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The Mail Bag

In defence of Big Keith

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Everyone on this site has had bad things to say about Keith Wyness. Most of you want to get rid of him asap but has the man really been that bad?

Let's start with his role as CEO. His job is to get Everton FC back on the map. He has taken us to the forefront of three massive international markets i.e Thailand, China and the US. In China, whilst Man Utd and Arsenal etc try to sell their shirts for 50p, Wyness has gone a step further and introduced Football Prince, a reality show about Everton, watched week-in, week-out by over 130 million people. The same show is about to be launched in the US. That how bad this man really is?

Point 2. Kirkby.. why are all Everton fans thinking that if we move ground we'll get bankrupt or something? Are you really out of your minds? Moving from Goodison is not an option ? it's a must. We need a new stadium to improve on our coffers and attract new players . Look at Finch Farm and the effect it's having on recruiting new and upcoming players.

I personally beleive that the Kirkby project needs some changing but we should try and see what changes to the development need to be done to be satisfactory for us fans and most importantly for Everton FC. Do people really beleive that staying at Goodison is the best for Everton FC when the top teams all boast super stadiums (with the exception of LFC which will be getting theirs soon)?

So, in my opinion, Wyness has taken Everton to another level and I hope he'll be able to take us to the next.
Darren Frendo, Malta     Posted 07/06/2008 at 10:25:01

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John Andrews
1   Posted 07/06/2008 at 23:47:15

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How long have you got Darren ?
Have you tried getting Everton kit in the U.K. ? No I thought not. Almost every where you go there is nothing to be seen of Everton kit. There have been so many complaints on this very forum about it perhaps you should try looking some of them up.
Our alleged signing up with JJB has put us back years.
Then of course there is the "Tescodome". At the start of the campaign this was supposed to be the "Deal of the century". This deal is now going to cost EFC £78m. The story seems to have changed since the beginning of this fiasco as well. Originally there was going to be a first rate stadium. Now it is going to be a mid range stadium.
The transport links ? What transport links ! Originally going to be first class transport links. Now it appears there are no plans for any transport links.
You are absolutely right in one thing. Wyness has taken us to another level unfortunately it is a level below that which we were at before he joined.
There are countless other examples of his economy with fact but it would be churlish to list them all as I am certain there are otheres on here that will put you straight far more eloquently than I have.
The only time Wyness lies is when his lips move.
David Edwards
2   Posted 08/06/2008 at 00:30:59

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I’ll be controlled, frank and composed - KW hasn’t got a single hue of blue running through his veins - and I wouldn’t trust him if he said my house was on fire and I should get out pronto! Very irrational, but with everything he touches - sponsorship, Kirkby, PR, Media - I feel no empathy at all (unlike our flawed, but somehow likeable Blue Bill!). I question whether he could start a whip-around for a work colleague, let alone get decent inestment from anyone - sorry! But I have this recurring Dr Who-type dream, when he strips away his skin (like the Slitheens) and reveals himself as Agent Johnson! I must lay off that Cains!
Jay Harris
3   Posted 08/06/2008 at 00:56:17

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this has got to be a wind up.

This lying incompetent self centred man has sold off or mortgaged most of our assets, running his own business in EFC time, continuing to preside over operating losses and the worst marketing income in the top 12 of the prem.

You are absolutely right with this and the determination to take us to Kirkby he has taken us to another level well below the one he inherited.

If it hadnt been for the Rooney money and Moyes results on the pitch we would have been bankrupt.
Gavin Ramejkis
4   Posted 08/06/2008 at 08:12:48

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Oh dear
Gavin Ramejkis
5   Posted 08/06/2008 at 08:19:40

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Forefront of what markets? Thailand and China the location of the majority of the world’s counterfeit goods - must be making a fortune selling all those kits JJB never have. USA have their own teams including a certain David Beckham playing over there, because we play a few friendlies doesn’t put us at the forefront of their market.

Soccer Prince was developed by Steve Bellis not fat pockets, Everton are just one of the teams Steve got involved and what exactly does it give us? Not even a player.

Kirkby will make us bankrupt if we don’t go, reading too many Keith lies I think, like GP is falling down and fails HSE certification a lie I posted HSE’s own reply on and as far as bankrupting think about extra debt and a less accessible lower quality stadia that now has a large portion of potential income stream negated - no concerts. Maybe a CEO who earns four times what his predecessor did is adding to our potential "bankruptcy". Finch Farm great outsourced facilities but objectively what talent has it brought us in a battle for signatures over the top three?

The top teams "superstadiums" are funded through regular success on the pitch and marketing that success and none of them in poxy retail parks in backwater towns with populations smaller than the stadium itself.

Darren thank god this wasn’t your dissertation as it’s a straight UNCLASSIFIED
Paul Gladwell
6   Posted 08/06/2008 at 12:04:51

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Would not know where to start on that garbage
Mike Cleave
7   Posted 08/06/2008 at 15:05:50

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Darren, are you sure youaren?t Keith Wyness in disguise, or his brother?
Adam Cunliffe
8   Posted 08/06/2008 at 15:51:01

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Bolton also competed in football prince and as for moving from Goodison being a must not an option I agree to some extent that GP is a bit old but thats why we want to stay and redevelop not jump ship to Kirkby.

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