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An unbiased report

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Caught a programme last night on Star Sports called Football Cities about Liverpool and given the complaints about media bias lately I thought it was a very fair effort.

They of course showed both teams but when at Anfield pointed out that it's where Everton once played and where Liverpool were born out of thorough greed.

They showed Goodison and mentioned our long history and talked about Dixie and did some background on the City itself.

The only thing I can fault them on is that they said Liverpool are the most successful team in the English League ? depends on how you measure success I guess. And they only talked about Liverpool from the 70's (except for their birth) missiing out their legends of the 60s.

It was probably made a couple of seasons ago as Bellamy was still in their team and my guess is it was produced by an Asian company with a target audience in Asia as the presenter was Asian.

So maybe that's why it was unbiased...
Eric Myles, Map Ta Phut, Thailand     Posted 20/06/2008 at 03:33:26

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Darrel Pugh
1   Posted 20/06/2008 at 09:04:39

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Someone should send that prick Alexi Sayle a copy, jusy shows what a total biased redshite he is
Andy Ellams
2   Posted 20/06/2008 at 09:37:36

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My guessing is that Alexei Sayle was just a front for somebody else’s research and writing. But this doesn’t excuse lack of a mention. You’d think they would at least mention the rivalry, even if they don’t go deep into our history.
EJ Ruane
3   Posted 20/06/2008 at 09:27:58

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From what I?ve seen/read over the years, Alexi Sayle doesn?t give a shite about us OR them which is fine with me.

Personally, I think he?s alright (if a little inconsistent) and I don?t buy into all this parochial, inverted bollocks about who ?leaves? Liverpool and which Liverpool celebs we should or shouldn?t ?fuck off?.

A dolt like ?Ringo? can say whatever the fuck he wants, i?ll never lose a wink of sleep (nb: thick people say stupid things, nature of the beast).

The only ?scouser? who?s ?work? genuinely offends me and who I believe is responsible, almost single-handedly, for how the rest of Britain perceives the City of Liverpool and Scousers, is Carla Fucking Lane.

Have you ever seen that thing they with a little blow-torch to crisp up the top of a creme brulee?

Well I?d fuc........Actually, I?ll have to stop there, I?m starting to hyperventilate.
Patty Beesley
4   Posted 20/06/2008 at 10:13:38

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I think most people have forgotten the Carla Lane series where she made us Scousers look as thick as shite. I don?t think Cilla Black helps our image either with her over-exaggerated accent, which is good as her singing!.
Tony Don
5   Posted 20/06/2008 at 10:33:16

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Jimmy Tarbuck?
Kev Dillon
6   Posted 20/06/2008 at 11:05:21

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Kerry Catona!!!!
I?m trully ashamed that this is my first contribution to this excellent website and its not even footballl related - MUST DO BETTER!!
EJ Ruane
7   Posted 20/06/2008 at 10:59:18

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Oh Cilla and Tarby are disgusting human beings - no doubt about it.

But Carla Lane, whilst no doubt living in Little Diddcott-On-Cringe (or some fucking similarly named Sussex gaff) spewed out a ’comedy’ that reinforced every stereotype in the (Southern) book

I remember being in alehouses in London in the 80’s and seeing girls moving handbags and people moving away as soon as you opened your moutht (paranoid? Possibly....but I don’t think so)

I’m convinced that 90% of the the reason, the rest of the country sees us as work-shy, aggressive, theiving criminals, is down to that haggard-faced, unfunny hag.

NB: For ’gentle’ comedy, see ’no fucking laughs’ (ditto ’bitter-sweet’ comedy).

The only ’funny’ thing in Bread, was the that the grandad, who was supposed to be from Liverpool, had the same accent Willie Woolyback, 40 times winner of the most woolyback woolybackland.
Phil Bellis
8   Posted 20/06/2008 at 10:58:50

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Funny thing, the Scouse accent; I can tell which part of Liverpool people come from.
(as an aside, no-one of my era from Liverpool 8 calls Liverpool 8, Toxteth or, worse, Toccie!)
When I’m working in Essex, people say the only way they know I’m from Liverpool is when I say certain words like group, book and work! They say I sound more like Paul McCartney than Alexei Sayle.
I tell them that’s ’cos Sir Mac and me are South-Enders and have a softer accent than the more guttaral North-End
They were disbelieving at the difference (to their ears) between my accent and. e.g., Carragher, Rooney and Gerrard who they mimic with ’Dee-doo-doh’ and ’crrrhhhkkk’ sounds like a Klingon clearing a hair ball from the back of his throat.
One of the Essex boys visited Aigburth (or Graaaasendale as his hosts called it) last week and he’s now telling everyone back at base that I’m not a one-off and all the people he met talked like me and, as a bonus, he could understand them without subtitles.
Peter Howard
9   Posted 20/06/2008 at 12:02:17

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Carragher’s from Bootle and Gerrard is from Huyton- ie outside the City boundary
Peter Howard
10   Posted 20/06/2008 at 12:24:59

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What about Stan (bombed our chippies) Boardman and worse still, his son, Sky presenter, Paul (who talks like Wallace without his Wensleydale)
Patty Beesley
11   Posted 20/06/2008 at 12:24:11

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I?d rather have a Scouse accent than an Essex one - that lot immediately make me think of white stilettos, dancing around handbags and thinking they are cool when they are not. Some Essex gals who seem to be very "affected" are Posh Spice, and Denise Van Outen and then, of course, we have types like Jodie Marsh.,

I probably talk like you Phil and I am from Litherland originally - people here usually mistake a faint sound of "Brum"
[ uneducated ears of course] or say, when told I am a scouser, "you don?t sound like Cilla Black"...thank God!! They only seem to know where I am from when I get mad with someone or excited or when I am nearing Liverpool on the motorway and my accent physcologically thickens.
EJ Ruane
12   Posted 20/06/2008 at 12:44:41

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Living in London, I think you (consciously or unconsciously) slow down.

You simply can’t fight/argue with everyone in work who says "I’m really sorry, what did you say?"
Martin Kulkarni
13   Posted 20/06/2008 at 13:15:23

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Great posts and the less said about ’red celebs’ the better ,they’re all tossers!
Works both ways though folks to be light hearted for a moment.I remember the mid 80’s well (not just because we were the best team around!),but being a geordie,all my mates circle of friends in Liverpool (where he is originally from) and St Helens claimed they couldn’t understand me at all and all they (the girls mainly) wanted me to say all the time was ’pet’ and ’ya knaa’ and ’aal reet man’ etc. a la Auf Wiedersehen Pet which was in vogue at the time. Although you’ve got to laugh,there is a serious side in that with all the political and social upheaval cities like Liverpool went through during the 70/80/90’s,it was never helped by the Carla Lane’s of this world making a fortune out of generally showing scousers in a negative light.Harry Enfield is another (even with Paul Mcgann onboard).
Of course with Liverpool being my spiritual home,if any city deserves to be Capital City of Culture 2008 other than Newcastle/Gateshead it is Liverpool and i’m delighted,even if EFC have been excluded from it all.It been too long since I was last there but I plan to change that next season,and I’m excited to be able to see some changes such as I have seen here which are amazing,and if some of you get the chance to visit the Newcastle you would really enjoy the city and its surroundings.
Phil Bellis
14   Posted 20/06/2008 at 13:46:49

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How we ’travellers’ all ’thicken’ our accent to the perceived stereotype when we meet another Scouser? (or have 1 pint too many)
As for the Essex girls’ description - funny but true. Things like ’can Amandahhh borrow a fivahhh for a lie-ahhh for her brovahhh?’ took some u working out when I first went down there! But would be boring without the wide range of accents in the UK.
Peter, nice one - are you trying to start another Kirkby argument?
Greg Murphy
15   Posted 20/06/2008 at 13:50:13

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Quite true, Phil Bellis: people (fellow Scousers) think I’m mad when I say I can spot a Wirral, Bootle (yeah, yeah), Allerton, Garston, Huyton (yeah, yeah) accent a mile off. It’s often the "ts" and the "ds" that do it for me.

I’m working on sussing the West Derby lingo!

EJ: dead right, I was in an alehouse in Preston once and there was some bird’s jacket on the back of my chair (I didn’t know her and had never spoken to her that fact she just put it on the back of my chair without asking).

After five minutes she asked across the table: "Hey, you’re a Scouser you’re used to going into other people’s pockets, can you reach down there and pass me my lighter?"

Sadly, because I was young and pissed I flew off the handle (I’d just ignore her now) and she started crying.

When she went to the bogs a mate of hers told me that the jacket-on-chair stunt was a ruse and she had actually fancied me and that was her idea of a chat-up line!

Oh, the rich tapestry.
Peter Howard
16   Posted 20/06/2008 at 13:59:55

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Phil, moi ? Never !
Simple Simon
17   Posted 20/06/2008 at 14:35:31

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It’s been my opinion for some time that media-scousers are all twats. Can I add Phil Redmond to the list currently being compiled?
Derek Thomas
18   Posted 21/06/2008 at 07:46:21

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There is, or was, a distinctive N L?pool / S L'pool accent. With a number of variations, depending on the date that the district was amalgamated or populated and where it was populated from.

And yes you do have to ?soften? the accent and slow it down for that matter, in the interests of clear communication for those of the none scouse persuasion.

There are time when I know I should get a life but I have done tests on tape and played back to me, a totally Widnes accent, only to have a cockney say Scouser!!, it?s all, or so it seems in the nuances and the ability of the ear of the beholder or not, to pick them up.

Probably like tasting wine ??.

As the language is forever changing so the accent.

It doesn?t go from south to north in increments, Speke, Garston, (which had it?s own, to me, distinctive accent, but which with the passing of time has homoginised into a general South end burr) Dingle (harder, of course) Parlie, Scottie (now Kirkby) and so on.

One of the Clarke Bros put together a Photo archive titled ?It all came tumbling down? of the vanishing visual images of Liverpool. But is there a sound archive of the accent / dialect, too late now me thinks, all gone with the wind.

Listen, when you get the chance, even the Queen speaks different than she did 50 yrs ago.

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