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The Mail Bag

Should we be worried?

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A lot of conflicting rumours going around about Everton over the weekend and today. Some are saying that Moyes is halting on a contract as he doesnt know what money he has to spend until stadium issue is sorted. Some say that Moyes is actually going as there is no money (if he was definatly going wouldnt he have gone by now?). Some are saying that Moyes is going to be offered the biggest contract any Everton manager has had and is going to sign or is trying to sign a number of players.

To me it is same old summer activity from Everton FC. Staying quiet about what they actually are doing and then we will be hit with a bombshell of some sort in the coming weeks. I for one hope its along the lines of the last few pre seasons where we have spent some money on some quality addition. If Moyes was to quit I think it would take a big man to fill his boots. Anyone else worried about the silence at Goodison and Finch farm?
Craig Taylor, Leicester     Posted 23/06/2008 at 16:18:05

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Darren Smith
1   Posted 23/06/2008 at 21:22:38

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How many of us Everton fans are starting to worry about the way things are going this summer at EFC? We are in Europe, finished "top of the rest" but plans don't seem to be working.

We got a lot more money than a lot of clubs for last season but where is it? Just how much money does the Board get at the end of the season?

Martin Cutler
2   Posted 23/06/2008 at 23:35:37

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Yes, I am!
I don?t really think Moyes would leave.......if he did then the board would have to go too (of course they wouldn?t) but to lose Moyes would be devastating in my opinion.
The ground issue is really getting on my nerves........not because of where it is and all the BS we hear about it but because it does appear it might delay things for the new season (in terms of transfer activity).............wouldn?t it be just the icing on the cake for us to find out we do have enough money to buy Arshavin (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!) only for him to be playing somewhere else by then!?!?!?
Marc Williams
3   Posted 23/06/2008 at 23:58:17

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Hi Craig,
I met a fella from Leicester (proper ?born & bred? type who called everyone ?me duck?) who was a die hard Evertonian.
When I asked him why, he said he?d grown up in Evington (a suburb of Leicester) & as a child had thought Everton were his local team.
It wasn?t you was it ?
Sim Watts
4   Posted 24/06/2008 at 01:08:40

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I have heard that he may go. This is over the Russian Asharvin. Apparently he wanted to buy him before and was not allowed. He now has to buy him at over inflated prices that Everton can't afford. He could have got him at a fraction of the cost a while ago after we played them in Uefa Cup.

Part of it is dithering Dave plus the management and the board. It is all parties. Thy will be a time when they will look at themselves, and think we could have become a top force again, but we were worried about whether we got backing for our new ground in 2008.

I liked Kenwright but I know he reads this sort of thing and he will appreciate that you have to gamble some times. We have been a well run club but we could become a mediocre team again. Kirby and Everton may work but players, you have to buy them at the time and not after. Look at Yakubu. We wanted him and had to pay extra because we didn't get him at the time. After a tantrum by Moyes.

I feel as an Evertonian a bit disappointed with the lack of feed back about players and obviously the manager. It may be time to move on because its getting too much.

Sim Watts
5   Posted 24/06/2008 at 01:41:34

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David Moyes 2008 / The reason is because of this. We were financing small deals against this ground. We dont hold our future to two or three people. We are Everton FC. We are who we are because of tradition, heritage and the passion. I love Everton. We are the under dog at the moment. I like Everton because with little money we have managed to come 4th and 5th and competing the sky 4 we have done well. Through dodgy referee decisions all season we can hold our heads high. Everyone knows this. I have to say that dealing with a corrupt system we once manged to break through to the champions league and got knocked out by the referee. We punched above our weight and was destroyed by one strange decision. We were not supposed to be there.
Tony Anetts
6   Posted 24/06/2008 at 05:04:43

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Craig, it is not about if we buy players this summer but when we buy them. We have no choice so it will happen. If the Board doesn’t give DM any money he will quite rightly walk and then the Board will need to give a new manager some money on arrival - or they won’t be able to hold him accountable. So regardless, they will have to spend cash - and they know it. The issue is how much and this is what they are stalling on and DM is waiting on.

Without spending money we do not have enough players to get through to the Jan transfer window without playing the youngsters - and DM has ever been reluctant to do that in the EPL. We really only have: 1 x GK, 7 x defenders, 4 x midfielders, 4 x forwards. This is not enough for DM or a replacement manager - so money will be spent. What you should be concerned about is whether we are going to repeat the lost opportunity of the Champions League year when we didn’t up the quality when we needed to by spending enough mney. My guess is that 4-5 solid, adaptable players will come in - solid but no improvement in pace and quality and not the headline players we are hoping for. If we don’t spend 15-20M pounds then the game is up - but even BK couldn’t try to explain his way out of that - so it won’t happen.
Kev West
7   Posted 24/06/2008 at 06:27:45

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As you say, they are all rumours......
Jay Wilson
8   Posted 24/06/2008 at 06:39:29

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If we aren’t to spend any money, how come we had a 5 million bid accepted for a 17 year old. We were serious about signing him and were about to until Wenger stepped in.

It isn’t even 1st July yet. The transfer window hasn’t opened and already people are worried.

Moyes will sign his contract..he’s on holiday and we’ll have some money to spend. It might not be enough for some people but we will get players in of that I am certain.
Jay Campbell
9   Posted 24/06/2008 at 06:53:10

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It’s the same shite year in year out and it will never change unless Kenwright is run out of town.

This man is holding us back and has done for years.

Moyes will be away in a year tops there’s nothing more certain coz Kenwright has not got the dosh or the business brain to match Moyes’s ambitions.
Tony part
10   Posted 24/06/2008 at 07:57:11

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To be really honest if I am not concerned at this very moment then I think that time is soon nearing fast.
The news that I have been reading in the Echo sounds a little bit depressing regarding Everton having anything like a decent transfer kitty.
It seems as though Robert Earle has dissolved into thin air again after his his cash blast last August to sign Yakubu and bid for Fernandes and as a result it looks as though Moyes is going to be the one to suffer.
Moyes knows something that we dont that much is blatantly obvious and there has to be a reason why he hasnt signed the contract yet.
If we remember rightly at the end of the season Moyes told us that he hadnt identifiied any particluar tranfer targets at that moment as he didnt know if he would be shopping at Harrod’s or down the bargain basement..
I assume until things are resolved its the bargain basement thats why there is so much talk of flogging AJ ( can we really afford to lose anymore players??).
I think Moyes is ambitious but it has never looked like Kenwright can really satisfy his hunger to break through the barrier and bring Everton success, by the that I dont just mean 5th or 6th but some silverwear, and frankly why should that not happen with modern day Everton? . Portsmouth won the FA Cup and Spurs won a trophy.
This news what I am hearing brings me back to the summer of 2004 when Moyes was targeting many big name players and wanted to bring quality to the club yet alll through the summer we signed Tim Cahill ( who was a shrewd buy but could have been a gamble gone wrong) Marcus Bent for buttons and Eddy Bosnar on a one year free.

Thats a perfect example of Evertons board being shite to Moyes and to be honest how much longer before he realises he has taken Everton as far as he can?.
Dan Mckie
11   Posted 24/06/2008 at 08:56:28

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Im pretty sure deals will be in the pipeline, like someone else mentioned about how serious we were about Ramsey! Or would some of you prefer Everton to scream and shout about players we’d like to sign like Man City with Ronaldinho and end up lookin like dicks?
patty beesley
12   Posted 24/06/2008 at 09:28:53

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In the words of the song "Don’t worry .. everything will be alright"..... all together now!!
Nelly Blythe
13   Posted 24/06/2008 at 09:22:29

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I’m even more concerned after reading the local press this morning which states that the club’s transfer activity this summer will be severely restricted if the proposed ground move is ’called in’ by the govt. We all know that this IS going to happn so obviously this will give Bully Wyness & Billy Bullshit the ready made excuse they have been looking for...Dont blame us blame the govt... it’s their fault we’ve got no money honest !!
If we sign ONE top class player this summer I’ll be amazed FFS we’ve known all about Arshavin since December 2007 (before anybody else did) but hey that’s Everton for you.
If you want to be considered a top contender then you have to act like one and unfortunately with those two in charge we always ’talk the talk’ but NEVER ’walk the walk’...It will be the same again this summer and if Moyes does walk then you cant really blame him.

Tony Waverleas
14   Posted 24/06/2008 at 09:25:25

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Let me get this straight. Unless Bill or Keith or David personally contacts every single Evertonian by phone every single day to keep us all up to speed and in the loop on tranfers then we can all justifiably post tut-tutting whinges on Toffeeweb about the ominous silence coming from the boardroom?
That is right isn’t it? Because that’s what happens at every single other club isn’t it? The fans of Aston Villa, say, are all informed by a daily bulletin from Randy Lerner hand-delivered by club officials to their homes and workplaces prior to any transfer activity exactly what players they are going to sign, how big the contract is going to be and the exact size of the fee. That’s right, isn’t it?
"Erm yeah, Moyesie’s going to go for that Arshavin - £20m, five year deal and caviar in the players’ canteen. He hasn’t contacted his agent or that Adovaact fella or the Zenit chairman yet but he did ring the lad who sits next to me just to check it would be alright".

John Horton
15   Posted 24/06/2008 at 10:05:20

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Patience, ladies! All will be revealed on July 3rd-believe me.
Steve Collins
16   Posted 24/06/2008 at 10:43:44

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Why would Moyes leave?

Unless he gets a job offer and isn’t happy with contract progress then he would go.

Notice how we have not read an official statement from his representitave with regards to the contract negotiations. It seems so far to be speculation.

Futhermore if he walks away he does not receive any payment. So i reckon he is here until his contract expires or Everton allow him to talk to another club because of contract difficulties.

Managers don’t just walk away anymore. They wait for job offers or wait to be sacked. So there is no loss of income.

Steve Collins
17   Posted 24/06/2008 at 10:48:10

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Also to those who ever thought we would get Arshavin dream on.

Before inflated prices or not his wages at Zenit are £50000 a week. Dick Advocaat said in an interview last week that he would allow him to leave but said a few teams would find it difficult to pay his wages.

We could not afford those wages.

marc williams
18   Posted 24/06/2008 at 11:07:23

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Patty Beesley

I’m singing I’m singing : ’bout a thing, cos everything gonna be all right ’

Got to say though its not helping & I don’t really beleive it.

But if I sing ’Goodbye, Goodbye, We just want to say goodbye’ whilst thinking of Kenright I find I feel much happier
marc Williams
19   Posted 24/06/2008 at 11:16:11

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John Horton

Are you ’MYSTIC JOHN’ the great tea leaf wizard from Birkenhead ?

" Some Scousers in blue will be lucky tooooo ! " Cosmic that mate

Marc Williams
20   Posted 24/06/2008 at 11:24:46

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Actually John regarding your predition of impending great events being revealed on July 3rd. Will these just happen or do we all need to partake in some naked pre -dawn ritual Stanley park ?

If you really know something give me the nod eh, so I can get some money on at the bookies.
patty beesley
21   Posted 24/06/2008 at 12:19:32

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Marc Williams - Like your sense of humour. We could, of course, always sing a few choruses of "Jimmy Mac, when are you coming back?"
patty beesley
22   Posted 24/06/2008 at 12:21:15

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or............... Bought [born] on the 4th of July !!! [Bruce Springsteen’s song]
Iain Latchford
23   Posted 24/06/2008 at 12:22:07

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I think I’ve been blinded by so much information and debate regarding the stadium move etc.

Could someone please answer me two questions.

1) What are the chances that the plans will be called in ?

2) When will we find out ?

Cheers !
Marc Williams
24   Posted 24/06/2008 at 13:34:15

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I tell you what Patty lets sing both of those at about 5 minutes to Midnight on July 2nd in the hope of making John’s BIG revelation come true - Spooky

John if Moyes & Arshavin sign contracts on the 3rd ( go on tell me I’m getting warm ) I sincerely promise to never moan or be sarcastic on this site again.
Tom Green
25   Posted 24/06/2008 at 13:53:40

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Jay Wilson, the transfer window opened at the end of the season, you been playing to many manager games lol
Chad Schofield
26   Posted 24/06/2008 at 13:58:37

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Jay Wilson:

To those who point at our bid for Ramsey, if we didn’t have £5M to spend we’d be up shit creek given the number of players we need. Matching other bids doesn’t necessarily show intent, and given what was said about the bids.

Also IF we have £25M in the kitty, why are people still mentioning Arshavin, given a price tag of £20M? And that’s obviously if he chooses us over the elite of Europe?!

Isn’t Moyes contracted til the end of next season? So I can’t see him walking, but at the same time it would be blindingly obviously if he does not put pen to paper before August.

Personally, yes I am quite concerned.
James Marshall
27   Posted 24/06/2008 at 14:26:57

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Put it this way, if Moyes did leave, what would he do then? Have a year or 2 off? I dont see that many other available jobs that fit the bill at the moment. Be realistic, he wont leave - not yet anyway.
Richard Harris
28   Posted 24/06/2008 at 14:26:18

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Now I’m not a Kenwright apologist and I think that Wyness is a waste of money, but everywhere you go it’s all about how if we had the money we could have got Arshavin cheaply and it’s not fair because we knew about him before anyone else. There are many things that need to change at the top but we couldn’t have matched or bettered Arshavin’s wages last year and do you seriously believe that someone like Arsene Wenger (for example) wasn’t aware of Arshavin’s potential and was only alerted to him when David Moyes expressed an interest ??
Come on !! We all know that Davie is a godlike genius but does he have the crystal ball that no other manager in Europe has ? Also if we (the fans) knew about Arshavin how did we all keep it a secret from everyone else ? Own up !! Who grassed ?................................
Steve Collins
29   Posted 24/06/2008 at 14:12:34

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Tom Green,

Jay Wilson is correct. The windows only opens on the 1st of July.

You can agree fees and contracts before then but the players cannot sign on at their new club until 1st of july.

Because every league has a different end date UEFA and FIFA agreed there should be one set date for opening up transfers.

James Marshall
30   Posted 24/06/2008 at 14:43:21

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We will not sign Andrei Arshavin - there, you heard it here......first......maybe.....either way, its never gonna happen; pure fantasy, my money’s on Chelsea due to the Abramovich effect.
Peter Howard
31   Posted 24/06/2008 at 15:12:06

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Patty, more a case of ’ no money, no cry ’
Marc Williams
32   Posted 24/06/2008 at 15:46:12

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Peter, don’t you mean : ’ Monies too tight too mention no no no no ’ as sang by that Manure fan with the girls perm from the 80s
Marc Williams
33   Posted 24/06/2008 at 15:56:31

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Moyes won’t walk as he doesn’t need too.
He’s got a year left on his contract so can wait until next summer & go to Celtic or wherever. Alternatively soon as the 1st manager is sacked next season; I don’t know who but lets take a wild stab at this, maybe ’Nutty Kev’ up there in ’why ay mans’ land with the topless twats, who do you think ’ll take over.
Will we get the £3 million compo’ we could argue for if he was on a long deal ? not a chance as he’s in the last year of his contract. Another bit of fantastic management from our board.
Who then would Bk turn too, anyone know of any out of work, mid level managers ( for a New mid level stadium ) from the North west out of work at the mo.
Don’t want to worry you lot but Kirkby reminds me a bit of stadiums like the reebok just without the style.
If billy liar doesn’t find some serious cash soon it aint going to be pretty for a while.
YES we should be worried & very, very afraid.
Peter Howard
34   Posted 24/06/2008 at 16:13:44

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Mark, or even ’ holding back the years’
Micky Norman
35   Posted 24/06/2008 at 16:24:32

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All this rumour stuff does me ed in.Stop worrying and just sit back and laugh at Man Utd losing their best player. What goes around comes around.
Marc Williams
36   Posted 24/06/2008 at 16:41:59

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Peter, I think the EFC version is ? holding back the tears ?

Fair point Micky; I even managed too laugh about Ronaldo with a Kopite on Monday, so it really is funny.
Jimmy Jones
37   Posted 24/06/2008 at 21:29:12

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There IS a strong chance he will go. It is about transfer money. He is just waiting to see what there is, apparently he has been told that they can?t afford his prime targets, So a little nod from Celtic ( YES- Celtic & possibly the barcodes) and he would be off. Basically he has had enough of the lies... Just like us???
Tom Green
38   Posted 25/06/2008 at 19:54:57

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Steve Collins
Thats what I thought untill I checked with the FA, it opened at the end of the season, if you was right then Spurs have not signed Modric and other teams could come in for him still, and Arsenal ain't signed Ramsey, which they have.

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