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Life without Bill

By Peter Jones :  28/07/2009 :  Comments (31) :

Just imagine what life as an Everton fan could have been like if Bill Kenwright had never become chairman.

When Peter Johnston was looking to sell his controlling shareholding I’m pretty sure that Lady Grantchester and her son, John Suenson-Taylor (Lord Grantchester), were rumoured to be looking to buy back the club. If they, or possibly another investor with substantial funds, had bought the club, do you think we would be better or worse off?

Well here follows a few things to think about:

1. In his first months as Chairman, Bill Kenwright entered into negotiations to sell a stake in the club to NTL. In the expectation that the NTL money was coming in to the club, Walter Smith spent significantly. I believe BK once admitted the NTL deal fell through the day before it was due to be concluded. As a result the club had a substantial debt.

What did BK do? Did he loan the club money? Did he underwrite a share issue to raise funds? Did he look to sell the club to Lady Grantchester or any other buyer, accepting a reduced price because of the NTL disaster? No — he arranged a loan with a Bear Stearns Bank of £25M, repayable I believe at £2.4M per annum interest charges over 25 years, secured on gate receipts and season tickets; total sum repayable: £60M approximately.

In subsequent years, when any potential investor came to consider the viability of buying EFC, the first thing they would look at is the long-term debt. This ongoing debt hangs around the club’s neck like a millstone.

2. Liverpool City Council offered the Kings Dock to Liverpool FC who quickly rejected the offer. LCC offered the Kings Dock to Everton FC who eagerly accepted. BK visited various European superstadia and was photographed looking around with a dreamy look in his eyes as if he could see the future of EFC. We all believed it as well.

A magnificent, iconic stadium was designed, the fans hopes soared, European development funding was in place, we had the backing of the North West Development Agency and LCC, and  — just when we thought it was going to happen — it fell through. BK tells us we can’t afford it, we can’t raise the £35M which EFC would have to contribute to the development.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but if we hadn’t incurred the £25M loan with Bear Stearns, doesn’t it seem likely we could have borrowed the £35M and more from another lending institution, secured on the likely greater gate receipts in the new and bigger stadium? Again, did BK look to sell the club to someone who could fund the £35M contribution?

No — he did nothing. He let the greatest opportunity in the club’s long history slip away. If Lady Grantchester and her son had bought the club, do you think they would have found the £35M contribution? With an estimated worth of £1,200M according to the Sunday Times Rich List I think it’s reasonable to expect they would have done.

3. Let’s give credit to BK for appointing David Moyes who has made fantastically cheap buys for players who have taken the team forward: Arteta, Cahill, Pienaar, Lescott, Jagielka, Baines, etc. But what is Moyes’s net spend over the years? Approximately £40M, I reckon. How has this been paid for?
The sale of youth players: Ball £6M, Dunne £4M, Jeffers £10M, and yes Rooney £26M — a total of £46M. What if the club had been sold to Lady Grantchester and her son? Do you think Rooney would still be wearing an Everton shirt? With BK as chairman, how long do you think it will be before Rodwell is sold?

And what if Moyes had not been available as manager when he was appointed? Our relative success has been down to him, not BK. Has Moyes himself been held back by BK? If he had gone to Tottenham or even Newcastle as manager, do you think he would still be looking for his first trophy? Is it any wonder he delayed signing his contract last summer?

4. Let’s not forget that at the Kirkby enquiry it was admitted by Robert Elstone in response to a question, that no investment had been made by any of the Board members in the club. BK has claimed down the years that he’s borrowed from all and sundry to raise money for the club. Believe it if you want — but taking into account Elstone’s comments it just doesn’t ring true.

I think he overextended himself to buy his shareholding; he and other board members may have underwritten loans, or made loans themselves to the club, which would be repayable. However, his latest comments on the club’s debt are astonishing even by BK’s standards — Robert Elstone confirmed that, despite a successful year and consequent record turnover, the club’s debt had “increased quite substantially”.

BK’s explanation — “I do not understand why football clubs have such big debts, it’s a mystery.” ... “It’s a mystery”!! — this is simply not an acceptable statement by a man in a position of such responsibility. He must, or surely should know where every single penny of debt is being incurred. How can he possibly make business plans for the future if the present financial status of the business is such a “mystery” to him???

5. Last, but far from least, Destination Kirkby — a game of Russian Roulette if ever there was one. The upside if it goes through — an extra £6M a year in income... IF the stadium is full. The downside, the RISK that is being taken by BK — loss of core supporters who won’t go to Kirkby as a matter of principle, appalling transport links, an average stadium, a debt of at least £80M.

If it isn’t an immediate success then the risk of a half empty stadium with no atmosphere, as a result falling income and consequent inability to invest in players leading to poor performance on the pitch, what then? No chance of qualifying for Europe, and possibly, just possibly relegation. Could the club survive that? With an £80M debt... not a chance.

BK professes to love the club but he’s putting gun to its head and is about to pull the trigger. He hints that there’s a possible investor waiting to buy the club if Kirkby goes through; well, NTL was a lesson that potential investments don’t always go through and when they don’t, if you have incurred debts in the expectation that they will go through, the consequences can be catastrophic when they don’t.

Does BK have the right to take such a risk? Legally – yes, he’s chairman of EFC which is a limited company. Morally – no, he’s a custodian of an institution, a major part of the cultural history of the great City of Liverpool. I, for one, am disgusted that he is willing to take such a risk.

Life teaches us that there are certain moments in our lives when we have choices that lead us down very different paths. That moment arose in the life of EFC, and all of us who follow it, when Peter Johnston was looking to sell his shareholding. Was the right choice made?

Well, if the club had been sold back to Lady Grantchester and her son, or someone who could afford to own a Premier League club and invest in it, then I think a strong case can be put to suppose that the Kings Dock Stadium could have been built, Wayne Rooney could still be an Everton player and Kirkby would just be a place where a few Evertonians live.

The possible consequence of all this? — Isn’t it reasonable to suppose that, when the super rich foreign investors cast their eyes towards the Premier League, a shining light that would have stood out, with a great Stadium and the greatest young English player of his generation playing as centre forward, would have been EFC? Who do you think the present owners of Man City would have chosen if they had had such a choice? We may have spent the summer dreaming about buying Kaka and the like rather than worrying about the loss of Lescott, and soon, I have no doubt, the loss of Arteta, Rodwell, perhaps ultimately Moyes.

I accept that all the above is speculation, but it is based on facts/events which cannot be disputed: NTL, Bear Stearns loan, King’s Dock, sale of Rooney, and the risk to the future of Everton Football Club that is represented by Destination Kirkby.

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Kevin Sparke
1   Posted 29/07/2009 at 17:15:30

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Well apart from the factual errors; the misrepresented intentions of the Granchesters; the shoddy treatment of history; the mythology of ’super rich’ investors put off by sustainable debt; the unquoted source you nicked; the speculation which you admit - this is a good piece.

Brian Waring
2   Posted 29/07/2009 at 17:39:49

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One can only hope and pray,that someday we will be saying " Life without Bill " Hopefully that day is not to far away.
Colin Potter
3   Posted 29/07/2009 at 17:27:22

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Excellent article peter, kenwright is, without doubt the worst thing that could have happened to us. The thing is, there are fans that still trust him! The mind boggles!
Kevin Sparke
4   Posted 29/07/2009 at 17:55:16

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... But at least you can spell ’Grantchester’...
Jay Harris
5   Posted 29/07/2009 at 18:01:44

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although I agree with you totally in principle I would like to point out a couple of things.

I seem to recall the Grantchester’s were not particularly interested in football and while retaining an interest in who they were going to sell to really had no interest in running the club.

That said BK was actually good friends with PJ (despite their previous battle for ownership) and Phil Carter so the deal was brokered between them with noone from outside that circle invited in and the Grantchester’s coerced into selling to BK’s consortium.

It is also a mystery where the money came from as at the time BK’s house which he did remortgage was only reputed to be worth a million and Gregg only put up 8 million to buy his holding.

There is no doubt that Everton debt rose to 19 million in the first 18 months from 5 million which BK inherited

That should put paid to all the people who say "BK rescued the club from PJ".

Another point you missed totally was when Paul Gregg who had been a longstanding friend of Bill’s saw how badly the club was being run and how Bill’s structure of the shareholding prevented further investment asked BK to restructure or stand down

Bill then proceeded to publicly ridicule Gregg and "invented" the Fortress Sports Fund" with his never to be forgotten lie "The cheque will be in the bank in the morning".

That was the end of Gregg and one more opponent who dared to question BK out of the way.

As for Desolation Kirkby I think it’s a ride he is being forced to take due to his lethargy in finding someone to buy the club and his subsequent indebtedness to Green and Earl.

I think most of what he’s done can be undone by a more capable board but NOT if we go to Kirkby which I believe will forever make us another Bolton.
David Booth
6   Posted 29/07/2009 at 17:59:49

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What is it with you ’Kenwright out-ers’?

This is Everton and this is 2009. It’s a time of massive, money-led mercenary change in this formerly beautiful game of ours and we are one of the last bastions of all it once stood for:

A club led by a committed fan;

A dedicated, honest, modest, respected, successful manager;

A team of players who are emerging as true Evertonians - much in the spirit of the great 80s side.

So I tire of all this repetitive Kenwright bile, almost as much as that which occasionally spills out against Moyes. What do you people want?

Let’s look at the only four clubs currently enjoying more consistent success than we are:

Manchester United will always enjoy some sort of pre-eminence due to their enormous fan-base.

Chelsea are backed by Abramovic, which even with the ludicrous situation developing at Manchester City, makes them similarly untouchable.

Liverpool, despite what we might feel, can top trump us almost at will.

And Arsenal, although wavering a little right now, can still pull in 60,000 each week and pull rank when necessary thanks to their capital city status. They too also have a very good manager.

So a healthy dose of realism is what we need right now: and that does not infer any lack of ambition.

I don’t want to sell the club’s soul to some anonymous Middle East meglomaniac, just so we can make fools of ourselves buying the likes of Adebayor (never mind his team-mate Bellamy).

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but I want Everton to stand for something. The right way of doing things. Yes, maybe old-fashioned in some people’s eyes, but hey, we are now the most consistent challenger to the so-called ’big four’ and making consistent progress year-on-year.

It’s the system that’s at fault. It simply cannot continue like this, and when it collapses and these overseas wheeler-dealers lose interest, we at least will be one of the few clubs left standing.

Personally, I found what happened at Chelsea obscene - and at Man City even more so. Offering players like John Terry £250,000 a week is killing my love of the game - and that from someone for whom Everton/football has been the major part of his life for more than 40 years.

If I were a teenager, I’d be delighted of course, but I’m not. And neither are the majority of correspondents who get involved in these regular Kenwright and Moyes assassinations.

Yes, we perhaps have messed-up ground wise, yes it might be fanciful to speculate how nice it would be to have multi-millions thrown at us by someone who we don’t know and really couldn’t care less about.

But as well as winning things - and in our time we’ve won plenty and will continue to do so - football is about soul and passion and principle: and we still have that in spades.

It’s worthwhile taking time out to look at the tarts Leeds and Newcastle have made of themselves. Consider too the ailing fortunes of teams such as Charlton, Norwich and Southampton. We can’t all be winners... but best not be a loser eh?

Sure, we’ll have some possibly stiffer competition this time around from the likes of City, Villa and possibly Spurs (although they always flatter on paper to deceive on the pitch), but we’ll be there once more, confounding the cynics and critics.

Nothing in football lasts forever. Our time will come again. The dust will certainly have to settle before it does, but finishing in the top five, making it through to cup finals and appearing regularly in Europe is as good as it will get for now ands that’s good enough for me. We’re showing more consistent form than we have for more than 20 years.

Come the revolution, things WILL change and the playing field will level out.

Until then fellow Evertonians, take a step back and appreciate where we are and what we still stand for... and leave Bill (and Moysie) alone!
Paul Gladwell
7   Posted 29/07/2009 at 18:44:45

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David if he is honest I am Jesus Christ.
I suggest you read the lies again stated by Peter and Jay, Ringfenced,the cheque is in the post and virtually free stadium are lies not honesty and there are plenty more.
Gavin Ramejkis
8   Posted 29/07/2009 at 18:45:42

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Unfortunately David the very heart of your pro BK armoury is in fact it’s weakest component; sentiment. Football is about the here and now in this current day and age. Sentiment is leading BK to rapidly become a bigger laughing stock and Everton’s own Peter Swayles. He is a walking PR disaster and was out of his depth as a premiership chairman years ago. The old boy club environment died in football years ago, the club needs businessmen not "a fan", FFS I’m a fan and so are you so does that make either of us any better?

BK needed to ship out several years ago and his catalogue of deceipt and failures have gained him plenty of resentment from enough of the fanbase. The article had many faults but also undeniable facts, I seem to remember that Lord Granchester was part of the consortium looking to back Gregg and there but for the grace of Black Bill we could have been playing at the Kings Dock in a stadium which would be the envy of the city. Too many false dawns, too many untruths, far too much ignorance and disdain for the fanbase, the sooner BK is gone the better.
Colin Potter
9   Posted 29/07/2009 at 18:47:24

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David Booth,

A committed fan, who will oversee the demise of a once great club, if he takes us to Kirkby. Either that, or he will just piss off with his pockets stuffed full of his ill gotten gains. You people live in a permanent stupour, when kenwright starts lying through his teeth, when are going to wake up. There are thousands of fans who don’t want to settle for second best, unlike yourself.
Stephen Kenny
10   Posted 29/07/2009 at 19:29:07

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I believe that Earl and Green have the ability to pull the rug from under the club as it were in a fiancial sense.

I also believe that they will have a large retail presence at DK.

Finally I believe that Everton have no choice but to enable said development to stop said rug being pulled.

I have no evidence for this but I wouldnt be suprised if it was true and it’s what bill has to do to keep the club from sinking!
Stephen Kenny
11   Posted 29/07/2009 at 19:29:07

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I believe that Earl and Green have the ability to pull the rug from under the club as it were in a fiancial sense.

I also believe that they will have a large retail presence at DK.

Finally I believe that Everton have no choice but to enable said development to stop said rug being pulled.

I have no evidence for this but I wouldnt be suprised if it was true and it’s what bill has to do to keep the club from sinking!
Ciarán McGlone
12   Posted 29/07/2009 at 19:51:32

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Can anyone tell me when - realistically - was the last season whenever the league could’ve been won or challenged for without the need to spend big money on footballers and pay them big wages?

With this amswer in mind - can anyone then please explain why Kenwright bought the club whenever he knew he’d never be able to allow everton to compete for the title?
Thomas Christensen
13   Posted 29/07/2009 at 20:13:29

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Ciaran - As ever very good point. I’m guessing Leeds or Arsene Wenger’s first Arsenal win.

Peter Jones - HANG ON... I’m not pro Kenwright...But reading your one sided arguement I’m annoyed to say you’ve wound me up that much I find myself wanting to defend him ... THANKS!!

1. You do not know that the ’£2.5m’ annual fee is correct, or if it is correct what debt it services...just talking BS.

2. Had BK got an extension to his Bear Stern loan for Kings Dock, totaling £60m (according to your maths) he would have geared the business with far to much debt we wouldn’t have been able to buy the likes of Lescott - let alone the Yak or Felli

3. The sale of Ball, Jeffers and Dunne was all made before Moyes joined ... So he didn’t spend that Money. That would have been Smith or Royal.

4. The NTL deal fell through, meaning they didn’t buy part of the club - in hindsight given what happen that Setanta wannabe thank fuck. Had they bought the club and it went tits up we would have been sunk, we would have had the fire sale and been relegated. So you cannot use this near miss against him.

TEACHERS COMMENTS: Try a more balanced approach next, could do better.
Jay Harris
14   Posted 29/07/2009 at 20:18:07

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David (Booth)
I too despair at what is happening to football and its drop in morals but that does not excuse the litany of lies and deceipt that has been evident for most of Kenwright’s reign.

He also is not the white knight that so many portray him as having stabbed Paul Gregg in the back,done a PR job on LCC and muzzled discontented small shareholders to retain control of his now infamous "train set".

Why so many fans like yourself also continue to link criticism of Kenwright with criticism of Moyes is beyond belief.

Many of ud feel for Moyes having to work under such hardship and deceipt.

THEY ARE NOT SIAMESE TWINS - Moyes is a reasonably successful Premier League Manager with a millstone around his neck in the form of EFC Board of directors.Kenwright is...... well everybody has already said it a thousand times and if you dont get it by now you never will.
John Roberts
15   Posted 29/07/2009 at 20:39:27

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Excellent article couldnt of put it better myself!! quicker the man goes the better!!
Karl Masters
16   Posted 29/07/2009 at 21:43:35

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I have this nightmare scenario where DK gets thrown out and we remain at Goodison Park.

Hang on, I am not in favour of Kirkby. It’s an uninspiring bit of architecture with access issues and will cost us £100m just for the pleasure. It has also divided the fans like nothing else ever.

My worry is that should it be thrown out, then Green and Earl will immediately wish to pull out as effectively EFC will hold no further interest for them. However, should a Buyer not be immediately forthcoming they would insist on the Sale of our best players such as Arteta, Yak, Lescott etc to raise the cash they had put in.

We could be damned if we do end up in Kirkby and damned if we don’t. I’d like to think that BK would hold his hands up then and admit he’d cocked it right up, but somehow I suspect a fall guy or pantomime saga would be found to deceive us all.

It would be interesting to get Wyness in a bar somewhere and get the truth out of him. He left a year ago this week by the way.
Dennis Stevens
17   Posted 29/07/2009 at 23:10:43

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Thomas Christensen - If NTL had bought a sizeable shareholding in the club it would matter not one jot if they then went bust - the shares would just be available for another buyer, it would only impact the club if it was the controlling share holding & therefore affected the running of the club. It may not be Kenwright’s fault the deal went south before it was concluded, but it’s certainly his responsibility if the club had spent all that money & had to go scrabbling for alternative sources of funding as a result. I think the original poster was really suggesting that had Kenwright not spent the NTL money we didn’t have then we wouldn’t have needed the securitised loan until the KD opportunity came up. By then, of course, it may not have been possible to further extend that arrangement. If you recall Gregg wanted to fund our share of KD via his "reverse-mortgage" arrangement, but it would have meant a loss of control for Kenwright., Hence we are now looking at having to find 2 or 3 times as much money for a far less attractive proposal when we could already have been playing down on the banks of the royal blue Mersey.
I think there is some merit in the argument that Kenwright may just be in charge of the club at the wrong time - he seems, in retrospect, to have taken control of the club just as the whole financial level of operation within the game took a major leap forward.
Oh, & big Joe’s surname was Royle!
Rob Jones
18   Posted 29/07/2009 at 23:21:17

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The whole premise of the original article is based on the premise of wht if the ’Grantchesters’ had bought the club. As has already been stated - they weren’t interested! Even if they had I am not sure that they have the business acumen or understanding of the ’football industry’ to have made the best decisions for Everton.

As for the complaint about the sales of Ball/Jeffers/Dunne for £20m (your valuations), you could buy the 3 for about £2m now!
There are so many other comments which amount to ignorance and prejudice. All comments about ourcurrent debts should be viewed in comparison to all other Premier League clubs - we do not compare badly to any when compared to the relative success we have enjoyed.
As for Ciaran’s question with regards to BK’s motivation in taking over the club - well! There can be no doubt that the club was being badly (mis)led under PJ - ask Walter. It was a time before most people had heard of an oligarch, let alone wanted one as owner of our club.
The only teams above us for the last 2 seasons are not ones I would want to follow for various reasons (possible exception of Arsenal) so shouldn’t we be thankful for what we have and not seek to belittle/persecute/destroy someone who put his money where his mouth was and oversaw our rise from potential bankrupts/relegatees to the most consistent challengers to the sly4?
Frank McGregor
19   Posted 30/07/2009 at 02:23:03

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Mr Ashley,Mr Ridsdale, Mr Gregg please come and buy are beloved Everton and put these Kenwright haters out of there misery.
Gavin Ramejkis
20   Posted 30/07/2009 at 06:33:20

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Rob to be pedantic BK put someone elses’s money where his mouth is and as per the DK hearings that goes for all the major shareholders, borrowed cash and Sky monies. Frank, if Gregg hadn’t had his character assasinated by his former friend who also created the fairytale Fortress bullshit we would be playing at the KD and not looking down the barrel at some half arsed cow shed in Kirkby.
David Torley
21   Posted 30/07/2009 at 09:46:29

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I’m not Bill’s biggest fan but we should be careful what we wish for.

Being an ex-pat in the North East, I trundled along to watch Newcastle play Leeds last night.

The game played out as expected between a totally demoralised Championship outfit and a mid-table League 1 side. It was dire.

Both clubs have had sugar daddies come in a spend vast amounts. It is not a universal panacea. Both are in a very dark place right now. After the game I went and put £25 on Newcastle getting relegated again.

Fabian Delph was the best player on the park but not worth £8 million.
David Booth
22   Posted 30/07/2009 at 11:13:48

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Rob Jones, Frank McGregor and David Torley: here, here!

I quote Rob: ’shouldn’t we be thankful for what we have and not seek to belittle/persecute/destroy someone who put his money where his mouth was and oversaw our rise from potential bankrupts/relegatees to the most consistent challengers to the Sky 4?’

A point admirably well made.

Stop speculating on what might have been if Bill Kenwright had done this or that, and look at the real-time situation.

What we have achieved is amazing in the modern game. Who else has done better? More to the point, who has done worse? (There’s no-one on the first list and 87 clubs on the second by the way...)

I disagree with the view that there is no room for heart, principles and passion in modern football. Clearly there won’t be if we all dismiss such values so easily in the frantic pursuit of foreign investment.

So don’t rush to sell our soul. This golden goose will die sometime in the near future and when it does I fervently hope Everton will still be there to stand up for the values we all wish them to epitomise.
Sean Joyce
23   Posted 30/07/2009 at 11:17:41

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Peter, I fully agree with your comments; if not 100% factual, your point is well made and delivered.

I also fail to understand these fans who continue to live with their heads in the sand when it comes to both Blue Bill and DK. If further proof was ever needed to the tenuous position BB finds himself in, you need look no further that the recent Shareholders meeting. After Elstone had issued the statement that all questions would be answered and nothing would be taboo at the very start of the evening, BB response to a question asked by a Shareholder — a fellow Shareholder, not just a fan off the street but a Shareholder — was "I’m not answering your question… I’m bored with your question… you’re not getting an answer to the question."

Now, doesn't that sound like a man we can trust...???

Peter Griffin
24   Posted 30/07/2009 at 13:24:40

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You can tell when BK is lying, his lips are moving!
Stephen Kenny
25   Posted 30/07/2009 at 15:06:40

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David, Rob, Frank...

He didn't buy Everton with his own money at all. He bought the club and put the debt onto EFC. He done exactly what the two septic tanks done to the RS, just on a smaller scale. Wake up!
Ciarán McGlone
26   Posted 30/07/2009 at 16:24:07

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I see none of the usual apologists attempted to answer my question.
Peter Benson
27   Posted 30/07/2009 at 17:26:52

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Decent article and I take all your points. Just before you explode into despair of what we could have become, the Kings Dock, while it looked great on the outside, it wasn’t upto much on the inside. Sorry just wanted to straighten that myth, but I do take your overall point that we’d have been better off.

What galls me is that the figure quoted for Goodison was £50m, and that wasn’t £50m in one lump. The real problem began with the Park End. If that was done properley with a long term vision we would not have been in this mess now.

Anyway, no point us going on what might have been!
Richard Jones
28   Posted 30/07/2009 at 18:14:24

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Wasn’t any good er it had a pitch we could have had rock concerts, corporate events and from my recollection other sporting events and it had fitness club facillities. What more could there have been in a football stadium?
Peter Benson
29   Posted 30/07/2009 at 21:59:16

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All you done is name non-football stuff. How does that affect my match day experience? For what a football fan wants from a stadium? If those things were allowed at Kirkby would it make it a good stadium? No. It would improve revenue, but as a spectator it wouldn’t improve my experience.

What I wasn’t fussed on also with the Kings Dock was that it couldn’t expand it was too close to the sea. It was Goodison to be rebuilt all the way way for me.

As there were problems with the funding of the KD, if the quality was to be so good don’t you think they would have cut costs for a cheaper stadium there to make it more affordable?

Yes, it would have improved our situation, it was a better option than Kirkby, but people are making out it was a fantastic stadium, I’m sorry but it wasn’t.
Michael Brien
30   Posted 31/07/2009 at 13:53:09

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It’s the close season - rumours abound of who we are going to sign, a likely deal falls through, a richer club is after one of our top players.........and so it’s time for the Kenwright haters to make an appearance. Surprise happens every summer it would seem.

The Grantchesters, well the fact that they appeared to show no real interest at the time in buying/taking over Everton/having a major role at Everton is a bit a big flaw in the main argument I would think. Right at the start of the article you refer to this by stating "When Peter Johnston was looking to sell his controlling shareholding I’m pretty sure that Lady Grantchester and her son, John Suenson-Taylor (Lord Grantchester), were rumoured to be looking to buy back the club...."

Again when referring to the sale of young players such as Ball and Jeffers the Grantchesters are mentioned again. If they were in control of the club then Rooney wouldn’t have been sold !!!!

Let’s have some balanced views please, instead of the usual "Blame everything that goes wrong on Kenwright" attitude that seems to prevail. Compared with a lot of other clubs in the Premier League we aren’t that badly run.

Man United - the Glazers are in charge, AF has spent about 25% of the money they received for Ronaldo.

Chelsea - How many managers in the last couple of years ?

Liverpool - the 2 Americans and a manager who is trying to get £30M for a player he was going to offload last summer for about £18m so that he could buy Barry.

Arsenal - more headlines for who they have sold than for who they have bought.

That’s the big 4/Sky 4 whatever you want to call them — it would be good to remind ourselves that other clubs make their mistakes/have their problems not just Everton.To read some of the criticisms you would be forgiven for thinking we finished in the bottom 5 rather than the top 5. Kenwright is making us a laughing stock!!!???? Some of the constant moaning from supporters who have appeared to forget their history is making us a laughing stock.

I well remember when John Moores was Chairman and Catterick was Manager and we had the likes of Bernie Wright and Rod Belfit were amongst our strikers. Yes, they (Moores and Catterick) brought great success to the club — they also had spectacular failures as well. It tends to go in cycles, as the history of football shows.

Richard Jones
31   Posted 31/07/2009 at 14:58:29

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I cant remember any of them advocating moving from the city to a town with 40,000 people in it!!

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