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The Mail Bag

Can This Be Serious!?

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Ive just read in the Daily Mail that "Everton are relucantly going to sell Any Johnson for £10m to fund urgent tranfers". On the BBC website then says we are bigging £2m for a teenage left back from Leicester!!

Embarrassed!! Annoyed!! Confused!! Can this be fucking real!? We sell one of our better players, and the only one with any pace to fund transfers!? And to top it off, all the clubs intereseted are the teams we're battling with!! No wonder Moyes hasnt signed a contract, who in the right mind would!?

If this is true, it's a fucking joke and its going to be one long season. Moyes needs to be pulling some rabbits out the hat to even get close to acheiving what we did last season.

Yes this is probably knee jerk and a bit emotive, but I am sick and tired of the shit we get fed through the media. It all can't be lies, the stories have to start somewhere. The board need to get their fingers out their arses and sort something out quick. Or even better sell up and leave us all to move forward.
Carl  Wright, Liverpool     Posted 27/06/2008 at 08:52:02

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Peter Farrimond
1   Posted 27/06/2008 at 09:31:31

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Sky have just announced that Everton have put Andrew Johnson up for sale. Now I might have got it wrong but didn`t the Club say a few days ago that AJ was an integral part of the manager`s plans and was going nowhere?

It may well turn out that the newshounds have got it wrong ? that wouldn`t be a first,would it? ? but somehow I think they may be right on the nail. If that is the case why do Everton find it necessary to so decieve their loyal supporters? Why not come out with the truth that EVERY player has his price and `whilst we are reluctant to lose anyone etc. etc...`

Prompted by New Labour,it has become fashionable to describe outright lies as `spin`or merely `dissembling`. I suspect that over Johnson as with virtually everything connected with DK, outright dishonesty might be a more accurate description.

Brendan George
2   Posted 27/06/2008 at 14:32:38

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Moyes has come out on the official website and said Andy Johnson is not for sale. Both he and Johnson himself have repeatedly over the past a year or so that he’s happy to stay. Where these stories come from, I haven’t the slightest inclination.
Brendan George
3   Posted 27/06/2008 at 14:35:46

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And here is the link:
Patty Beesley
4   Posted 27/06/2008 at 14:50:29

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Stop reading the papers or listening to Sky Sport, Carl - its obviously getting to you.

Look on the EFC official website where it categorically states that Andy Johnson WILL not be sold

I sometimes think these stores are issued and bounced around merely to try and upset the player.
Damian Killikelly
5   Posted 27/06/2008 at 14:46:51

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Why would the club be open to the market about how much cash we do or dont have?

If we announce we have loads selling clubs put the prices up. If we announce we have none our Manager and best players will want to leave

Why would the club be open and honest about which targets they do or dont have?

This would tip off competitors about our strategy and potentially destabilise current players who will fall down the pecking order

Why would the club be open and honest about which players they want to sell?

This will mean buying clubs know we are desperate and force the price down. It will also demotivate players who may end up having to stay

Lets get a grip and recognise that its the nature of any commercial business to employ smoke and mirrors and the nature of the media to provide tomorrows chip papers

When they’ve signed they’ve signed. When they’re sold they’re sold. Its really not worth getting worked up about anything else.
Paul OHanlon
6   Posted 27/06/2008 at 15:05:26

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"one of our better players"?

He doesn’t even make our first 11 never mind be one of our better players. £10m? Bite their hands off and buy someone who’s got a decent first touch, is stronger than a 5yr old boy and scores goals.
Ian Tunny
7   Posted 27/06/2008 at 15:15:49

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Carl, in case you have forgotten, we are moving forward. Personaly I would like to keep hold of AJ but if Moyes believes we can move forward and improve by selling him to bring in better younger players then so be it. After all, who would have thought we would have improved so much since selling Rooney?
Dan McKie
8   Posted 27/06/2008 at 15:20:03

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The papers get told as much as we do by the powers that be at Everton, so they make things up that could be realistic, and by that i mean that we havent signed anyone yet (like most clubs), we havent screamed or shouted about anyone we want to sign (unlike most clubs) and we are close to a deal for a new stadium, so we must have zero cash and a manager about to jump ship! Or not!
Seamus Murphy
9   Posted 27/06/2008 at 15:26:28

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Seriously why would you get so worked up over something you read in the Daily Bloody Mail???? Check the official website and calm down ffs!!!!
Brian Baker
10   Posted 27/06/2008 at 15:47:10

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Paul Ohanlon. Thats an odd thing to say for a player who made 20 appearances and scored 10 goals for the first team!

If we sell AJ we will only have to replace him. Don’t forget we sold McFadden in Jan, leaving us with only 4 strikers including AJ.
Paul OHanlon
11   Posted 27/06/2008 at 16:04:58

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Firstly Brian, it was 10 goals in 39 appearances, so you’re a little out there!

But I agree we’d have to replace him Brian, which is why I think we should take the £10m because I feel we need a better striker than AJ if we’re to push on.

When the Yak was at ACON last season our results dipped drastically. We just weren’t scoring, and that was AJ’s best run of games in the side all season. People can point to the fact that the problem lies with our style of play, but it didn’t stop Yak scoring 21 goals.
Tony Williams
12   Posted 27/06/2008 at 16:54:30

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We are building a team, not selling it.

Why believe anything that is thrown out from the Dailys? Or even Sky Sports?

They are getting as bad as the Teletext pages that continually spout the "International soon to sign for £15m?" The only reason they have not been done for fraud is the clever use of the question mark.

Have a brew mate and switch off the telly and dump the papers. You will feel better for it.
James McCarthy
13   Posted 28/06/2008 at 00:30:20

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I am not concerned whether or not AJ is sold but I take issue that he is one of our best and our only fast player.
I do not think he is anywhere near as quick as some people make out.
His little legs pumping up and down at a rate of knots give the impression of speed yet we see huge lumbering centre backs coast alongside to ease him further out toward a corner flag before putting in a tackle.
Nor is AJ any good when the ball is at an average blokes head height.
He has poor ball control and his lack of a decent first touch must be obvious to his most ardent fan.
If he has any kind of shooting power we have yet to see it.
As far as I can see the only attributes he has in full measure are determination and stamina.

Nick Xenos
14   Posted 28/06/2008 at 01:15:21

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I say we sell Johnson and bring in Greek international, Angelos Charisteas from relegated Nuremberg. His speed and stamina is equal to that of Johnson’s but his strength, finishing power, aerial ability, and experience is at another level. His played with Werder Bremen, Ajax and Feyenoord over the years with a return of 45 goals in 147 apps..a goal per 3.2 games. He was interested in a move to UK back in ’06, and I’m sure that his price and wage demands won’t be high.
Nick Xenos
15   Posted 28/06/2008 at 01:40:05

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Forgot to mention his 19 goals in 68 appearances at international level which is exemplary for a team that plays such defensive football.

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