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Will it ever change?

By Barry Thompson :  14/09/2009 :  Comments (12) :
Having read all the comments on TW following Sunday's capitulation (yet again), I was reminded of a letter that I had published on the BlueKipper site almost 12 months ago. This was penned (well... typed) a few days after kissing goodbye to yet another Euro campaign.

Fair enough that the season didn't quite pan out as predicted and, once fate played its part and Arteta moved into a central midfield position, some of the comments seem a bit harsh, but — at the time of writing — I stood by everything that I said.

I have reproduced that letter, entitled Same Old Same Old, to see how many points in the letter are still being complained about almost 12 months on. Fair to say that some of the comments may seem a little bit harsh but there does seem to be a lot that hasn't changed over the last 12 months. I suspect, however, that things may not turn out to be so rosy this season... God knows, I truly hope I'm wrong.

Same Old Same Old

Well, here we go again in the topsy turvy football world that seems to be par for the course if your an EFC supporter. Barely into October and the season is virtually over already. On a positive note, I suppose that, since the arrival of Moyes 6 years ago, we have at least risen above being a team of perennial relegation dodgers... but where exactly, that apart, are we?

EVERTONIANS HAVE TO ACCEPT that the side that we currently have are predominantly a team made up of average Premier League players that Moyes transforms into over-achievers... generally every other season — and therein lies the problem for both the club and the long-suffering fans, as this has the net effect of once again raising expectations all round.

Let's face it, as much as I hate to even write this, the derby game showed us that we are millions (£s and miles) away from consistently challenging Liverpool, never mind the top 3. We all know that, in truth, as we bounce from one disappointment to the next, we are in reality no more than a good top 10 side.

Moyes for me has to shoulder a fair percentage of the blame as he buys the players, picks the team, and devises the tactics that they play. Personally, I don't think he has the tactical nouse to compete with the top managers, (4-1-4-1 at home to Liverpool for example) which is a shame as the panic-stricken hoof up the field from the defence after virtually every opposition attack.

Trying to pick out a lone striker with no-one around him to feed off the 2nd ball... and thereby giving the ball straight back to the opposition to then come straight back at our shaky defence is quite frankly becoming embarrassing and painful to watch.

You've actually got more chance of seeing a clean sheet on a cheap motel bed than you have with the current Everton defence.

Then there are the players; sorry, Phil, I don't for one minute doubt your passion but the glory days are over mate and why Moyes keeps you in the side is beyond me. If DHL's distribution was as poor as Neville's they would have gone out of business years ago.

Also Arteta, our great Spanish hope. Great Spanish dope more like. Remember the talk about him wanting to return to Spain to increase his chances of playing for the national side? Forget it, mate — you are nowhere near good enough on the showing of the last 18 months.

Arteta is miles behind a truly world class player like Fabregas, he can hardly put a free kick past the first defenders for christ sake, I honestly don't know what the problem is with him.

What about Yobo? I could go on but bollocks to it, I'm just pissed off, as I'm sure everyone else is, that another season that promised so much has gone to rat shit so soon. Maybe we should have seen it coming in the shambles that summer brought us — trying to get decent players in on the cheap, being told to go and fuck yourself, then panic-buying at the last minute before the shop closed for another 4 months. Only God knows what January will bring.

Come on, Moyes — sign your contract and look interested in the job or leave. What is the hold up as we've heard you time and time again saying that there is no problem. Commit yourself to the club or fuck off... and once you have sorted your contract out, sort the shambles of a team out asap or it will be back to the bad old days. Do bear in mind, though, David that Newcastle only give their managers 6 months to deliver — not 6 fucking years!

Blue Bill, hurry up and find a buyer as we are going nowhere fast. And while you are at it, please come up with a Plan B with regard to the new stadium. Once again it seems that the football Gods have conspired with inept referees to ensure that we are shat on from a great height, and all because of committing the ultimate sin of daring to dream. Never mind... there is always next season (...which incidentally should be adopted as our club motto).

Barry Thompson ( COYB ) (07/10/08)

Reader Comments

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Steven Connor
1   Posted 15/09/2009 at 17:35:51

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I’m afraid I stopped reading at ’season over in October’ because had you bothered to think about it this is the very line that undermines the whole point of your article.
Evertons season was not over in October and I very much doubt it is now over In September, despite what some people would love to believe after just four games.
There are another thirty four fucking league games left and the cup competitions have not even started.
Some of the reaction on here beggars belief...
I am not suggesting that everything will be rosy in six months but some people might want to get some perspective and, yes indeed, refer back to what happened twelve months ago. Because from where I was sitting our season wasn’t over in the first month and the same is true this year.
But why bother with perspective when foul mouthed, slanderous, ill informed rants (step forward T.Marsh) or smug ’I told you so (only I’m twelve months late)’ articles like your own are seemingly easier to pen.

Tell me, do you keep a pair of flares in the wardrobe so you can to show off to everyone that you knew they would come back into fashion?
Timmy Mongiat
2   Posted 15/09/2009 at 17:43:16

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It suprises me somewhat that you wish to highlight a letter full of the typical sensationalistic comments that are the purge of this forum. It was a while ago and im sure many were suprised at how well we performed, yet as you stated that many of the points are still valid, I will address some.
With respect to our defence and keeping cleansheets. Last season we kept 17 cleansheets, bettered by only liverpool, chelsea and manchester united. I dont think I need to say more than that. We have lost Lescott, that is a massive blow, however Distin is an able replacement and when Jag’s returns we will have a very very strong looking defense again. We’ve also added Heitinga who add’s extra depth and could well occupy the rightback spot long term.
With respect to Arteta, I think you acknowledged your comments were wrong. The season before last he was playing with an injury which affected his performances, however last season he was one of the best midfielders in the league and would have been a far more worthy winner of player of the year than Giggs.

I don’t know how people can constantly question Moyes. He has completely transformed this team with minimal funds (much less than all of his competitors). People accuse him of tactical ignorance whilst also suggesting our players arnt good enough, which is amazing considering we finished 5th last season in the best league in the world and sixth the season before. We must just be really lucky eh?

Barry Thompson
3   Posted 15/09/2009 at 19:39:14

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Actually Timmy I didn’t state that the points were still valid, I said, to see how many of the points are still being complained about 12 months Hoofball, Moyes’s tactics, players playing out of their favoured position, lack of investment, shit pre season prep and transfer window, Moyes’s future etc
The fact that we finished 5th was a testament to the players last term and I was elated at finishing as high as we did but unfortunately we don’t seem to have learned from the errors made 12 months ago which has lead to the barrage of similar complaints on the same topics this time round. By the way in a fair few games yes, we were really lucky.
Barry Thompson
4   Posted 15/09/2009 at 20:08:10

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Steven if you read the post you would find that it isn’t actually a smug told you so 12 months late article. By the way I do have some flares in the wardrobe that were in fact in fashion the last time we won something. They will of course be back in fashion by the time we next win something other than some piss pot American tournament, or was that just 1 game as I can’t quite remember due to the exitement.
Steven Connor
5   Posted 15/09/2009 at 21:08:22

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Do you mean by ’your post’ the introduction to a letter that was written twelve months ago and ends with the line ’ I suspect things won’t turn out so rosy this season... I hope I am wrong’. That sounds pretty smug to me...

Even more smug is the assertion that your ’soothsaying’ from twelve months ago was so accurate that is deserves re-printing.

However, the biggest give away that you are a fully paid up member of the miserable Marsh brigade who revel in their belief that they can predict the outcome of the season in the first month is your neat use of semantics. Its big of you to admit you were ’harsh’ when actually the word you want is ’wrong’.

’Season is virtually over’ - wrong
’No more than a good top ten side’ - wrong (factually so - check the last 3 seasons)
’no chance of clean sheets’ - wrong (again check some facts on goals conceded last 3 seasons)
’God knows what January will bring’ - victory in the cup against the reds I recall
And the classic
’Newcastle only give their managers six months - well, thats right but look what happened to them.

Admittedly Barry, hindsight is a wonderful thing...which is why I prefer to make my judgements a little later in the season.

Lets hope you are as accurate with this years predictions as you were last.

PS: If you were wearing flares in 1995 mate then I’d keep that to yourself
Barry Thompson
6   Posted 15/09/2009 at 22:09:38

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So you don’t think the squad we had over achieved
You don’t think that we are a million miles away from consistently challenging the top 4
You think are style of play is exiting stuff
Moyes gets it spot on all the time
We don’t need investment
You thought are pre season prep was top notch
Only you don’t seem to have commented on these points you see
January brought a win against the 10 man shite eh
And you obviously don’t like flares
We’ll talk again later in the season
Stefan Tosev
7   Posted 16/09/2009 at 12:18:25

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I simply cant understand how can you come here and brag with that letter?!?!?!?!? Which of your predictions turned true when the season is was over?!?!?!? What does this shows you about your football knowledge? What are you trying to say, that once again as the last season you are giving up the season 4 games into it? That you are on par with the Newcastle supporters giving their manager six months?

Really explain me what did you wanted to achive with this letter?
Rupert Sullivan
8   Posted 16/09/2009 at 13:17:20

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Hmmm - where to start, there certainly are issues which are currently being disucssed (raged over is probably a better term) on TW which were also pertinent 12 months ago, so on that front I have to agree with you. Lesson learning does not appear to be a skill of EFC - however, maybe this is a football thing, after all dear old Harry Redknapp still keeps being employed despite his tacit ability to financially destabilise any club he manages!

It is easy to defer judgement until the whole season is over, and this is probably the litmus test to be fair - but when you have a chance to step back and take stock in an attemp to redress things you have to do it before the end of the season - and if we are talking about DM’s tactics then I would rather plump fpr earlier in the season than after 37 games!

In answer to your reason for re-printing your letter, it appears that there are a number of ’issues’ about which you were concerned which - at least in my mind - are pertinent still.
Barry Thompson
9   Posted 16/09/2009 at 13:41:35

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Rupert, thanks for that. The only point of reproduction was solely to evidence that some of the points outlined (albeit important points) are still being raged over 12 months on and as the title said "will it ever change". I fully appreciate we had a run to the FA Cup final and finished 5th so the season didn’t turn to ratshit as it felt at the time, and believe me I was glad it didn’t, however many of the issues identified are obviously still major isses hence the raging arguments currently on TW.
If you, Stefan, think I am "bragging" then you have missed my point, I also fail to see anything resembling me bragging about the situation, contained in any reply or the letter for that matter. I am more concerned with the issues that still remain as Rupert put it "pertinent" 12 months on. If you also think that everything is hunky dory at the club then next time you visit Specsavers for your new pair of blue tinted specs, I’ll buy the free pair off you.
Barry Thompson
10   Posted 16/09/2009 at 15:51:29

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By the way Stefan in answer to your question about which predictions turned out true at the end of the season, the only prediction made was that it felt at the time, following early exits from the Carling & UEFA competitions combined with very poor home form that yes the season had virtually gone to rat shit. The rest of the letter was made up of issues and they remain to this day, so I will put to you the same as put to Timmy :-
So you don’t think the squad we had over achieved
You don’t think that we are a million miles away from consistently challenging the top 4
You think are style of play is exiting stuff
Moyes gets it spot on all the time
We don’t need investment
You thought are pre season prep was top notch
Only you don’t seem to have commented on these points you see
January brought a win against the 10 man shite eh. Football knowledge, my arse.
Barry Thompson
11   Posted 16/09/2009 at 16:00:57

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Sorry Timmy, that should read put to Steven.
Dave Lucas
12   Posted 16/09/2009 at 18:05:08

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posting a copy of your very rash post 12months ago is nothing to shout about mate! why is there so much negativity on this site..we are supposed to be "supporters" so lets support Everton like most people on here claim that they do.

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