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Goodbye, Lescott

By Adam Cunliffe :  11/08/2009 :  Comments (61) :
Well Lescott has handed in his transfer request and I can’t say I’m not surprised. I’d been expecting him to hand it in as soon as Moyes rejected the latest bid from City. Then when it never came I was filled with a sense of optimism that maybe Lescott wasn’t just in it for the money and maybe he wanted to achieve something in his football career. Obviously not.

Manchester City haven’t won anything in the last 30-odd years and clearly think that all they need to do is get their “Sugar-Daddy” to open his wallet and miracles will happen. This won’t happen. I think it will take a good 3-4 years for Man City to be up there with the likes of United and Chelsea. Which really makes me wonder why on Earth Lescott, who is about to start the biggest season of his career with a World Cup at the end of it, would want to go there.

I actually thought that after reaching the FA Cup Final, although we lost, we would at least be able to persuade the likes of Lescott to stay. It proved that despite not having the same resources as City, we were challenging for honours which City were not. However, sadly, money talks.

This is by no means the end of the world; if Lescott does go, which inevitably I think he will as soon as City up their offer, we have Yobo who is a very good centre-half and would walk into any team outside the top 4 and possibly even Arsenal or Liverpool. Jagielka is without doubt our best defender and as soon as he is fit again I believe that he will return stronger and better than ever. Rodwell is not experienced enough to step into the role, however this season could a good opportunity for him to get some experience against the likes of Burnley and Wolves.

There were strong rumours about Senderos maybe coming to Everton. I think that if this move come off, he will be used as back-up when all our centre-half’s are fit. Although Senderos is no Lescott, he has played the best part of 100+ games for Arsenal, and anyone who has played that many games under Arsene Wenger must have something about him worth having.

Moyes has rejected Lescott’s transfer request. Which is a good move in my opinion. It means we can now milk City for everything they have. Until they offer us at least £25 million I wouldn’t sell. Let Mark Hughes up the bid before we accept. He clearly wants Lescott badly hence all the “tapping up” and “deliberate unsettling” so I think Moyes should wait till Mark Hughes offers us more.

Without doubt the biggest loss would be Lescott’s goals from set pieces. It is by far his biggest asset. However, I do believe that his defending at times last season was average at best. Remember Drogba’s header in the Cup Final? Where was Lescott then? So his defensive attributes can be replaced for much less than £25 million, which would gives us a decent amount to spend on other positions. (RIGHT WING PLEASE!!!)

Of course, this is all theory and until Moyes accepts a bid from City and we hear Lescott talk about how he’s “not in it for the money”, he’s still an Everton player. What pisses me off the most is that Lescott was cheered every time he touched the ball the other night. Would he get loyalty like that at Eastlands? No but he would get £100k a week and I’m sure that makes up for it when you’re a footballer.

People will say that who can blame him; he’s more than doubling his money and owes nothing to Everton. True but isn’t he being paid enough already? £40k a week is a ridiculous wage for anyone and is easily enough for anybody to live in luxury for the rest of their life. Which makes me wonder how big a difference another £60k would do on top of that.

But it doesn’t matter now because, despite the many positives to staying at Everton, Lescott clearly doesn’t want to. So let him go. Rooney wanted to go and we sold him so I think that, despite not wanting to seem an easy touch, if Lescott wants to go we should let him but only for the right price for the club.

We are Everton and no man is bigger than the club. No matter whom it is or what they want, we have to put Everton first. If I was Moyes, I’d wait for a bigger offer then I’d tell Lescott “thank you, now fuck off.” Anyone who doesn’t want to play for us shouldn’t have the honour of wearing the Royal Blue Jersey any longer than he has to.

I’m off on holiday with my family tomorrow so I shall be checking all the newspapers every morning for news about transfers etc and the Lescott situation. I didn’t want Lescott to go. Even if City offered £25 million as the first bid I would have said no... But now Lescott wants to go, the situation changes. Never forget that no matter what, no man is bigger than Everton Football Club.

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James Marshall
1   Posted 11/08/2009 at 13:49:08

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I’m surprised - why wait till 4 days before the season starts? Personalli I think his timiing is terrible; if he wanted to go earlier in the summer, then fair enough but waiting till now stinks to high heaven.

This could mean we have Yobo & Neville playing centre-half until about Christmas when Jags is properly fit.

The Senderos deal had better hurry up.

Good luck to Joleon though, even though I dont like his timing, he’s done really well for us and we’ll get ggod money if it does happen.

I still have a sneaky that he wont go just yet....I hope!
Kurt Knight
2   Posted 11/08/2009 at 14:03:44

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There you have it for all of you who kept insisting that somehow his silence spoke loyalty. My take is you part ways; otherwise, it like living with the missus when she wants to go.
Michael Ward
3   Posted 11/08/2009 at 14:04:25

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I was just having a quick snoop on one of the man city fan sites to see what they think about the whole thing.

One point interested me, they basically said that we have them over a barrell.

The reason?

The World Cup.

Basically, even if he wants to leave Lescott can’t throw a strop and not give his all to Everton because its World Cup year and if he wants to be picked he needs to give his best in every game anyway. Then when the world cup is over we can sell him and city will have signed someone else.

Still annoys me himhanding in the request after the other night though.
Tony Williams
4   Posted 11/08/2009 at 14:18:28

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That is my way of thinking Michael.

He will shoot himself in the foot if he mopes about and ends up on the subs bench. As I have previously stated, he is a professional footballer and will see that he has to play for a transfer now and his England place.

It workes for Barry last season, until the dire mistake of forsaking the Wafer Cup Villa were flying and Barry was being hailed as a hero and back in the England set up.

Let’s hope it is the same this season with Lescott and then we can get shut if Moneybags Citteh still want him. If he has a great season and a good World Cup then it won’t be just Citteh coming in for him.
Alan Clarke
5   Posted 11/08/2009 at 14:17:32

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Is Lescott’s timing that bad? Moyes has only said today they’ve turned it down but when did Lescott actually submit the request? Was it last week when the press called it or has this been done today?

This stinks far more of Everton’s mismanagement than Lescott’s bad timing. It now seems perfectly clear that Lescott has wanted out all summer. With our complete lack of funds, Moyes should have just told City the price and sold him and then planned on how to spend the money. Senderos and Elm could have both been signed by now but for Moyes’ stubborness and we’d still have money left over to buy a couple of other players. Moyes is living up to his dithering tag this summer.
Ciarán McGlone
6   Posted 11/08/2009 at 14:40:21

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3/4 years before city will be challenging for honours?


I don’t think so.
Peter Benson
7   Posted 11/08/2009 at 14:51:23

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I don’t blame Lescott for handing in a request. City are going places we are not. It shows ambition I reckon.

Lescott has seen that Everton, Moyes aside, are a club that hasn’t got a clue. He’s not an Evertonian so will want to further his career.

I feel that no-one can criticise the board AND Lescott.
Dominic McGlone
8   Posted 11/08/2009 at 14:54:43

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HI Ciaran, im a Man City fan and just wanted to say hello because we got the same surname and Its rare I see it.
Anyway I believe that Lescott handed in a transfer request last week and the only reason I could see him wanting to leave is because Everton aren’t buying anybody and it seems other clubs have a bit more ambition than Everton these days. Everton are a great team and probably deserved to be bought by a Sheikh before City, just due to the fact that they are 1 of the biggest clubs in England and have been near the top for a long while, just never quite managing to make it all the way. City had all the foundations in place with an Amazing acadamy, a new stadium and a great support, to be considered as a good investment, whereas Everton are still in the 80’s in these departments apart from having a great suport like us. Its a shame and I would love to see Everton aswell come into some money, they deserve it, a lot more than Us and Chelsea did.
I do hope Lescott comes to City because he’s a great player, but I’d feel for you lot because it might start a slight decline, unless Moyes buys wisely with the 25 million he’ll get.

Good luck for the season ahead!!
Terry Maddock
9   Posted 11/08/2009 at 15:03:45

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Alan Clarke..

Thanks for enlightning us on how simple it really is. We just tell City how much, they give us the money... and then we buy who we want. Probably by telling them how much we want to pay and they then agree and turn the player over to us... It would all be that easy but for Ditherng Dave aye!!!
Steve Ferns
10   Posted 11/08/2009 at 15:00:38

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of our current three centre backs, jagielka, lescott and yobo, it is yobo and jagielka i would see as being our best pairing. When our defence has been at it’s most solid it has been with jagielka and yobo at centre half and lescott at left back. I think baines is a better left back, and so i would choose yobo and jagielka ahead of lescott. I don’t think we can afford to have £20m sat on the bench in the form of one player (with an oversized ego)

Lescott is a good player don’t get me wrong, but I’d rather see Senderos come in and to spend the rest of the money on a winger.

I think we will have the last laugh on Lescott, particularly when he links up with Dunne and Toure who are even more error prone than Lescott himself (remember how well he started last season).
Andrew Ellams
11   Posted 11/08/2009 at 15:07:12

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The saddest thing of all is that Lescott (and lots of others) probably see playing in the World Cup as way down their priority lists, especially when it comes to money. Anybody who watched the last one in 06 and can remember, like me, quite a few previous tournaments will probably remember it as the worst one in a long time with very little passion or effort. The reason for this is everybody was much more interested in getting back safely to their clubs to pick up the huge pay packets. So World Cup or not, you can bet Joleon Lescott’s mind is purely in the cash.
Steve Ferns
12   Posted 11/08/2009 at 15:07:45

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dominic, I’ll take your comments with the positive spin i’m sure you wanted to give them. But aside from a ground that is straight out of the 1950s (park end aside) our training and facilities and foundations as you call them are far superior to city. Also, don’t forget that we have won the league 9 times, not twice like yourselves, and on winning the last of them in 1987, it was an amount that was superior to Arsenal, Man Ushited, and everyone else bar Liverpool.

I have no doubt at all that Everton will finish above shitty next season, particularly with the types of purchases you have made. All players with bad attitudes and Lescott himself will now surely fall into this brackett and how can you forge a team from people out for themselves. I predict 11th for you and a season of 3 managers.
Dave Lynch
13   Posted 11/08/2009 at 15:09:51

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Forget spending the money.
It will go to service the debt.
This again stinks of another botched attempt to con the fans.
I think the scenario is this.
Lescott puts in a request and BB and the rest of his cronies try to sit on it until the last minute and sell him when it’s too late to spend the money on the squad. Just before the window closes.
Meanwhile it is either leaked to the press or Joleon comes clean and admitts to it.
Slaughter me if you please, but i am sick to the back teeth of this board and it’s underhand dealings.
They can fuckoff now, they have totally alienated me from the club i love.
Alan Kirwin
14   Posted 11/08/2009 at 15:21:57

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Dave Lynch - you’re not THE David Lynch by any chance? the famously unique film director & master of the unfathomable plot and overarching conspiracy stories.

Just wondered.
Stephen Sullivan
15   Posted 11/08/2009 at 15:27:38

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I have this awful feeling that Lescott will suffer a serious injury playing for England tomorrow night, City withdraw their offer and we end up with no cash to replace him.
Just a feeling though but hey’ wouldn’t it just round off our pre-season preparations nicely?
Sean Joyce
16   Posted 11/08/2009 at 15:30:45

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I totally agree with you Dave, I think the board, or BB has had this transfer request for a couple of days at least. They will hold out until the last possible moment which in turn will deprive Moysey of the cash. BB will ask us to watch this space and promise, cos he is good at promising, that signings will come in January. Wait for it......... The cash will have disapeared by then and guess what............ Well you can all draw your own conclusions.
I do also think that Senderos will become our next (only) signing, but because of the oposition this coming saturday, I think you will find he signs on Monday, only my opinion for what it is worth
Sean Joyce
17   Posted 11/08/2009 at 15:30:45

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I totally agree with you Dave, I think the board, or BB has had this transfer request for a couple of days at least. They will hold out until the last possible moment which in turn will deprive Moysey of the cash. BB will ask us to watch this space and promise, cos he is good at promising, that signings will come in January. Wait for it......... The cash will have disapeared by then and guess what............ Well you can all draw your own conclusions.
I do also think that Senderos will become our next (only) signing, but because of the oposition this coming saturday, I think you will find he signs on Monday, only my opinion for what it is worth
Tony Marsh
18   Posted 11/08/2009 at 15:34:44

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Well its happened yet again ,another
farcical summer.I wrote an article on the 3rd of July prediicting this would happen and was shot down in flames,well I was right Kenwrigh has fucked us over again.

Make no mistake Lescott would of stayed if we could afford to keep him but we cant and its all down to the chairman.Kenwright is a bumbling
gormless,clueless Gobshite who hasnt got a clue how to run a Football club.

No player in his right mind would/could resist what City are offering Lescott.Treble you wages by moving 30 miles up the road.FFS dont
blame the player blame the clubs owners for not keeping up with the times.

Everton pay the lowest wages in the Premier League out of the big clubs and more and more players will want to leave when tthye start to realise whats on offer else where.That and the fact the club is coming apart at the seams will see more want away...

Nice one Bill another addition to your growing list of shame.
Dave Lynch
19   Posted 11/08/2009 at 15:51:21

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Mr Kirwin.
Not even "The David Lynch" could dream up a plot so underhand, contrived and twisted that is happening at Goodison.
Eric Myles
20   Posted 11/08/2009 at 16:04:23

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"The Senderos deal had better hurry up."

Maybe the only reason it’s taken so long is that we’re waiting for the Lescott money to be able to afford it?
Jamie Rowland
21   Posted 11/08/2009 at 16:16:11

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Here is a very simple question for Mr Lescott...

How come, at only £20-25m, no top side or champions league side have bothered to express an interest in your services?

£25m isn’t too much for likes of Real, Chelsea, United etc.
Ciarán McGlone
22   Posted 11/08/2009 at 16:17:57

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Hi Dominic,

Always nice to hear from a namesake. Not so common in England, but more of them over in Ireland as it came from the Cork area and spread up towards Tyrone and other parts of the north.
Dave Brierley
23   Posted 11/08/2009 at 16:18:10

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As opposed to Tony Marsh who " is a bumbling, gormless,clueless Gobshite who knows everything about running a club". Keep being negative Marshy you’re bound to be right once.
Trevor Williams
24   Posted 11/08/2009 at 16:25:32

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After trawling through an episode of ’Who Do You think you are’ with the Mcglone family ( I am kidding before you kick off)

I have to agree with Tony Marsh. I look at it a more the truth than negative. Please lets not end up like the kopites and look at our club as being perfect. We have some major issues.

Lescott WILL go, no two ways about it and the board will now not get the stick ( When he put in his request they must have laughed their bollocks off and said thankyou very much)

Its like me trying to sell my mums treasured wedding ring and just hoping she gets divorced first (green light)

As I have said before football is all about money and I dont care what anyone says that is the main reason most players leave their clubs.

As I have said before if they owned Everton we would be doing exaclty the same thing and loving it. Double standards.

Man City will have a better season than us and over the next 4 or 5 a much better season. Accept it..
Trevor Williams
25   Posted 11/08/2009 at 16:31:51

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We all said Rooney was making a mistake......Check is honours list
Matthew Mackey
26   Posted 11/08/2009 at 16:04:43

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So JLo has finally shown his hand, just 4 days before the seasons kick off. Fukin great JLo. Nice one. Your timing is just impeccable. What gives you the right to completely fuk up your team mates for the start of the season when Everton gave you everything. Before you came to us you were nothing but a one legged championship player going nowhere. But Moyes had faith in you. Be brought you here and over time made you into one of the best centre backs in the game who could also play left back. He made you so good that you also became an England international. I feel pretty angry about you, you ungrateful bitch. Last Friday you heard the reaction of the crowd at Goodison, you heard how much they believed in you and this is how you pay us and the club back. And please don’t insult my intelligence by telling me that you want to move to progress your career. Bull shit Jlo, Bull shit. All you’re after is the money. You poor thing if you can’t survive on £40K a week with Everton. Most of us who go and watch you and blog on these sites probably don’t earn £40K in a year, yet you feel the need to project yourself onto another financial planet with the Trash with Cash.

Lets get to the truth of all this shit that’s flying around. You wanna go so you can go and play cool guys in your flash cars with your rap music with your mate Macca Richards lookin all angry and mean. Cruising around town in your Ferraris and your Lamborghinis with your nose in the air. Flashin the cash and getting yourself a brainless WAG and getting your picture in the Closer magazine or some other trash publication. Nice one Jlo, you’re just about to engage on the downward spiral of your footballing career. And for what, an extra couple of quid in the bank. You silly, silly boy.

If I was Moyes I would either stick to my guns and then its up to you if you wanna rot in the reserves 12 months before a world cup. Or I would sell you to the Trash with Cash for either (a) £30 million – no ifs or buts or (b) cash plus one or two of their players like Stephan Ireland and/or that Owuna guy (England u21 player). If Hughes objects then just tell him to fuk off and stop wasting everyone’s time. We should not be dictated to by the Trash with cash or anyone else for that matter.

One final point,- Lescott is apparently out of the country with the England squad in Amsterdam today. Funny how Moyes received his transfer request today also. Does that mean he (Lescott) got somebody else to do his dirty work coz he hasn’t got the balls to face Moyes on this issue? Nice on Jlo – it says everything about you.
Terry White
27   Posted 11/08/2009 at 16:32:41

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Steve Fearns

Sorry, Yobo and Jagielka together did not work last season and will not work this season when Jags returns. They are both right-sided central defenders and Jags does not play well on the left. This is why we were much stronger at the back last season when Lestcott played on the left side of the central defence with Yobo/Jags on the right. A new left-sided central defender is needed who can also provide support of rht e gaps Baines leaves when he goes forward. It make sense that Senderos will sign AFTER Saturday’s game.
Dennis Stevens
28   Posted 11/08/2009 at 16:35:34

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Everybody sems to think it’s all about money for Lescott, & I’m sure it’s a factor, but maybe he’s also considering which of the two clubs are most likely to be playing CL football in the near future & which of the two clubs is most likely to give him the chance to collect a few winners medals too.
Stephen Sullivan
29   Posted 11/08/2009 at 16:45:40

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Listen, why not take your mind off the Lescott saga for a while.
Perhaps join the "fantasypremierleague" league I have just started. I need a few more people to make it interesting and hey’ perhaps I could re-name the league the Toffeeweb challenge or something. Give some of you a chance to demostrate your management skills and be a good arena to gain bragging rights over other toffee webber’s.
Ciarán McGlone
30   Posted 11/08/2009 at 17:12:22

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Why are people assuming this transfer request was received today?
Brian Waring
31   Posted 11/08/2009 at 17:33:06

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How do all you lads who were cheering and applauding Lescott feel now?

Lescott is not daft, whilst the wages will be a factor in a move to city, at the end of the day, every footballer wants to win titles, fa cups etc, and he obviously see’s himself having a better chance at city, and he probalby does.
Aiden Doyle
32   Posted 11/08/2009 at 17:41:27

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I think I’d be inclined to let him go – for around £30 million. In absolute terms I don’t think that he’s worth anywhere near that amount. We all know that Moyes’ teams tend to be greater than the sum of their parts and Lescott, in particular, has benefitted from operating behind a solid, well-organised, five-man midfield.

Thing is, we’re not thinking in absolute terms, we’re considering what he’s worth to Everton. He’s an England international, approaching the peak of his career, who has three years left on his contract. Whether or not we have a player of his calibre available to us over those three years may make the difference between Champion’s league qualification on three occasions or continuing to finish amongst the also-rans. The financial implications of that are massive.

Obviously £30 million is a huge sum that massively exceeds City’s previous offers. They’re not going to want to pay that much.

That’s where Joleon (unwittingly) comes in. You can be pretty sure that he doesn’t want to be portrayed as a mercenary who is motivated by financial concerns, even if the only person who believes it is himself. There’s a damned good chance that he’ll claim that he’s seeking a move “for footballing reasons”, if he hasn’t done so already.

Moyes might make him put his money where his mouth is and suggest to City that they reassign say £40 – 50K per week from his payment package to subsidise the cost of the transfer. Over the course of a likely 4 – 5 year contract, that should free up well in excess of the £10 million or so that would be needed to make the transfer go ahead.

Hughes would get his man, Joleon would begrudgingly get his move including a pay rise, albeit far less than he’d hoped for, and Everton would be well compensated. (And, as a bonus, Hughes would look like a totally outmanoeuvred tit, which is hardly going to endear him to his employers, and Joleon would be the laughing stock of the City dressing room, which isn’t going to do their team spirit any favours).
Brian Waring
33   Posted 11/08/2009 at 17:39:55

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Matthew, before Lescott came to us, wasn’t he already an England U21player?

Wolves made him into a good player, and Moyes had a hand in making him a better player.Also, have you never thought that Moyes and BK already had the transfer request, and they decided to release it today while Lescott was out of the country? Thing is though, the bullshitter would never do anything underhand like that, would he??????
John Martin
34   Posted 11/08/2009 at 17:51:37

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We should tell City straight £25 million or don't bother coming back to us, like the RS did with Madrid. I don't blame Lescott... more money and a club showing ambition. We have not bought anybody for the 2nd year running, why would any player without a link to the club stay for that?

Even Rooney once a blue left. Our club is a shambles living in the past so I don't blame a player for wanting a future. My guess is he will go and we will sign Sendeross, dither for 2 weeks and not sign anyone else. Release a statement how we were close on 3 other deals but couldn't complete them in time. The same old rubbish and us fans will lap up the rubbish that the board speak.

I’ve now decided not to sing any player's name anymore as eventually they will leave same goes for Moyes he’ll be gone too when a club that wants to win things comes in for him and pays him huge wages. So while players leave Everton will always be here.

Kristian Boyce
35   Posted 11/08/2009 at 17:29:28

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Like most people here I’m extremely disappointed by Lescott’s actions by handing in the transfer request, especially the timing of it. But in a way I can’t blame him wanting more money, I know I regularly check other local employers to see if I can earn more money somewhere else. I can see us keeping him until on deadline day on the 31st, after we play our European game against the Czech’s, so we have at least 2 CB’s available for that game who are registered for Europe. Once these games are out of the way, then I can see him leaving for around 22mil.

20+ Million for him is a great deal for us, yes it leaves us short until Jags is back in Nov-Dec time, but I don’t think we can turn down this opportunity for that amount of cash for him. Up until sometime last season, he wasn’t the first choice CB, with Moyes using him as the LB, with Jags & Yobo the first choice. I still think this is Moyes’s first choice pairing, and this is probably playing on Lescott’s mind.

Obviously we don’t know the full behind the scenes story of this drama, but I think Lescott has been in two minds about he move for a while. While the offer of great riches is at City, the lack of stability at the club could be a stumbling block. A hastily assembled squad with no apparent leadership, that has huge expectations, could quite easily crash & burn (as most non-City fans would love to see). In the back of Lescott’s mind must be World Cup and his place in that final squad. At Everton he has the stability of an established team, with a good defensive record, and then City, hmm, a mish-mash of creative powerful forwards, and a weak backline. In Everton’s system he has flourished as its a solid all-for-one unit with the other players, that have raised his game, but I think at City he will get found out. Also something else which may go through his mind is that it seems that City will stop at nothing for success. Mark Hughes is already under huge pressure to succeed. Say Nov-Oct time, the Sheik has enough as results aren’t going their way, Hughes more than likely will be replaced with a big name foreign manager. Normally when this happens, a raft of new players will arrive during the Jan transfer window to steady the ship. Where would this leave Lescott, having to face the challenge of competing with a top Spanish/Italian international defender for his position?

In the end I think Lescott made his mind up a while ago, and wanted to go with the money. I think the club has had the request for a while, and its only gone public while Lescott has joined up with the England team. I think the club have used it to make him look like the bad guy by announcing the request after the amazing reception he had in the Malaga game. But, 20 odd million for him is a great deal, but it has put us back from competing this year.
Trevor Williams
36   Posted 11/08/2009 at 18:17:01

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1. Why havent we bought anyone yet?

Our squad was small last season and is smaller now

2. When is Arteta back?

3. When is the Yak and the cry baby Anichebe back?

4. Will Lescotts transfer money go on any players?

5. If we are ’Not Selling anyone’ then whay are we looking to sell Vaughan

6. Why would someone want to buy Portsmouth over Everton ?

I am confused, pissed off and bemused
Tom Fearon
37   Posted 11/08/2009 at 18:47:05

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Kristian, at the end of your piece you make a wild guess and reach a conclusion that in very critical of Moyes and Kenright. If Lescott’s mind was made up a while ago the correct way for him to behave was to put in a formal transfer request and make it known he had done so. Was he trying to engineer a move in a way that would be additionally financially beneficial to him? I think it implausible that the club received a written transfer request some time ago and has kept quiet about it. If JL talked to DM, as he seems to have done, he would have been told that his request for a transfer would be refused so he has taken a risk in pursuing this badly timed move.
If JL goes, it will be difficult for us to sign a suitable replacement at a good price and in time.
I applaud DM’s action.
Neil Humphrey
38   Posted 11/08/2009 at 18:45:19

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Once again I am simply staggered by the attitude of some fellow Evertonians. The implications above that any of the ’blame’ (not sure thats the right word) lays at the feet of anyone other than City/Hughes and Lescott himself are amazing. Predictably though, BK and DM are being proposed as the villains of the piece by some. For example, the notion that DM/BK have had the written request for some time and have waited until JL is away on international duty - do me a fucking favour.

In terms of where we go from here, it looks like JL will become a City player after all, but make no mistake - we hold the trump cards despite the transfer request. JL has 3 years to go on his contract, so the clock isnt ticking like it was with Shrek. Thus we dont NEED to sell him now or in January for fear that he leaves on a free next summer. So if City truly want him the tosser Hughes should be told to stump up 25-30m and in the next 48 hours so that we still have 2 weeks to at least spend some of the cash on new players. If they dont, they can be told the deal will never be done and they can go and rob Upson.

Richard Dodd
39   Posted 11/08/2009 at 19:34:31

Report abuse

So next time we sign a player who wants to join us, just remember he’s a stinking rotten gobshite for not being loyal to his previous employers! What world do some of you one-eyed lot inhabit? Football is a global game in which EVERYBODY tries to make as much money as they can.And that includes my all-time hero David Moyes who would probably have taken a hike a year ago had someone apart from Blue Bill been prepared to pay him £65,000 per week! Get bloody real wilyus?
Danny Jones
40   Posted 11/08/2009 at 19:44:33

Report abuse

This is Man City we are talking about, not Milan, Real, Barca etc, without the pull of the money who in there right mind would think that leaving us for them is a good career move? They along with the barcodes are the “stan&laural” of football. If any club in the world could fuck up a golden ticket like this it’s them. Now if Lescott is too blinkered to see this, then we move on and forward. Take the money and invest, when everyone is fit it is probably our strongest position and Lescott (fine player he is) isn’t even our best player in that position.
What’s done is done now, and the club have to get as much as they can for him (which seems to be what they are doing) as quickly as possible.
I like many have taken exception to the timing of this, he’s away on international duty and he’s had all summer to do this, yet it comes out only 4 days before our first game! That for me is the real let down. I can accept somebody wanting to earn 2/3 times the wage they are on, but to let this drag on for so long keeping quite seems like the actions of a weak person.
I really believe he will regret this in the future, when their new manager comes in (Italian/Spanish/Dutch etc) and wants players from their home countries league. Where will he, and others end up then? Look at how this sort of thing has affected ex Chelsea players, one of them even ended up at City.
Andy Callen
41   Posted 11/08/2009 at 20:02:46

Report abuse

Why and how is it Kenwright’s fault that Lescott has handed in a transfer request? Kenwright agreed to pay the fee of £5 million for an unproven defender with a history of knee injuries. Yes he was only doing what Moyes told him to do, but if he is such a gobshite like some have said he could of said no!!

Some of you really will try and blame everything on the board and BK. The fact of the matter is Lescott has asked to leave the club that took a chance on him, 4 days before the start of the new season. I do think he will go, but not until after we have secured are place in the group stages of the Europa League and with a replacement lined up NSNO
Richard Osborne
42   Posted 11/08/2009 at 20:24:02

Report abuse

Yes Tony Marsh, you are the oracle and we bow down to your superior insight into everything concerning Everton.

I only wish you had millions of pounds to invest in Everton, then our club would truly be run in a fully effective and efficient manner.

Every player we ever go for would join us, even Michael Owen would sign, just to please you although he would know that you never wanted him in the first place.

We would never have to queue for season tickets or Cup Final Tickets ever again. Kirkby would be nuked off the face of this earth just because you could do it and we would all believe in you.

Pink kits? Pah! They would be a thing of the past, as would third world poverty and world debt. If only this were true, my life would be complete.

Seamus McCrudden
43   Posted 11/08/2009 at 20:36:18

Report abuse

Let him go, an average player playing beyond his level at best, look at the average performances he put in for England. I thought he was poor for most of last season anyway.

It's not as if any other club has come banging on the door for him, Ferguson et al know he ain't that great. £25million, bite their bloody arm off! He ain't worth half that. It's just unfortunate that Moyes has backed himself into a corner with the "no-one is leaving" crap; now he's going to look a bit of a plonker if he does go. Take the money and run.

Kristian Boyce
44   Posted 11/08/2009 at 20:35:56

Report abuse

Tom Fearon, I don’t think I’m being critical of DM & BK. I’m thinking that JL put the written transfer request in a while back, when we heard all that ’paper talk’ about JL privately telling people he wanted to leave. Moyes could of sold him then and received 15-18mil for him. Obviously I’m making guesses but I think Moyes sat down with him and said that he can have his move, but wait to we get the 20-25mil offer that would help us out. Moyes knows that City are desperate for defenders so he holds the trump card, I just think that he was expecting the 3rd big bid to come in quicker than it has.
Bradley Nolan
45   Posted 11/08/2009 at 21:12:55

Report abuse

I got to admit, this is all getting pretty depressing, I’ve tried optimism but I’m running out. No signings, no money, & now no defenders for the Arsenal game then salt in the wounds, my wife bought a red car last week & a red kettle (not sure how Kenwright was involved -yet).

Looks like no new faces this summer, might try hibernation. Wake me up when we’ve sold Lescott to Arsenal for 20 odd Million + Senderos, and spent the lot unearthing 4 or 5 gems who somehow turn us into a title winning side, that or smuther me in my sleep out of mercy (or pity).
Gerry Western
46   Posted 11/08/2009 at 21:11:41

Report abuse

Certainly a lot of emotion in the air tonight and rightly so. Everton fans I believe are about the most passionate bunch in the country. Hence I’m not about to criticize anyone’s outpourings. However, I’ve had time to dwell on it and I’ve come to the conclusion that the club have handled it very well in my opinion. No one is left in any doubt now that Moyes means business. I can only see one of two outcomes. The player will stay or he’ll go for a ridiculous fee. I’ve never been one for keeping a player against his will but if need be so be it. On the other hand if he goes its got to be a take it or leave deal with City and if its last minute we’ve got to demand Richards is part of the deal should we fail to find a replacement. My preferred option would be Hangeland at Fulham. This transfer saga is not over by a long way and I believe it could well go to the wire. I have to say though that although I’ve been critical in the past on our transfer deals I fully support Moyes on what ever decision he takes.
Bob Turner
47   Posted 11/08/2009 at 21:55:29

Report abuse

Aiden, I like your suggestion that Lescott goes to City on similar wages to what he’s on at Everton, to demonstrate that he’s going "for footballing reasons".

It’s quite clear that this isn’t the case, it’s the money. Why else would Man City feel the need to offer double/treble the wages to all the big stars they’ve signed? If they’re all going to be winning all these trophies they’re supposedly now guaranteed to win, then why wouldn’t they move for a similar package to their previous club? Because it’s bollocks, they’re going for the money.

For the record, I would probably take the extra money as well, even though by any normal definition, I don’t "need" it, but I would expect to be roundly condemned by the fans for doing so. Would it bother me, if I were a non-Evertonian professional footballer? Nope.
David King
48   Posted 11/08/2009 at 22:19:12

Report abuse

I also suspect Lescott submitted the written request before today.maybe the club kept it quiet to sell a few more season tickets.The OS today announced that over 26,000 season tickets have now been sold.
I believe Lescott will be playing for City on Saturday and we will sign Senderos on monday,I don’t blame lescott for wanting to double his salary,but can’t see him winning much with City unltil they get rid of Mark Hughes , I see them finishing mid-table this season myself
Andy Codling
49   Posted 11/08/2009 at 22:39:51

Report abuse

as well as the money being offered to Lescott they are are also showing ambition which is one thing Everton cannot offer, especially with our wanker of a chairman.
Graeme Bradman
50   Posted 11/08/2009 at 22:34:59

Report abuse

Lescott is our only left footed centre back. Our defence works with Lescott and Jags or Yobo. Jags and Yobo does not work. You all worship Jags yet pick out Lescott for a few mistakes he made at the start of last season. It Drogba’s goal was not Lescotts fault. Yobo let him go and get a run at the ball Lescott had no chance he had a standing start. Jags lets Van Persie go against Arsenal and costs us 2 points, fails to close Robinio down against city and we concede a goal, and gives the ball straight to Ashley Young and you all ignore it because its Jags. I am a big fan of jags but please show some balance. Still nobody has come up with a player who we can sign in Lescotts place without weakening the side. He can’t go because we will lose the solid defence the team is built around.
John Andrews
51   Posted 11/08/2009 at 22:51:34

Report abuse

As I said on another thread I would let him go. He can double/treble his money just by moving to City.
Graeme, I could not agree more.
Frank Nolan
52   Posted 11/08/2009 at 23:20:13

Report abuse

Moyes is playing a blinder backed 100% by BK. This is one tough Glaswegian, calls it as he sees it and the City Arabs have no chance.

The sooner that Lescott gets used to the idea that he is contracted till 2012 and going nowhere, the happier we will all be.
Ray Burn
53   Posted 11/08/2009 at 23:34:36

Report abuse

Before slapping Lezza on the back, wishing him well and not blaming him for the timing of his request or grabbing the money please remember just one thing as he sails into the sunset.

J-Lo’s only quote during this whole saga

"Until I hear different I’m an Everton player"

Well, Moyes, the boss, ain’t told him anything different, infact his "No players will be leaving" mantra has made him sound like something of a broken record.

Therefore there can really only be one conclusion. Joleon Lescott is one LYING muthatrucker! (and I know how sensitive many on here can be to lies, whether perceived or actual)

Personally I would grab the money and run, wish him well and consider all of this part of the ’Theatre of Football’.

Of course the ’Theatre’ now requires me (and you) to shout "Fuck off you treacherous, money grabbing shithouse" everytime he steps out at Goodison from this day forth (Be that in Sky or even Royal blue), but hey, I don’t make the rules.

All the best J-Lo – now piss off!
Andy Burke
54   Posted 12/08/2009 at 00:17:33

Report abuse

What is it with people when they make the comment ’city are showing ambition’?!! It leaves me bloody baffled to be honest. City are showing no more ambition than any other team in the Premiership, it’s just that they now have Sheik Brewsters Billions to waste, er, I mean spend.

Money is the enabler in City’s case and in no way can you substitute the word ambition for spending. It’s just plain wrong.

Reading a lot of the comments above makes me wonder about some of my fellow Evertonians’ sanity.

I accept that it had been a frustrating summer but do any of you remember when Fellaini was signed? Something like the last available second from what I remember. Moyes will come up with another good signing or two this season and it will be somebody that we have not heard of in all of the stupid meedja gossip.

In relation to Lescott, at this moment, I really don’t give a shit if he goes or not. He’s good, but not that good. I spent the first three months of last season wondering why the hell Moyes was playing him, he was a bloody liability. I am thinking if we can get 22 million, get shut of the money grabbing bastard, sign a decent right winger and midfield general with the money, get Neville and Senderos to fill in for a bit ’til Jags gets back and with the rest of the Money ( I reckon Moyes has got about 12 million to spend - i know this is pure conjecture so don’t have a go please), buy a decent right back.

City flounder, Lescott lookes like the twat he is and loses his England position, EFC finish 4th above the Redshite. Sorted. I am a happy man.
Andy Burke
55   Posted 12/08/2009 at 00:45:54

Report abuse

I meant spending for ambition in the previous article. Not that it matters. I should read what I have tried to say before posting.
Luke Berry
56   Posted 12/08/2009 at 02:57:07

Report abuse

This is an article from the Times written by Patrick Barly, which should make everyone feel a tad better in the short term. I have commented on the ’The bullshit continues’ article and even though I have optimism for next season I dont for the seasons that follow.

’What will be the mood at Goodison Park as the season begins?

Very positive. They have a settled squad that will be improved by the return from injury of key players. Fans should expect them to equal and possibly improve on last season, when they reached the FA Cup Final and finished in the top six for the fourth consecutive campaign.

What did you make of their summer transfer activity?

David Moyes, the manager, did not have money to spend but the squad is already nicely balanced, with quality to cover each position apart from right back, where I fear Tony Hibbert is their only weak link.

Much, however, will depend on whether they can prevent Joleon Lescott from joining Manchester City. Moyes was right to refuse his transfer request. Not only is he important to their success but they will struggle to replace him adequately in the short time before the transfer window shuts.

Who is their key player?

Mikel Arteta. His return from the knee ligament injury that ruled him out since February is the equivalent of signing a £15m player. He is among the best creative midfielders in Europe and will provide much ammunition for Yakubu Aiyegbeni, the forward who is also due to return having missed much of 2008/09 and will give Moyes the goal-scoring outlet that he has missed.

Which young player is most likely to make an impact?

Jack Rodwell. He is improving quickly and his potential, I suspect, has persuaded Moyes to turn down all offers for Lescott for at least one more season. For by next summer, Rodwell will be experienced enough to move to centre back from his current position of holding midfield - he is not quite skilled enough to play there over the long term.

What is the best and worst that Everton can hope for?

They are almost guaranteed another top-six finish and can realistically aim for the top four. Psychologically, they will be helped in that task by the knowledge that have broken the stranglehold of the top four previously, in 2005.’

So there you go fellas reasons for optimism. I really think that this season we can still do well, alot of us have been terrified by the citeh millions, but the short term we still have a very decent team!!
Daniel Johnson
57   Posted 11/08/2009 at 13:28:13

Report abuse

So Lescott as I type stands on the brink of a move.

I remember saying to my Mrs when Lescott made his England debut, "Oh well... that's another Everton player mixing with the big-time Charlies. Not long till he goes." Seems to me that when a player from Everton mixes with the "Grade-A Twat Social Club" which is the national team, they always have their heads turned.

Maybe mixing with the Terrys and the Beckhams and the talk of diamond watches, parties and Bentleys makes our Everton players think, "Hmm, I fancy some of that headline stuff..." Maybe they feel inadequate next to such players playing for Everton with a modest salary and no winners medals to show off... I just think there is something rotten about the national team; it corrupts. I recently read that article about Chelsea and the £120k bar bill... no way would any of Moyes's players get caught up in such bullshit. Yet at the centre of all that was a Mr John Terry, England captain.

Maybe Lescott only ever saw Everton as a stepping stone BUT remember, it is Everton who took a chance on a Championship defender recovering from a bad knee injury and turned him into a international capped Premier League player. With our backline the way it is, whatever happened to loyalty?

But then again, is Everton to Man City a step up? IS IT FUCK. Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal... maybe but with Man City (apart from guaranteed financial reward) nothing is certain.

It's the style of Everton's play, defensive and hard-working, that let Lescott shine. Let's see if he does go how good he looks when he steps into kamikaze Man City. I can't see most of that Man City team tracking back 40 yards to make a tackle.

Maybe this a rant of a paranoid madman. But, hey, it's just the way I feel.

Matt Compton
58   Posted 11/08/2009 at 18:37:24

Report abuse

Here we are... the opening game 3 days away and, despite not being in quite a state of chaos, we don't know how the minds of the players are after Lescott's bombshell. To be honest, half of them probably knew before he submitted it anyway — do you not talk to your fellow employees at work?

Lescott's timing is bollocks but for some reason I cannot bring myself to blame him. Here he is, subject to multi million pound bids and the promise of a 100% pay rise — wouldn't you feel wanted? Man City, although not a glamorous, club have the funds and the key word — ambition — to take his career forward. At City he will be playing with better players, maybe not at the moment, but definitely in time.

What is Everton offering him at the moment? Fuck all. We are operating with the same team as last season which came up short and that was with less games (we would hope to get further in the Europa league this season). I don't see many of our players improving neither, do you? Osman isn't going to become a world-beater on the right wing.

I think Moyes has done a great job but this summer could just be make or break for all of our ambitious players and I'm concerned, if we don't find funds to improve the squad over the next 2 weeks, it may just be too late to take it forward one step further. Make no bones about it, the board and the manager probably know this but if the money isn't there.....

One thing that does piss me off is this must have been known when Moyes threw his toys out the pram last summer. If not, BK has fucked him over again. Still could you keep your gob shut for £60k a week?

A demented supporter.

Jay Harris
59   Posted 11/08/2009 at 18:39:44

Report abuse

As the arbiters of doom (and I have been amongst them) see our fate as a doomed club, I believe we should use the opportunity of Lescott handing in a transfer request as one to show our unity behind Moyes and the players, despite the efforts of City, The Media and Kenwright (yes, I had to include that one).

And I would implore the fans to vent your frustrations not at Lescott (who may be a mercenary but arent they all these days) but at City and the media. Make our songs about the history and success of EFC and the lack of success of City. Let Lescott and the media know that City haven't won a thing since God knows when, and ask why anyone would want to go there.

Lets use our scouse wit to make Lescott and the players laugh about our desperate neighbours who may be the richest club in the world but certainly far from the best and certainly with a history that pales against EFC. I am sure the songsters among us can invent a few choice lyrics.

So come on, lads — forget about another disastrous wasted opportunity by the board and support the lads wearing the shirt. Let's be Evertonians and thrive on adversity: Don't Boo Lescott!!

Matthew Mackey
60   Posted 12/08/2009 at 08:59:10

Report abuse

Richard Osborne;- Classic response mate to Tony Marsh. Nearly pissed myself just now in the office reading it. Everyone was wondering what was up so i’ve just introduced a load of non-Evertonians to TW and they think you lot are quite amusing!

Ah, you’ve gotta laugh sometimes! (BELL-END....haven’t heard that for years!)
Stewart Littler
61   Posted 12/08/2009 at 09:38:05

Report abuse

City and ambition - no, those two words shouldn’t even be in the same sentence. There are only two things that City have that we don’t - money and a new stadium. We don’t have one cos BK won’t/can’t sell (whichever way you see it), and whilst the Club are trying to get the other, that’s not good enough for half of the fans.

Incidentally, it still makes me laugh how our wonderful fans are so cynical - if we signed Moutinho tomorrow, we’d have many on here stating that he wasn’t worth the money we paid! Facts are, City have been persistent in the chase, Lescott’s head has been turned by a) the money and b) the potential to further his career (in that order, with potential in the loosest possible sense), and his agents have told him not to hand in a request as he’d lose his share. Then, they realise we might just be serious when we say he’s not for sale, so told him to go ahead and hand it in. And now he’s fucked it either way. I say wait til Jan, then force him out. Tell City we’ll take £25m plus Jo on a permanent basis. And laugh at them cos they’ve fucked up again.

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