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Lescott... why would you want to go to City?

By Jamie Rowland :  30/07/2009 :  Comments (28) :
Yet again, Man City have tempted the Everton powers that be with an offer for a single asset. £19M is not a fee to be scoffed at, especially when consideration is given to the fact that the club paid only £5M for the very same asset. So why, when the club needs money to continue, is it purported to reject such an offer?

The reason is simple: Joleon Lescott. He is seen by the club as worth more. Not because he is particularly good but because he will be difficult to replace in such a vital role, in such a short space of time. Compensation is required for our woes. In addition, there is probably a sell-on clause that benefits his former employer. Everton must adhere to that contract and as such the compensation must increase to account for this. His price, thus, is too cheap at £19M.

To encourage the deal, the player himself could insist on a transfer but there are incentives for him to stay away from this route. The first is financial. Asking for a transfer results in him having to forego his piece of the transfer fee, which would be considerable should he sell for stated price. Also, he is adored by the supporters of Everton FC and recognised as one of the better players in the squad. Therefore, he would greatly upset the karma amongst all Evertonians. Again, something he would not want to do because, simply, there are more amicable ways to part from a football club.

In addition to this, Lescott must also look at both clubs that he has the potential to play for. Everton have consistently finished in the top six of the league for many seasons and as such have given Lescott a good career to date. Man City on the other hand are still simmering with the mid-table mediocrity. Yes, they have the money to buy every mercenary available and no doubt they will pick up points next season but does Joleon want to play just for the money?

Manchester City could be doomed to failure. Mark Hughes is hardly the ego stroker that Jose Mourinho was and that will show during the season. Personally, I give him until Christmas, largely because they are signing a dressing room of first class arrogance for first class sums of money. By doing so, are also illustrating their lack of respect for loyalty? Richard Dunne, for example, has been a great servant for the club. He has captained the side and put his limbs on the line to help get them where they are today. His reward? A pat on the back and a regular start on the bench, probably until his current deal is up, after which he will released.

Any self-respecting footballer must see this in a bad light. After all that service, as soon as a bottomless pot of cash arrives, he is shoved with the masses and labelled as a dreaded ‘squad player’ awaiting release. Michael Ball is another. Whilst not having the same length of service as Dunne, he was loyal to the club and by all accounts was a better left back than some I have seen in the Premier League. He was released.

Lescott must also look at the regime at Eastlands. It's not very stable now and it's only going to get worse. Hughes is my favourite to be the first casualty of the new season. Give it a few games into the season and the bookies will follow my prediction (it's not rocket science). Without instant success, he will be joining the dole queue. Where would that leave Lescott? At a managerless club that is not doing quite as well as first thought. He could always sign for Newcastle...

So does Joleon just play for the money? The answer is surely not, otherwise he would have put in a transfer request some time ago, caring little about the opinions of his current support.

To summarise: On one hand, should Lescott move to City he would be significantly better off than he is now and mixing with the likes of Tevez. On the other hand, he is moving into the unknown. Champions League football is not guaranteed at Eastlands and instability is a high probability. He would be better staying with Everton for another year at least, settling for stability and personal growth before taking the big deal and signing for a more consistent top four club (be it here or abroad).

If Lescott still has trouble making up his mind. Add to Man City’s seemingly volatile guarantee of Champions League football the fact there are more consistent, regular top four clubs with more discipline and much more astute managers. Will Sir Alex really allow Man City to break his hold on the Premier League? I doubt it. In all likelihood, Lescott will attract the attention of Man Utds, Chelseas and Real Madrids of this world. He just has to keep performing. Signing for Man City would be his last signing, does he really want to see out his career at the new Leeds Utd?

So Mr Lescott, what is it to be. Money or respect? If it is respect, then express this like John Terry and put us at ease. Otherwise, do the honourable thing, wait for the transfer fee to rise near to the club’s valuation before requesting a transfer.

I have asked many questions here but my main point is that Man City is a great unknown. They may gel quickly and out perform their critics' predictions. I find that highly unlikely, however. So I ask one final question, hopefully to Lescott himself: What more can Man City offer than Everton can for the upcoming season?

"Watch the door, Mr Hughes, on your way out"… is the last thing he’ll hear before the New Year.

Reader Comments

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Anthony Newell
1   Posted 30/07/2009 at 15:14:16

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To double your salary?
Stephen Kenny
2   Posted 30/07/2009 at 15:21:30

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How are Man City unstable? They have come out time and time again and said that it’s a long term project and Hughes is the right man?

Simmering with mid table mediocrity? Just because they used to be a joke club doesn’t mean they always will be.

They will not finish mid-table. Put down thier best team and it has the potential to be in the top four.

Hughes is a very good manager who knows how the game should be played and has done well at every level he’s managed.

"Volatile guarantee of Champions League football?" Where at any point have they guaranteed that?

tThere are loads more stupid assumptions in this but I couldn't be bothered to point them all out.

I don't want us to sell Lescott, and I don't want Man City to do well, mostly because of their divie chairman Cooke, but this article has got no basis whatsoever.
Dan McKie
3   Posted 30/07/2009 at 15:36:07

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Everton can’t afford to sell Lescott at the moment regardless of the fee involved. I can't see Man City going much higher than £18 million, and other clubs would know how desperate we were for a replacement (we are desperate for a CB before selling Lescott let alone after), so if we went to Hull for example and asked how much for Turner, we would get, "How does £18 million sound?"

Moyes really is in an impossible situation and we can only hope that Lescott really does want to stay at Everton. Otherwise, make sure City throw in Richards or Kompany!

Kevin Sparke
4   Posted 30/07/2009 at 16:13:54

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Man City will be a far better team than they were last season - with all the class they’ve bought it will be difficult for them not to be. Id it isn’t under Hughes it will be under their next manager (The ’Special One?’)

This being the case there are four reasons why Lescott will probably go to Manchester City.

1. More money than he can ever dream of making at Everton

2. Champion’s League football almost guarenteed (Man City are now the Chelsea of the North - how many times have Chelsea not qualified for Champs League football since the Russian started flashing his cash? - exactly)

3. He’s ambitious and he wants to win things - does he have more chance of doing that at potless Everton or ’Bank of Saudi’ City?

4. We need the cash - we’re finding ourselves priced out of our normal market (Championship, lesser European teams) by the likes of Villa Spurs.. and even Sunderland - if Citeh offer £20 Million plus Kenwright will bite their hands off... Or the player will be ’manipulated’ into demanding a move...

However, when the European elite get their acts together and form a ’Superleague’ which is only a matter of time now and ’when’ not ’if’ - they have to if one of the ’big five’ isn’t going to go tits up with missing out on Champs League qualification (Possibly two teams if some at UEFA get their way with their cap of three English teams) there will have to be a reassessment of how the top flight of English football is funded...

And that is our only slim hope... stinks doesn’t it?
Ciarán McGlone
5   Posted 30/07/2009 at 16:33:54

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When Man City get there back line sorted - they will challenge for the title...In my opinion that will be this season.

Anyone who expects them to be ’doomed to failure’...’unstable’ or quaestions Mark Huhes’ ability...are simply kidding themselves.

Lescott will be in a team challenging for the league...he’ll not get that here any time soon..Hope this answers your question.
Marco Buonfiglio
6   Posted 30/07/2009 at 16:17:26

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@ Stephen Kenny;

I appreciate what you’re saying, Stephen, but I’ve noted elsewhere (and so have others) that City’s best eleven players are not necessarily their best team. In view of their transfer activity, I doubt Mark Hughes knows what their best team is.

The one variable in this whole equation is Lescott himself: Hughes wants him; Moyes wants him: nobody seems to know for sure what Lescott wants yet.

Personally, I think a season without European competition will harm his England prospects. Conversely, it has been pointed out elsewhere that a season playing just PL, plus however many FA and Carling Cup games City survive, will leave him fresh for the World Cup. (I don’t think this one flies - even non-international players are looking forward to the beach come May ...)

Next comes "wouldn’t you change jobs for double your pay?" Yes indeedy. Like a shot. Except I’m not earning six figures a year, let alone a week.

Gerry Morrison
7   Posted 30/07/2009 at 17:03:30

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All Lescott has to do to end this, is to say publicly that he is staying at Everton and not interested in going to city. There can only be one reason why he hasn’t said this.
Fran Mitchell
8   Posted 30/07/2009 at 16:53:13

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You try to demonise City by mentioning that loyal Dunne is rewarded with a place on the bench, and conclude that other players will look and say ’ooh that wasnt respectful’.

Would you have Dunne in the everton team ahead of Lescott? NO

Would you describe everton disrespectful if we signed a top-quality right back and right mid and said ’Cheers Ossie and Hibbo, you worked your socks off but now your a squad player’ NO, its what every fan on here wants us to do!

If you were a City fan youd see it as trying to build a to-class team.

I don’t like whats happening at City or what has been happening in Football my entire life (i.e. marketization, comercialisation Milton Freedman free-market destruction), however people do seem to very contradictory in their assessment of goings on i.e. Everton trying to improve and sign players is necessary while City are immoral and lack loyalty.

Why would Lescott go? Well go to a bookies and place a bet for Everton to win League, Champions League in next 4-5 years and check the odds. then do the same with Man City, check the odds and compare.

You also have the double your money wages, and far greater exposure to the commercial side of the game i.e. Addidas/Nike sponsorshis, and at City he will immediatley jump above Upson in the England squad. A season without Europe wont harm his England chances, as Woodgate, Upson etc are not in Europe either, infact the less games he plays the better in Capellos eyes as he’d be more fresh for the World Cup. Capello will watch him more as more games will be on TV, he will go to more because of a number of Players he will watch.

How well City will fare this season is unknown. Anywhere from 6th to 1st.
Mark Stone
9   Posted 30/07/2009 at 17:05:07

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Money or respect? If it is respect, then express this like John Terry.

Yeah Lescott show you loyalty. Say you’ll say if we increase your contract to £150000 a week!
Mark Stone
10   Posted 30/07/2009 at 17:09:31

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There is a positive about what is going on a Man City.

The ’Sky Four’ becomes the ’Sky 5’, so nobody is guaranteed a place in the Champions League. As such the likes of Liverpool can no longer gamble by offering huge salaries and transfer fees. If they don’t qualify, with their level of debt, it could be disastrous. So I’d like to think that it could create a more level playing field.

Might work.
Iain Love
11   Posted 30/07/2009 at 18:31:00

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I think Lescott will want to stay at Everton at least for the first half of the season, this will give him time to assess what is going on with us and City.

I admit that I like Lescott but I don't think he is irreplaceable... the thought of a ball-playing centre-half (ala Ferdinand) alongside Jags is what I would like to see, and maybe using the money for a top-notch defensive mid and dropping Rodwell in at the back is the way forward.

Stephen Kenny
12   Posted 30/07/2009 at 18:56:48

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How can you say he doesn’t know his best team before the season starts and they play anyone, how have you noted this?

What his transfer activity has done is given him attacking options that most clubs can only dream of, the ability to change a game by bringing players off the bench (something we lack badly) and the ability to change his formation tactics etc when things arent going to plan.

Most of the players he has bought are seasoned internationals used to competing for trophies and playing at the very top end of European football, Adebayor, Tevez, Robinho etc will not get "stage fright" at the Emirates, the Bridge etc. And feel that they belong on the big stage.

That belief in themselves is what will elevate their club into the higher echelons of English and probably European football. The only positive I can see in all this is that it will undoubtedly take them time to gel and find their way of playing. If we don't get above Arsenal and into the Champions League this season I fear it’s mid-table mediocrity for the forseeable.
Stephen Kenny
13   Posted 30/07/2009 at 19:16:33

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With regard to his international chances, I think potentially challenging for the title will do his chances no harm at all.

I wouldn’t have a problem with him if he left as I think he has handled this situation as good as you could possibly expect for a non-Evertonian and we get a good deal for him, which for me is Richards plus £12-15mill.
Steve Hogan
14   Posted 30/07/2009 at 19:12:56

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I stopped reading this article pretty much after the second paragraph, when the writer asked why Everton had rejected the latest offer?

We apparently rejected City’s offer ’not because he is very good"

Errr...must be me, I thought he was one of the most consistent goalscoring centre backs in the Premier League, and has been for about three years.

Must have been watching a different player.
Tony Marsh
15   Posted 30/07/2009 at 19:35:42

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Why would Lescott want to join City? Let me have a go for you Jamie.

Lescott is reported to be on £35k a week at Everton; Man City are reported to be offering £90k a week. Do the maths, Jamie.

This type of financial incentive is basically a lottery win every few months or so. With this type of money Lescott can guarantee not only his own future but that of his children and thier children stretching generations.

Not bad for a working class kid is it? Who amongst us wouldn't do it? I know I would.

Money apart, Man City will no doubt leave Everton in its wake in the next few seasons if not this. Only an imbecile will think that we will still be able to hold on to the 5th spot in the coming years. City will no doubt be playing CL footy very soon... what will we be doing?Moving to Kirkby and losing half of our fans — that's what.

It's a no-brainer that Lescott should want the move. He doesn't even have to move house or move the kids from school if he doesn't want to.

Those of you out there who still dream that we will ever break the top 4, then that's all it is — a dream. With City, it's a reality and no amount of sniping or jealous rhetoric can stop them.

Good luck, JL — whatever the decision.

Sean Patton
16   Posted 30/07/2009 at 20:12:30

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The idea that makes me laugh is the view put forward that if anyone was in a similar position they would do the same, talk about specious reasoning.

If I earned £20,000 a year and was offered a chance to double my money doing the same work then yes I would take it, BUT if I was a multi-millionaire who is already set for life and earning between £30,000 and £40,000 a single week, like Lescott, I would not insult people by trotting out the pathetic explanation that I am thinking of my family etc.

Footballers in the game today have more money than they can spend. Is there anyone on here who could spend the figures these guys recieve each and every week.

If he goes it will be for sheer greed plain and simple.
Keith Glazzard
17   Posted 30/07/2009 at 20:43:17

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It's a few years since I put down the quill and parchment to conclude my study of economics, but Sean, I’m afraid your reasoning would only apply to a minority of people — those with no interest at all in the advantages that money (wealth in this case) brings. You say you would double your money for doing the same thing — why wouldn’t a millionaire? Got a £4m house? Sell it, buy an £8m edition. Simple.

And Tony is right, it does mean your kids and their kids benefit (if it doesn’t go straight up their noses). Of course its greed, something we can all be guilty of. The world rewards it.

Mark Stone - interesting idea, destabilising the Sky 4. The media wouldn’t know which way to turn. As things stand, Arsenal might be the one to lose out, but the debt situation of our dear beloved neighbours could be given a nasty kick in the ribs with a challenge to CL income. Like it.
Danny Jones
18   Posted 30/07/2009 at 21:02:16

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I have said it before, but if you say to another club "No we will not sell for X amount, he is worth £30 million" then that’s the time you need to start paying him the wages of a £30 million pound player. To be fair to Lescott who wouldn’t say to their current employers, like that gobshite Terry (hate the man), either pay me more or I’m off.

The crux for me is that if we do sell him for £30 million, minus what wolves get, then minus what a replacement cost, then that probably leaves around £15 million. If like many believe, there is a place on the gravy train up for grabs this year, then it’s likely between us and City. So do we take the guaranteed profit of say £15 mill on the player, or trust in ourselves and push for the golden goose and all the riches it brings? Tough call for Moyes.

Steve Edwards
19   Posted 30/07/2009 at 20:58:03

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Jamie Rowland - Unfortunately, mate, you're sadly disillusioned. Sounds to me like a lot of wishful thinking and nothing more. I love all this mercenary shit.

In other words, if you don’t play for your home town team, the one you supported as a kid but play for another club because they pay you more money, you're a mercenary? Well that about sums up most of our squad. It also sums up every squad of players in the Premier League.

If Kyle Naughton had signed for Everton you wouldn’t be going on about mercenaries then. Well he is a Sheffield Utd supporter. Oh, but that's all right because he is coming to Everton and Everton are the club you love and that's different?

Jonathan Ashton
20   Posted 30/07/2009 at 22:22:09

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Just to play devil’s advocate, here: He might be worried about Citeh trying to sign three other World Class CBs and not getting in the team in a World Cup year!

They may well WANT at least three very high class CBs. Toure gave the impression today that he was on his way out of Arsenal to Citeh at the same time they were so publicly courting Terry and Joleon.

With strikers, the Eastlands regime seem to have taken an attitude of "We’ll have the best that’s around right now and if something better comes up later on then we’ll have them too." Lescott could end up as the next Craig Bellamy there - the best option available one minute, fighting for a place on the bench the next!

As I said, just playing devil’s advocate...
Mike Hayes
21   Posted 30/07/2009 at 22:43:45

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Every player has gone to Cty for the money, nothing else; they had become a mediocre team but, suddenly, with the millions, are a sure fire Champions League prospect. Tevez did not go to get trophies or Champions League footbal. At least Rooney admitted he wanted to win things and has done. The new signings are only after the money simple as.
Dennis Stevens
22   Posted 30/07/2009 at 23:59:05

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It seems perfectly reasonable that any player would be attracted to some degree by increased pay, but I suspect the prospect of getting your hands on some silverware appeals as well. Lescott, for example, has just experienced the pain of losing a cup final & may wonder if that’s as close as he’ll get at Everton — whereas Manchester City will be winning things & elbowing their way into the Champions League. What’s not to like?

I just hope the whole deal is handled propoerly on all sides, unlike the Rooney fiasco. Oh, and that we get a shitload of money if we do sell.

Paul Maguire
23   Posted 31/07/2009 at 02:09:39

Report abuse

Hughes coached a squad of long ball thugs at Blackburn with few exceptions (Morten Gamst Pedersen) and has yet to set the world alight at City. As has been said simply buying every expensive forward going is hardly guraantee of success, one can refer to Real Madrid for the last few seasons, and there will be "want-aways" before long unless theres a few Bogarde types in the squad. Nevertheless Hughes is targetting the right sort of player now in Lescott and I for one am proud that Moyes and Blue Bill have said an emphatic no to the latest bid. It may not end there though!
Jonathan Tasker
24   Posted 31/07/2009 at 08:43:53

Report abuse

What is very likely to happen is that Lescott and or his agent will push for a transfer. Given that his salary will be doubled , he is likely to go. What is happening at the moment is that EFC are pushing to get as much money as possible and City are negotiaiting by pushing up what they bid in small increments. Everton need to factor in that Wolves will get some money as a sell on clause.

I hope he doesn’t go because he is a great utility player and , compared with other players, he is worth around £30m, but he probably will go and we will get around £22m.

In other news, I said on here 2 weeks ago that we should go for Cattermole; I see that the other team in the city are interested in him as a replacement for Alsonso.
Suzy Whitehead
25   Posted 31/07/2009 at 20:28:09

Report abuse

You silly silly boy.
Adrian Francis
26   Posted 31/07/2009 at 21:09:19

Report abuse

Aren’t we always crying out for the very type of investment City have so we can have the clout they now have? If we ever get into that position we will do exactly the same thing to other clubs whose fansites will have the same discussions about us and the player we are trying to buy.

2. Accept the fact they have the money and the power and that top class players WILL go there, hoping to get the ball rolling and challenge this season.
Stewart Littler
27   Posted 02/08/2009 at 18:44:26

Report abuse

Whilst most would expect City to be better than last season, I’m still a little confused as to why so many think they will be automatic CL finishers (and some think the title!!). Their best players do not measure up to the best of the current top 4, they have shit all in defence, and before they have even had time to gel, the big egos getting left on the bench every week will be causing havoc. They will not attract the type of players needed to get them to the top of the game until they are playing in the CL. And the managerial instability that will come once Hughes gets the boot may make that stage further away than most think.
Jamie Rowland
28   Posted 21/12/2009 at 19:00:24

Report abuse

Hate to say I told ya so!

Albeit that it was completely out of order, Mark Hughes was sacked before New Year and Lescott is now in between a rock and hard place. Mancini will no doubt sign defenders to stop City's constant goal leakage and he won't have the same faith that Hughes had... I purported to that in the above article — only, in my of the replys, to be shot down for talking nonsense... hmmm... ha!

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