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The Mail Bag

Everton TV

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I am looking for an unbaised opinion on Everton TV and have a few questions about it before I buy.

  1. Firstly, is it good?
  2. What does it cover?
  3. Does it have alot of new content daily?
  4. Does it have any match coverage (highlights, live?)
  5. How's the picture?
  6. Does it have many clitches?
On a personal note, we have a very fast broadband connection in our house and we are wirelessly connected to a small network of computers. If you subscribe does anyone know if you can watch it on more than one computer in your home as long as they are on the same network?

Anyone who has Everton TV I would be very grateful for anyhting you may be able to tell me about why I should or should not purchase it!

Thanks in advance
Ian Ankers, Chester     Posted 13/06/2008 at 13:20:55

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Chris Lawlor
1   Posted 13/06/2008 at 14:08:51

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Ian, sounds to me like you are mystery shopping.....

If not then the service is just about worth the £4.99 a month. All the pre match press conferences are there which is a definite benefit and the match highlights are handy aswell. At this time of year its not worth buying due to the lack of any news, but its
value for money during the season. Hope that helps mate.
Roy Coyne
2   Posted 13/06/2008 at 14:11:34

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Ian I had it for twelve months and found that apart from match high lights and live coverage of the award ceremony it was poor value and stopped subscribing but must admit I miss the highlights even though football first on Sky is better.
David Smith
3   Posted 13/06/2008 at 14:01:29

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I have been a subscriber (living in France) for 4 years now.
It?s my only access to view and hear Everton.
Replies to your questions :
1) quite good. Could be better. I?m satisfied. 1 annoying thing is having to wait the 48hrs contractual restriction for the video highlights of matches - I think it is only 24hrs for UK residents. Could have more live matches but it?s all about rights to broadcast.
2) live audio for ALL matches. Video highlights of ALL matches lasting a good 20 minutes. But 24hrs after the match (in UK). Last year had some of the UEFA cup matches in live video streaming : excellent.
3) it is updated several times a week altho I don?t much go in for the interviews unless there is an interesting/controversial event to comment about
4) See reply (2). Could be more live video but I suppose they have broadcast rights to respect. Altho I?d like to see this increase.
The highlights are good. There?s also historic matches and goals galore.
5) I don?t think I?ve had much trouble with the video streaming nor with the highlights videos regarding quality. Although when you put it into Full Screen the quality is not brilliant for the live matches.
6) Yes the 48hrs restriction on highlights (am I repeating myself here ?).

You mean use a different computer at different times or simultaneously ?? At different times works fine - you have to identify yourself with a login. Simultaneously i?ve no idea.

To summarise : for an expat with no other access to images, it?s priceless. For a UK resident I?d be more reticent. Although if nothing else it serves as a complete video image library...

Hope that helps.

Art Greeth
4   Posted 13/06/2008 at 13:56:29

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To answer you Ian:

1) It has had its critics on here, but for the price, I think it is excellent value. I have been a subscriber for three years now and IMO it gets better and better as they add more features. I have simply not encountered the indifference or lack of tech support others have criticised.

Here’s an example... Recently, I changed my Internet browser to Firefox rather than Internet Explorer and I couldn’t access EvertonTV through Firefox. Over several days by email tech support gave very thorough, step by step descriptions of how to resolve the problem. Unfortunately, it remains incompatible with Firefox but I can and do still access it through IE thanks to tech support’s help.

2) The content is rich and varied, including coverage of the youth and ladies team. There is a lot of stuff to explore in the archives - including games and goals - LOTS of in-depth interviews with ex-players and managers, loads of interviews with players before and after games as well as in-depth press conferences with the manager before and after games, which I find very entertaining. DM does not suffer (journalist) fools gladly, I can tell you! I also enjoy the interviews with the backroom staff. Example: There was a fascinating two part interview with an American fitness coach last season that DM talent spotted on one of the American pre-season tours and who he contracted to the club.

3) I wouldn’t go as far to say it has A LOT of new content DAILY, but over the course of a week - certainly in season - it IS frequently refreshed.

4) All games have audio commentary, pre-season friendlies you otherwise wouldn’t see unless going to the match often get live video broadcast, a LOT of UEFA cup matches - home and away - got live video broadcast last season. For contractual reasons, don’t expect live coverage on domestic league and cup games.

5) If, as you say, you have got good broadband connection, the picture is fine. I travel abroad a lot and access my EvertonTV account from hotel rooms and Internet cafes and the like where the broadband speed isn’t as good as at home, then you DO encounter problems.

6) Just the clitches as mentioned in 5) above. And my personal experience from 1) above is that tech support is very good and stick with you until a solution is found.

Not sure about the possibility of watching it on more than one computer on a network... possibly not as you have to log in to your account (presumably on a single computer...) to access the service.

For less than a quid a week, go for it!
Chris Lee
5   Posted 13/06/2008 at 14:09:13

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If more than one user is logged on at one time, regardless of being on the same network, the original user will get logged out.

I’d say, for pre-season, it’s definately worth getting. Both the games in America will be shown i’d imagine and hopefully a few more of the friendlies. When the team is on tour there is loads of content daily, interviews with lots of different players and members of the coaching staff. Content during the season is mixed. Some weeks there will loads of new stuff that goes up but then other times you’ll go three days with no new content at all.
Tony Williams
6   Posted 13/06/2008 at 14:44:48

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I subscribed for the Palace friendly last season.

It is deffinitely worth the £35 I paid for it. I can spend that on a round in O’Neils, so I hardly miss it over 12 months.

The after match interviews are decent and I would recommend it as I don’t consider £35 a lot for a years subscription
Rupert Sullivan
7   Posted 13/06/2008 at 15:04:22

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Ian, I have been using it for two years and I can say that the live audio is by far the best feature. If you have no other way of listening to the match then it is worth it. The live UEFA streams are also good.

The rest of the site (excepting maybe the highlights of matches) is poor generally.

Technically, I have had no problems with it, even on Firefox - just make sure you have the bandwidth for the streaming.

Worth the money? If you are abroad yes - from the UK not really.
Paul Thompson
8   Posted 13/06/2008 at 15:02:54

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I subscribe but find that I don’t use it much, partly because, as an exile in Scotland, I tend to watch most live games on I’ve neither the time nor the inclination to watch a lot of interviews, which are mostly filler and only one notch about the kind of exrcuciating post-match ’interviews’ you get on the telly.

Why do I carry on subscribing then? It’s very good value at £4.99 a month; the archive material is indispensable; if I’m on the road - it;s a good back-up. And last, but least, I’m supporting the club.
Art Greeth
9   Posted 13/06/2008 at 15:12:19

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Rupert... did you do anything to your Internet connection settings to make it run OK on Firefox? I’d be interested to know. Thanks.
Tom Campbell
10   Posted 13/06/2008 at 16:21:50

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Art Greeth: There?s a handy extension for Firefox called the IE Tab that will allow you to view certain sites as if they were run through IE whilst remaining part of Firefox. It?s one of the handier extensions I use because some sites are - sadly - not FF compatible. Might be worth taking a look at.
Art Greeth
11   Posted 13/06/2008 at 17:08:08

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Cheers Tom - much appreciated. I’ll give it a whirl...
Ant Gird
12   Posted 13/06/2008 at 17:06:06

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Warning on Everton TV: the product is fine but the customer service is infuriatingly bad.

I paid for 3 once-off viewings of UEFA games (back in Sept I think), and since then I have been charged for 2 subscriptions every month since then. I have called and emailed (3 times) but nothing solved....

Ok rant over.
John Ferguson
13   Posted 13/06/2008 at 19:54:15

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I like it and at £40 per year (about 80p per week) think it works out very good value. I will be renewing my subscription when the time comes
Adrian Francis
14   Posted 13/06/2008 at 22:44:47

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When you find the action and the commentry its good, however I have never yet been able to watch the action ’From Midnight’ UK time as promised. In most cases its still not there at 9am the next morning even
David Jones
15   Posted 13/06/2008 at 22:53:46

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It’s not a lot of cash and well worth the price, anyone who says otherwise is just being silly IMO.
Barry Lightfoot
16   Posted 14/06/2008 at 00:38:35

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What the fuck are clitches? Do you mean a cliche or a glitch?
Dave Gerrard
17   Posted 14/06/2008 at 12:44:42

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I have been a subscriber for a couple of months now. Due to close season I don’t use it that much at the moment, but there is a lot of archive footage to trawl through if you so wish. I imagine I will use it more when we start to sign players, and more still when the season gets underway. I think a fiver a month is decent value even for the amount I use it now, let alone when the season starts, and as somebody else pointed out it helps to support the club.
John Lloyd
18   Posted 14/06/2008 at 13:43:54

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Well it could certainly do with more porn........but couldnt everything??
Anthony O'Sullivan
19   Posted 14/06/2008 at 15:53:55

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It's good at this time of year as it covers lots of the friendlies that I would have no access to otherwise. Live commentary has been handy for games I couldn't get to see.

The year's subcription is good value.
Ray Lupton
20   Posted 14/06/2008 at 16:34:15

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I?m the first to get on the clubs back about poor qaulity product, but all in all Everton TV is pretty good. If you are in the UK and have Sky Sports I probably wouldn?t bother but outside of the UK or if you dont want an expensive Sky subscription the it's good value. The production values are Ok but could be better and the video quality isn?t bad really for web video.

All in all the club is doing something right for once.
Ian Ankers
21   Posted 14/06/2008 at 17:06:08

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Thanks very much for all your replies! Didn?t expect to learn as much as I did....You are a helpful bunch!

Thanks again, maybe time to dust off the cashcard and take the plunge.

FAO Barry Lightfoot:

I of course mean?t GLITCH (ES). Fortunetly I think most people got around my poor spelling and managed to work that one out, but for those that are easily confused, I?ll try and keep my dictionary handy from now on!

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