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Big Sports Day in Oz

By James Coyne :  27/09/2009 :  Comments (21) :
James Coynes is a new contributor who wants to write for us giving the Australian Evertonian perspective. We do have quite a few Aussies who comment on our various threads — especially if someone dares to be less than glowing about Tim Cahill, but this is his first effort. Enjoy. The Editor

It is Grand Final day here in Melbourne, and the Geelong Cats and St Kilda Saints will be going head to head at around 2:30pm local time. But my mind wasn’t on this AFL game that stops the nation, it was trying to find when Everton would be shown on Foxtel (Pay-TV)!!!! To my disbelief Fox Sports 3 would be showing the game at prime time 9:30pm! I couldn’t believe my luck as I went down to my local for a few drinks with the cricket lads.

After placing a multi bet for Everton/Geelong win and Paul Chapman to win the Norm Smith Medal (best player afield in the Grand Final), I thought my day couldn’t get any better, when I got a text from my girlfriend saying we had to attend a 21st birthday party. My stomach dropped as I reeled off text after text labeling the bloke ‘un-Australian’ for having a party on Melbourne’s grandest sporting day.

Usually the blues aren’t shown unless it’s Everton v a big four club. Bastards. And they only show replays if Socceroos Tim Cahill scores. Hence demonstrating why I was on a high after learning my blues would be playing at a time before 3am!!

With my day ruined ,I got ready for this party. After drowning my misery for a few hours at Nevermind bar in Hawthorn, I received a text message from a Liverpool ‘mate’ that simply stated ‘Fucking Saha.’ With $600 (£330) bucks riding on an Everton win as well, I feinted illness and I was home in bed watching the second half and saw the tonners hang on for the win, securing the points and my 600 dollars! Thank you King Louis!!

Reader Comments

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Russell Buckley
1   Posted 27/09/2009 at 23:36:56

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Nice to see a dedicated Australian perspective. Coming from Queensland, I also caught the AFL Grand Final (one of the best I can remember). In addition it was a preliminary final in the rugby league followed by Everton at the glorious time of 9:30.

Even for me that is a good chunk of football for one day. While our match was a tad on the ugly side, I always enjoy this time of the year.

While the typical Australian male goes through football withdrawl after the rugby league and AFL seasons wrap up, us Toffees still have the main attraction to enjoy for the remainder of the year.Z
John Maxwell
2   Posted 28/09/2009 at 00:29:36

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Hi James, there's definitely a lot of us over here... I’m in Brisbane myself and we had a few of us down the Pig 'n' Whistle English pub in the city centre for the Portsmouth game.

A great night was had by all, I’m still feeling rough Monday morning from it all...

Looking forward to reading your threads.
David Cornmell
3   Posted 28/09/2009 at 02:33:43

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Another Brisbane Toffee here. I’m gonna have to disagree with John Maxwell; after four years here, and countless conversations on the fitba, I’m yet to meet another Toffee in the flesh, other than ones I’m related to.

I’ve never seen an Everton shirt in the street or a sports shop either. I’ve seen Leeds, Chelsea, ManUre, Liverpool, Arsenal, even City shirts, but never an Everton one.
Congrats on your acca getting up. I did $100 on the Saints - if only the buggers could’ve kicked straight in the second quarter!

Russell Buckley
4   Posted 28/09/2009 at 02:50:37

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David, there may not be many of us in Brisbane, but trust me, we are around. I have run into a few Toffees around Indooroopilly and Taringa. Always good to meet other devotees.

Also as John Maxwell mentions above you should get down to the Pig 'n' Whistle in the City (the Eagle Street one). Went in for the FA Cup Final and the atmosphere was the next best thing to being at the match. Big gathering of Toffees all decked out in our gear and happily trading slurs with the Chelsea fans.
Michael Parrington
5   Posted 28/09/2009 at 03:49:44

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I’ve seen a few Toffees in the streets here in Melbourne and quite often get around in the Everton shirt myself. The chance of finding a shirt in the shops here is about zero though.

I got stuck at a wedding in Essendon on Saturday afternoon and only caught the last couple of quarters of the Grand Final. Honestly who has a wedding on Grand Final day? Worse still, later that night I had to painstakingly pick up the ESPN commentary on my mobile during the night and had about 20 people looking strangely at me when I let out a big "yes" after I saw that Saha had scored.

Luckily when I got home the game was recorded and I could watch in peace already knowing the final result.
John Maxwell
6   Posted 28/09/2009 at 04:08:39

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Hi David.. where have you been ? There were over 100 of us at the Pig n Whistle on Cup Final Day last season. Mostly Brisbane based but a few from the Gold and Sunshine Coasts as well as a few people on holiday.

Check out

And email me

The next game I will be watching at the Pig on Eagle Street will be the Merseyside Derby on Sunday 29th November.

Theres also a 6-a-side tournament on 17th October in Brisbane followed by several pints..
Thai Indawongse
7   Posted 28/09/2009 at 08:04:21

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I’m a Queenslander and an Evertonian too. I watched the AFL Grand Final (From 8am to 6pm) then watched the Prelim Final (Devo that the broncos lost, fuck the Melbourne Storm) But went on my laptop to watch Everton beat Portsmouth after that.
Thai Indawongse
8   Posted 28/09/2009 at 08:06:23

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I normally watch Everton (and Brisbane Roar) play on my laptop because I don’t have Foxtel.
Bob Parrington
9   Posted 28/09/2009 at 08:53:07

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There’s a good number of us in Adelaide, too! What a crackin’ goal from King Louis!

All this talk about underhit passes. Hmmm! Anybody looked back to see if there’s any link with some of the injuries? Just a thought. After all, why else do we call it a hospital ball?
David Moore
10   Posted 28/09/2009 at 09:32:04

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I am one of the Sydneysiders, as a newly crowned man (18), I will soon be hitting the pubs to watch the games. I hear that Cheers bar on George St is a good venue. How many others are from Sydney and are there any watching the BATE game live on ESPN at 3 am in town?

I have Year 12 graduation on Thursday night and will hit the town. Are there many good places in Sydney to watch the blues, and how many of us are there.

Also in case you don't know there is and Everton Australia website:

James Coyne
11   Posted 28/09/2009 at 09:51:31

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Thanks for the feedback and warm comments!

I agree with you dave, it is impossible to find a Everton shirt in melbourne!! Rebel Sport on stock Chelsea, Man U and Aston Villa (WTF!!!)

Hope your all well.
Andy Kay
12   Posted 28/09/2009 at 04:29:12

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As a Blue now living in Pottsville, near Tweed Heads, it’s good to see plenty of Aussie Evertonians around the Gold Coast area, but I have to disagree with the comment about coverage we get on Foxsports.

Last season we were on live for over 30 games or more when you consider the cup run being shown on Setanta also. After losing to Standard Liege we played more Saturday's last season so you could press the red interactive button to watch us live if we weren’t the main game.

Nick Swallow
13   Posted 28/09/2009 at 10:45:05

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Hi James,
I am a blue from Rhyl, North Wales, and have lived in Melbourne for the last 20 years. When I first arrived you had to wait 'til Sunday morning to ring this phone number that cost about 8 million quid a second to listen to some bloke speak as slowly as I have ever herd anyone speak to get the results. If you supported Rochdale you had to be minted by the time he got to you, then on the Thursday the paper British Soccer Weekley came out which was the first time you could get a report on the match!!!

James, nearly all our matches are on, if it is a Sat 3pm kick off, just press the red button and up to six live matches on, if we are early or late Sat live match, once again live, if we are Sun live match live again. The only leauge match you will not get live is if we play on a Sunday because of Europe but then you hop on line and Google the match and you will find a live feed somewhere.

Wayne "Cunt" Rooney’s uncles sometimes drink down our local (Prahran) and a couple of my mates know them and I have had a few beers with them, both mad Blues and they told me it was all the agent’s fault that he was well happy 'til he got the new agent and all the agent saw was his big pay day. That fight at the big family party was started by her family (all Reds).

Anyway good luck James and just buy your top online at the Everton shop and the money goes to the club. COYB FTRS

Richard Fargher
14   Posted 28/09/2009 at 10:59:30

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David C, there are LOADS of Blues in Brissy & The Gold Coast, maybe it’s just that Evertonians aren’t big replica kit wearers.

I’m the Secratary of Everton Supporters Club Australia (ESCA) and at the last count we had over 550 members & rising. As John says we have a 6-a-side footy comp in Brissy on 17th October, we won the Sydney event a few weeks ago. The following weekend we’ve got a Pub Competition in Melbourne, see the website for details.

David R, Sydney probably has the most ESCA events of any city, as I said earlier we won the 6-a-side competition in Manly the day after the 6-1 Arsenal game. We had a Sportsmans Dinner with Barry Horne in July & a get together with Tim Cahill in June (150 turned up for that one). Our home base at the moment is Cheers Bar but we don’t get big turnouts for games because a lot of us don’t live in the CBD.

I think Everton get good TV coverage here, probably the best apart from the top four, the problem this season has been the number of games moved to Sunday because of the Europa League.

As far as kits go, you can’t even get EFC kits in sports shops in the UK now. Use the Everton Direct website, it’s a good service & the shipping costs are reasonable.

If you’re not already an ESCA member get on the website at and join.

Mark Ridings
15   Posted 28/09/2009 at 10:58:25

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Another Brisbane blue here - exiled from Walton since 1994!

In addition to bumping into the odd Evertonian whilst travelling interstate on business - I also bump into a few fellow Everton fans playing in the over 35’s (’old mans’) league here in Brisbane so we are certainly out and about.

The Pig & Whistle for last years FA Cup Final was like the old St End at times but I missed the Saha goal though as was stuck at the bar - my round !!

Good to see Robbie Fowler’s North Queensland team also at the bottom of the league !!!
Patty Beesley
16   Posted 28/09/2009 at 12:07:39

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Do you guys get the EPSN channel in Oz? They are showing Everton’s game against Bate — coverage here starts at 5:30 p.m.
David Moore
17   Posted 28/09/2009 at 12:15:27

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re Patty: yeah we have ESPN. 3am start in Sydney. Last game before daylight saings comes into effect and stuffs up all our kickoff times from midnight to 2am on most games.
Vijay Nair
18   Posted 28/09/2009 at 15:08:27

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James.. you beauty!!

Another Melbourne toffee here...Greetings!

I was down at the TAB at Glen Waverley the other day and put $10 down on our boys finishing best of the rest this season (5th place). At 17/1 I’d say good odds. COYB!!
James Coyne
19   Posted 29/09/2009 at 14:22:12

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Thanks Lads, I had no clue regarding the red inactive button! I have every channel on my Foxtel, I did have Setanta on there a while back, it has now gone AWOL.

I'll get on Everton Direct I reckon!

ps: Anyone in Melbourne going to watch the game v BATE anywhere??
Christine Foster
20   Posted 29/09/2009 at 14:59:10

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Welcome, James, to the great site that is ToffeeWeb! Contrary to belief, there are a few of us about, mostly ex-pats but blue and proud.

Living here in Brisbane and just returned from a trip "home" to the 'Pool, it was nice to catch up on six games although I have to admit the first few games made me wonder if it was money well spent.

Good to go to Everton Two as well, great store although the prices were high, I can’t grumble as its all in a good cause. I do see a few Everton kits around the place esecially in Indooropilly and the city, but it's a rare sight to be honest.

I got home in time to see the Portsmouth game on Foxtel and although we had enough chances to kill the game we continue to live on our nerves.

Australia continues to have a growing base of players in the Premier League and it will have done the club's profile a power of good here as Aussie tv is parochial at best, obsessed with its own players such as Tim C and Lucas N.

At this point I am hoping to get over again just after Christmas and see at least another 4 games, a drink in the Netherton again and a walk past my parents old pub "The Wedding House" off Tithebarn street (no longer a pub, sadly).

My, the Pier Head has changed...

Berry McWilliam
21   Posted 30/09/2009 at 00:53:05

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I'm from Brissie and I reckon there are more Everton supporteers here than you think. I have seen 5 separate instances of people wearing Everton jerseys in public (one of them was a whole family!) and every time I never fail to scream out "Go the toffees!" no matter where I am. May not seem like many but it is in comparison to any other club outside the sky 4.

Timmy Cahill no doubt has a lot to do with this and was the reason i started supporting Everton 5 years ago, coupled with our efforts in turning a dismal season into a top 4 place the season afterwards.

Up the blues! Oh yeah and I have so far converted 3 of my friends to the blue light!!

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