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Stadium - Latest!

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Reading the update CEO Keith Wyness provides regarding the new stadium, it sounds to me like the club is worried that the plan will be called in by government & thus nixed? KW also infers that without a new stadium, the club is unlikely to attract new investors. And he repeats that there is no Plan B.

So, we need investment to be able to compete with the Sky 4, both on & off the pitch - players & stadium, but we need a new stadium to attract the investors. Result = stalemate.

Where DO we go from here?
Paul Turner, Gloucester     Posted 28/05/2008 at 14:52:09

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Ste Boileau
1   Posted 28/05/2008 at 15:52:52

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Sounds to me like he?s looking for excuses already to why it failed. "It wasnt the fans negative reaction/ lack of transport, crap location, it was the government inquiry". As for NO PLAN B ? How hard is it for the bloke to pick up the phone and say something like "Mr Bradley, whats all this about letting us have the space currently occupied by Gladwys Street School, if so we can do business I think" If Bradley is bullshitting, call his bluff and come public to the fans. I'm sick of all this cloak and dagger sheeite.
Ciaran McGlone
2   Posted 28/05/2008 at 16:06:54

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More emotional blackmail about no investors without Kirkby..someone should tell the fat one that the vote is well over!
Anthony Newell
3   Posted 28/05/2008 at 16:18:42

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I fully agree Ste. Can?t help thinking that these comments by Bully Beef are designed to soften the blow of another ?disappointment?. But, this is the best news I?ve heard for a while, I hope the whole thing IS called in and he fucks off back to Scotland as a result.
Dominic Buckley
4   Posted 28/05/2008 at 16:40:52

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Dunno, Moyes is on record saying we need more cash to compete. For right or wrong it looks like Kirkby?s the best chance we?ve got of constructing a stadium which can generate that cash and if it dies a death then who knows what?s next.

With the way top player wages are etc, we?ll find it hard to attract top quality without finding some way to increase the cash flowing in.
Michael Hunt
5   Posted 28/05/2008 at 16:34:55

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I can feel a Stanley Park shared stadium coming on....
Sam Bonfet
6   Posted 28/05/2008 at 16:57:16

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I dont read the Wyness comments as that he’s ’worried’, hes hardly going to say it definately wont get called in is he? More worrying are the comments of Bradley and Anderson whose comments are all over the place, raising ancient things like groundshare (without asking for LFC’s opinion) and GP redevelopment but nothing else new suggests Bradley is out of ideas and merely trying to deflect the blame. LibDem Bradley says the council have done all they can, while Labours Anderson says the council have done a big fat zero to keep us in the city. The political recriminations have started..
Ed Fitzgerald
7   Posted 28/05/2008 at 17:48:28

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It seems to me that Fatty is trying to ensure as much pressure as possible is put on the government to push the planning through the "we still have no plan B" statement. Well a plan B wont truly emerge until we are freed from the exclusivity deal and we are free to talk about alternatives.
Danny Militwitch
8   Posted 28/05/2008 at 18:02:54

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Alls I thought after reading the Echo is that Wyness is once more trying the old reverse psychology Bully boy tricks again.
Its now or never sort of attitude. Well I settle for fucking neverbecause if it is him and this board leading the way then I might as well go and take up another hobby.

In my opinion we DO have a plan B and it starts when the arse falls out of this ill fated Tesco Dome Stadium.
Wyness needs to fuck off back to whatever rock he crawled from, and hopefully the board will appoint someone with the brain capacity to actually think about the BIGGER picture for a change, and not settle for middle of the road prefabs.
Not going down the whole debate road again, but I would love this thing to get called in. We really need it to because in my opinion this is potentially the worst thing that will happen to Everton.
Jim Hourigan
9   Posted 28/05/2008 at 18:08:16

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Perhaps of equal significance is the following Wyness statement:

"There is no doubt for Everton to attract the right investor, the stadium is a crucial part of that. I don’t think people would be prepared to invest in the club until that is resolved."

Does this suggest there is investment waiting in the wings (or is it pure bs ?). Does it indicate that discussions have taken place? Now I have to admit that I do not share the venom often directed towards Bully and am in fact quite ambivalent towards him. However I don’t think it is beyond the bounds of possibilities that if investment was on the horizon then it would be linked to a new ground. I’m equally sure that the exact location is less of an issue for any investor (unless he was born in Liverpool). The sad truth of watching football in the 21st century is that if we stayed within the litter strewn, dog shit riddled streets around GP the club will stagnate and then regress. Nobody in their right mind would invest in developing GP in the middle of the terraced land locked site it now sits. Unpalatable statements perhaps, but the sad truth is we have no local investment, so if it comes, it will be linked to a brand new shiny stadium (wherever its built), not a bodge of new stands in a poor run down part of the city.

The club has no money, about the only thing everyone agrees on, so if we need investment to progress and actually challenge the Sky 4, then we will have to move because investment is never going to materialise if we’re stuck at GP.
Anthony Newell
10   Posted 28/05/2008 at 19:08:25

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I think the problem Jim is that we’ve now found out we’ll be getting a bodge of new stands in an area outside of the city. Fully agree, that something needs to happen and soon but faced with the choice I’d stay put than move to Kirkby. The ’stadium as a precursor to new investment’ is yet another in the long line of assumptions made by Bully Beef & Co. That Magnus egg head bloke didn’t turn his nose up at the opportunity of investing in West Ham because of their present stadium and neither did the new investors at Portsmouth or Tottenham. As an impartial investor I would want a stadium that could generate income all round year and as much of it as possible. It’s location would therefore be far better close to a city centre to leverage off all the existing commercial activity and infrastructure like for example where the Echo Arena is located but best not resurrecting that could have been
Paul Gladwell
11   Posted 28/05/2008 at 19:36:45

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How come Aston Villa managed all these things we allegedly cannot do i.e redevelope stands in a so called land locked shithole,keep their ground historically intact in doing so and finally find investment?
Brian Waring
12   Posted 28/05/2008 at 19:57:11

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It’s funny that. People come on here spouting that the only way we will attract investment, is if we move to a new shed in Kirkby. But it was never a problem for less attractive clubs.
Colin Wordsworth
13   Posted 28/05/2008 at 20:05:27

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I think you will find this was dome many moons ago when steel was cheap as was property and villa were run well and debt free!

We, prior to BK were in a mess, hense the Park End stand.....nuff said!

Brian name a decent one?.....other than the obvious!.....who has loaned most of the money!

The reason we need a new stadium is not rocket science!
Paul Gladwell
14   Posted 28/05/2008 at 20:16:32

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Mr Kenwright has been on our board since the Dr Marsh ( I think) and I personally think that Moyes has saved his bacon big time, plus he touched lucky with all the TV deals and for every Park End mess he has been the blame for numerous debacles far worse than that the ,Kings Dock was our one and only chance to catch them up a bit ,can you imagine what it would of been like there? and we could be approaching his biggest and most likely last, if this goes tits up.
Ed Fitzgerald
15   Posted 28/05/2008 at 19:17:49

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"There is no doubt for Everton to attract the right investor; the stadium is a crucial part of that. I don?t think people would be prepared to invest in the club until that is resolved."
So you believe him do you?
The man who states that Kirkby is the deal of the century and it will cost between 15-20 million, that it will be stadium to compare with Colognes ground
Please look up his antics at Aberdeen and the legal interest in his activities from Australia
A CEO who sues Evertonians or Japanese Dentists, is it any wonder he is reviled by many Evertonians.
There are always alternatives it?s simply that the deal we have signed up to does not allow us to discuss any? Are you suggesting that if Kirkby falls through and Kenwright PUBLICLY declared his intention to sell there would be no interest in buying Everton??
The Kirkby deal is trouble because it is very unpopular with fans, residents, politicians and businesses. What will we do if it is called in and fails? I doubt whether we will automatically regress, we will start to consider emmm??.alternatives. You state that L4 is run down and poor (true) yet Liverpool are happy to stay in the same area, do you think the other side of Stanley Park and its environs are more akin to Surbiton? If I was an L4 resident I would be taking you on a tour of Kirkby to disabuse you of the notion that it was a centre of economic prosperity.
I don?t know enough about ground redesign to state whether Goodison could redeveloped I leave that to people like Trevor Skempton who have worked on other football stadia to comment upon. It is out of town faceless retail parks that are old fashioned Jim; regenerating Urban Centres is a far better bet for businesses in the short and longer term. Using your logic the Albert Dock would have been left to rot and all the consequent development and regeneration that has taken place as a result would never have happened. The approach of Wyness seems to be accept the Kirkby deal or we are fucked forever? I don?t accept this, partly because he has a vested interest in the outcome (he will surely be on a big bonus payment to ensure the deal goes through) and partly because I genuinely believe that better alternatives may exist (including sharing with Liverpool).
Everton need a bigger, bolder and braver vision than settling for a corner slot on a retail park. We need to aspire to better things that reflect the clubs motto.
Colin Wordsworth
16   Posted 28/05/2008 at 20:30:47

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I agree that the Kings Dock saga was a huge loss, but nobody is perfect!.....but he was in his infancy as a chairman at the time!......

This to me was and is the biggest mistake he has made. Again I agree that Moyes has helped move us to where we should be.....but this cannot and will not last forever without an improved income stream.

To me, as much as I love the old lady, she is not the answer as we cannot afford to redevelop her properly......that time has well passed.

I feel that the new stadium is possibly our last opportunity to improve and give us a chance to compete....a chance!...a risk maybe....but not that much!

So I feel that all this hand wringing and slapping on backs because kw tells us how it is.... is wrong!.....I am not a great kw fan.....he doesn’t help say the least !

I fear for us if we do not move.
Paul Gladwell
17   Posted 28/05/2008 at 20:48:46

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Fair comments mate although I disagree with them, I just dont think all this stuff of we will perish if we dont move, we have been here too long a time for that to happen and we are never ever likely to get 50,000 + gates or a mass prawn sandwich brigade and apart from the sky four who else will ? we have a very poor fanbase compared to others and whilst we have to try and get more people in to compete at the top we will never do it overnight so why can we not do a gradual transistion in the home we are in now? one thing is certain in my eyes and that is moving further from the city city centre wont help this cause at all, it is commercial suicide if you ask me.
Colin Wordsworth
18   Posted 28/05/2008 at 21:13:22

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It’s good to have a reasoned discussion, I think we will have to agree to disagree!

I feel we have the potential fanbase to confidentally get 45000 plus fans in every match, we are a big club possibly bigger than we appreciate....just look at our fantastic away support!

I am very aware of the probability of being even more second best in the city with the carbuncle on the park being built!

The Kirkby project may attract even more fans from the Lancashire side!

We cannot stand still, I feel it is worth it!
Keith Glazzard
19   Posted 28/05/2008 at 21:30:01

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I don’t understand all of this, and I may be a bit detached out here in Catalunya, but when the foreign press arrived today, my paper carried an article which claimed that LCC were trying to set up a shared stadium deal with us and the shite.

Who am I to believe?
mick gallagher
20   Posted 28/05/2008 at 21:28:28

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How will moving to Kirkby attract more fans from Lancashire?
Roy coyne
21   Posted 28/05/2008 at 23:10:26

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I love all this talk about how more fans will flock to Kirkby why? as we keep getting told its only down the road so why haven’t these fans traveled along the same road to Goodison and before any one says restricted views not all empty seats are in that category
Neil Quinn
22   Posted 28/05/2008 at 23:05:49

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I was about to post most of the stuff that Ed has written further up the page. To me, Wyness certainly seems to be panicking as he watches his bonus ride off into the sunset.

Also - the part about not being able to attract investment in L4 & yet Liverpool can?

Something smells bad in the corridors of Goodison. Rumours of possible investment & the loss of Philip Green’s help are the stories of the day. This tells me that Billy’s the proverbial church mouse, more than ever. What worries me, is the question of whether the "investment "is to help the Kirkby move, fund an alternative or save the sinking ship
Colin Wordsworth
23   Posted 28/05/2008 at 23:49:45

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Mick...sorry was tongue in cheek with that comment!

Roy....we’re as good as full most match days taking into acount away fans etc......bogus argument!

Neil.............the rs are 300 mill in debt plus the new we want that?...

our ’investment’ is the partnership that we need for a new stadia to be built........we have got a world class partner!.......

Liverpool council would not help us with a site in the city..........bearing in mind we need the partner!

just remind far do these fans have to travel out of the city?......

probably a lot less than me and many others and we still support the club.......and attend matches.

you must be aware that the ship may you put it....if we stay!

.....and where is the proof that wyness is corrupt?.........none!......i don’t care much for the guy myself but that is a ridiculous comment!

Jim Lloyd
24   Posted 28/05/2008 at 23:50:53

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Jim Hourigan,
"The sad truth of watching football in the 21st Century, is that if we stayed in the litter strewn, dog shit ridden streets around GP, the club will stagnate and regress." I must admit that crass statements like this make me extremely angry.
Apart from trying to denigrate the area around our ground, your statement doesn’t seem to worry our illustrious neighbours. They wouldn’t dream of leaving the area around Stanly Park and they certainly would not leave Liverpool. They have a richer, larger more international following than us and it doesn’t seem to stop them from wending there way tthrough your "litter strewn, shit ridden streets.
Think on; if we leave Liverp[ool we cannot come back, at least not in our lifetime. If it goes tits up, as I fear it will, because we will leave this city as the home of Liverpool Football club, there is no way back.
I can’t speak for all those who voted against this move but there does seem to be a concensus that if we leave our city, we will, as you put it "stagnate and die"
Only time will tell, I suppose but to me, we are being lead by false promises of a brighter future in Kirkby. If only!
If you want to laud the benefits of moving out of our city then you have every right to. I would just ask that you don’t denigrate the people of my neighbourhood in doing so.
Jay Harris
25   Posted 29/05/2008 at 02:32:04

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Well said Jim LLoyd
and its not exactly as if the streets of Kirkby are lined with gold either.
Tony Waring
26   Posted 29/05/2008 at 09:20:35

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Yes Ed Fitzgerald...absolutely right on the button!

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