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A failure to organise

By David O'Keefe :  15/08/2009 :  Comments (28) :

"He's taking us for mugs." ... "He can't organise the club."

These two statements sum up Bill Kenwright's tenure as Chairman. I heard these words on Alan Jackson's phone-in, uttered by a gentleman whose name I cannot remember as I traveled back home on the M62 following that sorry display. Those words struck a chord with me.

Mr Kenwright can't organise the following: 1) A ground move; 2) A transfer budget. Two very important items necessary for the well-being of our beloved club. This summer, the club has released four and brought in one loan player to replace them. This is in summary not good enough and it indicates that the club suffers from poor financial management/planning.

The ground move to Kirkby is not something that I want to dwell on; we are all aware about the lies that the club told to win the ballot and the divisions that it has created among the supporters. The real issue is that, with the possibility of the move to Kirkby being refused, the club's poor finances and the team's continued failure to challenge the top four, what then would be the future of Everton Football Club?

Do we meekly accept that there is nothing we can do? Do we accept the club's lies, its refusal to be held to account — as evidenced by the cynical changes it made to its Articles of Association, that prevent the small shareholders from calling an EGM?

In short, do we accept that we can't compete? That it's acceptable for a club with Everton's traditions and support to go 22 years without a league title and 14 years without winning the FA cup?

This is the biggest charge against Mr Kenwright and the current board: a lack of ambition. Under his tenure, Everton Football Club will never pose a serious challenge to the top four; the club needs money for a transfer budget, yet each summer for the past three years, they have to sell to buy. The club needs a solution to the stadium issue, but can only put forward the wholly unsuitable option of Kirkby.

We are being taken for mugs and I have had enough. Tony Marsh said a 5-0 defeat may be necessary to galvanise... well, Tony, that caller to Alan Jackson's phone-in was galvanised and hit the nail on the head — the club as a whole suffers from a failure to organise.

Why does Mr Kenwright and the Board of Directors get away with treating us like mugs? Because we fail to organise. We need a fans group with a wider scope than KEIOC (who have done an excellent job in challenging the Board's lies about Kirkby and represented the No voters with considerable skill).

The Board are failing Everton Football Club... they are not listening to the supporters — in fact, they are silencing them. There is a culture of complacency at the club, but it doesn't exist amongst the supporters that want a strong Everton — an Everton they can be proud of... an Everton that competes.

I would like that fans group to challenge Mr Kenwright and the Board of Everton Football Club. To have a large membership, a media presence and its own plan for the club.

I am interested in forming such a group and would like you to declare if you have an interest in joining and assisting in the formation of the group and your ideas.

Thank you

David O'Keefe

Contact me via email:

Reader Comments

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Richard Dodd
1   Posted 16/08/2009 at 09:13:45

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Behave yourself, David! Our club is in very good hands — on and off the pitch. It takes more than an opening day defeat to mean we are not well organised. it’s happened before and we’ve come back the stronger for it — just look at the record book.
Mike McLean
2   Posted 16/08/2009 at 09:34:40

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As long as enough people pay to watch such trash, Kenwright and his well trained poodle (regularly gets a first in obedience classes) Dodd are happy as Larry.

It’s all been completely obvious since the start of the summer ... yet people seem to be surprised.

Yes, we’l get results against some other teams who are even more witless than we are and, yes, if you’re happy with that standard, you’ll feel yourself to be vindicated in supporting the current regime. Frankly, if we want to pay £30 or £40 for the "privilege" of watching third rate, slapstick comedians then we deserve all we get.
David O'Keefe
3   Posted 16/08/2009 at 11:57:21

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Doddy, is Bill your lover?

I know the effects that love has on people and ,well, it’s clearly affecting your judgement.

For the record Doddy, the club has taken a beating off one of its rivals; an important player wants to leave; the manager may walk if said player is sold and we are skint and onour way to Kirkby. That is the current position, but if Bill is still sending you chocolate and flowers, then no wonder he can do no wrong.
Chris Halliday
4   Posted 16/08/2009 at 13:02:50

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Fact is we have always lacked ambition and organisation, and failed to build on success, on the pitch or in the boardroom.

Needs a clear out at the top and fresh faces with new ideas as most fans don’t trust Kenwright

Expect more unrest this year if we don’t sign the right players, the Kirkby decision and as I expected the likes of City and Tottenham overtake us.
Derek Thomas
5   Posted 16/08/2009 at 03:36:47

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Plenty of times we have read pieces along the lines of....blah blah blah, but say what you like Moyes is a man of integrity. Speak as you find they say, well I have looked and seen and time and time again the footballing timidity and the moral timidity keep coming to the fore. Yes I know all the reasons (excuses) we can't compete and City have recently spent £93 mill of them, plus maybe an option on £22 mill more. But behind the firery red hair, the glare and the taggart accent, there is a wee timorous beasty. Why??...Loyalty to Bill, loyalty is a two way street. Pure stubborness?? How many times do you have to be shit on before you get the message. Or is that stubbornness stupidity Fear of failure / losing the job, well he can't be short of a few bob by your standards or mine... Shortsighted? / stupid? ... Can't he see that.

A) A football manager is one of the few trades where you can be publicly sacked for incompetence and still get re-employed by some other fool almost by return of post.

B) If he came out and said to us the fans it's him vs Kenwright and did a metaphorical Big Nev and sat on his goalpost at half-time to show his displeasure, maybe, just maybe things would change.

It is said that for evil to flourish all that is needed is for good men to do nothing... WRONG!!

These so-called good men, these men of INTEGRITY as it where, cannot be by definition that good if they let this shambles go on it's merry way, doing and saying nothing in public. Moyes! Stand up, speak up, put Bill on the spot, show this so called Integrity we hear so much about??

If we are to implode as some fear, let us not go quietly in to the dark dark Championship... SPEAK UP OR FUCK OFF — WE WILL BACK YOU.

James Boden
6   Posted 16/08/2009 at 14:33:32

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Why how enlightening of you, Richard Dodd, to tell me how wonderful things are at our club and how the history books show we bounce back. Urm... not in Billy Bullshiter's time. One final says it all... and he went for Moyes because he took Smith’s word. That’s right, the manager he just sacked for being so inept, he then trusted his views. Incredible! That he got away with it tells you how lucky he is.
Peter Roberts
7   Posted 16/08/2009 at 15:58:33

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I admire your evergreen optimism but even you must realise that something is seriously wrong with this club. We are not in good hands. Time and time again we have failed to push on from the endeavours of the previous season and time and time again are we regularly shown up early on. That performance yesterday was absolutely unacceptable and much worse than the 2-3 reverse against Blackburn on the opening day of last season. There was no creativity on the pitch, no passion, no fire and no team spirit. That is down to a) the manager failing to inspire and b) the chairman by not allowing the manager to add depth to his squad and thus give the inspiration in competition for a first-team place.

We are also in serious danger of failing AGAIN in Europe. Sigma, it may have escaped your attention, beat Aberdeen 8-1 on aggregate in the last round. That included a 5-0 spanking at Pittodrie. We need to be woken up seriously after that utter shambles or we will find our arse handed firmly back on a silver platter before we’ve even headed to Olomouc for our only European trip of the season.
David O'Keefe
8   Posted 16/08/2009 at 16:14:33

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Derek: It's never a good idea to go against your boss and whistleblowers aren’t exactly held in high esteem. The only way Moyes can make a protest is through tendering his resignation, which is a situation we do not need at this present moment in time.

That is why the supporters must protest. We can’t look at those within the club to do it, it won’t happen. That leaves us, the supporters, the onus is on us.

I think we should lay off Doddy, after all he is the Waylon Smithers to Kenwright's Monty Burns.
Hugh Binns
9   Posted 16/08/2009 at 17:01:37

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Not being privvy to what goes on in the corridors of power in Goodison, I can only pass comment on appears to be happening.

All finances are subject to the approval of Sir Robert Green who resides in Monaco. Kenwright is his ’’puppet’’ and Elstone his ’’lapdog’’. That is why all financial dealings are so ’’long-winded’’ with both Kenwright and Elstone reluctant to sanction any transfers without their Master’s say so.

The long-term repercussion of this is Moyes will ’’walk’’ through lack of support — despite Kenwright's claim of 100% backing for his manager... I just cant see a way our fan base can influence the obvious shortcomings in our boardroom.

Your heart’s in the right place, David, but your head must tell you that a couple of billion would be more effective...

David O'Keefe
10   Posted 16/08/2009 at 17:48:35

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Hugh: We don’t necessarily need a billionaire; just a board with business acumen; a board that will invest in the team and solve the stadium issue.

I believe that we do have influence. In the past the board have asked us for our votes on the moves to the Kings Dock and Kirkby, so they clearly give a damn about the views of the fans, when they need them.

They have however started to treat the supporters with nothing but contempt when they have been challenged and that is not on. They can’t ask us to agree with them; then silence us when we start to disagree.

The board are running scared and if we want to effect change we must put them under pressure.
Richard Jones
11   Posted 16/08/2009 at 19:53:07

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Tell me when and where... I’m in!!
David Hallwood
12   Posted 16/08/2009 at 23:28:06

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I beginning to sound like the talking clock, but all I read are post saying Kenwright must go he’s duped us, etc... the fundamental problem with BK is that he’s not a billionaire and he has stated this many times, he has also stated that he would step aside if someone came with stacks of cash. In fact he’s put a fixer on the case — but no-one has.

I scour the papers and the internet for news of a prospective buyer but there isn’t one and screaming and cursing that BK is a cunt gobshite etc doesn’t alter that fact. We’re stuck with BK untill we find someone that has £400 mill to throw at the club.

If anyone disagrees and argue that BK is not interested in selling the club, could you let everyone know the name of the person that wants to buy?

David O'Keefe
13   Posted 16/08/2009 at 23:38:14

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Mr Hallwood: The club is not for sale, this pertinent fact was revealed at the public inquiry. Also he has been looking for 8 years for this buyer, and has had no interest? Thats very difficult to accept when you take into account the number of football clubs across all divisions that have been bought.

This £400 million pound figure; what is it based on? Is it Bill’s valuation?
David Hallwood
14   Posted 16/08/2009 at 23:36:06

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David O’Keefe, I’ve just read your post and I’ve got to say this is the type of let’s all believe in Father Christmas that domintes this forum. Google ’LFC new stadium’ and what comes up is the estimated cost of anywhere between 400-500 mill, so to say we don’t need a billionaire just someone with business acuman is bleedin ludicrous. How about Darren Brown and he could hynoptise the bankers/investors into believing that they would get their money back if they invested in a new stadium seriously gents-grow up
David Hallwood
15   Posted 16/08/2009 at 23:43:29

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OK David you find it ’hard to accept’ that nobody is interested, I repeat again who is the lucky investor?
David O'Keefe
16   Posted 16/08/2009 at 23:45:06

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Mr Hallwood, lets not get personal, but you put forward the £400 million pound figure, not I.

If you're happy with the status quo, so be it. But I have had enough and there are plenty of other blues who feel the same way.
Richard Jones
17   Posted 16/08/2009 at 23:46:47

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David, have you never heard of a non-discloure agreement? For gods sake!! Do you really think Billy boy will sit down and discuss someone buying the club for it all to become public? Come on, get with programme mate.
Jack Francis
18   Posted 16/08/2009 at 23:35:57

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What coluor is the sky on you planet, Richard? Kenwright is treating us like idiots, mugs, brain-dead kopites! BK should be a an MP, he hasn't given us a straight answer on where the direction of our club is heading!

BK has stated he hasnt got the funds for our club. Then sell and get out! I don't believe that there hasn't been a buyer in for our club — it's all lies!

If the other lot from across the park can organise a group to try and get rid of their yanks, I'm sure we can!

Back the Team — Barrack the Board!!! COYB

David O'Keefe
19   Posted 16/08/2009 at 23:49:11

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Repeat again? You didn’t even ask me that question the first time around.

For the record, Mr Hallwood, it's not up to me to find the mythical buyer — not investor, buyer.
David O'Keefe
20   Posted 16/08/2009 at 23:52:46

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Jack: Richard is defending myself, not Hallwood.
David O'Keefe
21   Posted 16/08/2009 at 23:55:32

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"If the other lot from across the park can organise a group to try and get rid of there yanks Im sure we can! Back the Team Barrack the board!!! COYB"

Nail on Head.

But let's do a better job than that lot.
Richard Jones
22   Posted 16/08/2009 at 23:56:32

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I’m saying, Jack, that, if Kenwright has sat down with anyone, it is very possible he will have his tracks covered when he comes out by getting all parties to sign a non-disclosure agreement so that the meeting, figures, facts etc remain secret.
Jack Francis
23   Posted 16/08/2009 at 23:59:38

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Sorry David, I meant Richard Dodd not Richard Jones. And yes, I'm sure we would do a better job!
Jack Francis
24   Posted 17/08/2009 at 00:05:47

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Sorry, Richard Jones, yes I agree he probably does have all bases covered.
Phil Bellis
25   Posted 17/08/2009 at 13:08:46

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Richard Dodd, Why do you continue to defend the indefensible? Did you go? If so, are you seriously telling us the fans around you were just shrugging it off: ’Oh dear, but we’ve seen this before and we’re well organised, you know’ — Bollocks! and you know it.

Fans (I believe you are a fan, I know one or two Blues who say they’ve seen you) like you are a large part of the problem at Everton. The phrase ’fool’s paradise’ was invented for you

That performance, the club’s lack of preparedeness for the game and your acceptance of both are shameful.

Chris Benjamin
26   Posted 16/08/2009 at 17:19:52

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If this post had been good enough for the mailbag, it would have been titled, "Hello darkness our best friend"...

The darkness has not been seen around for a few years, but now I think it will return. No! not just beacuse of one bad result against a good team, but simply because we have not kept up with the likes of Sunderland. Fulham, Villa and those cretins Man City. As for closing the gap with the big 3, forget it! Osman, Hibbert, Neville... get rid and bloody quickly if we are to turn it around.

Where has Billy Bullshit been this year? Last year he shouted his mouth off: "Wow, watch this space!" ... I am still watching, Bullshit Billy".

You state no-one wants to buy a club, well quite a few have, anyway get back to your bollocks with that moron who writes theatre, because you certainly have created a "pantomime"!

We are simlply not god enough, full stop!

Darren Dempsey
27   Posted 20/08/2009 at 01:01:57

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Richard Dodd, or should that be Dick, you really are a plum! You have some strange views indeed!!!!
Dave Roberts
28   Posted 20/08/2009 at 09:51:32

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There’s one thing I can’t quite get my head around. If Portsmouth, a Club with more debt than Everton, a poorer Stadium (even) than Everton, a much smaller fan-base than Everton and no particular history can, albeit with no success as yet, get people to at least consider buying the Club, then why can’t Everton?

The only two suggestions I can make is that Portsmouth is in the south (surely not) or that obstacles of one form or another are being placed in the way of any parties interested in Everton.

I can’t go with the one club for one city theory because that is self evidently not the case with Manchester, and in any case, annual derbies add extra spice that an investor/buyer might relish.

I just don’t get it. I really don’t. Manchester City find an Arab’s fat wallet without really looking. Everton can’t find even moderate investment despite searching 24/7!

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