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Climb every mountain!

By James Macpherson :  15/08/2009 :  Comments (19) :
There are lots of things to admire about David Moyes. As a man, as a football manager. No one, not even his most acidic critic, could deny that.

However, like him as I do, I am not so naive as to not see his flaws. Flaws that have been, I feel, once and for all laid bare for all to see today. Dismaying as it is... I can no longer turn a blind eye to these flaws.

None of us truly know Moyes. However, 8 years tells us that this man is complex. No problem with that, per se. It's what feeds this complexity that concerns me. I am sorry but it's clear to see that Moyes relishes adversity. Moyes has a thirst for the difficult. If one does not exist (and two succesive back-to-back 5th finishes would indicate that), Moyes it seems has to create a "mountain" to climb. The "It's me against the world" routine is perverse and becoming self-indulgent. And after watching that today (ESPN, wife expecting child!), it's becoming perversely sickening.

We all know (might not feel it tonight, agreed) that, come May, we will be quite distant from the clutches of relegation. It will not however be 5th. This result, 1 of 38, will still be sore, but not as painful as it is right now.

But what will stick is another ill-prepared and atrocious start to a campaign. A campaign that potenatially heralded so much optimism.

Bill Kenwright gets so much stick. Quite right too. But I think it's time for a fair apportionment of the blame to Moyes. Man of principle that he clearly is... it seems to go west when it comes to matters related to Bill Kenwright.

Moyes protects Kenwright and vice versa. Ordinarily such a good relationship between manager and chairman would bode well. Sadly, when it is merely covering lies and deceit, it stinks.

To the "positivos"... how on earth can you settle for what's happened — not just today (that's merely the culmination) but events since the close of last season? Not one single acquisition! Forget Lescott. That's what the players see... a complete and total lack of ambition.

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Dave Wilson
1   Posted 15/08/2009 at 21:17:55

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This is a difficult time to be a blue, today was very painful.

You’re right in your diagnosis, lack of ambition, it comes from the top and the players who have sweated blood for the club must wonder what the hell is going on.

Michael Kenrick
Editorial Team
2   Posted 15/08/2009 at 21:27:00

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Dave, I’m proud of ya, man! You did it! That’s the first time ever you wrote "you’re" with an apostrophe! Right on!
Andy Crooks
3   Posted 15/08/2009 at 21:30:41

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James, at last, an article summing up what is at the heart of Everton’s problems. I challenge the defenders of this self satisfied pair to admit that perhaps we are too happy to settle for the mediocre. I took some stick on this site a year ago for suggesting that for the money on offer we could get a winner who would tackle the top four with some belief. Glen Hoddle was my suggestion; it still is.
Marco Buonfiglio
4   Posted 15/08/2009 at 21:29:36

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Oh, Michael! Terrible ragging of a Marshite.

But if truth be told, we were dismantled by one of Arsene’s assemblies. OK. Who’s next? Those Czechs? Burnley? We got whacked tonight. What does Monsieur Marsh want next? 4-0? 5-0? When will he be happy?

Hi Tony; 6-1. Congratulations. Next?
Barry Thompson
5   Posted 15/08/2009 at 21:20:24

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James, to be quite honest, I think that you should have stated "a campaign that COULD HAVE potentially heralded so much."

We have entered this new campaign on the back of a mediocre pre-season, playing predominantly minnow teams. We haven’t to date signed any players who can add something extra to a team that is made up of exactly the same players as this time last year, minus of course our first-choice playmaker, central defender and striker. We have a style of play that has more or less, been sussed out. Nullify the left flank, attack down the right flank and close out Cahill. Of course I do not think for one minute that this team has become relegation fodder but anyone that thinks we are chasing CL spots is IMO living in cloud cuckoo land.

Moyes should get rid of Lescott as it has got to be affecting the overall team spirit, the player has put in a transfer request for Christ’s sake. Does that not send a message out to his team mates that he does not want to be a part of this team or club any more? There are some massive games coming up now for Everton, and time for Moyes to start earning his corn.

Yusuf Bobat
6   Posted 15/08/2009 at 21:21:55

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Well, what do you expect when you don’t bring in any new players? That was the same side that lost the Cup Final, except for Jo, and we were awful that day — surely Moyes knows this side aren’t good enough against the "Sky 4"?

Was it a mistake to start with Lescott? Does his desire to leave had an effect on team morale?

I can take losing, I’m realistic to know we can’t win every game... but what I can’t take is a defeat when the team as a whole showed no fight, no spirit, no desire, totally clueless with what to do with the ball so they just hoofed it to Fellaini — which, if that was Moyes's game plan, then surely he would have told his players how important it is to win the second ball — but to my recollection I don’t think we won any? Hoofball is still here with a vengeance!!!

So 3-0 down at half-time and no substitutions and when he finally does at 4-0, he sticks with one up front, why?

Now I’m not totally blaming Moyes for today’s disastrous defeat; Kenwright has to take some of the blame too for not finding the funds to bring in new players during pre-season. I feel really sorry for Moyes because he desreves better for the effort he has put in to make us a top 6 side.

It’s time for a change at the top.... KENWRIGHT OUT!!!
Kevin Hudson
7   Posted 15/08/2009 at 21:52:17

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Did anyone else see Joorabchian sat behind Kenwright today ?

Could be a done deal folks..
Gavin Ramejkis
8   Posted 15/08/2009 at 22:11:30

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Kevin, I honestly dont give a monkey’s toss who was sat behind the blue rinsed clown today. On today’s performance and pre-season, Billy Bullshitter would be lucky to get two bob for his club. How long before Pienaar realises he looks like the only player we have that played like he gives a shit and is too good for the clowns around him?
Dennis Stevens
9   Posted 15/08/2009 at 22:14:13

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There’s something rotten in the club of Everton, methinks - or is that just a knee-jerk reaction. Are we now on course for 2 or 3 months of losing games we should win before we learn to defend and play as a team - just as happened last season? Or is it worse than that this time?
Kevin Hudson
10   Posted 15/08/2009 at 22:16:11

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I’m talking about the Lescott deal. Joorabchian is rumoured to be the broker hired by Man.City. He was there today..
Gavin Ramejkis
11   Posted 15/08/2009 at 22:22:35

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Kevin, if Kenshite is negotiating, expect Everton to get shafted and Billy goes running to DM with a handful of magic beans.
Daniel Crowney
12   Posted 15/08/2009 at 22:45:01

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Don’t agree with a single word, sorry James, due to the fact that Moyes has taken this club from relegation strugglers into the only team to break the monopoly of the top 4 and an FA Cup Final with double back-to-back 5th place finishes. If anyone’s to blame it's Blue Bill.
Andy Crooks
13   Posted 15/08/2009 at 23:09:05

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Sorry, Daniel, but I think you are over-doing it in praise of David Moyes. We have been relegation strugglers in DM’s reign. Our breaking of the top four monopoly ended in European humiliation. Our cup final performance was embarrassing and the standard of football we have played has been, with few exceptions, truly woeful. He has played players out of position until injury has forced him to get it right (Lescott, Arteta) and he continues to do so (Pienaar, Osman). My view is not based on today's disaster — I felt the same a year ago.
Tom Edwards
14   Posted 16/08/2009 at 00:34:17

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You can be as blue through-and-through as you like, but if you are bringing a once-great, world respected club to its knees, you need to get out. I have never been a BK baiter, but he has to go NOW. How much longer can/will DM operate on the shoestring he has been given??

Watch when Roger finally leaves at 11:57pm on 31 August. Where will that money go? Answers on a postcard...
John Martin
15   Posted 16/08/2009 at 00:38:34

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If you stand still, others will over take you. It's not rocket science. We didn't improve in the summer... plus the Lescott situation... we are a joke right now. I don't blame Lescott for wanting to leave, it's not just about the wages — what ambition do we have?

Lescott won't be the last; I can imagine the next time we renegotiate with Arteta. When we try and tell him our ambitions and he asks what signings and improvements we will make... We’ll reply, "Well, we signed three 17-year-old kids who may not even improve our reserves."

I bet some people still think Kenwright can do no wrong.

Chris Jones
16   Posted 16/08/2009 at 02:49:38

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This being a Merseyside club’s fan site, I can’t believe no one has stood up yet and exclaimed, wide eyed, "Calm down! Calm down!"

There’s so much hyperbole, viz...

"You can be as blue-through-and-through as you like, but if you are bringing a once-great, world respected club to its knees, you need to get out."

What! Once perennial relegation dodgers we’ve ’just’ had two back to back 5th place finishes and a Cup Final, and now we’ve been trounced in a season-opener. We’re hardly ’on our knees’ - Newcastle, Leeds, Norwich, yes, Everton? No. Not yet!
Paul Johnson
17   Posted 16/08/2009 at 03:32:25

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Chris, I believe we will still turn out to be in the top 6 this season but the issue here is we have failed to build on the last two 5th place finishes and after what was served up today we have definitely gone backwards. With all due respect, Arsenal looked light years ahead of us in their all-round game and the result was no fluke.

I am not a doom mongerer but I have every right to be thoroughly downbeat about today's humiliating result. We will improve but until the silly money has gone out of the game, if ever, we will never COMPETE at the highest level.

Gavin Ramejkis
18   Posted 16/08/2009 at 08:59:20

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Chris, two questions for you. Did you go to the match yesterday? If you did, then give me one positive thing from it? If you didn’t then how can you comment? The subservient, apologetic gobshites that post on this site and others with lines like:

BK ousted Johnson - but forget he was on his board.

He employed DM - but Walter Smith found and recommended him.

He has brought stability to the club - but forget our spiralling debt and lack of ownership of anything bar the players' contracts which are worthless when teams with money come knocking; everything hocked off thanks to his last CEO, who had form for being another bullshitter from even the most rudimentary bit of research and even had a stadium development company of his own to cream even more money from the club should DK go through.

Don’t mention 8 years of 24/7 investment searches despite the global acclaim and hunger for the EPL and even a team in the 4th division gaining investors via an ex-club employee that was supposed to be doing the same for this club

Forget to mention lie after lie, "Don’t ask me, I’m just a fan"; "I’m not answering the question" — seconds after his own CEO said no questions out of bounds.

BK is actually now worse than Peter Swayles ever was, in that era the financial opportunities were never as large and Peter died. Whilst so many are still on his side, Kenwright will stick around like a rotten smell.
Chris Jones
19   Posted 16/08/2009 at 13:51:06

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Gavin, what point is there in entering into a discussion with a person who labels anyone that dare hold differing opinions to his own as "subservient, apologetic gobshites"?

P.S. Wash your mouth out.

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