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Joleon Lescott - Stay With Us!

By Jason Broome :  07/08/2009 :  Comments (55) :
Dear Joleon,

Let me start by saying that I am writing this in the assumption that you are contemplating leaving us for a lighter shade of blue. If so, then I would like to thank you for your service and wish you well for the future.

You are very much a part of the ethos at Everton therefore I am drafting thoughts on what I hope has no substance and bearing on reality; and is therefore limited to media speculation about your desire to quit the club. If so, I apologise now for my assumptions.

Maybe some of the following will happen; maybe none of it will happen... but weigh up the options carefully, because fixing an unbroken and flourishing career might not be the wisest choice in a World Cup year.

1) The Clubs

Stability, harmony, consistency, determination, hard work and growth are all words best associated with Everton Football Club. Three top 6 finishes in 3 years. Three Manager of the Year awards, an FA Cup Final and a new stadium on the horizon.

Compare that with Manchester City; I dare say none of the above... including shortcuts, money and the exploitation of the club by those wishing to satisfy their own interests. Will you be another? Remember how and why you got into football, because any club willing to pay £2 Million a month in wages to Kaka has lost all sense of a ball, a park and 11 men.

Resentment and alienation must exist amongst those deemed unworthy of City’s future. The dressing room could well be split into two. Somebody had better strike a match because a cloud could be gathering at City. How could you exchange a tight group of ambitious friends and colleagues for a bunch of money grabbing miss-fits hell bent on exploiting a naïve Ahab on his quest?

At Everton you are our John Terry! You are our Ferdinand! Nobody at the club would even consider replacing you. Seeing you in the England shirt makes us all proud. The good feeling flowing through the team flows through the club and the fans alike. You’re a part of that, a big part, and it would be sad to lose you.

On the contrary, in a couple of years how important will you be to a club that will attempt to buy anyone, at any time, at any price, just to be where we are now!?

2) The Managers

Money aside, do you honestly believe Mark Hughes to be a better manager than David Moyes?

Under his guidance the last 3 years have seen your fortunes rise. He has helped you realise your dreams and guided you into a consistent England regular. The World Cup is a firm possibility because one man had faith enough to buy, support, coach and encourage you every step of the way.

Moyes was a defender who knows what it takes to improve that role. Phil Jagielka — from relegated Sheffield United to John Terry status… a certain Joleon Lescott from Championship Wolves to Rio Ferdinand status.

Further, no player is ever the finished article and Moyes is arguably the best defensive manager in the country… so why would anyone consider leaving him for Hughes in a World Cup year?

On arrival at Everton, you were a £5.5 Million player. Now I sit here uncomfortable at the notion of you leaving for £22 Million. You have over-reached under the stewardship of David Moyes, so how is Mark Hughes going to take you further?

Let’s look at his track record of late: Richard Dunne, Micah Richards and Tal Ben Haim look a shadow of the players they were; Vincent Kompany and De Jong aren’t trusted enough to consistently play in the centre-back role, hence your proposed arrival. What patient encouragement has he shown them? How do they feel seeing your name alongside, Kolo Tourè and John Terry?

Hughes reached the water's edge at Blackburn. Now at City he is up to his neck in expectations and an ocean of doubt. All the money in the world won’t prevent him from drowning and neither will you. I might be wrong but, come December, a changing of the guard could suffice.

On the contrary, David Moyes is going nowhere and I for one believe in his vision, a vision which requires faith and patience. He is an architect who will complete the most remarkable story in modern day football. And when he arrives it will be your name amongst the credits!

3) The World Cup

On previous occasions, a 23-man squad usually carries 4 centre-backs. So, barring injury to John Terry and Rio Ferdinand, only two other places are available. That leaves two places for Jagielka, Upson, Carragher and yourself!

Think for a minute: Phil is injured; Jamie Carragher has lost favour with Fabio Cappello... and you can also play at left-back. Barring dark horses (i.e. Mancienne and Turner, etc) an injury, or an act of God, playing well will secure your place!

On the 5th & 9th September, Wembley showcases await against Slovenia and Croatia. A brilliant opportunity exists for you to prove your worth and curry favour in Cappello’s eyes at the expense of Phil Jagielka and possibly Jamie Carragher. Moving to City won’t change that.

You stand a better chance of beating Jagielka, Upson, Carragher et al if you stay put because, if you have a bad game at Everton, you will immediately get the chance to put it right. At City, at £22 million, you're a marked man. Expectations and pressure will exceed the norm and if you screw up you will eventually go cheek to cheek on a narrow bench with Richard Dunne.

4) The Future

By the time Tourè settles into the City defence, he will be planning his departure to the African Nations Cup. That leaves you playing alongside a possibly resentful Richard Dunne, or a not so confident Vincent Kompany / Nigel de Jong. Should do your World Cup chances a ‘hella’ good!

Will you still be a first-team regular when City eventually establish themselves as a major threat? Or, like Johnson and Bridge, are you just a strategic move, bench-warmer or stepping-stone? Wayne Bridge and Glenn Johnson shot themselves in the foot moving to Chelsea. They were young and hungry and saw the money. Their careers bled for it.

5) Why You?

If you were playing in a foreign league, would Hughes be so determined? Europe has a plethora of excellent defenders… but from City — no bids! Matthew Upson has broken into the England squad and looks very capable of going to the World Cup… but again — no bids!

Could it be that West Ham are not deemed a threat? While Everton, under Moyes are not a world away from where he wants — and damn near needs to be. Hughes knows that Everton are a club on the up. For him, there is more at stake than your career and your World Cup dreams, therefore the signings will not stop at your door.

Don’t be fooled into thinking no motives exist. Ultimately, he needs you but not exactly for the reasons detailed outright. Much like the disrespect he has shown our club, he is banking on your greed. I guarantee — you will not be as special to them as you are to us!

Have you forgotten the public courting of John Terry? Had Terry signed for City, would he have been on the bench waiting for you? Has Hughes given up on a third centre-back? Will you eventually be shipped out to left-back to make way for another? Will he drop Wayne Bridge? Will he drop Tourè? Has he thought this thing through?

Mark Hughes is both shrewd and desperate enough to know that signing you will in part hurt Everton and increase his chances of overtaking us. But to overtake implies that one is already behind, so why the step down?

6) Joleon Lescott

In a year's time, after another successful season at Everton and with the World Cup behind you, Europe’s finest will look your way. If/when that time comes, I will not resent you choosing a team capable of winning the Champions League. Even your beloved Aston Villa might play their hand.

But this crazy rush of blood to the head has everyone confused. Are you really that hard-up!? Is Everton, Europe and 5th really that low in your estimation? To leave Everton for money at this stage is soulless and pitiful.

Make arrangements with David Moyes to sell you after the World Cup. Give him a year to find a suitable successor. You might not go for as much money, but you will leave with a standing ovation!

The players and the club love you; the manager respects you; and, on tonight’s evidence, the fans adore you... but money buys many a fool! Respect is a hard thing to earn in football — integrity even harder. What price yours?

You heard it tonight, Joleon. The players, the manager, the club and the fans were all on the same page. Given a choice between you and £22 Million… We choose you!

All I can do is plead my case and wherever you play your game this coming season… good luck, mate. But before you take a massive leap… look down. You might just see Man City.

Reader Comments

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Mike McLean
1   Posted 08/08/2009 at 17:25:53

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Does Moyes have to write it in blood on the walls of the ground? "No-one leaves!"

So that’s it.

Unless we’re to believe that Moyes is as big a liar as his employer.
Jimmy Saville
2   Posted 08/08/2009 at 19:12:50

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One of, if ot the most articulated and well balanced articles ive ever read on this site.

Wonder if Lescott is reading this?

Should we post it on to him?
Peter Askins
3   Posted 08/08/2009 at 19:57:54

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I agree with Jimmy Saville (I didn’t expect to hear myself saying that !). A smashing piece, Jason.

Rather than taking another cheap shot at Moyes though, maybe a few of us should take a look at ourselves. We all but pushed Lescott out through the door, and speculated on how his transfer fee should be spent, once the pound signs started flashing.
Dave Wilson
4   Posted 08/08/2009 at 20:14:55

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Pull yourself together, man.
I’m a big admirer of Lescott's but if he goes that’ll be his choice. if he doesn't already know that staying here is in his best interest, a snivelling letter from you won't change anything.

The fans of this club have pride, we’ll support our players, but we don’t do groveling begging letters, not to anyone.

Moyes has taken control of this situation and he’s done it with authority and dignity; I suggest the rest of us start acting the same way.
Tim O'Connell
5   Posted 08/08/2009 at 21:46:32

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Well done, Jason - please Mr Editor get this to Roger. Clearly we have limited cash and therefore to hold out shows a really positive intent. Roger is the sort of quality we need and to keep him shows a massive intent under such financial pressure. In Davie I defintely trust.
Trevor Williams
6   Posted 08/08/2009 at 21:56:49

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Surely Jimmy if you think we should post it on to him then you are the guy to Fix It.

Great article; however, sadly, I think the double pay he will get means nothing to the man.

I for one don't blame him to be honest. If I could set my family, my kids and my future kids up for life in the few years I am playing football then I would, as would most of us.
Ryan Rosenberg
7   Posted 08/08/2009 at 23:19:26

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Great piece Jason, your views and points were very good.
Andrew Gage
8   Posted 08/08/2009 at 20:44:59

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I have just had a nice night with the girlfriend. Checked the sports news to see if there is any hope of Everton signing anyone. To my unsurprise the answer is NO. But this is not my moan... to hear Hughes stating "Time is running out for Lescott" is, as far as I am concerned, one blatant tapping-up.

Hughes has had two bids, both rejected, and he has heard Moyes say he is not for sale. Hughes for some reason believes every player will want to join him, and is playing every trick in the book to unsettle the guy.

There surely is now enough evidence against him for going against the rules. If we are not looking to sell big, then surely we should make a complaint about their conduct. For the sake of football, he should now be reported and they should be deducted points. If nothing is done, there is no point in contracts. What is the point if someone will just come along and offer more money? These are the facts:

1) Lescott not for sale
2) Man City bid
3) Not for sale
4) Man City bid higher
5) Not for Sale
6) Hughes states Lescott is running out of time...

THAT IS BLATANT TAPPING UP. If we or the FA don't act, then football is gone.

Alan Kirwin
9   Posted 09/08/2009 at 00:18:15

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Is Sky is to be believed, and it seems Man City’s chairman has their number on speed-dial, then City have accepted defeat in their flagrantly public pursuit & unsettling of Lescott.

It appears that Bill Kenwright has made it crystal clear to a senior City executve (Cook) that when he and Moyes said publicly that Lescott is not for sale they in fact meant he is, erm, not for sale. Not at £15m, or £18m or any other figure. He is, simply, not for sale.

Now there have been plenty of fans on here who clearly don’t just read the Sun, Star and Mail, but actually believe everything they write. They subsequently come on TW slagging off Kenwright, always Kenwright, for the whole Lescott saga. Because one of these content-free comics says that Everton have made it clear they won’t sell below £30m that this is actually true and, as he will obviously sell at £22m, it makes Kenwright a liar and a bastard of the first order, unfit to .....whatever bla bla bla.

Perhaps, just perhaps, these comic reading buffoons will learn not to believe the unadulterated shite that permeates these papers. The facts of this matter have never been in doubt and have been publicly stated on several occasions by Everton’s chairman & manager.

Had Lescott been a complete egotistical & very badly advised tosser (like young Wayne) then the situation could have become unmanageable for Everton. But Joleon Lescott is clearly cut from different cloth. This guy has been a star for our club from the day he made his debut. Everything he has done has been classy.

Now it may well transpire that things change and somewhere along the line Lescott moves on. But nobody I know would overlook the chance to double or triple their income, so I regard Lescott as totally blameless in this matter. Likewise Everton and especially Kenwright.

In fact I think Messrs Kenwright, Moyes and Lescott deserve humungous pats on back if the news tonight on Sky is correct. They have all conducted themselves magnificently. City, on the other hand, come out of this smelling of shit. They have become a grotesque entity.

We can now sit back and await the wave of condemnation of Kenwright for NOT accepting over £20m for Lescott that would have enabled Moyes to team build. Such is the way of the eternally dissatisfied :).
Jason Broome
10   Posted 09/08/2009 at 02:19:05

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Dave Wilson… do you always have to be so bitchy? I understand that you have a ‘cheap shot’ reputation to live up to, but “know when to fold em.”

So I guess Leighton Baines et al, and the Goodison crowd on Friday night are all beggars, grovellers and snivellers.

Only from you would I expect an intellect so devoid of purpose, as to reduce an article written in the best interest of the club to mere ‘grovelling.’

Whatever disagreement we had last year - take time to grow! You are truly the ‘a’ to your ‘hole’ and beyond a shadow of a doubt it must suck being you.
Gary Lawler
11   Posted 09/08/2009 at 06:23:38

Report abuse

Dave Wilson, I can see the merits of your post & no player is bigger than our club, but there is no reason to slate others' opinions. I for one will be extremely disappointed if Lescott moves down the M62, but I can't blame him, nor can I blame someone showing their true feelings towards our great club & explaining the merits of staying, but you're constant sniping & criticism of anything on here leads me to believe that you’re a closet redshite fan who comes on here for no other reason than to stir the pot.
Grow some balls man!!!
Dave Wilson
12   Posted 09/08/2009 at 08:05:35

Report abuse

Jason Broome, I didn't know we had a disagreement last year. I have lots of them on here, if I disagree with somebody I will say so and if someone disagrees with me, they are perfectly entitled to do the same, it shows a real immaturity on your part that you respond only to the guy who doesn't actually pat you on the back, by calling them names.

The crowd at Goodison were truly supportive of Lescott, but I didn't see any of them pass him any begging letters.

Whether you like him or not, David Moyes knows and understands the institution that is Everton, we are bigger than anyone player and he has dealt with this situation with authority.

The day we start to "plead our case" is the day we accept we are a nothing club. Sorry, I’m not prepared to do that; your letter made me cringe and no amount of name calling on your part will change that.
Trevor Williams
13   Posted 09/08/2009 at 10:23:05

Report abuse

You also have to applaud DM’s stance when he said, "We will not BUY any players during the transfer window...."
Chad Schofield
14   Posted 09/08/2009 at 12:10:24

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Fantastically written, Jason... fully agree - let’s hope he stays. Let Hughes and Man City go after "more ambitious players" as one of their fans wrote regarding Hughes’s "warning".
Steve Edwards
15   Posted 09/08/2009 at 12:36:44

Report abuse

The bitchiness on here is getting way over the top and some of you need to knock it on the head. There is no need for it and you should stop and think that your speaking to fellow Evertonians. I often wonder if you would have the nerve to say this stuff to the persons face. It's easy to hide behind a keyboard and trot this bile out... very brave.

On the topical note I was at first thrilled to bits to hear that City had thrown their hand in. On closer examination, however, I simply think they at setting a deadline. If Joleon really does want to go then they are stepping up the pressure for him to make a decisive move, by indicating that he may now miss out on his big payday.

Talking about other targets could well be another ploy to force his hand. It's also an indicator to let Everton know that they’ll get no more if that's the game they are playing. For me, it's still fingers crossed and — if he is still with us one minute past the transfer deadline — I’ll believe he is staying.

Tony Melarangi
16   Posted 09/08/2009 at 13:19:28

Report abuse

A well written atricle that it would probably serve Lescott to read. No doubt he used Englnd as leverage in his letter to Bill Kenwright, if he did write such a letter.

However, I am intrigued by the lack of flexibility in the views of fans. I don’t know what is the best outcome for us, but I hope that the following has been considered by Moyes, who may have bitten his nose off to spite his face...

We broker a deal for around £25 million (he is a great player but there are other centre backs at lesser clubs that could do his job). We try to get Richards in on loan with a clause to buy him if he can find his form of a few years back (we desperately need a right back). We buy Brede Hangeland or Michael Turner for maybe £10million. We use the other £15million to secure a midfielder of champions league quality.

Now, I accept that the last point is potentially a flaw in this plan, but Steven Defour, Rafael van der Vaart, and I am sure plenty of other real quality centre-mids that have been scouted around Europe could be tempted by a substantial offer from Everton. I know we could also do with a winger, but when Manny Fernandes was playing well Everton looked a side that could beat anyone. If we have a genuine desire to compete with the top 7 sides, we need a midfield maestro. Arteta cannot be are messiah for ever.
Jason Broome
17   Posted 09/08/2009 at 19:33:41

Report abuse

Who cares if your view is dissenting, you are one thought amongst many. As long as it shapes the debate it is more than welcomed.

But with no motivation to call me a sniveller, a beggar and a groveller… why be a bitch? Did Webster’s bring out an arrogant prick edition..? because your vocabulary is uncompromisingly restricted.

Maybe bullying got you through school but on this forum we have a healthy respect for each other. On almost every thread your communication skills are pathetic. Even in cyberspace you manage to alienate people. If this is who you are in life then what a joke!

I guarantee there are many members on this site who secretly share this view. Reassess how you talk to people because the snapshot of you embarrasses me.

You are a part of an adult community of like-minded individuals who have an opportunity to share their passion. There is no other forum like it… don’t spoil it!

I apologise if I have offended the community but enough already!
Alan Clarke
18   Posted 09/08/2009 at 19:58:20

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How about,

Dear Joleon,

You signed a new 4 year contract last year. Don’t be a greedy twat and honour it.

The club have repeatedly said you’re not for sale so why don’t you come out and put this to bed by publicly stating your desire to stay?

Kind regards

A. Clarke
Trevor Williams
19   Posted 09/08/2009 at 20:22:22

Report abuse

Alan Clarke...Let me ask you this: If you signed a four-year contract at your work (and was able to get out of it, either by your company agreeing to let you go or you just asking) and you was offered to double your salary, would you do it?
Trevor Williams
20   Posted 09/08/2009 at 20:23:58

Report abuse

Doing the same job, in the same part of the world with realistically more chance of success over the next 5 years?
Trevor Williams
21   Posted 09/08/2009 at 20:24:58

Report abuse

Funny also Andy Johnson. We made a bid for him, rejected when he was in contract with CP and then made another accepted. What makes us any different?

How many players can you name that have moved this summer out of contract ?

Also, Johnson signed a 5-year deal in Nov 2007. Where is all the fuss about him going when he did? Answer me that....

It's ok when it suits us. Get with the real world.
Dave Wilson
22   Posted 09/08/2009 at 20:02:59

Report abuse

Oh dear,
I criticized your letter because I believe it to be needy, desperate and undignified. I never once called you petty names - you were the one who resorted to that,
Not sure why you believe other people "secretly" share your views, about my "communication skills", many do, but theres fuck all secretive about it.

The one thing we do agree on is how good this site is, but it didn't get to be that way by everyone playing nicey nicey and agreeing with everything everyone else says. TW is what it is because people say it as they see it and, as long as the debate is kept within the bounds of common decency, what's wrong with that? ... I see your letter as demeaning and I’d bet good money that a really big percentage of the people who read it "secretly" think so too.

Trust me when I tell you it doesn’t suck being me, it's really brilliant actually, speaking your mind is really quite liberating; you should try it, it's far healthier than "secretly" harbouring grudges for a year

Grow up. I only criticised your article.
Daniel McLoughlin
23   Posted 09/08/2009 at 22:30:10

Report abuse

Get a life, it's all about money and Lescott won’t take two minutes out of his millionaire lifestyle to read your crap you’ve posted... so let's just get on with it and accept that, in this climate where money is everything, our great club can’t even stop one of its top players going to Man City. Plus Everton haven’t once offered him more money to try and keep him here... so, if Kenwright and Moyes don’t show any effort, why are you?
Jason Broome
24   Posted 09/08/2009 at 22:45:51

Report abuse


Have I even referred to the article? If you don’t like it who cares… dead words, dead issue! I wrote it on Friday; for god's sake, move on.

We debated on a pointless issue which I have quite easily forgotten. Was it last year, was it this year.... I can’t even remember. Have you even read my comments and can you keep up with what I am telling you? Now there’s a challenge… we will see….

I’ve said what needed to be said before and if I have struck a nerve good! Let’s hope to it’s for the better.
Alan Clarke
25   Posted 09/08/2009 at 22:49:28

Report abuse

Trevor, why don’t you write to Everton saying what a good idea it is for him to be sold then? You seem quite convinvced the move would be good for Joleon. More chance of success over the next 5 years at City? Why don’t we sell them Arteta too then? Then next year we could sell them Rodwell and Pienaar. If Lescott only had 1 year left on his contract then fair dos but he only signed a new contract last year. We took a gamble on him and Moyes has helped develop him into the player he is so I do think he owes us some loyalty.

I hate this comparison everyone sets up along the lines of "you’d show no loyalty to your job if another company offered you twice as much". First of all I did reject a hefty pay rise from another company last year because I’m happy where I am. Secondly these players are already earning an absolute fucking fortune so it’s not the same comparison. If Lescott moves, which I hope he doesn’t, the decision will be based purely on money and purely for greed. Does anyone think Lescott or any other ’top’ player would move to City for footballing reasons?
Alan Kirwin
26   Posted 09/08/2009 at 23:55:07

Report abuse

Dear me Dave Wilson. Is this deja vu I see before me. Offensive, personal, distasteful, followed by pleas of innocence, or ignorance.

You always play the man, not the ball. There’s a name for such people. Seems to me this article’s author has got your card well marked. Welcome to the (growing) club Jason.

"Trust me when I tell you it doesn't suck being me, it's really brilliant actually, speaking your mind is really quite liberating, you should try it, its far healthier than "secretly " harbouring grudges for a year." — Too much protestation. Who you are, and who you think you are, are different. Clean your act up.
Jamie Crowley
27   Posted 10/08/2009 at 04:05:55

Report abuse

Back to the point: great article Jason.

My emotional swings this offseason have been directly tied to the Lescott saga. I truly believe if we held on to the core of the club we can challenge for a CL spot. If Joleon leaves I see it as strengthening our direct competition and seriously hampering our shot at a CL / top 4 spot at season’s end.

Great piece Jason. Someone please show it to JL.

Less than a week....
Dave Wilson
28   Posted 10/08/2009 at 05:56:33

Report abuse


I’m not without my sensitive side, I hear you loud and clear, you've really have struck a nerve.

Next time somebody wants to "plead their case", "in the best interest of the club", I’ll get on here and pat them on the back, even if privately the letter makes me cringe. I mean, it's the nice thing to do, isn't it?

And Al, just because you don't know enough about the club to actually mention them in your posts, doesn't mean you don't have a valid point and out of respect for you I’m gonna mend my ways.

Yep, I really do like this diplomacy lark, I’m taking to it like a duck to water.

Thanks for putting me straight, guys!
Ciarán McGlone
29   Posted 10/08/2009 at 09:11:30

Report abuse

I’m squarely with Dave on this one... Lescott’s a good player... he’s not god — absolutely no need for sycophancy.

And I think Moyes has already made the point quite clear... whether I or anybody else agrees with it or not.
Matthew Mackey
30   Posted 10/08/2009 at 09:51:16

Report abuse

Jason;- spot on mate. Absolutely spot on. Couldn’t agree more with your letter. Only thing is, there’s another postal strike today so you’ll have to take your letter round to JLo's house yourself! Still, I’m sure his missus will give you a nice cup of tea for your efforts!

Comment by Trevor Williams..."if I could set my family, my kids and my future kids up for life in the few years I’m playing football then I would, as would most of us”

No Trevor, I don’t think so. If you or Jlo can’t set yourself, your kids and your family up on £40k a week x say 10 yrs (£20.8 million before tax) then you need your head testing as well as a better accountant. Your argument is simply floored mate and a total red herring fuelled by the element of greed.

Alan Kirwin — always a good read and fair play to you for bringing a bit of intelligence to the issue. Just because Kenwright has screwed up on DK doesn’t mean he’s always going to do a Judas on the Lecott affair. The red-top shite is always looking for ways to destabilize our club in the name of selling a few more chip papers.
Alan Clarke
31   Posted 10/08/2009 at 10:14:55

Report abuse

Has anyone heard the latest bullshit?

Apparently Everton have rejected these bids for Lescott and Saha because the DIC group that were trying to buy the RS are in talks with Everton. Lescott has been promised a hefty pay rise once the DIC deal is completed hence the reason he’s not handed in a transfer request.

It must be true because someone on the NSNO forum spoke to a mate who knows someone at Everton.
Matthew Mackey
32   Posted 10/08/2009 at 11:37:32

Report abuse

Alan;- Somebody posted an article on TW last week about spreading rumours and seeing how far they would go. Are you sure this isn’t a wind-up rumour?
Alan Clarke
33   Posted 10/08/2009 at 12:33:38

Report abuse

I thought maybe I should post it in that article. I have called it bullshit and the fact it’s on the NSNO forum means it most probably is a wind up or at least completely untrue.
Dave Wilson
34   Posted 10/08/2009 at 21:43:56

Report abuse

Careful, Ciarán, this is a particularly sensitive thread...
Trevor Williams
35   Posted 10/08/2009 at 23:00:56

Report abuse

Alan, I agree its not footballing reason initially, however sadly Man city have the power to invest and grow. Chelsea did exactly the same thing. Before the Russian came they were nothing.

At the moment I really do see Man City doing better over the next five years than us and yes it's simply because of the very investment that we are crying out for.
Ciarán McGlone
36   Posted 11/08/2009 at 11:02:56

Report abuse

Transfer request rejected..

I bet your call to arms and picking him out for special cheering seems a little pointless and hollow now!

We now MUST sell. Davey needs to sort out his priorities. His principles are not suiting the good of the club - considering the request.
Trevor Williams
37   Posted 11/08/2009 at 11:11:45

Report abuse


The website blazes BREAKING NEWS and tells the world it has turned down his request

Why would they need to do that ?

I will tell you why. It Now means he cant possibly stay with us as he wants to leave.

Another great piece of mind work from the club
Garry Martin
38   Posted 11/08/2009 at 11:35:49

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Selling Lescott will have a massive impact on EFC.
Other key players are sitting on the sidelines awaiting the outcome of this issue.
Key players within the club will percieve EFC as having no ambition & being a selling club.
I think Moyes is now realising the full impact of how being marginally succesfull & being able to advance further without falling into the trap of having richer clubs come in and f- - - you up.

Simply selling Lescott is not an option !!
Ciarán McGlone
39   Posted 11/08/2009 at 11:43:37

Report abuse

"Selling Lescott is not an option"


You’re right - it’s not an option, It’s a necessity.

He wants to go, therefore we cash in and improve the first team. No brainer at this point.
Antony Matthews
40   Posted 11/08/2009 at 11:40:11

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Does anyone blame him for asking for a move.? If the club showed more ambition and had fetched a few players in by now Lescott would be happy to stay if we showed more forward thinking. Instead the club is treading water. We cant all say its money that talks with Lescott as we haven’t showed him that we mean business by improving the team. If he goes then you can say bye bye to others too(mikel &piennar)
Ciarán McGlone
41   Posted 11/08/2009 at 12:08:54

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I certainly don’t Anthony. We have zero ambition at board level.

It’s not surprising. I wish him all the best..hopefully we can get a replacement and a decent midfielder or two in with the money!
Jamie Morgan
42   Posted 11/08/2009 at 12:13:34

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Do you want to play for Everton?

If the answer isn’t yes then fuck off!

end of debate!
Gary Mortimer
43   Posted 11/08/2009 at 12:12:18

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I agree with Garry - we have to keep him.

For the following reasons:

It sends out a message to other clubs, the fans and to our players that we are not a selling club and that we are serious about our mission to break into the CL places.

Replacing our goal scoring centre back and integrating him to the rest of the team will be nigh on impossible before the season starts. We will only have one fit centre back at the club. Before we know it we could be out of Europe like last season.

If any of the players mentioned previously as replacements are as good as JL, why aren’t Shitteh after them?

We must not sell our best players to teams that we want to finish above this season.

No matter how much money we get from the deal we will have to get a new centre half and a new back up left back in to replace him. To get any players of decent quality then this is going to take up a fair amount of the fee – I can’t see there being enough left to strengthen our squad in the way it needs - there certainly won’t be enough to bid for the Dafour’s of this world! And there is no point “strengthening” our squad with players who won’t walk into the first team, we all know that there are a couple of local lads who probably deserve a place in the squad, but end up playing every week and those positions need strengthening desperately.

I also think that because he still has three years left on his contract and he wants to go to the World Cup, it would not be in JL’s interest to go on ‘strike’ to get a move. Look at Gareth Barry last season at Villa – some of my work colleagues are season ticket holders at Villa and they reckoned that, after a bit of a shaky start, he had his best season for years. Yes he moved in the summer, but Villa had a year to look for a replacement.

I’m not convinced that JL would stay if we had bought Dafour, Naughton and Delph as we’d hoped, he’s going for the money, pure and simple (I guess I don’t really blame him, but I think I could just about manage on only £40k a week). It may have helped, but as Shitteh aren’t even in Europe this year, he’s not going for football reasons.

I think that if JL is allowed to leave then I would also expect Arteta, Pienaar, Jags, Rodwell and even Moyes himself to follow him out of the door. The thin end of the wedge?

Antony Matthews
44   Posted 11/08/2009 at 12:18:27

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Notice how he put the request in while he is away with the England squad? COWARD. I would have had more respect for him if he had the balls to hand it in in front of his team mates. Sell him soon and get players who want to play for this club !
Trevor Williams
45   Posted 11/08/2009 at 12:29:34

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A question for you all

When was the last time a player put in a request that was refused and he then carried on playing for the club ??

I am interested to know as I cant think of any apart from the DJ basher who was threatened by the mob so ripped up his request
Trevor Williams
46   Posted 11/08/2009 at 12:40:48

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Arent we also being a little bit hypocritical about players in contract when we are trying to buy a player who agreed to a new deal just last month. Swings and roundabouts my friends, swings and roundabouts
Chad Schofield
47   Posted 11/08/2009 at 12:38:44

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Oh dear, this looks like it’s going to get very ugly.
Normally I’d see this playing into City’s hands... but DM will just stick Lescott on bench/reserves ala VDM.

Lescott would be a fool, because Moyes will just let him sit and rot in order to demonstrate what signing a contract actually means.

Pienaar must be thinking about getting a clause written into his contract.

In a sadistic I admire Moyes for facing up to Player Power and Shitty’s money and arrogant tactics.
Chad Schofield
48   Posted 11/08/2009 at 12:55:52

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But it certainly is not the way to attract players to the club.
Ciarán McGlone
49   Posted 11/08/2009 at 13:02:22

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If Moyes lets him rot, then he is a very stupid man who is putting his pride before the good of this club...

I already think Moyes and the club (OS) have handled this situation very badly...the majority of official press releases about this whole sorry saga have actually come from Everton.
Alan Kirwin
50   Posted 11/08/2009 at 13:23:05

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Ciaran - given the latest development your strategy re Lescott is spot on. We get best price and move on.

But come on, to lambast Moyes after all he’s done to develop Lescott, and to slag off the club after City have drip fed SKy and other media non stop to unsettle him and get what they want is nonsense.

This has been in the papers for months. Lescott has been tapped up to the hilt. Everton have fought their corner on a matter of principle. City’s pursuit has been obscenely public. You, or others, may think there are no principles or morals left in football, and you’d have a point, but I believe there should be.

Moyes and Kenwright should be applauded for trying to hold on to their assets. But it’s now gone too far and it’s clear Lescott’s head is turned 180 degrees. That doesn’t mean we should just cave in and take what they offer. We should set a fee of at least £25m preferably £30m. If they meet it then we sell and deal accordingly to strengthen the team.

But in the interests of a sport in which a grotesque few are gorging themselves with fantasy money, I think the FA and the EPL need to take a long hard look at themselves and the monster that has been let loose. The economy of football makes the Dutch tulip bubble look like Goldman Sachs. Personally I will welcome the eventual fall, or even the departure of the mega mega rich into a global super league where they can play each other 6 times a season, whilst normal service is resumed everywhere else.
Trevor Williams
51   Posted 11/08/2009 at 13:31:46

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How many times has a club said they will let them rot in the reserves? And when has it ever happened? We wil hear the usual sound bites coming from the club. Contracts mean nothing to teams wanting our players, in the same way they mean nothing to us when we want to buy players...
Trevor Williams
52   Posted 11/08/2009 at 13:38:01

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AVDM was in the reserves not because he wanted a transfer (Moyes would have snapped his hand off)

It was because he was shit and broke many rule
Ciarán McGlone
53   Posted 11/08/2009 at 14:31:00

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It’s adangerous to assume that everything - or anything for that matter - in the press has actually come from city.

I agree with you to a point - but we are equally responsible for perpetrating bad manners in football....looking at the Garbutt situation - we may actually be worse than city!
Jamie Rowland
54   Posted 11/08/2009 at 16:18:02

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Here is a very simple question for Mr Lescott...

How come, at only £20-25m, no top side or champions league side have bothered to express an interest in your services?

£25m isn’t too much for likes of Real, Chelsea, United etc.
Michael O'Neil
55   Posted 14/08/2009 at 08:55:05

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Am I missing the point?

Mark Hughes is quoted throughout the press as saying:

"We are still trying to speak to the people who will ultimately make the decision over whether the deal continues." He added: "Those conversations are still to take place but how long they will still be active is open to debate."

The club has twice rejected his bids and Lescott’s own transfer request so who are these people? I think we should be told.

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