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First time on here, don't normally bother getting involved in what can sometimes end up as a slanging match but there's something I've been wanting to ask for a quite some time now and that is: All of you who come on these sites venting your anger at the proposed move to Kirkby, how many of you will refuse to go to watch the Blues if the club move there?
Keith Davies, Runcorn     Posted 11/06/2008 at 10:38:28

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Paul Columb
1   Posted 11/06/2008 at 21:20:26

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Good question Keith.
I travel once a year to GP from Alaska to see the blues and luckily am not snared by Sky and thus get to see lover 10 Everton games on the box here a season. I live in a country of homogenous shopping developments, soul-less strip malls and cheap thown-up -for- the- purpose construction normally pirched on city outskirts.....corporate ’development’. As small scale family business cannot keep up with megastore prices, doors close, community dwindles and human interaction dies as folks travel to such development in cars, buy and leave. No familiarity, no commons (other than a car park) and no soul. I’m not suggesting Kirkby is a hub of culture and commons but what does exist will be swallowed by Tesco. Tesco will profit, consume and when the bottom line dictates pack bags and leave. And then what’s left behind??
If our stadium ends up in Kirkby I will make the long treck to see the blues. If it is completely devoid of soul, due to expense it would be my last. The trip to our spiritual home, the pint or 3 on the county road and a last couple at the Windslow, walking the streets of Walton trodden for decades by those with similar blue blood to pass on the tradition....all worth the cost by a mile. I personally think Kirkby is the biggest mistake in the club’s history. My main concern is not the possible dwindling numbers who will show at the gates for the next 10 years but rather that youngsters growing up in Liverpool will support their citiy’s team as they see it....RS. Here’s to a call in. COYB
Alan Rodgers
2   Posted 12/06/2008 at 09:40:22

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Got to agree with Paul. I don’t live in Walton but on match days I wish I did. My routine is to park in the school at the back of Walton Church , pint in the County and then the Winslow ,pie in the ground. As you say just soaking up the atmosphere .jumpers for goalposts.marvellous isn’t it ? Kirkby I have to admit is now inevitable. there will be only one team in the city and kids will naturally support the RS. 10 years from now we will be struggling to get 20,000 at an isolated stadium surrounded by Poundstretchers. I pray it won’t happen and plan B will suddenly materialise but I just can’t see it.
Jimmy Fazackerley
3   Posted 16/06/2008 at 00:09:49

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I couldn?t agree more with Paul & Alan. Growing up in the Dingle many moons ago ,the most frequently asked question was ,why you supported either Everton or Liverpool . The answer given by the young LFC supporters was "because I live in Liverpool".

What will happen when LFC ARE the only team within the city limits ? I guess "Tesco talks, Loyalty walks", so I fear will our future support.

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