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Coming off my Football Diet

By Nick Entwistle :  04/08/2009 :  Comments (6) :
Such is the media is these days, I remembered the last pre-season was so full of football news thrown in your face that, by the time the season kicked off, I was in need of a rest, Tim Cahill style, as if the football had never been away. So, since the season finished in May, I have had myself a football diet. I've had two months of avoiding websites, back pages, sports reports, page 302 and 410 on the ol' teletext... and avoided the pub talk too.

I was quite successful. Only info on Santa-Cruz, Ronaldo and Tony Mowbray came to my attention, and of course the achingly sad news about Sir Bobby Robson. One of those rare people who in their lifetime are afforded the respect and admiration that comes generally when people pass on.

So, on August 1st, I allowed myself to binge once more on all things football. And it was straight to ToffeeWeb to check out our new signings... Hmmm. Some kids who have been mentioned before in rumour so nothing amazing as I had hoped. And the usual despondancy was clear to read from all the articles and mailbag submissions; it was no different last season, or the previous one. That be the Everton way.

But here's the thing: this year, it doesn't bother me. David Moyes will bring in suibtable signings, hopefully another Fellaini surprise... and maybe, just hopefully, to push on rather than just complimenting what we have.

But it's Bill Kenwright I have my problems with. People on here says he's overseen the most successful Everton team in decades. No, David Moyes has done that, and it's despite Kenwright, not because of him. He may well give Moyes all the money he can, but it's his actions which have dictated how much that pittance is.

Someone will no doubt say we've broken our transfer record every season for 4 or 5 years or something, but considering contracts for the Premier League abroad etc and that our transfer record stood at a pultry £4.5m (me thinks) for years until Beattie arrived, so it should be broken often enough.

One thing I would say for the guy is that as he is a traditional chairman. Not that it counts for too much these days, but it might just be because of that, that we have a real team, a team who fight for the club every game and are not your usual mercenaries. That comes down to Davey's choice of player as well, of course, and more fault over design with Bill, but that feeling starts from the top. But that's all I can say about the man. Though I'm sure he's a nice chap as well...

It would be nice to have a pre-season similar to when AJ, Lescott and Howard came in very early... but if not we can still have CL dreams this season? Yet also the looming threat of stagnation is there too.

I just hope that, unlike last season, David Moyes will get full backing from the off because he's our best asset, and any protests, if needed, are squared directly at the chairman who has the 5th best team in the richest league in the world and still finds that a transfer budget to push on is beyond him.

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Nick Entwistle
1   Posted 04/08/2009 at 12:21:00

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Oooh nice, I’ve been upgraded from mailbag submission to a full-on article. And thanks for some added punctuation TW.
Just like to point out though "but if not we can still have CL dreams this season?"... the question mark isn’t mine. It's a statement of my belief that we can give it a good go despite the lack of signings...
Jimmy Hacking
2   Posted 04/08/2009 at 14:03:34

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I thought I was the only one who tries to avoid football news for a few days at a time in the summer!

You’d need to avoid tabloids, websites etc. for longer than two months though if you were waiting for news of a significant Everton signing...
Rupert Sullivan
3   Posted 04/08/2009 at 14:22:19

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For me too the problem lies with the Chairman rather than the manager, and it appears that Kenwright is incapable of matching up to his own hyperbole. For the last 4 years it has appeared that EFC have progressed - to the point where 5th or 6th spot seems to be a regular event. Yet each time it is achieved, the club fail to progress, fail to capitalise on the opportunity and play it safe.

I wouldn’t want to see EFC invest to the point of financial failure, but when you have an opportunity to play in the Champion’s League you should really take it - and EFC didn’t and have never really capitalised on the recent good management and good performances from the players and manager.

EFC is not a small club, but I am beginning to think that the Chairman has small ambitions - or at least he someone who can only realise the small ambitions. He needs to recognise his own lack of ability and request a fucking transfer!
Ciarán McGlone
4   Posted 04/08/2009 at 15:09:27

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For our last Champions League assault...we bought - Phil Neville.

Imagine the despair if this summer was a CL preparation one?

Bill must’ve been praying hard that Arsenal pulled their socks up last was touch and go for a while...
Michael Lynch
5   Posted 05/08/2009 at 09:20:15

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I think the only way Bill Kenwright will pull his socks up is if Moyes publicly states that, unless we can get some investment, he will have to consider his future at Everton (or words to that effect). I think this would shock the whole Board into action. It won't happen though because they have a very odd lovey-dovey working relationship which I believe has gone too far the wrong way, and is now unhealthy for Everton Football Club.

I personally think Moyes is a top manager and would love to see what he can do with a bit of money.
Peter Roberts
6   Posted 05/08/2009 at 16:58:12

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in case you are suffering from selective memory, Phil Neville was not the sole recruit that year. We also brought in Simon Davies, Per Kroldrup, Andy van der Meyde, Nuno Valente and Matteo Ferrari on loan. Most if not all of which had some European experience. All for a total outlay of £15.5m. Not a great summer spending, I’ll admit, as Phil is the sole survivor of all those new signings.

With regard to Nick’s OP, however, I sadly agree with you. Our recent success is in spite of the chairman whose sole positive light is his loyalty in David Moyes. But that loyalty should have a price in that we should expect him to back him in the transfer market. Sadly, this summer, we have missed out on the likes of Owen, Naughton, Delph and may miss out on Elm and even Senderos. OK, not all of those were liked by some but nonetheless they would have been signings which would improve the squad.

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