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The Mail Bag

Tom Huddlestone

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Just read the Echo website and it seems we are interested in signing Tom Huddlestone. I personally think he would be a good acquistion to our team, he would be a big, strong presence in our midfield and he does pass the ball well.
Graham Duffy, Hull     Posted 06/06/2008 at 13:18:16

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Shaun Nesbitt
1   Posted 06/06/2008 at 13:57:06

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Yeah he can pass a ball. But his fat and slow we need pace.
Anthony Fielding
2   Posted 06/06/2008 at 13:57:20

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He’s a good player, but no more than a squad player for me. We need to be improving on the quality that we have to move forward, and i dont think he ticks that box for me.
Paul Ramsey
3   Posted 06/06/2008 at 14:10:34

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Shaun - a defensive midfielder in the mould of huddlestone would not need excessive pace, just enough will surfice. Moyes would not allow him to be anything else but lean.

Anthony - You are correct that he is at the moment no better than cahill, arteta, peanuts ect etc....but he is a totally different type of player. He would be coming to replace super lee, with more passing ability.

I see huddlestone, while an established spurs player as a buy in the mould of cahill, lescotte, jags. So much room for improvement if coached well...enter david moyes!
signings often need to be put into perspective...huddlestone is no different.
I like everyone else want to see arseshaving, van der vaart et al to come to goodison...we must be patient.
Great endeavor from moyes to put in a bid for young Ramsey to!! Come on Rammer!!!
Dominic Duerden
4   Posted 06/06/2008 at 14:38:39

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I like Huddlestone , he passes the ball really well and would be a good addition to the team. In my opinion he is far better than peanut, who flatters to decieve and gives away so many needless fouls.. A midfield of arteta , manny , huddlestone and cahill would be really good to watch...
Jason Broome
5   Posted 06/06/2008 at 14:14:32

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Deja vu anyone?

Graham Duffy where have you been?

Let me refer you to Anthony Jaras’s ’Tom Huddlestone - The Perfect Signing?’ article dated 09.05.08.

Some good contributions, read the article and comments.

So EFC are going to contribute £6Million to the £11Million arrival of world-class wonderkid Giovanni Dos Santos by taking one of the slowest, laziest, fattest, clumsiest CD Midfielders in the Premiership to Goodison.

I for one believe the sun shines out of Moyes’s arse, but for £6MILLION!!!!? I sense an eclipse coming on!

This has to be a rumour because no way is Moyes that stupid.

Huddlestone is absolute shit going backwards and is often found wanting going forward. His tackling is disgraceful, positional play poor, his leadership non-existent and his work ethic?

Ramos is no mug. You don’t win back to back UEFA cups playing with a Huddlestone.

For £8Million I would rather have Dudu (literally).

Not good enough for Spurs, not good enough for us.
John Dawson
6   Posted 06/06/2008 at 15:00:46

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Tom Huddlestone is one of the best passers of the ball in the Premiership. He is totally different to the Carsley style but will not give the ball away and is worth the odd goal.

He is a European style player and fat & lazy are embarrassing things to say. I seem to remember hearing the same shite being touted about the Yak. I still do. I dont care if there both fat & lazy if Huddlestone picks it up in the centre circle and drops it at the Yaks feet 12 yards out...its gonna be a goal.

£6 million is a steal and if we could nab Ramsey too we would finally have a central midfield to go with our wingers.

Gosling Yobo Lescott Baines
Arteta Ramsey Piennar

4-5-1 in a diamond with ossie, aj, jags & a few others on the bench and we?ll batter the RS next season!
Terry Smith
7   Posted 06/06/2008 at 15:09:50

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I would be happy if we sign Huddleston. He is still young with alot to learn. And is in my own opinion a good player with lots to give to Everton. I dont think he will have a problem fitting into the Carsley role if anything he will do it better with the players around him. Plus he can also play at the back if needed. I would rather spend £6m on him then £5m on a 17-year-old gamble.
Gareth Humphreys
8   Posted 06/06/2008 at 15:25:48

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Jason, ask yourselh why barca are letting this wonderkid go? answer - because he is not.
Connor Rohrer
9   Posted 06/06/2008 at 15:34:35

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He’s not a defensive midfielder. He’s closer to Fernandes than he is to Carsley. A deep lying play maker who sprays the ball about is the best description for him.

Personally I think he’d be a good signing. Obviously I’d rather have Fernandes but if we ended up with Huddlestone I wouldn’t be dissapointed. Only problem has is is fitness. Someone like Moyes would be able to get him fit and ready which would be useful.

If we do get him its key that we get a pacy, mobille midfielder alongside him.
Nick Coyne
10   Posted 06/06/2008 at 16:09:56

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I’m with Gareth Humphreys on this one. With regards to Dos Santos, the kid can’t be all that if Barca are willing to let him go and nobody from the upper echelons of the European leagues (i.e. either Milan team, Chelsea, Arsenal, the Shite, etc.) are showing even the slightest bit of interest. He is either crocked or crap.

Huddlestone is a big unit, who I think needs to shed about a stone. He is composed on the ball, can spot a pass and would add something to the team. Ball retention for the European games if nothing else. I like the kid, but £6m would be too salty in my eyes. Maybe £3m with add-on’s.

Also got to put my tuppence worth in for Dom Duerden regarding Peanut. In my eyes he is a class act and has offered so much to our team in the last twleve months. He was our most creative force going forward, is as busy as a bee and must be a pain in the arse to mark for any fullback because he doesn’t stop moving. I know this isn’t a discussion about Pienaar and that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but Stevie P is the fucking nuts!!
Dan McKie
11   Posted 06/06/2008 at 16:33:49

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Huddlestone would be a decent signing in the carsley role but I reckon we would need to get him in for the start of pre-season for Moyes to drill into him what playing there is about! If we signed Huddlestone, Fernandes and Ramsey then I for one would sleep soundly in my bed!
Jason Broome
12   Posted 06/06/2008 at 16:36:00

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Ramos is Spanish so I think he knows more than you and I about the qualities of one Giovanni.

Giovanni Dos Santos fell out with Rijkaard and therefore was dropped for most of the season. He didn?t appreciate being rotated with Bojan Krkic who is another rising star.

Don’t dispute this kids quality, he is class. If he was so crap why are Barcelona supporters pissed with him for leaving? Why have they consistently posted over 300 You Tube articles about him? (I think they should know). Why are Spurs fans losing semen by the hour?

As for Huddlestone. If he can?t lose weight and raise his game for a world class perfectionist like Ramos (5 trophies in 3 years), why do you think he will for Moyes?

May I remind you how Spurs were fighting relegation for the first third of last season.

Have you forgotten how many goals they leaked?

Have you forgotten how easily Neville & Carsley dominated their midfield at The Lane?

Have you forgotten the first Premiership sacking of last season?

and have you forgotten who he brought in to replace Carrick? Huddlestone.

Every year managers fuck up in the transfer market. Last season it was Redknapp (Nugent), Big Sam (Smith), Jol (Kaboul & Huddlestone).

Were due one, and if rumours are true I fear this could be it.

At £3Million Steve Sidwell is a better choice. He is an English, old fashioned, hard-working, Carsley type player, who can pass.

Anything below top 5 next season will be classified as a failure. Spurs are gearing up for one hell of season while were pissing about in their basement.
Andy Callan
13   Posted 06/06/2008 at 16:37:38

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Yeah he’d do. We need 8 more though.

Keep signing I say.

I reckon we should get Mick Lyons and Pat Nevin back on board me. Kenny Sanson might do well as well at left back.

Ant Mill
14   Posted 06/06/2008 at 16:37:06

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I think Huddlestone would certainly add a well needed strong physical presence to the midfield, which is what we need as our other midfielders lack any real height or power. He has ability and is still only a young lad who could adapt his play to the way Moyes wants him to play. However, my worry about Huddlestone is his workrate, would he be willing to run into brick walls and give 110% like Lee Carsley! He’d certainly improve the team from what it is now, but I wonder whether Moyes may be weighing up better defensive centre midfield options.
Connor Rohrer
15   Posted 06/06/2008 at 16:44:02

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Jason Broome, having seen Gio I can tell you he isn’t a wonderkid. He’s talented yes but he’s very raw. He gives the ball away alot and hasn’t shown any consistency.

Bojan is twice the player and he’s never going to get in ahead of the likes of Ronaldinho, Eto’o, Henry and Messi etc. He’s moving on because of this. Riikard is leaving Barca so I doubt its to do with that. He could have stayed and worked under a new manager if he’s as good as people make out.

Don’t get me wrong he’s not crap at all but I think he’ll need time to adapt and will probably be a squad player at Spurs.

I think Huddlestone could work under Moyes. Moyes is a motivator and is obsessed with fitness training. He’d get Huddlestone in the right shape to compete. And saying all this Huddlestone is naturally a big lad. Even if he lost a lot of weight he’d still be naturally big. Similar to Yak in that sense.

Huddlstone wasn’t a starter for the majoirty of the season so you can hardly blame him for most of the things mentioned. He only started 20 odd games in a long season for Spurs and was virtually a squad player. He also didn’t play against Carsley and Neville when we dominated them.

I’d have Huddlestone over Sidwell any day of the week. I’m sick and tired of us going for these hardworking, decent box to box midfielders. They decent in every area but have no stand out strengths. Huddlestone isn’t perfect by any means but he has a bit of class about him. There aren’t many better passers in the League, he’s intelligent and he has strength and height to go with it. I’d rather him than Sidwell.

Lets be honest we think Spurs are gearing up for an excellent season every year. They buy all the top players but never actually get anywhere beyond 5th. They’ll definatly be up there next season but there won’t be much difference between us and them. I’m postive of that.

Moyes is very good in the market and he knows what players are right for this team. If he thinks Hudd’s worth a go then I’d trust him.
James Marshall
16   Posted 06/06/2008 at 17:00:33

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Huddlestone’s a good player, and he isnt overweight anymore - Ramos sorted out his fitness last season and by the end of the season he was in good shape. Great passer, very composed.

Sidwell is an absolute moron and I’d hate him in our team - anyone who has his wedding vows tattooed on his back in giant letters has to be of questionable mental ability!
Dave Nelson
17   Posted 06/06/2008 at 17:15:44

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Wedding vows on his back? ha ha.. I agree James we dont wanna get involved with this freak!

Huddlestone has the strength has he the aggression tho? ..

Oliver Reed
18   Posted 06/06/2008 at 17:36:07

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Dion Dublin had his wedding vows tattooed on his manhood! We missed out on signing him! Lets not make the same mistake again.
Jason Broome
19   Posted 06/06/2008 at 17:17:53

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Conner I respect your views but I am not saying he will set the world alight from the moment he arrives.

Potentially this kid has more gifts than Santa and he will be big - 2 years tops.

Why should we be interested in spending £6Million on a player who struggles to break into a Tottenham 11?

Why are we so easily satisfied? Every year we settle for the ’get them in’ attitude. I would settle for 1 player if he strikes fear into the hearts of the Sky 4.

Huddlestone is consistently lazy. As a striker you can get away with it, but in the most demanding position on the field you can’t! Why waste money that we don?t have.

Moyes is my guy but Central Midfield has proved his Achilles heel. I fear that he is planning to play captain marvel as a CDM. Here?s hoping I am wrong.

I also fear that Huddlestone will only be bought as a cheaper alternative to Fernandes. Therefore no Fernandes?

As for being obsessed with fitness didn?t Ramos drop Bent for eating a sandwich?
Connor Rohrer
20   Posted 06/06/2008 at 17:59:38

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"Why should we be interested in spending £6Million on a player who struggles to break into a Tottenham 11?"

Because on paper I think Spurs have a better midfield than us. Lets be honest last years midfield partnership was Carsley and Osman and neither are as good as Huddlestone. It would be easy to improve on that. There are many better holding midfielders out there than Carsley and Osman a player I rate is also replacable.

I’d also love to see that big name player who scares big teams but thats unrealistic. Where competing with Man utd, Liverpool, Arsenal, Cheslea, Spurs and Man city for those types of players and all have more money than us. I’d also say Spurs and City where more likely to get a big name player than us.

Huddlestone definatly needs to improve his fitness and workrate but that doesn’t take away that he has some excellent attributes. A good touch, excellent distribution long and short, reads the game well and has the physical attributes to go with it. His strengths far outweigh his weaknesses in my opinion. All he’s lacking is mobility.

Our two best ball playing centre midfielders over the past 5 years have been lazy: Gravesen and Fernandes. Neither ran around like headless chickens nor did they do all there defensive duties. I mention Gravesen because he was running games in the 04/05 season which is true.

In a 5 man midfield with Cahill infront and someone hardworking and energetic behind Huddlestone would work well just like Gravesen and Fernandes did. I doubt Moyes will play Neville in midfield regualrly. I think judging by the links in the press a few centre midfielders are what where aiming for so I wouldn’t worry to much.

Fernandes would without doubt be my first choice but if we ended up with Huddlestone I wouldn’t be dissapointed. He’s young, English, he’s got alot of things going for him and hopefully he can fit in.

Or maybe Moyes is looking to bring both Fernandes and Huddlestone in and go 4-2-3-1. Could be interesting.

How I see it is we are probably going to be spending 20-30 million this summer and Huddlestone whether as a first choice player or a squad player would be a useful addition. People say 6 million is alot but its not. Up and coming English players all cost alot of money. Sidwell would cost around 5 million, Parker would cost around 7 million, Barton would cost around 6 million and M. Johnson would cost around 8 million. Thats how it is nowadays.
Ben Brown
21   Posted 06/06/2008 at 18:20:41

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Jason, I think it was actually that Ramos ate Huddlestone for dropping his sandwich.
Jason Broome
22   Posted 06/06/2008 at 18:26:33

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Conner, I have spent alot of time watching this kid at WHL. He is not the player you think he is.

Last season Spurs had a bigger midfield than us, but not a better one. My Spurs mates are jealous of Fernandes, Arteta, Cahill & Pienaar. They would easily break into their starting 11. Only Jenas is worthy of breaking into ours.

I am tired of people talking us down. Why can’t we attract quality?

Aaron Ramsey anyone.

At £5Million that is a bargain, that is potential, that is ambition, that strikes fear into the Sky 4, and that is a possibility.

Transforming our whole dynamic to ’fit Huddlestone in’ is the basic of errors. Gravesen is gone. Osman is a part-time squad player. Why blow £6Million on another to sit beside him.

We know what we need, why are we wasting time?
Dave Wilson
23   Posted 06/06/2008 at 18:28:13

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Your expectations of the amount DM will get to spend is a tad ambitious, otherwise I’m in total agreement
We’ve got work horses in our team - maybe too many - Huddlestones willingness to come and take responsibility from defenders coupled with his passing ability would be a breath of fresh air, he’s young and will develop into a top player
Mark Cassin
24   Posted 06/06/2008 at 18:55:40

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Have to once again agree with all that Connor is saying (and James Marshall for that matter).

Could someone please name me a better long distance passer of the ball in the premier league?

Fernandes and Huddlestone with a top notch defensive midfielder behind them would be disgustingly scary for our champions league chances.

Ok if we get those two plus Cana (yes him again) and Ramsey I will be happier than a Rednose in a pig farm.
Jermaine J. J. Johnson
25   Posted 06/06/2008 at 19:18:39

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Davie M, Please sign T-Pain!
Connor Rohrer
26   Posted 06/06/2008 at 19:28:26

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Jason Broome, I’ve also seen him enough to have an opinion of him. Maybe not as much as you but I’ve seen enough. I’ve seen him have average games and I’ve seen him have excellent games.

What do you not like about him? Its pretty obviously he passes the ball very well both short and long. He’s a cultured player and has the tools to dictate the pace of a game with his passing, control and intelligence. I think that is pretty obvious. So he’s technically sound and can play.

His only weaknesses are his mobility and workrate. Both can be improved with Moyes’s fitness training and him working into our work ethic. Lets be honest we haven’t really got a mobile midfield anyway. Osman and Carsley are probably slower than Huddlestone and they coped as a top 5 partnership.

Other than that he doesn’t have many weaknesses. He’s a tall lad and pretty strong, he’s versatile and he’s a good footballer.

How would Ramsey strike fear into people? He’s a talented boy yes but he’s nowhere near ready to be starting week in week out for us. At best he’d be a squad player until he devlopes his talent.

I think we can attract quality but not the quality that the big four are able to attract or the likes of Spurs. Could you see us getting Gio? I certainly couldn’t. We may well be better than Spurs but they have more money, London is attractive to players and on paper they probably have more big names.

Billy Colman
27   Posted 06/06/2008 at 19:42:24

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Davey would bring this lad on, he is a very good player and would get better.
Nich Starling
28   Posted 06/06/2008 at 20:07:24

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I’ve seen Huddlestone play when a Derby player and was astonished by how good he was. As a 16 year old he had it all, could dominate play and had th epass from deep to tear teams apart whilst having the physical prowess to win the ball. I’d love to see him in blue.
Jason Broome
29   Posted 07/06/2008 at 03:29:25

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Conner why do you consistently speak in hypotheticals? Huddlestone is notorious for being one of the laziest players in the Premier League, but unlike Jol and Ramos, ?Moyes is the man to reform him!??

Gravesen, Fernandes, Jeffers, Avd Meyde, McFadden et al? have not been able to comply with Moyes?s work ethic. What makes you think Huddlestone will?

I agree the boy can hit a ball, and that?s it, nothing else to his game. So he is big, so what? What is the point in being big if your presence counts for nothing?

He has piss poor positional play, cannot tackle, has no drive, no leadership, is slow, clumsy, gets both disinterested and lost in games and spends most of the time out of breath.

The kid is a tourist, a passenger. This is NOT the mentality that I would expect in Carsley?s successor.

We need a ?dog of war,? a warrior, not Don Quixote?s donkey!

It is unfair to make our boys carry this kid ?because he can pass.?

Carsley?s successor is a player who can play big and win big. An ambitious type who knows his game.

FFS £10Million - comedy hour!
Nelly Blythe
30   Posted 07/06/2008 at 10:46:57

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Any manager who pays £10 mil for this lard arse should be ’relieved of his duties’ immediately. If DM’s got that type of money then he should be looking way, way beyond someone who is no more than a squad player at Spurs.
I’ve said it before in other posts on this topic and I’ll say it again HuddlesSTONE....I’d raher have Fred FLINTSTONE !!
Why people would rather have him than Frenandez is beyond me !!
Manny had an in different season last year but definately got stronger towards the end. In his first season we all saw the ability he possesses that’s why we ALL wanted him to sign permanentely. I have NEVER seen Fatstone deliver a performance of that type of quality in any game at any time and for £10 million Spurs must be havin a laugh !!
Connor Rohrer
31   Posted 07/06/2008 at 12:45:22

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Jason Broome, I think we're going to have to agree to disagree. Huddlestone would be by no means my first choice but if he was one of the three midfielders coming in I wouldn?t be dissapointed. That's my opinion. If he comes and is shite I?ll admit I was wrong.

And by the way I wouldn?t pay anything over £5/6 million for him. Anything over that is too much.
Connor Rohrer
32   Posted 07/06/2008 at 13:34:19

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The Spurs fans rate him. They don?t want him to leave. I certainly wouldn?t pay £10 million though.
Jason Broome
33   Posted 07/06/2008 at 13:32:06

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Conner I enjoyed this debate. I usually agree with most of your contributions when I read them but on this one I guess we stand divided.

Enjoy your day mate.
Connor Rohrer
34   Posted 07/06/2008 at 13:51:30

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No problem mate. Good debate.

Enjoy your day.
Simon Latham
35   Posted 07/06/2008 at 15:01:40

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Huddlestone would be a good addition as we need some height in the team and is a good young midfielder. The lad can also cover at centre half which would solve that problem and allow us to spend the rest of the transfer budget on attacking options.

I also think he is a lot better than other players we have been linked with bradley, hunt, sidwell to name a few. Huddlestone 6-8 mil, Fernandes on loan, Ramsey 5 mil and a good striker would be a great summer.
Rob Heaton
36   Posted 07/06/2008 at 17:37:19

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I agree Huddlestone, fernandes and ramsey would be a good start (athough huddlestone would not be my first choice I’d take him).

But I don’t agree with striker. I think with the shortage of midfielders we had last season (remembering that we have already lost three more this time) another couple would be better than a striker. I think we can cope with the strikers we’ve got for another season.

If we’re doing a wish list a better right back wouldn’t go amiss as well
David Edwards
37   Posted 08/06/2008 at 00:40:42

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A good discussion - with some sensible posts for once - is TW getting back to its best? My view is that he is a player who would improve our midfield (which remains our fundamental weakness when we talk about challenging the Sky 4), but can we get someone with more flair and creativity at a cheaper price than Spurs will allow - I think so! Do I have to stress the need to sign Arshavin again - FFS - I just hope he has a poor Euro Championship so we keep the Sky 4 vultures away!!!
Mark Cassin
38   Posted 08/06/2008 at 05:57:48

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No one is saying its either Fernandes or Huddlestone. I think the key here is to sign both plus a defensive midfielder.

Imagine those two pinging passes all over the park.

Oh and if you ant to watch Huddlestone at his best catch some highlights of Spurs in Europe last season.
Nelly Blythe
39   Posted 09/06/2008 at 09:31:14

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I stand to be correceted but can someone name me ANY game where we’ve seen Hudlestone ’pinging passes all over the park’.....I watched some of their Euro games last season and sorry I just didnt see it .
So why is he suddenly gonna start doing it for us ??
If people think signing a player who CAN’T get a regular game for his club (who lets not forget, finished WELL BELOW us in the league this year) would be a ’great signing ’...well it just beggars belief !!

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