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Belief Is The Key

By Tony Marsh :  12/01/2009 :  Comments (0) :
It's hard not to be pleased with the season so far considering the awful start the Blues made to the campaign. Another three points gained on Saturday and the home record that was absymal is now starting to improve.

For the first time in a long time, I now enjoy watching Everton play. The hoofball mentality is slowly being replaced by some decent on-the-carpet type footy and we have tightened up at the back. Things are looking up and I am asking myself the question... Is David Moyes beginning to evolve as a manager? Then along comes the Fellaini incident on Saturday to crush any notions I may of had about Moyes changing his ways.

WTF was David Moyes thinking about keeping Fellaini on the pitch for the second half on Saturday?? Every Evertonian in the country was screaming for him to be replaced once we went two up... but no — Moyes knows best.

I read a quote on Sunday that DM made and it was along the lines of.... "We were 2-0 up against Newcastle earlier in the season and ended up drawing 2-2 so I thought it best to keep Fellaini on in case Hull made a comeback." So there it is in black and white — Moyes admits the was scared of a poxy Hull side who haven't won a game in the last 12 matches and who we where already two down at Goodison Park.S orry but I just can't accept that one bit.

If, like me, you consider the next two games we play to be the biggest challenge we have faced for years, then you will understand the frustration and the anger at such incompetent management. It was going to be hard enough with two trips to Anfield in a week without the manager sacrificing one of our best players because the manger was scared of Hull City. FFS, Hull City!!!

What made me laugh though was the reaction from DM when Fellaini was inevitably booked minutes in to the second half of the game. Moyes appeared to be the only person inside the ground shocked that it happened. I still can't believe it was allowed to happen though. Pathetic really.

Regardless of wether or not you think Fellaini will be missed in the Derby games, these type of dithering decisions are what stop Moyes from moving on as a football manager. It's not just Saturday's lapse though — it's been going on for years now.

As I have said in the past, all the good work David Moyes does is always countered by really poor stuff. Negativity and the lack of a killer instinct are just two of the problems that need addressing. That, and pussyfooting about with that clueless chairman of ours is another.

It's now the 12th of January and not a sausage. No sign of a new player anywhere. What the fuck is going on? We lost all of our strikers early in December so it's not as if we haven't had time to look for anyone is it? Don't give me that "no money" malarkey either. Moyes should demand the cash or threaten to go. Show some balls and stand up to Bungalow Bill.

Even a Mickey Mouse club like Swansea have got players from Barcelona on loan and Valencia and Khazi ended up at Wigan Athletic for buttons so don't tell me there is no-one out there.I reckon a punt on Dave Nugent is even worth the risk at around £2 million quid... We would easily get that back if the lad bombed. I mean, Do something for fuck's sake... It beats sitting around scratching your arse all day.

Like I said in the comment box last week, Moyes will probably wait until we lose both games against the Shite untill he realises we need a striker. Then he will go out and sign someone on the 31st of January with seconds to spare in the window. It's what he usually does isn't it?

I know a lot of you won't like what I am saying but tough. It's these small attention-to-detail mistakes that DM continually makes that hold us back as a club. Moyes is doing a decent enough job but it's plain for all to see that it could be so much better. Simple things are not being done and it's costing us all the time.

As for the up and coming Derby matches, I did think we could win at least one of them until we lost Fellaini. I still think a win in the FA Cup tie is the more likely and one I would want most of all. We never beat the shite when it counts. When it really means something, we always lose. Semi-finals and finals are always lost when we play the shite and I have had more than my fill over the years.

The time has come for payback and I only hope we don't sit back at Anfield and adopt an Alamo siege mentality. We will get slaughtered. We need to get at the Bastards with all guns blazing. I hope Moyes, after 7 years in the job, has got the balls to have a go for once. I hope Moyes, after 7 years in the job, realises what these games mean to us.

These coming games against Liverpool are not just about local bragging rights any more... oh no, this time we are dealing with my sanity. I just can't take any more of the shit we have had to endure over the past 20 odd years. I reckon it's our time now. Time for us to step up to the plate and be men. Time to avenge the horrible injustices of the past.

Clive Thomas, Ian Rush, Graham Poll, Emlyn Hughes, Toshack Keegan, Dalgliesh, Rush, Fowler, Owen... all the Cocknies on the Kop. Gerrard, Torres, ... I hate the lot of you. You Bastards have ruined part of my life. It's payback and the Blues are on the march.

Come on, Moyes — I hope you get into the spirit of things and give us long-suffering fools something to be proud of. Do these twats at Anfield and I will never doubt you again. Fail to deliver and you will never be forgiven... COYBs

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