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The cost of a Shared Stadium

By James Melia :  23/05/2009 :  Comments (11) :
During the second half of this article on the Official Website, Robert Elstone brought up the subject of a shared stadium. He said that it would cost £400m and he seems to be basing that on Arsenal's Emirates stadium. I researched and made this table comparing European and UK stadia to show that a stadium suitable for Everton would cost less than £400m.

Robert Elstone said that a joint stadium would cost £200m each and Everton would fail to find the additional £122m needed. At the start of Destination Kirkby, Evertonians were told that Everton didn't have to pay a penny, which turned out to be false, then it rose to £50m and now £78m. The cost of the project is £150m estimated and Tesco are only prepared to pay £52m; so that again leaves Everton paying £98m not £0!

Everton have failed to recognise/admit that a join stadium venture would be eligible to funding by Sports & Culture board (should England win the 2018 World Cup bid) funding from North West Development Agency and Liverpool City Council. Arsenal's Emirates stadium received a £100m naming rights deal, £15m catering contract and revenue from redevelopment of Highbury. If Everton got all the funding required and split the remaining costs, a joint stadium would be cheaper than Destination Kirkby.

Viable stadiums (from 2003) that are cheaper than Everton's Destination Kirkby and better value for money include the 3 Main Portugal Euro 2004 Stadia, Borussia Park, City of Manchester Stadium, Stadionul National (New Romania National Stadium), and the Swedbank Arena Solna (New Sweden National Stadium).

A stadium I am particularly impressed with is the new Swedish National Stadium of capacity 70,000 and cost £170million (must be a flat-pack stadium!)

Reader Comments

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Neil McKinney
1   Posted 23/05/2009 at 15:34:02

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Hmmm. I’m confused. How does this show that a combined stadium would cost less than £400m? How can you put the UK cost in £s, put the European cost in ?s, then just divide the cost by the capacity and compare????

How is that an accurate comparison? Really, please explain. Before I say whether I agree with your argument I would like to understand exactly what it is.

Add to that the fact that you seem to have set the limit of what is deemed "value for money" just below the figure that Kirkby falls at (2,976.13 = Kirkby not value for money, yet 2,818.18 = Kings Dock is value for money)

It is notoriously expensive to build in the UK compared to Europe, so again your argument about cost is flawed. Construction costs will be far higher now than in 2003 so again difficult to compare in the way you have done.

All in all your "logic" seems to have more holes than a sieve. Maybe I just don’t get it.
Tom Hughes
2   Posted 23/05/2009 at 19:44:26

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Construction costs in the UK have fallen recently, as has the cost of steel compared to just a few years ago..... I wonder if the club are still boasting that they got a fixed cost contract, because if they did they have lost out bigtime. As far as construction costs being greater in the UK, not sure this is the case in comparison to Germany or Scandinavia, who both have far higher labour costs generally.

Also James, Destination Kirkby is a £100m stadium, not the oft quoted £150m. Check out Barr?s website for the construction costs etc. The additional value is a dreamt-up figure to attempt to offset the ridiculously ineffectual enabling scheme, as was highlighted at the inquiry when none of the club?s ?experts? could identify where it came from. Tesco have confirmed several times that they are not contributing anything towards the stadium... cross funding via retail enabling was supposed to cover the stadium costs but will in fact contribute the smallest slice of the imaginary financing pie (just £10-12m).

Of course the club never told us this at the time of the vote since they knew Evertonians would have asked why £40-£80m couldn?t be spent on redeveloping Goodison at our leisure, or put towards the likes of the Loop where substantially greater enabling was possible as proven by the Kings Dock proposals. Smoke and mirrors and no substance from start to finish.

James Smith
3   Posted 23/05/2009 at 21:40:04

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Elstone is quoting that figure because any design for a joint stadium would have to conform to Liverpool?s standards (and their current plans are at about the same price I believe) ? top of the line corporate facilities and fit out, a 70k capacity, the real deal with transport etc. Whereas the Everton Board of Directors are doing Kirkby on the absolute cheap.
Stephen Williams
4   Posted 23/05/2009 at 22:22:40

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I think it is going to be a lot cheaper to build 2 years from now as the economy will be at its lowest. Liverpool City Council will be desperate to have any building work done just to keep us in the city. Prices should be rock bottom now that the housing market has halted. What we really need before a stadium, as like Arsenal... we need CL football on a regular basis to generate the cash on the field for the sums to stack up off the field; we need to become a bigger club on the field and the rest will follow.

Arsenal have regular CL qualification. In recent years, I feel Moyes and not O'Neill to be the man to challenge Wenger with his own brand of astute buying and pip Arsenal to 4th or higher. I think we frightened Liverpool (2004) into spending more to qualify for CL football with Moyes our club will continue to move forward. The stadium will come when it's needed when it's impossible to get a seat at Goodison. Let's learn to crawl before we walk...

Punctuation added, no charge ? The Editor

Christine Foster
5   Posted 24/05/2009 at 04:32:11

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The reality is that no one at either club wants a shared stadium. If truth have it, it's only the blue side of the supporters who in part want it because its a better option than Kirkby.

What isn?t being admitted to by the club is that it is probable that a grant would be forthcoming, however ? that might just make Kirkby appear a poor solution.

Frankly, despite all the "we are broke" brigade banging on, somehow we will or have found the probably £100m to make Kirkby work, but as Tom said, they could have made other decisions but they won?t. They never had any intention to consider anything else so why would Elstone give a complete and full appraisal of any scheme?

He knows as we all do that Kirkby is the only option the board ever wanted and no matter how good a case for any alternative is made, the only way that EFC will not go to Kirkby is if the inquiry goes against it.

Karl Masters
6   Posted 24/05/2009 at 12:47:15

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Christine?s last sentence hits the nail on the head.

Although I have been quite impressed with Elstone so far, he still has ?a whiff of Wyness? about him by continuing to insist Kirkby is the ?only option? when clearly it isn?t.

I?d like to think he is saying that publicly because he has to say it to keep in with Tesco and not violate this ?exclusivity agreement? which I am sure we were originally told was only to last for 6 months! The Exclusivity Agreement is preventing any other ideas from seeing the light of day.

I am opposed to Kirkby for all sorts of reasons, all detailed in the past, and with the above in mind I am keeping my fingers crossed the scheme gets thrown out ? for the long term good of Everton Football Club, rather than a minimal potential short term gain and a big win for Tesco.
Kieron Hughes
7   Posted 24/05/2009 at 18:28:45

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It will be great when all this is finally over, in my opinion most fans are ?punch drunk? about the whole thing and will take whatever comes now, whereas in the early days I thought there would have been a revolt against the Board because of Kirkby. We?re all suffering from Kirkby fatigue, the team doing well on the pitch has killed the whole anti-DK thing as well.

On Bluekipper there?s news from an anti-DK shareholder that Tesco have ordered the steel for the new stadium, that's on top of all the trees recently been felled at the stadium site, and thats on top of the GONW giving KMBC permission to Tesco to divert the brook. We?re going to Kirkby and it's now time for people to get on with their lives.
Tom Hughes
8   Posted 24/05/2009 at 19:26:24

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I?m a shareholder, but not sure what relevance that has to knowing the outcome of the public inquiry. I also know people who work for the contractors, Barrs, and they have been stood down for months, so you can read whatever you like into that.

I agree, Evertonians are DK punch drunk, and the cup has been a healthy distraction, but rest assured the KEIOC stance is even more valid now than it ever was. None of the club?s pre-vote DK promises have come to fruition or anything close.

The public inquiry only served to highlight the glaring defficiencies of an ill-conceived collaboration as far as any discerning Evertonian should be concerned. Mediocre stadium in a disastrous location does not a good future make ? regardless of whether they can convince someone to invest.

Ej Ruane
9   Posted 25/05/2009 at 13:17:45

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Open door into BK?s office. BK and Elstone sit facing each other over a desk (on which sits a large autographed picture of Dave Hickson)

Elstone: "..Well can we say the finances are in place for Kirkby?"

BK: "Er... no coz they?re not."

Elstone: "Can we say we can definitely deliver it?"

BK: "Er... no."

SFX: Ring-ring.... ring-ring.

Elstone (picks up phone): "Hello Robert Elstone, Everton FC"

Reporter (loud, narky): "Hi, J. Jonah Jameson, Editor of the Liverpool Bugle, what the hell is the present financial situation re Kirkby?"

Elstone: ?Kirkby?s costing and funding strategies are not set in stone but they are sufficiently solid to give the club confidence that it can deliver it"

Reporter: "Sounds good to me! Bye"

BK: "Bob, you?re a genius!... And so much more approachable than fat Keith!"
Derek Turnbull
10   Posted 26/05/2009 at 12:16:05

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Kieron Hughes, we may have to face the reality of going Kirkby. Souldn?t we as fans be covering this scenario and be applying pressure on the board to change that horrific design of theirs?? p>No-one should be resting on this subject. If you?re not fighting for alternatives then you should be fighting the awful design.
Barry Scott
11   Posted 26/05/2009 at 20:54:08

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For the Fifa World Cup in 2010, £640m has been allocated for stadium builds and improvements. Shouldn?t Everton be throwing their hat into the ring for the free cash for the stadium developments for 2018?

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