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The Library at Goodison

By Alex Mather :  26/10/2009 :  Comments (6) :

With regards to recent comments on ToffeeWeb and other sites about the current atmosphere in and around Goodison Park on match days, I thought I would write a few words as to why maybe the ground resembles a library rather than a football stadium.

I feel at the moment that the us Evertonians are caught between a rock and hard place on the one hand over the last 7 years of Moyes's reign in charge, we have looked up the table (with the odd exception) and have had European football to look forward to on a regular basis, which is a vast improvement on the 1990s that, to say the least, were dire.

But with 3 top six finishes in the last 3 seasons, two of them fifth place, where do we go from there? Without investment, it's not the top four — we all know this — so it looks like we just have to concentrate on keeping up with the top four as much as we can and finishing the best of the rest; I think this is were the malaise of the supporters kicks in. The expectation level has now levelled out amongst Evertonians — we don’t expect Champions League football anytime soon but we do expect Europa League football now, and rightly so; a club the size of Everton should expect this.

The debacle of the last two pre-seasons has been enough for many Evertonians... two fine chances missed by the club to really kick on and catch up after good solid seasons in the league. Expectations were high but, once the transfer window opened, on both occasions, that expectation began to recede faster than Alan Shearer's hair line. I know of at least a couple of season ticket holders who didn’t bother to re-new as they were just fed up with no signings and the glass ceiling we keep hitting our heads on.

What do we have to look forward to now? Another season of playing catch-up and not on the top four anymore... it's the top 6 or 7 now other clubs have pushed on and we have stood still again. The supporters see this and the excitement and expectation has gone. We rock up at Goodison waiting for the team to get us going and on most occasions, especially this season, it hasn't happened. This can be blamed on injuries and other outside forces but in general, the type of football we play (apart from the odd passage of play) is dire.

Ok we need a full-strength side back with Arteta and Pienaar pulling the strings. I think we have the strongest squad we have had at Everton since we were collecting silverware on a regular basis 25 years ago... but we have yet to see this in action. Our strongest 11 I feel would give anyone a game but we aren’t likely to see this until at least January or February of next year and even then, this isn’t guaranteed. Also, it will be too late to rescue a season that is badly going downhill.

  1. We have Europe, which — after the thrashing on Thursday — just makes me feel depressed; opinions are divided about the Europa League... the fact you have to play 17 games to win it puts people off. I would love us to win it but I don’t think we will and I expect the majority of blues feel the same way.
  2. Then there's the league... at the moment, I would be happy to finish mid table the way we are going. Another late defeat by Bolton gave them their first home win — anyone surprised it was against us, the 'crisis breakers' — which is what we should be known as! We haven’t even played any of the big sides yet, barring Arsenal,and we all know what happened there... we have Villa on Saturday and I am not looking forward to it.
  3. The League Cup, at the moment it looks like Moyes and Round will get a game even with a full squad to choose from! It would be a tough game but with the kids I can't see us getting a kick, and maybe going out will be a good thing. I hate us getting beat but sometimes maybe we need to look at the bigger picture.

I have just re-read the above and it does sound doom and gloom and I have gone off the original point about the atmosphere at Goodison... it's hard to take being out-shouted by Stoke and Wolves supporters but to be honest this happens at most Premier League grounds. I just think us blues have more than most to be quiet about at the moment:– we cant go any higher in the league; Europe a help or hindrance?; poor quality of football; no investment; and the old chestnut, Kirkby about to be dragged back up to divide everyone again.

At this moment in time, I personally feel depressed about Everton but a win on Saturday could change all that... Here’s to our reserves sticking it to Villa!!!

Reader Comments

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Ian Mackenzie
1   Posted 26/10/2009 at 15:26:57

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It’s almost as if both the crowd and the team are waiting for each other to get going. Granted, there’s almost an acceptance at the moment that we’re going to struggle against whoever is put in front of us at Goodison, but once the whistle goes to start the game the silence is deafening, apart from the away fans in the Bullens Road.

Coming up in the next 4 home games are Villa, Benfica, Liverpool and Tottenham during which we’re likely to be chasing shadows at times. If the results in these games are poor, we’ll no doubt have good reason to criticise the players, management etc, but for Christ’s sake we should at least do what supporters are supposed to do and get behind the team from the start and make the atmosphere as intimidating for the opposition as possible (a la Fiorentina) — something that Stoke City fans seem to have turned into an art form.

Ste Traverse
2   Posted 26/10/2009 at 16:19:37

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It’s no wonder Goodison resembles a library as most of the crowd have fallen asleep due to DM’s dull tactics.
Jay Harris
3   Posted 26/10/2009 at 17:10:10

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That wasn't the case at Bolton where the many faithful did us proud.

My view is there is too much tension now at GP and we need a breakthrough to get us going. A Phil Neville tackle on Ronaldo or the like would rouse us from the slumbers.

Alas there isnt a player who could currently get us off our seats.

Perhaps if the Chairman did a comedy act... but there again he already is!!!
Dennis Stevens
4   Posted 26/10/2009 at 19:05:49

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Apparently, everything will be fine when we get our best players back. In the second half of the season Everton will zoom up the table & win the Cup - Oh & they’ll be playing some pretty neat footer whilst doing so!
Derek Turnbull
5   Posted 26/10/2009 at 22:29:53

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Here’s a petition to resolve the atmospheric problems at Goodison. An approach to Everton should hopefully come shortly.
James Power
6   Posted 28/10/2009 at 15:52:55

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It’s very quiet at Goodison at the minute, but do you think it would be noisier if Jose Baxter played? I think if we reflected the synergies of Spain and England we would get the best out of the team. Jose’s mum knew this, I think if we are all honest, we know this also. Let’s get Jose involved and see what happens eh?

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