay for another season as I believe with a new midfield he would flourish. I?d have to take anything over £10M straight away. I believe we can improve the squad further with such money.
Andy Hudson
12   Posted 21/05/2008 at 16:08:35

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I’d only sell him if we were replacing him with a striker of better quality. There’s no point in selling him and using the cash to strengthen the midfield as that would only leave us with The Yak, Anichebe, and Vaughan as out and out stirkers. You can’t rely on Vaughan as he’s injured so much, and it will take 2 seasons of being injury free before we could even consider him as a player we could rely on. Say he gets injured in the 1st month of the season and so does the Yak... that leaves us with Big Vic. I’d keep him as he’s a good hoenst pro who won’t complain about being on the bench when Moyes playes Yak up front with Cahill just off him. However if someone offers silly money then sell him and bring in this Jo guy or some other shit hot prospect from abroad.
Connor Rohrer
13   Posted 21/05/2008 at 17:38:33

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If we can get someone better in then he can go but if we don’t keep him. He’s a useful player to have in the squad. A decent super sub aswell as he showed against West Ham and Portsmouth.

If James Vaughan gets fit I fully expect him to get ahead of AJ in the pecking order. Its just down to whether Moyes will play a 19 year old acadamy kid over a 27 year old 9 million striker.

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