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The bullshit continues

By James Boden :  11/08/2009 :  Comments (52) :

So here we are just 4 days before the start of the season and our signings have been a loan and 2 unheard of kids. We have released several experienced players who would have baulked up the squad and have we replaced them? Well, to my total surprise, no! I mean I never saw another summer of turmoil coming from a million miles away.

If only that really was the case. It was so obvious that this summer would be just as bad, if not worse than the previous year. Despite Bullshit Billy, Dithering Davie, St Phillip Carter and Elstone telling us this summer would be different, I knew it wouldn’t. This is Everton we are talking about for goodness sake.

Once again they have pissed farted us around. You would have thought the Cup Final would have taught them a lesson but obviously not. And what makes this worse is I saw it coming from a million miles away.

That shitbag Lescott has requested a transfer. I am sorry but that is purely greed. Who the fuck are Manchester City? How long since they have won a trophy or heck even been in a final? Yet for years the love affair with them not only from the press but also our favourites Sky Sports has been deafening. While we are consistently at best ignored and at worst taken the piss out of, all we have had for years is “Poor City must be so hard in the shadow of United for all the those years”. Well what about fucking us then?

This is a club who were original members of The Football League; a club who had a player score 60 league goals in 1 season — a record which will never be beaten. Only 3 clubs have won the League Championship more than us and they do not include Darling City or Chelsea. Heysel took away our European Dreams but does anyone sympathise with us?

People talk of the press and Sky’s influence but it seems the public are happy to see us suffer too as opposed to God's second favourite team Manchester ‘Darling’ City. We had the supposed match-fixing verses Wimbledon, Chelsea fans cheering for Bolton so it would send us down, and I cannot imagine too many felt for us when our supposed hero walked out at 18 with no time of the transfer window left.

But back to Lescott — if he wants to go, then fuck him off for £30 million. Hey if City have unlimited funds then they could afford it. But if he is still around Saturday I hope our fans give him horrible stick. None of this crap, “It’s a short career”. Fucking get serious!

This is not the days of footballers travelling to the match with supporters on the tram. This is the day of multi-millionaires. So, as far as I am concerned, every bit of abuse he gets he deserves. Although he is a good defender, I have always questioned his attitude and now, without question, he has shown the true colours of a modern day footballer. With that being said, since Rooney left us, nothing has left me shocked with how these players act.

What use is that prick Kenwright to this football club? He has given us nothing but lies and failed us time and time again. So I hear some say, “But look at his reaction when we won at Wembley on penalties, he was crying”. Well so was I but that doesn’t mean to say I should be running Everton Football Club now does it?

All he cares about is Destination Kirkby as it is his dream ticket. And then he can sell the club down the river. If he really cared that much, he would have sold up by now, but the fact that he wants mega money from someone else and then still calls the shots is the reason we are in this position. And yet all we get from some morons is, “Well he is better than Peter Johnson”. For fuck's sake, being better than the previous chairman does not make you any good yourself — it just makes you superior to your predecessor.

And then to Moyes... who, despite clearly knowing what is going on, just sits there and does nothing. Why can’t he come out and say that the bloke is taking the piss out of me? Of course Bullshit Billy almost blackmails him by hiking up his contract in return for fuck all transfer funds and telling him he is the world’s greatest manager despite his failure to deliver a trophy. WONDERFUL!

This certainly promises to be anything but an enjoyable season. But hey, not to worry, as the consolations are as follows: Kenwright will get his dream move to Kirkby; Weak links will still be in our side; and us fans will be pissed on again as no-one good signs for us and we drop down from 5th place and fail to win a trophy again as we are eliminated from all cup competitions at the very first attempt. Thank heavens I will not be stuck in the Gwladys Street this Saturday. In fact I am not going to view it full stop.

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum — my fucking arse!

Reader Comments

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Ben Jones
1   Posted 11/08/2009 at 13:59:35

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Wow! What a read... that’s a Tony Marsh-esque article to the extreme that is. But to be honest, I agree with most of it, but it’s just way too extreme for my liking. But we have been lied to by Kenwright, Moyes is demented apparently and we’re moving out of the city soon... yay!

I wouldn’t boo Lescott, it’d just unsettle him during the game, and we need to win that game! I just hope they, at least, TRY and make up for it, with some good signings during the latter days of the transfer window... can’t see it happening though. It is typical bloody Everton though, and for once, I would like Kenwright and Moyes apologise to the fans for all the shitty summers we have gone through
Tony Williams
2   Posted 11/08/2009 at 14:17:59

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"We have released several experienced players who would have baulked up the squad and have we replaced them?"

Who? Valente, Jacobson, Castillo and Shandy Andy, all four players had less than 10 games between them.

Not one of them was a first team player, possibly Valente but we have Baines now.

As already stated a Marsh-esque rant and the same distortion of facts too.
Alan Clarke
3   Posted 11/08/2009 at 14:43:13

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I agree with this article. Okay Valente and Jacobsen aren’t world beaters but why let them go if you’ve nobody lined up to replace them?

Moyes has the task of shaping his team and squad and he has to take some of the responsibility for the lack of depth especially when turning down £8 million for Saha. I’ll be pissed off if he starts spouting his usual "glass ceiling" bullshit come January. Piss poor planning and all that.
Colin Potter
4   Posted 11/08/2009 at 15:05:50

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I agree 100% with this article, it’s spot on. Like I said in another thread, if Moyes is concerned for the club and its fans, he should have it out with kenight now, before the window shuts. What would kenright do? Sack Moyes? No chance, he would be terrified of the backlash from the fans. Moyes would have nearly 100% backing from the fans if all this shite was brought out into the open.
Sam Morrison
5   Posted 11/08/2009 at 15:33:52

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Colin, I don’t see what would be gained by Moyes ’having it out’ with Kenwright, even if he wanted to. Kenwright is not likely to leave because his manager wants more money, whether he wants to sell or not. All it would do is create a schism and make it harder for Moyes to do his job. And what is ’all the shite’ you refer to? The original post criticises DM as much as it does anyone else.
Zaid Omar
6   Posted 11/08/2009 at 15:41:32

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Excellent article. Spot on 100% . You echo the thoughts of most Evertonians. This shit goes on year after year and nothing gets done about it. Moyes reiterated at the end of the season that they would like to conclude the busines early on , so as to avoid the debacle of last season. Why do they get everyones hopes up year after year, only for them to come up with the same bullshit of "We dont have money’ or ’ the market is tough’ or ’im demented’... Just tell us upfront that we dont have any chance of signing quality players ,and prevent the supporters from going through an emotional rollercoaster.
Terry Maddock
7   Posted 11/08/2009 at 15:06:37

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Look if you are going to have a bash at Moyes at least make a proper effort.

"We have released several experienced players who would have baulked up the squad and have we replaced them?"
Can anybody tell me the total contribution of these players..and with them being of such value , what are they doing now...?

Second guessing
Tony Marsh
8   Posted 11/08/2009 at 15:46:14

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Painfull to read but very very true.I cant
blame Lescott for wanting away though the club is falling apart under Kenwrights leadership.More players will follow suit very shortly and all because the chairman cant run his buisness properly.We are now so far behind all the other big clubs that we can only offer Championship wages to
England internationals and it just wont work these days.

Loyalty to the club is one thing from a player but why should Lescott show loyalty when the chairman doesnt?Kenwright is selling us down the river and JL is just one of the rats desering a sinking ship.

I hope we get twatted 5-0 by Arsenal
on Sunday and just maybe there will be a fans revolt against this shithouse regime that is destroying the club.

Kenwright gets it way to easy and as long as the tossers who voted Yes to Kirkby and the the wimpy bunch of Yes men who follow the club keep defending these twats we will alawys be a laughing stock.

Let me tell you out there,by defending Kenwright and his cronies you are not being loyal to the club you are being fucking STUPID..These bastards running the club dont give a fuck about us fans as they are in it for them selves and dont give a shite if we sell every decent player we have on the books as long as Kirkby goes through.....Wake the fuck up Evertonians before its to late.
Alan Kirwin
9   Posted 11/08/2009 at 15:46:05

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Dear me.

BTW, Accrington Stanley were in the original football league, whilst Middlesboro had a player who held teh record of 59 goals before Dixie. So what?

Whist you may have read the mind of a premier league footballer correctly, you’ve misread & misrepresented Kenwright, as have many before you. Have you considered how many of the past 20 or 30 seasons we have spent watching the target of 40 points. These days we look to reach that by January. And yet it doesn’t count?

The last thing Kenwright wants is to take Everton to Kirkby. It’s a high risk strategy that you would only take if you saw no other option. Kirkby is something of an abomination to most fans, but get things in perspective. We’ve needed a new stadium for how long? We have the oldest stands in the world. We’ve struggled as a club for how long?

Don’t confuse frustration and fact. There are plenty of clubs who’ve taken someone’s shilling and who are fucked. How about Newcastle? billionaire owner, big buys, big wages, big stadium, big everything.

You bemoan Moyes because he apparently DOES NOTHING. Well yes, then we have the likes of Redknap who buys every bastard (twice) and still can’t compete with Moyes.

If we had full houses most games, a waiting list of 20,000 for season tickets and a membership of 100,000 or more then sure, we’d have grounds for complaint. But that ain’t the picture. Everton’s attendances and turnover are akin to West Ham today. Does that change the expectations of people like you? of course not. Far better to go back to 1880 or the 1920’s for evidence of our status.

What nonsense.
Dave Lynch
10   Posted 11/08/2009 at 16:01:54

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Iv’e been awake for years regarding this regime.
Know what ? I couldn’t give a toss anymore.
Why ? Because the same apologists who are happy as long as we finish between 5th and 8th every season will outnumber us.
I can see the future now.
We finish about 8th or so. The apologists statement.
" Considering the squad we have. That was a good season for us".
Fuck em all !
Sean Joyce
11   Posted 11/08/2009 at 15:49:17

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I think DM hands have been tied. BB, although acknowledging that money is tight said after the cup final that players would be bought in. The Naughton saga with Sheffield should have made us all aware that he was back to his best. Offering Arsenal only half of the fee that had already been agreed/Talked about for Senderos is another futile attempt to give the impression that he is working 24/7 to bolster the squad for DM. Bollox. I for one will not jeer Roger on saturday if he is still with us, ok so he is going for the money, no question about that but the lack of ambition being shown by EFC at the moment is frightening, I am only suprised that no other players have realised that the grass is indeed greener else where. I am thankful that Jags and Miki are injured at this time, cos they would also have been targeted by other clubs, and where would we be then. Summers dont you just love em. If indeed Roger is sold, then whoever is behind this climb down regarding selling players i hope DM is in agreement, cos if BB is going behind his back, I would hate to start the season without a manager. I can almost hear it now from BB. "Our new Manager is Peter Reid, a true Evertonian, I have always said that I wanted Peter to manager Everton, a true Everton Legend.
No disrespect to intended towards Peter Reid, but for gods sake BB, Everton sort this mess out
Tony Marsh
12   Posted 11/08/2009 at 16:06:09

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Alan and I suppose that the fact Kenwright in one capacity or another
has been helping run the club for nearly 20 years has nothing to do with our demise or the fact that we are skint.In fact we are the most sking team in the EPL but its nothing to do with the Chairamn and the wankers he has around him NO its all the fault
of the fans because there aint enough of us....What a fucking JOKE did you try getting tickets for Wembley or go down and see the numbers filling London.

The truth is Alan wether you like it or not Kewnwright has run out of time and his bullshitting has caught up with him.He is a fraud and I wouldnt trust him to run a Hotdog stall outside the ground never mind the club
James Boden
13   Posted 11/08/2009 at 16:20:15

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Alan Kirwin the difference between George Camsell and Dixie Dean is that Camsell’s feat was in the 2nd Division. Thus Dean’s was harder to achieve anyway. And for the record Accrington Stanley are a different football club to the original Accrington.
And as Tony Marsh said Kenwright was in and around the club even before he seized control so do you really believe he has been totally innocent? And please do not try to fool us into thinknig Kenwright doesn’t want Kirkby or we have no fans. The team without supporters outnumbered United’s at the semi. Now who has ever done that?
The likes of you can kiss their asses all you want but I will not follow suit thank you very much.
James Sweet
14   Posted 11/08/2009 at 16:16:42

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You all need to relax. End of the day there is f**k all you can do about who runs the club, how much money we have to spend, which players want to play for us. Why can’t you all just support the club regardless.

Even if (heaven forbid) we got relegated and ended up playing conference football, I know I would still be proud to say I was a blue.

I am hurt when we loose and burst with pride when we win but at the end of the day its only football...

Relax, enjoy your summer, and wait and see what happens. You never know we could win the league this year!!

Terry White
15   Posted 11/08/2009 at 16:38:19

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Thank you, James Sweet, for some sanity. I would not care where Everton plays, could be in the street, or who plays for us as long as the team plays in blue and Z-Cars is played pre-match. SUPPORT the team!

Alan Clarke
16   Posted 11/08/2009 at 16:41:55

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To all those who feel let down why don’t you boycott the European game? I think this is the best way to show Kenwright that we don’t support him. I’m not going because they’ve already got my season ticket money by giving me false promises. I’ll be fucked if they’re having anymore from me.

Kirwin, you’re starting to piss me off now with all this small club bullshit you keep spouting. Believe what you want but spouting bullshit about attendances doesn’t prove we’re a small club. We’re more successful than Chelsea. We are the 4th most successful club in Engalnd. Under Moyes we have looked to be progressing but Kenwright is making sure we slide right back into obscurity. All anyone wants at Everton is progress (even you, I’m assuming) and no one can still be thinking we’re going to make any progress this season after this even more shambolic summer. You’re hiding your head in the sand if you don’t think other players will follow Lescott and who blames them when the club have shown such little ambition.
Rupert Sullivan
17   Posted 11/08/2009 at 16:56:11

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I think DM has to take his share of the crap as well to be fair (and I do agree that Kenwright is the principle idiot in the club) but DM let Jacobsen go - probably thinking he could buy Naughton and then waited around for several weeks and fluffed the chance. Now I know Spurs ended up offering more money, but why didn’t DM nip in their earlier and snap him up? And why is he now bemoaning a lack of players when he could have started all this a lot sooner.

OK, I know, maybe he did, but the Elm saga, the Senderos saga, the Naughton saga... I don’t think he dithers, but I do think his timing sucks
Tony Williams
18   Posted 11/08/2009 at 17:06:50

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"I hope we get twatted 5-0 by Arsenal"

Says it all really Tony
Dennis Stevens
19   Posted 11/08/2009 at 17:03:58

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Alan Kirwin you’re quite right, that was a load of nonsense you posted. Even in the first paragraph you failed to mention that George Camsell’s 59 goals for Middlesborough just happened to be scored in the 2nd Division & you were quite wrong about Accrington Stanley - the team you meant to refer to was called simply Accrington. Everton played our first League match against Accrington & they didn’t survive for too long after that inaugural season. Accrington Stanley were formed quite some time later.
Phil Bellis
20   Posted 11/08/2009 at 17:14:32

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Bloody hell, Alan demonstrate just how wide is the split in the fanbase
I agree we’ve needed a refurbished stadium for a while and had our problems over the last 22 years but whose fault is that? Mine? Yours?
The blame starts and the buck stops with the Board; Sir John must be turning in his grave
We’ve been let down by the shadow men who’ve been running our club, Bill Kenwright has been part of the shambles for many years
richard sayers
21   Posted 11/08/2009 at 17:20:39

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People, posting on here hoping we get beat, slagging off the "regime" who run the club and also having a go at Lescott is utter nonsense.

Firstly, if you hope Everton get beat, you’re a kopite and I suggest you go and watch them in the pub on any given Sunday/Saturday.

Secondly, Kenwright has no money -fact, but will only give the club to someone who’s in it for the long haul (surely, you’re not too stupid to get this). Off the top of my head, in the last three years these clubs have had new owners
West Ham

You could only say that Villa fans are happier with the way the club is now being ranm (purposefully not mentioned City as the wheels are bound to come off that one)

And finally, Lescott going - Someone offers to at least double your wages (at least) if you say you wouldn’t take that offer, you’re a liar or an idiot. Boo him, don’t boo him if he plays on Saturday, it’ll make no difference whatsoever, but just makes us look as small as other clubs fans

Richard Osborne
22   Posted 11/08/2009 at 17:44:57

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Tony Marsh, you constantly post on this site about how angry, upset, disenchanted and fed up you are.

You talk about people who have a different opinion on Kenwright, Destination Kirby (God I hate that phrase) and lack of signings, being ’Stupid’.

You say we should do something about it and that ’Evertonians should wake the fuck up’ as if you are the only person who realises that something is wrong.

So why don’t you do something about it. You sit at your computer, cry-arsing on an internet web forum, which has no link to the club, is not read by any of it’s representitives and only represents a fraction of the opinions of the overall fan-base.

Instead, would it not be a true indication of your courage in your convictions to organise some kind of protest? Get together with other like-minded Evertonians and put up a real fight against Bill Kenwrong and his evil, terrorist henchmen - if that is what you believe?

You see the trouble is Tony, unless you really make a stand, do something that nobody can ignore, instead of just calling for everyone else to do it on your behalf, no-one is going to take you seriously. At the moment you are just an internet crank - full of hot air and no bollocks.

Personally, I’d be amazed if that changed any time soon.
Ed Bottomley
23   Posted 11/08/2009 at 18:08:45

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Tony, you’ve really crossed the line here in wishing Everton get beat. You should probs trot off to Anfield - lots of likeminded people there.
Karl Parsons
24   Posted 11/08/2009 at 17:57:52

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Tony Marsh. I hope we get twatted 5-0 by Arsenal.

What kind of statement is this Tony?

I remember the frustrations of last close season and the elation of reaching a Cup Final and 5th place in the league. And all without three of our best players.

If you remember we got twatted by a very poor Blackburn first game and did not win a home match for what seemed like an eternity. Just remind me where we finished.

Here’s another point knobheads like you forget. Comments like "I hope we get twatted 5-0" is totally counterproductive and only serves to demonstrate what fickle, immature, strategically inept and totally lacking in any kind of foresight people like you are.

For me the saddest part of this close season is another summer of backbiting from people who, like you, profess to "SUPPORT" my team.

Tony Marsh
25   Posted 11/08/2009 at 18:03:28

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Richard Osborne how do you know I dont already do what you ask of me??
Only to meet with apathetic apologists like your self. Who are you to question me on what I may or may not be doing as a disgruntled fan? For all you know, I could be the number one player in the KEIOC group.

You see Richard, a group of concerned Evertonians did get together and create an action group (the one I mention above) but to be honest the Everton fanbase is so full of know-alls and types who are happy with this shit that sometimes the futility of banging your head on a brick wall while the Pompous types like yourself and Terry Madden gloat about what you did to the club in July 2007.

You get off your arse and stop logging on here if it offends you so much.

By the way, Richard, what have you done for the club or the fans lately???

FUCK ALL would be my guess.
Richard Osborne
26   Posted 11/08/2009 at 18:10:08

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Nail on head there Karl.
Richard Osborne
27   Posted 11/08/2009 at 18:11:24

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Tony, maybe those ’know-alls’ just thought you were as full of shit as I do. Just a thought like.

Perhaps you and that clueless gang of twats at KEIOC should get your facts straight before you try to change the ’regime’ at Everton.
David Hodgson
28   Posted 11/08/2009 at 17:59:53

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Yes maybe we would all leave our jobs if somebody offered to double our wages but surely there must be some fuckin loyalty shown by a player at some point!! Moyes took a punt on a championship player with two dodgy knees and hadnt played for an entire season prior to us signing him and turned him into one of the best centre backs in the EPL and an even more than capable left back and an England international!! for fucks sake if that doesn’t deserve a little loyalty to the club/manager/fans then i dont know what does! Its been said many times before but what is a contract worth these days when clubs like City (i never ever thought id be mentioning that tinpot club in this context) can just waft double/treble yer money wages under players noses and sign who they want regardless......answer-fuck all. Bye bye JL, enjoy the circus that is City. NSNO.
Tony Marsh
29   Posted 11/08/2009 at 18:11:00

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Karl Masters, when did Everton become your club, Lad? As for the 5-0 quote, well, if it took getting slammed in the first few games of the season to make our fans wake up and force Kenwright's hand then I am up for that... Arent you?

I mean how much longer do you want to see Moyes struggle with a small squad as his best players are sold to clubs who can pay better wages? What if Arteta and Jagz were fit and bids came in for them from City or another big club and they left, what then??? Would you still be so happy with life??

We are being shafted again and Kenwright is pulling your kecks around your ankles and spanking your bum and you just don't see it. You be a shithouse and stay shtum. You hide behind an FA Cup final appearnce and be happy — it just papered over the cracks for a few more years, that's all. By the way did we win the cuplast season?? NO WE DIDN'T! SO STOP GLORYIFYING IN A DEFEAT. Typical of the kind of Everton fan you are, made up being second best.

If you cant see what's going on at the club, you must be the knobhead, Lar.
Tony Marsh
30   Posted 11/08/2009 at 18:25:20

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There you go again Richard making assumptions about me.I never said I had anything to do with KEIOC I just said how do you know I dont?I dont infact and it just goes to show what a Pompous Ass you are.Casting asperstions on my private life without knowing fuck all about me.

Get your facts right next time Matey
Richard Osborne
31   Posted 11/08/2009 at 18:38:28

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Ha Ha! So, now we’ve established that your attempt to associate your self with KEIOC were a complete avoidance of my initial question, Tony, why haven’t you stood up and organised something that you REALLY feel will MAKE A DIFFERENCE???? You’re still just an internet crank, loving the sound of his own typing. What a fucking bore you are.
Alan Kirwin
32   Posted 11/08/2009 at 18:34:45

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Tony, what the hell is the significance of Evertonians turning out in force for our first appearance at the new Wembley. Please explain how this is more relevant than our average home attendance which is half-way down the EPL. if we had the numbers that you strangely suggest we have then our situation would be very different. No full houses, no waiting list, and behind Man City, Villa, Sunderland, Newcastle, and on a par with West Ham. These are facts that seem to be inconvenient.

And I’m sorry mate, but this team has just finished 5th twice, 4th and 6th and been to the cup final. That’s following 2 decades of shite. So try to keep things in perspective.

For someone who ranks himself a diehard fan (and I don’t doubt that for a minute by the way) wishing a heavy defeat on our team crosses the line of decency. To listen to you anybody would think we are Newcastle or Leeds. We are not.

Some of your frustration is understandable. Much of it is just cant. And yes, I did mean cant. I reckon most of us want the same thing. Where we differ is in the blame game, where the money should come from and what we have a right to expect given our history / size / current status. Seems to me some fans (not necessarily you) live in fucking cuckoo land when they post on here about our greatness, Latin motto and all that pony. Everything has to be earned, and then re-earned.

And that’s why situations like Man City just make me laugh. It’s a grotesque distortion of reality that prompts fans of other clubs, like ours, to then go on the rampage out of envy. Some football fans maintai a tenuous grasp of reality. But some of the people who post on here seem to exist on none.
Luke Berry
33   Posted 11/08/2009 at 19:20:49

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I read Tony Marshes comments and at times they really do test but he’s right about one thing we are getting shafted by Kenwright.

I think he’s keeping a bit back moneywise with regards to DK. He will get his investment that he has searched ’24/7’ and pocket a fuck off tidy sum for his troubles, decent team/shiny stadium equals bigger pay off for him when he sells.

I agree that fiscal prudence is important, especially in the current financial climate but we do have one of the best managers around who has proven time and again that he is adept at making good decisions when trying to recruit players for our club. We are not a Leeds who spent well beyond their means and we are not Newcastle united with their revolving door policy on managers. We are a stable football club and I think Moyes with £20mil to spend does not represent the kind of punts that other so called ’big clubs’ have taken and failed with.

If Tony was interested In getting together and organizing a demonstration with regards to Kenwright I would invest my own time in helping him do it. I am sick to the back teeth of the Bullshit that comes out of Kenwrights mouth and the waxing lyrical media darling bollocks he orchestrates every time he gets in front of a camera. Those tears at wembley as well, fuck off you third rate acting bastard.

But Tony if you do fancy it mate, none of this 5-0 shite.....we should always support the team, even if we hate the board.
Dave Wilson
34   Posted 11/08/2009 at 21:15:00

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Alan Kirwin

Its obvious why we only get gates around 35,000 because that effectively is what Goodison holds these days, the rest of the seats have a fucken big post between the fan and the goal. with the games now being shown in every alehouse on County Rd why would people pay 30 quid for one of these seats ?
Since Kenwright arrived, the Mancs have doubled stadium capacity, so have the Geordies, City Arsenal and Sunderland have moved to stadiums their fans are proud of, Villa have increased and improved Villa park and the shite have been given planning permision to build a super stadium, even Tottenham whose average was slightly less than ours have been buying up the surrounding area.
So what Has Kenwright done ? absolutely fuck all, thats the reason this Kirkby nightmare is so close to a reality.

Gavin Ramejkis
35   Posted 11/08/2009 at 21:26:01

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No matter how much you may dislike what Tony Marsh has to say it would certainly have the desired effect amongst the most obsequious of fans and supporters who are happy to meander along and not strive for better should the worst case scenarios actually happen. Everton’s team begins to seek greener pastures and the squad breaks up to be replaced by lesser players, the team slips down the table and the manager throws in the towel. At what point would fans and supporters then decide enough is enough? A hammering from Arsenal? Knocked out of all cup competitions at the first hurdle? The loss of more first team players without replacement? Relegation? Kirkby becoming a reality? A lot of what if scenarios and very far from possibility in many eyes but how long can you drag out overachievement before it ends?

Complacency is rife amongst far too many of the supporters and BK is all to aware and survived long enough without being challenged by the paying fans but for how much longer? And before I get some smart arse comments on what have I done, I am a paying season ticket holder for years and have spent a small fortune supporting the club but have also attended protests about Kirkby and held an end of season banner proudly in the Park End in protest of DK, doesn’t make me a "web shithouse".
36   Posted 11/08/2009 at 21:23:44

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Alan Kirwin;
’And I’m sorry mate, but this team has just finished 5th twice, 4th and 6th and been to the cup final. That’s following 2 decades of shite. So try to keep things in perspective.’

Keep things in perspective or keep things as they are! Arent we all ’evertonians’ looking for our club to improve (on the field and off the field) Do u allow poor standard players a given right to play because he’s on the team sheet every week - no, we voice our opinions and make a difference. This goes for the running of the club aswell surely or do we take your attitude and defend a player or chairman or manager or even fan that loses sight or effectiveness in the job he is there to perform. Bill Kenwright and other board memebers have consistently told fans false statements. They have promised and not delivered - seems people are starting to realise this must stop.

and as for this comment : ’If we had full houses most games, a waiting list of 20,000 for season tickets and a membership of 100,000 or more then sure, we’d have grounds for complaint. But that ain’t the picture. Everton’s attendances and turnover are akin to West Ham today.’

Why the fuck would you be pro - DK if u state we cant fill our ground to capacity now!.. after finishing 4th 5th and a semi and cup final! do u actualy remember the previous shit and contradicting staements you make.

Bet u go to all Kenwrights shows dont you!
37   Posted 11/08/2009 at 21:23:44

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Alan Kirwin;
’And I’m sorry mate, but this team has just finished 5th twice, 4th and 6th and been to the cup final. That’s following 2 decades of shite. So try to keep things in perspective.’

Keep things in perspective or keep things as they are! Arent we all ’evertonians’ looking for our club to improve (on the field and off the field) Do u allow poor standard players a given right to play because he’s on the team sheet every week - no, we voice our opinions and make a difference. This goes for the running of the club aswell surely or do we take your attitude and defend a player or chairman or manager or even fan that loses sight or effectiveness in the job he is there to perform. Bill Kenwright and other board memebers have consistently told fans false statements. They have promised and not delivered - seems people are starting to realise this must stop.

and as for this comment : ’If we had full houses most games, a waiting list of 20,000 for season tickets and a membership of 100,000 or more then sure, we’d have grounds for complaint. But that ain’t the picture. Everton’s attendances and turnover are akin to West Ham today.’

Why the fuck would you be pro - DK if u state we cant fill our ground to capacity now!.. after finishing 4th 5th and a semi and cup final! do u actualy remember the previous shit and contradicting staements you make.

Bet u go to all Kenwrights shows dont you!
Stew Marsland
38   Posted 11/08/2009 at 22:10:17

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We are a laughing stock yet again,Kenwright"Lescott is not for sale at any price"has disappeared until the next cup final of course!Where is the fucking money,it has to be asked,all the sky money and the premiership money.I’ll tell you where it is fucking ring fenced for dk.Well its time this fraud was outed and if anyone can organise some sort of protest then we are with you(apologies but thats not my forte before you say anything)You cannot tell me that we have less money than Stoke!!!!Bullshit has lied to us enough times,now is time to call a halt,but how? somebody must know who can organise some sort of protest sooner rather than later,Why do we always seem to have less money than anyone else?Does anyone else realise that all prize money seems to have disappeared.It is only a matter of time before all the players and manager realise that we have gone as far as we can .ie. end of this season and the team breaks up.It is a continual story of missed opportunities-we and thousands of others are close to saying that it is long enough for bk
Bob Turner
39   Posted 11/08/2009 at 22:30:02

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It’s funny how anyone who doesn’t want to vent their spleen at all things Bill Kenwright are accused of being:

"...the most obsequious of fans and supporters who are happy to meander along and not strive for better..."

(I mean, we’re usually "apologists", "tossers" or "wimpy Yes men" so at least it’s a new one...)

On the other hand, a comment that "I hope we get twatted 5-0 by Arsenal on Sunday" (erm, isn’t the match on Satuday??) is lauded as having the "desired effect" (which is what, exactly? To make us "better" Evertonians??).

I am well aware of the house rules about having a go at the Evertonian credentials, but I’m feeling particularly "passionate" about this at the moment, so it’s ok for me to say it.

Anyone, and I mean anyone, who wants us to get "twatted 5-0 by Arsenal" is not what I would call a proper Evertonian - absolutely fucking unbelievable!
Kevin Sparke
40   Posted 11/08/2009 at 22:51:47

Report abuse

"I hope we get twatted 5-0"

I never thought I’d read that on an Everton... an EVERTON website from an EVERTON supporter

Tony, it’s costing me the best part of £500 quid to get to that match in lost wages, tickets,refreshements and travelling expenses... I hope we win; if you don’t mind laa

Lescott aside - we’ve a good chance of turning Arsenal over... "I hope we get twatted 5-0" !?!.... I’m fucking gobsmacked.
Colm Kavanagh
Editorial Team
41   Posted 12/08/2009 at 00:00:23

Report abuse

Dave Lynch wrote:

I've been awake for years regarding this regime.
Know what? I couldn’t give a toss anymore.
Why? Because the same apologists who are happy as long as we finish between 5th and 8th every season will outnumber us.
I can see the future now.
We finish about 8th or so. The apologists statement.
" Considering the squad we have. That was a good season for us".
Fuck em all!

I too echo most of this sentiment, and the "I’m no longer arsed " attitude is just one reason why I gave up writing for TW a few seasons ago.....worn down from utter fucking UTTER fuckwits who take at face value the lies and spin from Ian Ross’ office. The crass nature of some of Mr Ross’s email correspondence with many takes some beating, considering his well paid position.

Comes a time you quite simply stop caring for the competitive nature of being an Evertonian. I’ll still be an Evertonian long after Kenwright’s either popped his clogs or fucked off into a Philip Green sponsored sunset with enough riches to keep Jenny happy. I couldn’t care less, to a degree, if Everton were plying their trade in the Northern Premier’d still be MY team to support.

How many lies does it take for most rank and file Evertonians to accept they’ve been taken as mugs?

Hey, maybe we’ll get to hear updated lies at the next AGM.

Oh, hang on....."The People’s Club" doesn’t do AGM’s any more.....

Call y’selves Evertonians?

Philip Green’s calling the shots and a Lescott sale will only loosen the noose.

Till the next time.

I’m off to watch some old Everton footage......when there was pride in wearing a proper Everton shirt......unlike that fucking hideous shirt they’re peddling this season!

Luke Berry
42   Posted 11/08/2009 at 23:29:57

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In response to Stew Marsland, I would whole heartedly get behind this movement. I suppose the first step would be to write an article on here (and cross fingers it gets posted) to try and drum up the support. The next step would be to go to all other Everton related sites and do the same.

And before I get the pro Kenwright, stop being so anti our beloved club response, let me add this:

I am a son of an Evertonian (who attended Gladwys street primary school) who is the son of an Evertonian, who wants his progeny to be schooled the Everton way. That way is: NIL SATIS NISI OPTIMUM.

That motto is pertinent now more than ever as I believe we stand on the edge of greatness again. Its just a shame that we have a self serving, grandiose toss piece at the helm of our beautiful club. I ask one more time who really believes that Blue Bill ONLY has the clubs best interests at heart, I dont. I believe that he also has his own best interests at heart as well, I mean after all it’s probably the least he deserves after giving Everton their best spell in the last twenty years surely isn’t it?

Well I would rather be bent over and shagged by a billionaire than by Blue Bill any day! Its not all shagging a Sheik to get there either, look at Randy Lerner.....phwoar!!

Viva la revolucion!! Anybody fancy it?
David Hallwood
43   Posted 12/08/2009 at 00:02:18

Report abuse

I’m begining to think I’ve wondered into a pre-teen website when I read some of the nonsense being written, honestly do 75% of you still believe in Father Christmas?

Fact 1: BK hasn’t got the money to compete with the sky 4 citteh or even Villa-he’s stated this on numerous occasions

Fact 2: No one wants to buy us, and if they did they would’ve by now-wouldn’t they and if there had been a mystery bidder that had been rejected, don’t you think that would’ve been all over the papers. So why are we so unatrractive propositon?

To help Tony and his merry chum I’ve cut and pasted a headline from the Echo from 2 years ago, you don’t have to read it all just start from " costs rise’
Liverpool stadium costs rise to £400m.

So all of you KEIOC supporters (by the way I don’t want to go to Kirkby-but there’s a lot of things in life I don’t want to do-you’ll find that when you leave school) We need someone who’s got 400-500mil to spend on a new stadium another 100mil for the team and to cover the debt, that’s a mere 1/2 billion even the Paul McCartneys of the world would probably have to drive a cab of a night to make ends meet if they took us on.

I can’t afford a Bentley but that doesn’t make me a bad person, and all the shouting and screaming effin & blindin wont make my financial situation any better. BK led us out the dark side of the moon that was Peter Johnson, he’s not perfect, far from it and I wish there was someone at the helm with more money, but there aint so leaen to deal with it
Gavin Ramejkis
44   Posted 12/08/2009 at 01:16:52

Report abuse

Colm, I almost posted a letter the other day wondering where you had gone. To get a response like that from Bob Turner just smacks of anything will do. Some can’t listen and some just won’t fucking listen. The point I was making wasn’t a dig directly at you Bob it was an open ended question to which at what point would you, yes you directly as you seem to post yourself as one of those I’ve insulted as obsequious say enough is enough? Not the question as to whether or not you still call yourself an Evertonian as many on here still do but what is your response?

Do you have a season ticket?
What would make you give it up if you do?
If not, do you go to any games?
If so, at what point of the club slipping backwards as it is not being supported internally by it’s head do you stop going or reduce your attendance?
At what point would it take you to question BK’s ability and ongoing stewardship of Everton Football Club?

Years of 24/7 search for investment hasn’t done it even when a fourth division side can find it via an ex Everton employee

Annual lies and to be kind let’s call his fuckups faux pas to save your gentle soul, hasn’t done it

Seeing players looking elsewhere to earn more money and maybe a club with investment building and not standing still despite saying it would build again hasn’t done it

Maybe slipping back to mid or lower table mediocrity would do it?

Maybe DM jacking it in to go to a club with investment and not empty promises again?

Maybe the move to Kirkby?

The question raised was at what point do the pro BK folk say enouigh is enough and begin to question his ability and integrity.
Gavin Ramejkis
45   Posted 12/08/2009 at 01:27:44

Report abuse

David Hallwood sorry to blow your idea out of the water but Everton Football Club do not have a waiting list for season tickets. The club has a regular attendance averaging mid thirty thousands. The club do not have corporate clients queueing to use our corporate facilities or boxes on a match day. Given those sombre grown up facts from a 40 year old, how does moving to Kirkby resolve our plight? If we can’t fill what we have now, moving to a larger stadium with piss poor access in a spillover newtown with a population less than the stadium holds in total would give us what exactly? The calculus of needing a sudden splurge of £400m - £500m just doesn’t add up. Supporters will increase proportionally to the success of the club and this is also reflected in corporate interest, a cheaper tiny squad will get the club what exactly? Cups, doubt it, chance of champions league football, doubt it.

A sensible approach, which oddly enough pro BK folk churn out ad nauseum, is a gradual development yet that same ideology is discarded when it comes to developing a stadium which would tick all the boxes; increased capacity, improved facilities, access and nearby attractions for post match actvities such as Liverpool city centre which would be cyclical if the team was invested in and built as the foundation blocks to attract new supporters and corporates.
Luke Berry
46   Posted 12/08/2009 at 02:01:15

Report abuse

David Hallwood, in response to your good self sir. We are all painfully aware that Kenwright hasn’t got the money to invest, thats most peoples main arguement!

With that in mind:

1) How on earth do you know that no-one wants to buy us? Does it have anything to do with the liars who run our club saying so? Well by that logic who is to say they’re telling the truth on that front, when they cant tell the truth about our prospective transfer activity? I mean could it not well be that Kenwright is holding out for the highest possible amount and that many prospective buyers are scared off by his valuation of the club AND the fact that he wishes to remain in charge. He is the man who has said he’s looking for a billionaire ’investor’ and not ’buyer’ after all.

2) We are not Shitteh, we are the best of the rest with one of the best managers around. I seriously doubt that we would have to invest as massively as they have to crack the top four. So that leaves the stadium.....well, if Kenwright were to sell would the DK proposition still stand as a prospective deal for a new ground? Surely that deal is with the club as an entity and not dependent on Kenwright being around to broker it, so that negates the need for 400-500 million for a new stadium. I think it is self evident why we are an unattractive proposition...BILL KENWRIGHT!!

It is a sad indictment of our club when arguements like yours are peddled out to try and nullify the strong beliefs of many. Attitudes like yours are what will help this club on its certain slide back to the dark days of the Johnson area, or heaven forbid.......FAR WORSE.
Robbo Colby
47   Posted 12/08/2009 at 02:54:34

Report abuse

Hell hath no fury like the Tayto King scorned...
Derek Thomas
48   Posted 12/08/2009 at 06:45:11

Report abuse

We won TWO!! out of the first TWELVE last season, so 0-5 in the first one of this won’t be any change.

Just like there is no change from last closed season tho this...just the excuses and the causes. A cock up is still a cock up.

And I agree too many people think that 5th is the new first.

Neil Humphrey
49   Posted 12/08/2009 at 08:24:42

Report abuse

Its been said above several times, but it needs to be said again. Tony Marsh: "I hope we get twatted 5-0" = biggest tosser on the planet. Why don’t you take a jog across the park Tony? You’d fit in there.
Tom Fearon
50   Posted 12/08/2009 at 08:23:43

Report abuse

Luke Berry, I believe that there is no evidence that anyone wants to buy us. I reach that conclusion not because I am influenced by the so called "liars" who run the club. Nor am I influenced by the deluded idiots who think that there are billionaires who want to pour money into our club and would do so if only BK was reasonable.
If any billionaires saw our club as a great investment and their interests were thwarted by Kenwright they would make sure that media knew about it. It would make a great story. However,I know of no reported attempts to invest in our club, in spite of the fact that everyone knows the opportunity is there.
It is a sad fact that many TW contributors suffer from the delusion that the main reason we have been unable to attract massive investment is the stubborness of BK. But there is no doubt that this fantasy is a belief for many.
Ben Jones
51   Posted 12/08/2009 at 08:41:29

Report abuse

Bloody hell guys, aren’t we looking on the brighter side of life... these arguments on here are pretty brutal. And then there’s people saying I hope we lose 5-0 and Kenwright doesn’t want to go to Kirkby... these threads make supporting Everton really depressing sometimes.

I mean saying that Neil Humphrey... you can’t do that lol! Tony Marsh may have deluded opinions sometimes but bloody hell... to tell him to jog across the park is really over the top.
Paul Joy
52   Posted 12/08/2009 at 15:14:15

Report abuse

Neil Humphrey - you are out of order mate.

Marshy rants like he does from time to time (periods vary from hourly to daily to weekly). He may talk absolute bollocks from time to time e.g. the 5-0 Arsenal statement. But make no mistake the man pays his money and follows Everton home and away. And in doing this he can express whatever views he likes whether you or thousands of others agree or not. He has the right to his views - not only that he has earned the right.

So enough of the "jogging" comments - we can’t afford to lose any fans - even ranting, deeply frustrated ones who occasionally talk bollocks like Tony Marsh.

Marshy I can’t believe I have just stuck up for you - more medication for me!!!!

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