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Why I love Everton

By Adam Cunliffe :  20/01/2009 :  Comments (59) :

The title says it all really. Last night epitomised why I love Everton as much as I do. The pride, passion and determination that was on show last night truly made me proud to be and Evertonian.

I love Everton for many different reasons. It?s a tradition thing mostly, all of my family (well my Dad?s half anyway) have supported the men in Royal Blue and long will they continue to do so. But alongside this is the loyalty that surrounds the club from the management, to the players and the fans. As a club we aren?t deluded about who we are and what we can realistically expect to achieve. We?ve witnessed the great eras of the 80s and the despair of the late 90s but yet we can still hold our heads up high and say we are Evertonians now and ?till the end.

One of my first ever heroes in a blue shirt was Nicky Barmby. He and Duncan Ferguson were the only shining lights I had whilst growing up as a young blue surrounded by Liverpool fans in primary school who were always going on about how they were going to win this and how they were going to win that. It was hard for me to keep supporting Everton at that age but my Dad said to me how our time will come one day and I think I?ve waited about 10 years but I now believe that this is our time.

Every player last night played out of their skin. Every one of them worked their balls off for the cause and we got no less than we deserved. The fans were awesome. At home watching it on Setanta I noticed the atmosphere at Anfield was dead except for 3,000 traveling Evertonians who sang their hearts out all game. Every time a verse of ?Royal Blue Mersey? or ?If You Know Your History? came out of the speakers me and my Dad both looked at each other and we just knew that Everton were simply the greatest team in the world.

No other club in the world has the same support as we do; away or at home the Evertonians always do the club proud and yesterday, as me and my Dad danced around the front room as Cahill?s header went in, we felt as though we were there. We felt a part of what was happening.

As soon as Gerrard?s goal went in and he did his slide towards the Kop end I felt like crying. I hate that cretin Gerrard with a passion. Everything he stands for, everything he does is simply horrid and how can any Liverpool fan say that the game against Everton is not as big as the United game when they were all going mad? The silence in our front room was awful, and it remained until the last 10 minutes or so when we started going forward more and when Liverpool realised the game wasn?t over.

Jagielka was a rock in defence as he always is. He has the Everton attitude. He doesn?t give a shit about who he?s playing he?ll just clean out whoever?s in front of him until he gets the ball. Some of his blocks where simply outstanding and his tackle on ladyboy Torres was outstanding. Also, I think last night Baines finally came of age. He played out of his skin down that left flank and threw himself in front of the ball, much like the aforementioned Jagielka, without a thought about if he might get hurt.

Then when Anichebe got fouled by the handsome chap that is Benayoun you just kind of knew that this was it. In every game, the team who is behind always gets one chance in the last 10 minutes of the game, guaranteed and this was ours. Then, when Cahill scored, I?ve never celebrated as much in my life.

I hate Liverpool with such a passion, so even though we never won it felt like a victory because Liverpool weren?t top of the league and then to see the look on that bastard Gerrard?s face when Cahill, a real fan of the team he plays for, scored was fucking price less. And then it just got better when Rafa ?You want sangria?? Benitez gave his interview. His face was like a slapped arse and long may it continue to be so.

However, the best part about it all was today in school. I don?t get many chances to rub it in to all my red mates but today I didn?t stop. Of course I came in with my Everton scarf to piss them all of and then me and my mate Adam (the lucky bugger's got a ticket for the FA Cup game) burst into a rendition of ?Your gunna win Fuck All? which annoyed them even more. God I love being an Evertonian.

Once I?d got my money off Nathan (I bet him his lunch money we wouldn?t lose), we carried on with Kyle who just happened to have a season ticket in the upper Annie Road. And his response, you couldn?t make this shit up seriously, he said ?Torres would?ve easily scored if he?d've been match fit?. I laughed so hard my belly hurt.

Though it?s that kind of response that kind of sums Liverpool up. I couldn?t help but laugh at how stupid them cretins really are when they sang the whole ?Fuck off too Kirkby, the city's all ours? when their best player who scored their only goal and what they thought would be the winning goal is from Knowsley, the same metropolitan borough which Kirkby is in. Are they really so damn thick?

I?ll be eternally grateful to Cahill after last night, not just for making this 14-year-old lad's day at school the best in a long time. As I?m sure to many younger Evertonians, he and Mikel Arteta are the same symbols of hope that I had with Barmby and Ferguson. But not only that, Cahill actually loves Everton in the same way Big Dunc did. He is one of us and that?s why we all love him.

I still get asked questions along the lines of ?Why do you support Everton when they?re obviously shite?? and I think last night was the perfect answer. We don?t win much, our stadium's dire, our team is worth the same as Torres and we simply haven?t got a pot to piss in. But it's games like that which make me so happy to love Everton. The bad results only make the good ones feel so much better, especially when it?s against that shower who think they have a God-given right to win everything.

The loyalty, commitment, pride and passion the whole team showed last night is simply the reason why I love Everton Football Club.

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Gerry Western
1   Posted 20/01/2009 at 21:43:56

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Adam, A wonderful piece you?ve put into words exactly what I?ve been thinking for years. I?ve read so much shit in the past about the wonderful support the other lot have. In this area they are without doubt our poor cousins.

They have an arrogance beyond belief and live in a huge bubble which was well and truly popped last night. Their so-called support was exposed for what it truly is ? shallow and fickle. Heading for the exits before Cahill had time to celebrate. The silence around the ground was deafening apart from the jubilant band of Blues fans who sang their hearts out all night.
Colin Wilkes
2   Posted 20/01/2009 at 22:02:38

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Adam, great article ? especially for a lad of your age. I was fortunate enough to grow up when Everton had some of their greatest years during the 80s so life at school with kopites was not so hard. Thank you for helping me reminisce about my school days when I also used to enjoy nothing more than take money of dumb kopites.

I think you have encapsulated the true meaning of being an Everton perfectly. Sometimes you just have to take the rough with the smooth. But you listen to your Dad are day will come again. It may seem like a long way off at the moment but it will be all the sweeter when it does. Roll on Sunday COYB

Tony Marsh
3   Posted 20/01/2009 at 22:13:29

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Erm Lost interest when you called Nick the rat Barmby a hero. I never rated Barmby and thought he was useless. Did you see him in the semi-final at Elland Road when we played Spurs? Absolute shite. Adam, once you shit on Evertonians like Barbmy did, you can never be called a hero, mate. Grade A shithouse more like.
Colin Wilkes
4   Posted 20/01/2009 at 22:26:21

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Well done Tony you found something to moan about when every other Evertonian is enjoying the moment. You really are unbelievable. Having a dig at fourteen year old who has just witnesses the best performance he has seen from a Blue side in his life time. Don?t you remember what it was like to be a youngster? You sad old grumpy man.
Keith Glazzard
5   Posted 20/01/2009 at 22:42:53

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Adam - you can be sure that the memory of last night will stay with you for decades to come, and let?s hope you?ll get many more, and better, to add to it.
Tony Marsh
6   Posted 20/01/2009 at 22:41:53

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Colin, I guess Adam is at least 24 by what he writes so is old enough to know what he is saying. If he is now 14 he wouldn't have seen Barmby play while he was in the playground would he??? Basic maths not your strong point I guess.

As for moaning, I don't think I am. I was there last night and it was fantstic but let's not lose focus of what a said shall we.

Dean, Ball, Labone, Young, Latchford, McKenzie, Lyons, Ried, Southall, Sharp, Ferguson are what I would call Everton heroes mate ? not someone like Barmby who ratted on us the way he did.

Maybe I have stronger moral values than you Colin. I mean if you think it's ok to do a Barmby then you must be one hell of a guy to go the match with. If you go that is.

14, 24 or 124 years of age, if you don't get it first time around you never will.
Alasdair Mackay
7   Posted 20/01/2009 at 22:54:38

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I was in secondary school between in the mid-nineties a golden era of merseyside derbies. Ferguson/Rideout in ?94, Kanchelskis ?95, Cadamateri ?97. Reading this article made me think how lucky I was going to school in that era and being able to gloat to all the Kopites.
Jimmy Rimmer
8   Posted 20/01/2009 at 23:01:26

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Although I do actually have a similar view towards Barmby as our Tony Marsh, I would personally prefer to pick up on the good points made by Adam rather than the one small school-boy error!!! Marsh is only happy when he?s moaning though so let him have his rant - which I?ll be honest, always entertains me some-what!

I think there is something about being a blue that takes over your soul and your heart and now after last night, and indeed the last few weeks, we have been able to start feeling proud again...

A well crafted piece Adam, well done. A- for you lad (would have been A+ but for the Barmby bit!)

Let's hope you win a whole lot more dinner money after Sunday! COYB!
Keith Glazzard
9   Posted 20/01/2009 at 23:23:51

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Adam ? now look what you?ve done. Mind you, it doesn?t take too much on this site to provoke what someone recently referred to as a ?scouse wedding?, which I think means a fight will break out.

From one old blue to a young one ? I was recently looking at Dixie Dean?s career and noticed that his last games were in the Cheshire League for Hurst Utd ? now Ashton Utd. I played at their ground about 35 years ago in a local tournament, treading the same turf as William Ralph. This thrilled me, and this is the sort of thing you?ve let yourself in for. Enjoy.
Denis Richardson
10   Posted 20/01/2009 at 23:33:11

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Round two for more dnner money coming up this Sunday for you Adam. Would be happy with a draw and then dump?em out at GP.

Was never a big fan or Barmby either but to be honest don?t want to waste more time talking about him.

Great result yesteday to wipe the smiles off of all the RS faces that thought 3 pts was a foregone conclusion. Was so happy that they put in the proper graft and passion into the game unlike the performance at GP earlier in the year.

Get a result on Sunday and then bring on Wenger's babies for take us closer to 5th spot.

After the start to the season we?ve had, I am actually looking forward to watching Everton games on the box.

Steve Pendleton
11   Posted 20/01/2009 at 23:56:34

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Great article Adam. Agree with Jimmy Rimmer, definitely worth an ’A’.

I think you lost the point of the article Tony. Adam clearly states that Barmby was one of his first ever heroes ’at that time’. Once again, you’re the master of taking a comment out of context and turning it into a negative. Just acknowledge the kid wrote a great article you knobhead.
Danny O'Neill
12   Posted 21/01/2009 at 00:37:43

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Tony Marsh,

You really are a prize tit. My lad is 14 and his first "hero" was Nick Barmby. No he isn?t any more and we actually burnt an effigy of him on the bonfire the year he defected.

Adam, great to see young Evertonians having something positive to look forward to. Don?t worry about the likes of Tony, they only want to complain, even if it means (incorrectly) trying to correct the maths of a 14-year-old.
Chris Jenkinson
13   Posted 21/01/2009 at 05:41:13

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Adam, great article. yes - Barmby was a good player and I can appreciate how he was your hero at a time when there weren’t too many contenders for that role.

Having been lucky enough to have been supporting the blues as far back as I remember, I was lucky enough to have had players like Young, Labone, Harvey, Kendall (remember the Holy Trinity?) not to mention the one and only Bally.

They were all true Evertonians - players and supporters combined.

I’ve been overseas now for almost 40 years, but still watch every game that’s on cable TV (even at 3am on workdays!)

Thanks for reminding me of what it felt like in those school days when the red shite were still in division 2!
Adam Cunliffe
14   Posted 21/01/2009 at 07:46:34

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TM, mate, I hate Barmby’s guts pal.Just like I know hate Waybe Rooneys.
Tho funnily enough, you dont think like that when your 5.
I booed as loud as anyone when the little runt treturned to Goodison because I was so gutted when he left, doesnt mean that when he played for Everton I didn’t see him as a hero.
Adam Cunliffe
15   Posted 21/01/2009 at 07:49:35

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Oh and by the way Tony, I?m not far off fifteen, my birthday is the 8th of June in 1994 mate. I never actually saw him play exept for on tele, but just like my litlle sister now who hasnt seen Arteta play, he is still her favourite player.

My first game was when I was 7 against Sunderland and Jasper Blomquivst scored.

Do i pas your little prove your a real Evertonian test.

I dont get upset I mean, if you post on here you got to expect some criticsm but seriously Tony, your a first class prick pal.
Gareth Cooper
16   Posted 21/01/2009 at 09:00:50

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Great article Adam. Regardless of your age (what does that matter), you have summed up the feelings of a proud Evertonian. I know how you feel about all the players mentioned, but also appreciate that whoever they are it is EVERTON that you love. Players will always come and go, so we applaud them whilst they are here. Everton is the foundation though, why we put up with all the crap.

Well said mate. I’m looking forward to round 2!!
Alan Clarke
17   Posted 21/01/2009 at 09:20:50

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Adam, your day in school didn’t sound much different to my day in work. Since Christmas I’ve had them bastards patronisingly telling me they ’respect Everton for trying hard on their limited resources’. They even came out with the same excuses about Torres and their so called penalty shouts. Well fuck ’em. You should have seen their faces yesterday and they call us bitter!
Ciarán McGlone
18   Posted 21/01/2009 at 09:41:21

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Thw use of the word ’was’ is quite relevant to Adam’s point.

Barmby WAS a great player, and WAS a hero to some Evertonians whenever he came here....I certainly wanted us to sign him for years..and when he came I was delighted....

What happened subsequently makes him a grade A shithouse now....But he certainly WAS a hero at some point. FOr me anyway...and if you seriously think Barmby was not a good player...then I would assume your delluding yourself to mask the pain.

Good article Adam.
Lloyd Farrell
19   Posted 21/01/2009 at 09:35:32

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Morning all happy Evertonians ? Especially Adam ?

Just a quick note about Adam here everyone ? Regardless who Adam thought was his hero ? The point I took from this was the player was wearing the blue shirt of our club ? EVERTON
And how proud was Adam feeling when he wrote his post. Adam I stand and applaud you my good man. I have taken three of my 5 nieces to their first Everton games, the other two support RS ?

Baby Mia 3 Yrs old pre-season against undinesse ? now 6 sleeps in her Everton top I bought her for her birthday whilst on holiday ? I will never forget her face when ripping the rapping paper of her present, she automatically jumped out of her swimming costume and so proudly put her new Everton Kit on ? socks-shorts and top?.in Greece 80-90 degrees temperature ?

I am soon to become a great uncle as one of the evertonian girls is due to give birth ? very very soon ? to a little boy Joel ? Most definitely to be one of us ? I already have his shirt, just waiting for the day to arrive so I can get the date of birth put on his First Everton Shirt.

And Adam I too was able to take a crisp £10 note from a RSGS (redshite gobshite) after he through it to me ? typical of a RSGS ?

Bring on Sunday and the 5th Round

Adam its great to see young posters on here, ignore those who have a dig at you regarding your everton hero. The point he was wearing a blue shirt is more important than the player.

Well done lad?.
Chris Green
20   Posted 21/01/2009 at 10:55:36

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Adam, well done lad. Great Article and well written too! I agree, that I felt so much pride in the team. They are a credit to us all.

And guys, just don’t give Tony’s comments any thought. You going back at him gives him the chance to fire back at you and unload his nonsense on us all. And he really isn’t worth that! ;-)
Richard Harris
21   Posted 21/01/2009 at 10:57:24

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I only hated Barmby when he left us and thought that he was a good signing who was highly rated at the time. I seem to remember that he had a number of good games for us and was hard-working and chased for the cause !! Maybe I imagined it all :0) That Rooney was rubbish too !!
sam morrison
22   Posted 21/01/2009 at 11:27:16

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adam, you wrote a great piece and it stands on its own - don’t get drawn in to anything else because that bs is beneath you.

tony - you just jumped the shark! No-one is saying they love Barmby now, read the whole peice before you start hounding a kid for saying he liked Barmby when he was an Everton player. Jesus wept...
Colin Wilkes
23   Posted 21/01/2009 at 12:03:32

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In response to "If he is now 14 he wouldn’t have seen Barmby play while he was in the playground would he??? Basic maths not your strong point I guess."

(1) No I am an accountant by trade so why would I be any good at Maths?
(2) if you weren’t so pig ignorant and hadn’t stopped reading such a well written article you would have seen the words "made this 14 year olds day"
I am not defending Barmby at all
I hate the man.
As for stronger moral values Tony I nearly fell of my chair when I read that.
I am really gutted you won’t come to the match with me must be really enjoyable to sit with someone who hasn’t a good word to say about EFC.
Are you a schizophrenic Kopite?
Paul davey
24   Posted 21/01/2009 at 13:26:21

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best article i have read.

"the bad results only make the good results feel even better"

pure gold.

this kid should be in PR.
Steven Hemson
25   Posted 21/01/2009 at 11:46:49

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That was a great read! I’m only 20 myself so I have also been at school through similarly bleak times and poor teams.
I had a poster of that shit on my wall when I was younger so I don’t know what Tony’s problem is we all know the guys a trecherous prick for what he did.
In fact for a short time I loved Michael Branch as he scored in my first ever trip to Goodison when we beat Wednesday 2-0! Not that I’d compare him to Barmby mind you...
Lloyd Farrell
26   Posted 21/01/2009 at 20:00:18

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A note to Colin Wilkes -
I think you have just layed the biggest insult any blue could ever take - being called a Kopite? - HOW could any blue ever take that, Call me a schizophrenic any time - Tell me me girl has a fat arse & that she’s as ugly as a moose ;-)
but a Kopite - your just taking the piss

As pointed out by Paul Davey on Adams comments

"the bad results only make the good results feel even better"
How this lads parents must be proud of a great evertonian writing from the heart.
Micky Norman
27   Posted 21/01/2009 at 20:08:38

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This is great. Tony Marsh having an online bust up with a young lad of 14. Hilarious. Adam- the best way to irritate gobshite kopites is to ignore them, they bloody hate it. Just keep the faith lad, you’re the future of the club.
James Wilheim
28   Posted 21/01/2009 at 20:52:32

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Top read ..
Nice one Adam.

Keep it up.
Paul Connell
29   Posted 22/01/2009 at 00:14:27

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Tony Marsh - do yourself favour lad, I am sure you've read all the posts outlining your ignorance, draw a line under it come out from your hole and apologise to this young kid who has put you to shame.
John Hazlewood
30   Posted 22/01/2009 at 00:54:31

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Great to read read your views - so refreshing!
Zack Yusof
31   Posted 22/01/2009 at 06:49:34

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Top article Adam!!! I agree with Jimmy Rimmer.. a definte A

Tony Marsh - Unbelievable, even for a serial moaner like yourself.

COYB on Sunday!!!!!
Keith O'Brien
32   Posted 22/01/2009 at 08:15:35

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I am an Irish Toffee living in Navan, Co Meath, and was watching the game in my local the other night. There must have been forty or fifty reds there and once they scored the roar was just horrible. So I was the only blue in the midst of all this red but when that little lad Tiny-Tim scored I must say I jumped around like a lunatic and must admit that I was louder than all of them. Even that night some commented to me ?ah ye there is always one? but I tell you what this one felt big, loud and proud.

This is why I love Everton, because we are unique in that respect, I love being the only one or maybe two in the pub but I don't care. My biggest regret since supporting Everton post ?89 season is that we have only won one trophy. So here is to Sunday and visiting a different pub in Dublin this time with my Dad. I know this pub is red through and through but I am rallying the Blue troops for the final finale. Cheers!

Ste Barton
33   Posted 22/01/2009 at 08:35:47

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Tony, wasn?t Barmby voted ?player of the season? just before he went over to the dark side? I seem to remember that adding insult to injury.
Paul Joy
34   Posted 22/01/2009 at 12:36:04

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great post mate and you are also a reason why I love our club - a young lad who clearly has a passion for Everton and who can also think and express himself with intelligence.

And then we get Tony Marsh!!!!!

Tony never fails to insert his feet into his mouth and I really look for his contributions as I enjoy responding. So you see he does have a use to someone. It is also good to compare yourself ? he is one of the most negative Evertonians but I do not doubt that he is ? I just think he talks shite. But long may he continue.

It would have been good to read Adam having a pop back at Tony but he probably doesn?t feel the need.
Paul Joy
35   Posted 22/01/2009 at 12:49:44

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Apologies, I have just read Adam?s responses to Tony.
Spot on, son, you will do for me.

Tony slaughtered by a lad of 14... Priceless. I am laughing so much.
Neil Humphrey
36   Posted 23/01/2009 at 08:22:04

Report abuse

Tony Marsh pawned by a 14-year-old. Solid gold!
Simon Jones
37   Posted 23/01/2009 at 09:40:06

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I grew up a bit outside of Liverpool and went to school in the era that Rush was in his pomp. I don’t recall gloating on too many Mondays following a derby. Mind you the idiots kept fairly quiet while we were busy winning the odd title, FA Cup and European Cup Winners cup.

Btw, anyone remember going into town the night we won the FA Cup in 95? Girls in Everton footy tops and not a red in sight. Beautiful.
Ben Dyke
38   Posted 23/01/2009 at 09:41:11

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Great piece, Adam! Being a blue is not all about success or buying success and losing your soul along the way! Give me low resources and spirit anyday instead of moaning arrogant moneybags teams like the Reds/Chelsea/City who think being hard done by is not getting 6 own goals and 5 penalties each game and that ?hard-working, non-football teams? like Everton shouldn't be in the Premier League ? idiots!

Barmby was my fave player at that time ? bit of skill, good heart, and scored some good goals! Hence Mr Marsh (you ass) why he was player of the season the season (voted by the fans) before he left ? he WAS a hero to a lot of us...

Vinny Challoner
39   Posted 23/01/2009 at 09:31:21

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Adam, great piece kid, you epitomise everything about being an Evertonian and got your point across perfectly. I was watching the match with my 10-year-old son, Callum, and when Ginger scored for the shite, his head dropped, tears welled up in his eyes. I looked at him and told him to keep believing!

When Tim nodded in from a truly fantastic cross, I have never heard such a big noise from a little lad, this was the moment that my son became a true blue. I could see it in his eyes that this defining moment was his calling, just like I had with my dad at Goodison, thanks to Bob Latchford. "You only understand what it's like to be an Evertonian if you are one", I told him.

Adam, I hope my boy is as passionate as you when he is your age.........

Phil Rowe
40   Posted 23/01/2009 at 10:39:23

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Everton have been my favourite team since 1966. I have only been to GP once (0-0 with Leeds in the ?70?s) but seen them away on numerous occasions as I live in the deep south-west. Loving them from afar as I have, I have followed all your comments on the site with great interest but felt I did not qualify to join in. Until now.

I have three sons who are now grown up & have sons of their own. They were all born in the 80s so didn?t really see the great times. Nonetheless, they all support the Blues. Adam made me very proud that we follow Everton and for me what proved it was when my eldest son phoned me to remind me of when we listened to the 4-4 draw with the RS on the radio. Was it really 18 years ago? He remembered it, he was 10 years old. Says it all for me.

Guys, lets not argue eh, we are all on the same side. Must say, it is fun though. COYB

Dave Roberts
41   Posted 23/01/2009 at 11:54:53

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Well done Adam, great article. It always makes me feel good when I see youngsters at the match, just as passionate as I am, or even just walking around with the great Blue shirt on, especially as it would be so tempting for kids today to become a glory hunting Kopite!

Phil Rowe,

We all have times when for one reason or another we can’t get to the match. Remember, we have Blues on this site from all over the world.

If you love ’em you qualify!
Dave Roberts
42   Posted 23/01/2009 at 11:54:53

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Well done Adam, great article. It always makes me feel good when I see youngsters at the match, just as passionate as I am, or even just walking around with the great Blue shirt on, especially as it would be so tempting for kids today to become a glory hunting Kopite!

Phil Rowe,

We all have times when for one reason or another we can’t get to the match. Remember, we have Blues on this site from all over the world.

If you love ’em you qualify!
Mike Murray
43   Posted 23/01/2009 at 12:50:32

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Nice one Adam. Reading you piece reminded me of the ’Glen Keeley’ derby hiding in 1982(?) after which I cried my eyes out dreading going back to school on Monday. My dad, no doubt not looking forward to going work on Monday, saying to me, "football works in cycles son; our time will come again,". Couldn’t see it at the time but it did. The football world has changed since then, but I now say the same to my 6 year old.......Keep the faith!
Danny Hughes
44   Posted 23/01/2009 at 16:05:28

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An awesome article Adam and an even better response to "Tony Marsh". Like you, I grew up with Walter Smith?s Everton and Duncan Ferguson is my all-time hero. For me, this article is absolutely spot on in everything you wrote.

Going to school in Bristol I was surrounded with kopites and it was never sweeter to go in after a derby performance like Monday night. Being 18, this is the best Everton team that I have seen and performances like Monday night highlight why I love Everton so much and why my support never has and never will falter.

Sean Condon
45   Posted 23/01/2009 at 22:43:09

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I just fuckin? love smart kids that swear a lot.
Excellent post!
Nick Armitage
46   Posted 23/01/2009 at 22:44:06

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Great article mate, keep it up, it is always good to hear the thoughts, feelings and opinions of a range of Evertonians, especially ones of your age who are going to carry the torch on to the next generation.

You’ve already learnt a valuble lesson in life, when some tithead puts the boot in, get back up and kick him harder. If we continue to empassion people like you then the future of this club is rosy. If you have something to say on here then say it, don’t let others pull you down.

When you are eighteen I’ll buy you a beer.
Nick Armitage
47   Posted 23/01/2009 at 22:58:26

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And I will also have to admit to a typo, empassion should read impassion.
David Clark
48   Posted 23/01/2009 at 22:29:35

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Great post and, like many others have put so eloquently, really sums up what it means to be an Evertonian. Funnily enough, I took my son to the same Sunderland game for his first game at Goodison, he was 4. Now nearly 12, he?s a very passionate Bluenose like yourself. We live 125 miles from GP so you can imagine, there?s only one or two other Blues in his entire school. Usually, kids of exiled scousers like myself.

I remember Barmby bringing his lad on the pitch before one game feeling pang of jealousy I couldn?t do the same with Harry. The dislike I had for him when he crossed the park has disappeared now ? he actually lives across the road from Harry?s maternal grandparents and we see him fairly regularly with his son at tournaments Harry plays in (they?re the same age). He?s also a bit of a local hero round our way now (yes, we live near Hull).

Harry?s first night game was the 1-0 Big Dunc goal vs Man Utd in 2005. As we turned out on the the Gwladys Street with deafening noise still ringing in our ears, I said, "Listen to that sound, son, this is what it really means to be an Evertonian".

Ignore the taunts & rants on this site and elsewhere (although you seem to be doing a good job anyway). We need to embrace all Evertonians, young or old, able to attend GP or not, wherever they are in the world. Especially the next generation like you, your mates & Harry. It?s up to you guys to carry the blue torch. Keep up the good work. COYB!!
Kevin Sparke
49   Posted 24/01/2009 at 05:30:02

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Blimey, I’ve got a new hero. Well written peice kid.

I especially like the response to Tony Marsh.

’Prick’ Ha ha ha! Out of the mouths of babes and all that.

Keep it up... both the writing and the blues - may you never lose your passion for either!
Jeff Spiers
50   Posted 24/01/2009 at 08:54:16

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Every above post [bar one] pure class. Mr Marsh you are a complete knob jockey!
Danny May
51   Posted 24/01/2009 at 10:30:54

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I agree with the majority, it was a well-written article that the majority of blues who grew up with season tickets during the Walter Smith era can relate to!

I'm 23 and was at school myself when Barmby left, the horrible little gobshite. Some time after, when the cunt was injured, I was playing a five-a-side game with my schoolmates at the JJB soccerdome in Wigan when, as we are finishing, who should walk in... none other than the Judas twat himself!!

He was apparently injured and was doing some intensive training or something soft arse like that. All my mates were redshite and waited patiently for the session to finish; I said nothing, poised in silence waiting for my moment.

As he finishes, my mates surround him for autographs, like a flock of fucking sheep. I still maintain my composure standing slightly back from the flock, he steps towards me and gestures to offer me an autograph to which I broke my silence with, "Fuck off, I don?t want fuck all off you, you horrible Judas cunt!" His face dropped like his balls haven?t. He then went on to spout a load of nonsense about me not knowing what went on behind the scenes and a load of other bollocks.

I wish I could've provided fellow blues with a better story, like I chinned the cunt, but I was about 14 or 15 and a bit of a skinny fucker at the time!!! However, I did wait til he was driving off and ambushed his car, Audi I think it was with the biggest stones I could find!!!

I still hate the cunt to this day!! keep smiling blues!!!

Tim Coombe
52   Posted 24/01/2009 at 11:51:07

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Nice one, Adam: spot on with it all, Ferguson and Barmby were my heroes too when I was a teenager. I remember screaming "Barmby for England" in the Gwladys Street... but I booed him to fuck at the Wigan game. Let's hope for a win tomorrow, mate ? that will top your jubilation on Monday.
Roy Rennison
53   Posted 24/01/2009 at 12:43:06

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THERE'S ONLY 1 TONY MARSH,ONLY 1 TOOOONY MAAAAARSH,1 TONY MARSH!!!! Great article, Adam, and great response to Marshy, COYB let?s spank em at theie own place!!!
Mick Beb
54   Posted 24/01/2009 at 14:01:54

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Adam, we not only share the same birthday (pity not the same year, I have double on you mate), but we share the same passion for the blues.

Brilliant read mate, Look forward to a couple more from you. Like everyone else has said ignore soft lad.

Tom Hutton
55   Posted 24/01/2009 at 17:55:08

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Top article ? reminds us all why we are blue, stay blue and will die blue... unlike the RS with their alleged God-given right to win everything and it is always someone else's fault why they don?t. Cue fat Spanish waiter!!!! Keep the faith.
Tim Lever
56   Posted 25/01/2009 at 10:27:36

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excellent article - sums up my feelings - I have supported Everton for 39 years now through all the ups and downs and I can say we are a REAL club - we have ups and we have downs - and we have won things and lost things - but that’s life.

BUT even better - we are not the plaything of some spoilt/bored rich boy in some international todger-measuring contest! I hope that remains - we will be great or awful because we are BLUE!
Sean Kelly
57   Posted 26/01/2009 at 14:56:29

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Great little article, Adam. I know where your coming from, I know the feeling. I?m 18 now, but I never had the proper chance to be in your situation taking the piss outta the redshite, I left school and only once I?ve had the chance to take the piss outta them (Carsley Derby).

And you know what, I know that feeling, even if it is just once or twice, it feels amazing. So I?m so happy not just one Evertonian like yourself who supports the blue boys, but every child to has had the mick taking out of our team.

Top article, brings back memories! ? Hope you got more dinner money today too.
Neil Powell
58   Posted 26/01/2009 at 15:42:03

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Adam, I?ve been a life long blue and have two sons, one a blue and one who supports another (not the shite) and I?m going to show him your letter as the best summary of the reasons why Everton is simply the best football club on planet earth. Thanks Neil.
Adam Cunliffe
59   Posted 26/01/2009 at 16:37:39

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Neil, you're welcome mate, I hope it comes in use to you. I?d just like to say thanks for all the positive comments, I really apreciate them and hopefully, with a bit of luck we?ll do em at our place. I hope we do because the money I've bet on the FA Cup tie rolls over 'til the replay is played....
Seriously, tho, thanks people for commenting ? I?m really chuffed my article went down well.

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