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The End is Near

By James Boden :  15/08/2009 :  Comments (17) :

I should point out for the record that I am writing this depressing article as stone cold sober for the record — in case anyone is to be offended by my choice of language.

I refused to bother with today’s game because I knew what would happen. You really can read them like a book. It did not shock me at all what occurred today but the fact of the matter is it does not take away from the reality that it was beyond disgraceful. The football club showed itself up once again.

If this is not the final straw, then I am afraid nothing ever will be. Tony Hibbert and Leon Osman must never play for this football club ever again. Don’t give me this shit about how they try their hearts out. Between them, these two pricks rake up £60k a week, so please do not make up excuses for this shower of shite.

Speaking of which, it is time to fuck Lescott off. His Billy Bigtime attitude should be fucked off. It pretty much sums up all that is ugly about the once beautiful game. Take the cash and piss him off.

But, incredibly, despite his actions in midweek while away with his bigtime mates in the England squad, our fans had the nerve to cheer him. Can someone please explain to me why this happened?

The fact that fans turn up every week is beyond me. They are providing the funding for this atrocity. The chairman, who supposedly loves our club no end, is selling down the river in the hope he gets his dream ticket. And to make matters worse, there are fans that lap it all up.

Can someone please tell me what this tosspot has done for this football club? Sir John Moores would be digging his grave if he were to see how Darling Bill Kenwright has handled things. I have lost count of how many times he has lied, deceived, or failed us. This supposed beloved blue...

And why does Moyes stick up for this twat? Moyes could have said, plain and simple, once the Cup Final was done and dusted, that we were in need of serious improvement... but all he does is his utmost to make our chairman look a goody two-shoes.

And for heaven sake why does he continue to persist with Hibbert and Osman? Why can Neville not be stuck at right back, with Gosling on the wing and Rodwell in the middle? Oh, I am forgetting —  that is too adventurous for Negative Arse. Remember — THOU SHALL NOT DROP OSMAN!

How any fan could possibly defend what happened today is beyond me. I mean, for fuck's sake, we just got trounced 6-1 on the first fucking day... Some will try to console us with the fact that Arsenal battered us 1st game 5 years back and look what happened. Sorry — not this time!

This current crop is the weakest Wenger has ever had at Arsenal and they walked right over us. The invincibles of 2004 were way ahead of this lot, yet that defeat was nowhere near as bad as today’s — especially considering our side have supposedly moved on from there. In terms of league positions, we have... but it is still the same god-awful "watching fucking paint dry" bullocks.

4th spot was once again there for the taking but once again we arsed about as this pathetic excuse of a football club has in all it’s time that Bill “the world’s greatest Evertonian” Kenwright has been in charge. We will be lucky if we get 10th this year. Words fail me as to how appalling our club has become.

Unless that arsehole of a chairman sells soon, then the end is very near — that is for sure, because, remember, "we have no money..." — ABSOLUTE FUCKING BULLOCKS!!! That wanker can kiss my arse if he wants anymore money out of me. I will not be viewing next Thursday’s match and indeed refuse to watch them twats until we sign someone... because this is shameful, if ever there was a case for shameful.

Indeed, the end is near for Everton Football Club.

Reader Comments

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Geoff Blair
1   Posted 16/08/2009 at 02:14:12

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Sorry to say.... I did not renew my season ticket. But it now seems I have saved myself a load of grief. I wonder if I can still enroll for a basket weaving course?
Ed Bottomley
2   Posted 16/08/2009 at 02:52:40

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"Can someone please tell me what this tosspot has done for this football club?" - Your words James. I’d like you to answer the same fucking question...
Martin Downey
3   Posted 16/08/2009 at 03:23:30

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Yes, I understand what you’re saying James. The fact that Hibbert and Osman earn so much money was something I hadn’t actually considered. Bastards! Incompetent fuckers! I mean, if MPs calimed that amount of money for their manifest incompetence, we’d be outraged!

Today, Osman was a total disgrace! He never counted anyway against decent oppostion. But today he seemed to have an arrogant disregard for the debacle that was unfolding around him. Hibbert? Don’t start me.

As individuals off the park, I wouldn’t slate them. But as footballers who are paid £30k or so a week? It’s not hard to arrive at the conclusion — NOT VALUE FOR MONEY — and worse: OUR MONEY!

Kurt Knight
4   Posted 16/08/2009 at 04:16:14

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James, the club has been around for over 100 years. You need to take a pill and go "nighty-night"- you have earned it.
In the US, what happened today is called a "butt-whuppin" and boy did it happen.

Agreed on Osman - I can’t remember the last game I saw him actually beat by someone 1 v 1. In the world of sports, it is tough to be small AND not quick enough. He is both.

Pienaar is the only guy out there, other than Howard, that you had a genuine feeling of "giving a crap" about the game. They earned their keep.

Not sure how to end this other than in total agreement that somehow we have an entire side of the field that we never mount an effective attack from...

If you can stand to watch the replay — Hibbert was down for a decent cross once the entire match.
Gavin Ramejkis
5   Posted 16/08/2009 at 10:01:08

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Trouble is, with Billy Bullshitter still here with his cap-doffing supporters, the best you can hope for is Hibbert replaced by Neville and Osman replaced by Gosling — not ideal but can it honestly be worse?

The dilemma then is who replaces Gosling and Neville as Billy Bullshitter has failed to find a penny in 8 years. Don’t give me that broken record, "we have broken our record season after season" shite as that’s down to Sky money who anyone in charge would get; tell me about one fucking penny that blue-rinsed charlatan has raised.

James Boden
6   Posted 16/08/2009 at 11:04:22

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Ed that is the thing — Kenwright has not done a thing. I do hope you are not standing up for him, for Pete’s sake.
Ray Robinson
7   Posted 16/08/2009 at 11:56:01

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I’m totally agree that Hibbert is utter rubbish and that Osman is substandard, but how they can shoulder more of the blame for yesterday’s defeat than any other player is beyond me. We were COLLECTIVELY garbage.
Gavin Ramejkis
8   Posted 16/08/2009 at 12:04:03

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Be fair Ray, Pienaar bust a gut to no avail (my hands down man of the match) and Tim Howard must have been ultra pissed that he was abandoned to Arsenal’s mercy and all their free shots on goal. The rest were utter shite, kids cant save a game four nil down.
Neil Vaughan
9   Posted 16/08/2009 at 15:10:53

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Totally agree about Hibbert & Osman and have been saying so for a long time. What does the manager see in these two that 38000 others don't... please tell me.

And whilst we’re talking of SHITE, can somebody please explain what that Jo is all about? Centre-forward my fucking arse... he is fucking hopeless. Midway in the first half yesterday he was faced with a one-on-one with their centre-back about 15 yards outside the area... what did this fool do? Run toward the corner flag away from the goal, that’s what... FUCKIN' GARBAGE.

Man Shitteh have taken the piss out of us on more than one occasion this summer by off-loading this useless twat on us... His nickname with the Shitteh fans last season was JOKE...!! well he more than lived up to it yesterday (and not for the first time).

It’s time for alot of people on this site to wake up and smell the coffee and it’s time for Bill Kenwright to put up or fuck off. We need quality additions and we need them now.

How a team which finishes 4 of the last 5 seasons in the top six, 3 of which in the top 5, can still have no money is beyond me... but there are still people who defend his total mis-management of our beloved club.

To fail to capitalise on improvement once (2005) could be called naivity... to do it twice (2008) is crass stupidity... but to do it three times (2009) is downright NEGLECT.

Would love to see that list of transfer targets that made him go "WOW" all saw and heard him just before the FA Cup Final, well where the fuck are they....??

Everyone is slagging Lescott but don't kid yourselves... if we fail to improve on last season this time around then it won't be long before Arteta, Yakubu, Cahill & Pienaar etc are shipping out — and who could blame them?They (the team) have pulled their tripes out for the last 5 seasons only to be let down every pre-season by an incompetent Chairman and Board of Directors.

I really felt for Moyes yesterday (and I have never been his biggest fan) but you could see the pain of that display in his face... but not on mine because I knew it was going to happen. As I told everyone who sits around me when asked for a prediction on the game, my reply:" We’ll get twatted." and so it came to be. If I can see it why cant they??

It’s not that he can’t sell the club... HE JUST DOESN’T WANT TOO. and if you believe otherwise then you are seriously deluded. Even Notts County can find investment but not Billy Bullshit. no wonder he’s been like the invisible man since May... must have mislaid the "wow" list eh Bill???

I’m fed up at being let down by KenwRIGHT and his cronies year after year and then people making pitiful excuses for them. The time has come for them all to deliver or FUCK OFF ... and take Hibbert, Osman & Jo with them!!

Tony Marsh
10   Posted 16/08/2009 at 17:45:22

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I am fucking sick of this shite and I am on the verge of jacking it in. I can't stand the way Kenwright thinks we are all daft enough to believe his fairy tales. I can't take much more and walking around town a with me bird on a Saturday afternoon seems like a better way to spend my time.

Too many wankers playing for us and too many dopey fans lapping this shite up. FFS, wake up will ye! We are on a slippery slope right now and we have reached as high as we ever will under the DM, BK duo. Time for a change at the top.
James Boden
11   Posted 16/08/2009 at 18:09:48

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Tony, I suggest you shop in Ikea at weekends instead. And totally agree about us peaking with Moyes and Kenwright. And Neil Vaughan, I am glad I am not alone in thinking Bullshitter Bill hasn’t sold because he does not want to.
John Martin
12   Posted 16/08/2009 at 18:34:37

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Osman at right midfield and Hibbert at right back are disasters waiting to happen. How much longer do we have to put up with Hibbert I don't know. Osman offers nothing out wide but as he keeps his mouth shut Moyes likes him.

I watched Lennon today — his pace terrified Liverpool, even though he didn't do too much and with an excellent right back behind him' he didn't have to do much defending. Moyes wouldn’t want a Lennon-style player — he’d rather have a hard worker as it suits his style of play. Sending out a team in fear of top sides.

James Boden
13   Posted 16/08/2009 at 18:55:50

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John I agreed with everything there apart from Lennon. He would not be much of an improvement on Osman at all. Don’t get me wrong he is better but he is still shite.
John Martin
14   Posted 16/08/2009 at 19:01:55

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Lennon's final ball is often poor. But his pace is electric, I’d have him over Osman anyday but he probably isnt the answer as I said I’d want a Lennon type player i.e. fast. However, Lennon would have to do it himself as the rest of slow players couldn't keep up.
Mike Homfray
15   Posted 16/08/2009 at 19:55:14

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Can just one of you tell me who is waiting in line to buy the club from BK?
James Boden
16   Posted 16/08/2009 at 19:59:48

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Mike no-one is in line to buy Everton because they will not give Kenwright his way. He prevents us from new ownership through his egotism.
John Andrews
17   Posted 16/08/2009 at 23:59:09

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Mike, Would you want Billy Bullshit on the board after having bought the club?

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