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The Mail Bag

Moyes's future

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With the speculation surrounding the delay of any announcement about Moyes?s future, I have begun to worry that his frustrations with the lack of spending power might finally have come to a head and initiate his departure. However, whilst I can imagine genuine concerns about our financial status, I do wonder if he is inclined to, just where would he go?

To be fair, Moyes isn?t top of any of the Sky4 clubs' wish-lists. He would probably be a popular choice for the Old Firm north of the border, but they hardly set the transfer world alight, albeit they need to spend less than in the English league to actually win silverwear.

As far as I know his international reputation is still fledging, but as with Steve McLaren, it seems English managers aren?t valued by the bigger clubs in Europe. So my point is, would he go to a Blackburn (obviously not now), a Boro or a West Ham? They hardly spend more than we do (West Ham?s recent splurge excepted) and are certainly a step-backwards in terms of recent league success. Newcastle may offer some more transfer funds, but the team is so poor he would have to spend £30m just to get the squad anywhere near the current Everton team!

My assessment is that, if we do spend around the £20M mark that has been mooted, we will be amongst the league?s biggest spenders (excluding the madness of the SKY4 transfer budgets). If the Board don?t back him to that extent then I would worry about his future, but hopefully he?ll realise that he?s not going to get much more of a war chest anywhere else.
Andrew Humphrey, London     Posted 25/06/2008 at 16:32:02

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Adam Doyle
1   Posted 25/06/2008 at 21:06:31

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For a start, Moyes ain’t English.

Secondly, in the event that Moyes could be frustrated enough to leave, the simple question is where would he go? There’s not a managerless team out there that would be a step up for him and that would want him.
Barry Heyes
2   Posted 25/06/2008 at 21:08:01

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David Moyes can’t be expected to work with two loaves and a fish again! He needs money to spend on three or four class players! And there must be some money available from finishing 5th in the premier and the Eufa cup run, season ticket sales and the sale of McFadden! We had a very thin squad last season and we have not yet replaced McFadden,Graveson, Carsley,Fernandez and possibly Van der meyde? It’s no use our scouts spotting good young players if we are not signing them as well? With the splendour of finch farm we have got to get the countries best talent and europe and the World if we can.
But we are still an excellent side and club! So come on you blues and the very best of luck for next season. Ps get this German Podoiski if we can he’d be great in a blue shirt.
rob mcfawn
3   Posted 25/06/2008 at 21:48:05

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Replace van der Meyde?!?!?

Give me his wages and I’ll do it, I’ll be just as useful!
Jack Calvert
4   Posted 25/06/2008 at 22:49:16

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Although this probably won?t happen, I do have a genuine fear that he could well go to Old Trafford either this summer or next to work under SAF as his assistant to be groomed for that role, - especially if CQ takes the Portugal job. In the past SAF has been interested in Moyes to be his assistant, and although in the short term it may be seen as a step backwards, in the long run it could get him one of the biggest jobs in football.
As I said, I do not believe that it will happen but when you consider his options if he were to leave Everton, I can only see that or the auld firm as remotely realistic.

(I also don't believe that his relationship with Rooney would ever come into it - before people suggest it as the main reason why it could never happen.)
Roy Coyne
5   Posted 25/06/2008 at 22:43:19

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I think it's more likely that Moyes would just honour his contract which has twelve months or so left. He appears to be a honorable man and will only take this action as a last resort. Something is clearly wrong; we hear from Bill's mouthpiece (otherwise known as the Echo) that he won't know the extent of the funds available until he knows about Kirkby. So Bill must have known...

Yet Dave makes a public statement that he wants his new players bedded in pre-season, clearly unaware there was never any chance of it happening. This despite Bill having telephone chats with him every day.... Looks lke another Billy whopper. I just hope something can be resolved because, as you say, no top 4 will have him but on the other hand we could not attract a better manager as every decent manager will want his own staff and a budget for players which according to Bill we don't have at this time.

Peter Pridgeon
6   Posted 25/06/2008 at 23:14:10

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Were on earth do you base your statement that English managers are valued by bigger clubs in Europe. For a start Twente are hardly a big club in Holland let alone in Europe, Moyes is not English and finally despite Moyes doing wonders for a basket case that was Everton, he has hardly been what you would call successful, compared to even Steve Mclaren (Uefa Cup finalist, League Cup Winner and assistant manager in Man United’s trebble winning team) .

David Moyes is a realist and would know that options for an unemployed manager in Europe are few and are far from easy to obtain. His only chance of getting noticed by Europe’s elite is to win something with Everton and play regular Champions League football.

Moyes has always said, if some big club came in for him it would be up to Everton to match his ambition first.

In saying all this I do believe he made the first attempt to flag himself to a bigger club when he made that statement about his contract at the end of last season, without the clubs knowledge.

Mike Grundy
7   Posted 25/06/2008 at 23:27:46

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errrrr Peter.... he says English managers ARE’NT valued by the bigger clubs in Europe, hence the fact Mclarren has gone to FC Twente
John Andrews
8   Posted 25/06/2008 at 23:30:33

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Read again Peter, Andrew said "English managers AREN’T valued by top european clubs".
Peter Pridgeon
9   Posted 25/06/2008 at 23:56:28

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Sorry Andrew

Thanks Mike and John, next time I will put my glasses on
Steve Carter
10   Posted 26/06/2008 at 01:00:17

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Other than on pure sentiment as a Scotsman, I can’t see how Celtic would be seen by DM as anything but a step down. Yes, they are in a perennial two horse race for ECL qualification, but can never hope to come within a bull’s roar of winning that. Yes, they are either going to win or run up in the SPL every year, but big deal - my dog could manage them and that’d still be the case. We’re talking about a league that in terms of quality is somewhere between the Championship and League 1 at best.
Colin Murphy
11   Posted 26/06/2008 at 08:40:50

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The only thing stopping Moyes signing a new contract is the absence of another £500k a year on his salary? Grow up wilyas!
Patty Beesley
12   Posted 26/06/2008 at 09:03:43

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Moyes goes - I and my pink shirt go!!
Seriously we could not have a better manager than Davey and I just hope, to God, he stays, otherwise we may find ourselves ending up with Big Sam!!
EJ Ruane
13   Posted 26/06/2008 at 09:25:11

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Steve you say..

"I can?t see how Celtic would be seen by DM as anything but a step down. Yes, they are in a perennial two horse race for ECL qualification, but can never hope to come within a bull?s roar of winning that"

Well, I think you’re right, however, I think that can be said about us and the title.

In fact, i think it applies to everyone other than the ’top 4’

Given that, Moyes (or anyone else) could be forgiven for thinking, well at least at Celtic I’d win SOMETHING and be guaranteed Europe.

With us, the title is out and even the Uefa Cup isn’t guaranteed.

I should add I hope he goes nowhere (especially when I see the likes of ’Big’ Sam shuffling about touting for a club)
Dave Flinton
14   Posted 26/06/2008 at 11:15:44

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A lot of you seem to forget that Moyes spend a lot of time with several European clubs when he was getting his coaching badges. He still maintains links with several of them. His exploits in the prem over the last few seasons and in Europe last season will not have gone unnoticed throughout Europe; do not be so naiive to think that for one minute he would not be offered or accept a very good job abroad.

We are on very thin ice as a club at the moment.
Peter Howard
15   Posted 26/06/2008 at 11:30:30

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Name me ONE manager in EFC history who has gone upwards after leaving us
Alan Clarke
16   Posted 26/06/2008 at 18:21:41

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I really don’t get it. Why does everyone seem to think it will be the death of our club if Moyes goes?

Did anyone watch us this season? We were shit on the whole. I am honestly thinking of giving up my season ticket next season if I have to watch another season of Moyes’ uninspiring defensive crap.
Eric Myles
17   Posted 27/06/2008 at 02:32:14

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I don’t think we have to worry just yet.
Moyes still has 1 year remaining on his contract and I see him as an honourable sort of guy that will see his contract out regardless of any failure to provide funds this season.
It will just mean that he is on a 1 year notice and BK and KW will have to start pullin some Harvey size rabbits out of the hat, and they’d better not be the invisible sort.

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