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All is lost, let's pack up and go home?

By Steve Kiamos :  05/11/2009 :  Comments (33) :

Honestly guys, we are one of the most passionate supporters in England/The world. That's what first drew me into following Everton.

But the attitude that has been displayed the last few weeks is shocking, it's like I'm at an emo convention and we are discussing the latest hair trends. Big deal, we're struggling which was always going to happen after playing out of our skins last year and then on top starting the season with our three or four best players injured.

Now I could go ahead and do the whole injury excuse but I won't. Poor List Management is the excuse, instead of buying players who could fill the void when we have insurmountable injuries and fill it well, we 'topped up' with players that would not see any pitch time if we didn't have injuries like we do.

The season is still very early, my friends, and although we have a harsh run the next month or so, I wouldn't be surprised if we pull out some results.

As for the Benfica game, that was an utter shambolic performance. I woke up at 7am to watch the lads play and regretted that decision. Although I knew we would struggle because of the bench we couldn't use and the worn out players, I still woke up because that's what Everton supporters do.

Player Ratings: Against Benfica

Tim Howard 9: Honestly, he seems to get better every week. Didn't stop when our defense gave up.

Leighton Baines 7: Our only revenue of attack out of defence. Has come back like a house on fire, at least he looks to run it out of defence, and hoofs it at a last resort.

Distin 4: Shambles, didn't close down. Poor performance, his performances have decreased since he first arrived. Needs to pick it up.

Yobo 4: Shambles, see above. His last few performances have probably attributed to why he isn't seeing the captains armband.

Hibbert 5: He tries, I wish all players had his heart. Too slow, was torn apart by Benfica's wingers. Fit to play in the EPL against slow build-up teams, can't hack it against fast breaking teams.

Gosling 5: Seemed intimidated, the crowd didn't help the cause. Tried hard though.

Bilyaletdinov 7: The only player who looked like scoring/setting up a goal. Really unfortunate he can't play for the next 3 weeks with that card, we really need him. The kid is class, can't wait till he plays with Pienaar & Arteta.

Fellaini 5: A lot of questions surrounding young Felli, why we bought him when he is a poor man's version of Cahill? Sometimes plays a blinder, but more often then not is just lost on the park.

Cahill 7: He passed, he ran, he barked out instructions. But he looks tired, played every game for the club without rest. I hope he doesn't break down like the rest of the team. Sure he isn't scoring, but he is showing leadership qualities I thought I would never see.

Rodwell 6: TIRED, TIRED, TIRED, he needs a rest, not having the same influence as usual. Turning the ball over a bit more than usual. But still a solid performance for the young fella.

Yakubu 5: Getting fitness, not turning like he used to. But all will come with time, needs to break the duck and score.

Jo N/A: Came on, did nothing. I would play the youngsters ahead of him. Needs to realise why City paid £18 million for him.

Agard 6: Should have scored, looks like a good prospect for the future.

One more thing, the crowd was shithouse at times. At the start we were lively buzzing, going mental when decisions went the other way. But after Benfica scored, we fell silent. Players heads dropped and we seemed to accept defeat, that's not the Goodison I have come to know.

Reader Comments

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Lynn Thorne
1   Posted 06/11/2009 at 07:01:43

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I agree with most of your ratings than others on here - but must disagree about Felllaini. I thought he was really good tonight - particularly 1st half. He was everywhere, chased and harried and more often than not got the ball (fairly) and found a blue shirt. He broke up play better and if others had followed his lead, we might have got something.
But we all have our own views
Jay Brown
2   Posted 06/11/2009 at 07:18:59

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Spot on Steve I thought I watched another game reading other accounts on here specifically aimed at Billy. And Id second Lynn’s comment on Fellani, hes got a not arsed Chris Waddle movement/look about him. His distribution let him down again but that was a common thread in the squad.

Steve you say you got up at 7. Are you in Oz? If so you may want to check the official supporters club out, if you havent already.
Alan Clarke
3   Posted 06/11/2009 at 08:27:01

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All evening Benfica put quality crosses into the box so how does Baines get 7? He didn’t stop any crosses and his own crossing was very very poor. The only player who would have scored above 5 is Howard. He was brilliant and stopped another thrashing.

I believe those players are better than that performance but they really lack any organisation or direction. Nobody looks like they really know what they’re doing, for instance that awful freekick by billy in the second half. We’re a mess and I can’t see what positive direction the club’s heading in at the moment.
Øystein Heggelund
4   Posted 06/11/2009 at 08:35:55

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I agree that we’re playing without any real sense of purpose at the moment. I dont’ think, however, things are as bad as they look. We do get into good positions at times going forward, but as other people have pointed out, our crossing, both from open play and from set pieces, has been nothing short of disastrous, and completely annuls the build-up play up to that point. Bily has the potential, but without our two creative midfielders in the side (Arteta and Pienaar), the team seems to struggle immensely in this area. Passing and crossing accuracy was the biggest difference between the two sides yesterday.
What I’m trying to say is that things are bound to improve when one or both players who can 1) do something intelligent with the ball, 2) put in a decent cross, 3) go for goal from a direct free kick. A fit Saha to convert chances would also help! Just trying to be a little optimistic here.
On the other hand, an ambitious club like Everton should have more than two or three players who can create something and put a decent ball into the box!
Peter Griffin
5   Posted 06/11/2009 at 08:43:26

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I disagree about Cahill and Fellaini.

Fellaini was everywhere closing people down and tackling. When he’s in posession he slows the game down and plays short simple passes. Would you prefer he hoofed it at every opportunity or went missing like a few others in midfield? He has been poor of late but last night did well.

What did Cahill do last night? He wasn’t involved in the game whatsoever.

Hoof, hoof, and more hoofball. Where was the backlash from the 5-0 pasting? Oh sorry I forgot we play not to lose not to win.
Mike Oates
6   Posted 06/11/2009 at 09:07:16

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Totally agree with Peter Griffin, Fellaini was our best outfield player by a mile.

Cahill is struggling and Rodwell although trying his heart out is on a lost cause - he’s just 18 and is surrounded by low confidence average players.

The worst culprit to me is Yobo , totally totally couldn’t give a damn. Its affecting Distin performance.

Gosling clearly not up to it at the moment and we are missing big time , Arteta, Pinnear and yes even Osman.
Ciarán McGlone
7   Posted 06/11/2009 at 09:37:13

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Strange reaction...for once i’m a bit more stoic about the match..

They played far better than last time...and so did we...for the second part of the second half we were superb...Fellaini was superb throughout the match..Billy was inspired in parts, Baines was his usual skillful self.... in fact the entire back line did well throughout the match apart from the obvious blips...and Hibbert was superb.

On to the brickbats...cannot really complain about the starting line up - in fact that line up is 3 players from my preferred team and a team which I think will provide us with decent football..

However the most annoying thing about last night was Yakubu, dropping deep and onto the wing - and trying to play football. HE CAN’T....he is a one/two touch striker...not a Torres...A good boot in the hole needed and told to stay on the last defenders shoulder.

Even though Gosling isn’t very good (what is it with getting the ball trpped under him)...I cannot believe how he got hauled off before Cahill...I don’t expect much from Cahill these days...but to see that hapless and gutless perfromance from a captain was shocking..he needs dropped.

So overall, an improved performance but we are clearly limited by those few extra underperfroming personnel who we can’t (at the minute) replace..

P.S funniest moment of the night..Dimaria having jesus surgically removed from his sock. WTF.
Tony Williams
8   Posted 06/11/2009 at 09:41:10

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Cheeky twat Steve, "the crowd was shithouse at times", I left college early, had to get a taxi to get to the ground in time on the coldest night of the year so far and have to put up with the dross that is being shown before me and you have a cheek from your armchair to have a go at us.

As I said first off, cheeky twat.
Jonathan Tasker
9   Posted 06/11/2009 at 09:49:24

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From my armchair, there were only 2 good moments. The fantastic Eusebio interview where he called our ground Goodness Park and the Yakubu turn and shot , well the turn because the shot was poor.

Most of the time it looked like we were playing away. It reminded me of the eighties where Liverpool would turn up and humiliate us.
Steve Pugh
10   Posted 06/11/2009 at 10:09:10

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Got to agree with Ciaran.

Di Maria couldn’t get into the game against Hibbo so he came inside and then started to affect the game. Hibbo was superb. Yakubu was awful, gave the ball away far too much, Gosling was poor, Cahill was appalling, Screech was everywhere, tackling, winning the ball, playing simple passes.

What really annoyed me was the ref, he allowed Di Maria to get away with far too much play acting.

Finally, what hope did we have when they are coached by Jesus and have an Angel on the left wing. God was on their side, as highlighted by two massive strokes of luck in their goals.
Ciarán McGlone
11   Posted 06/11/2009 at 10:48:51

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Oh and by the way..I think the Article marks were drawn from a hat...How anyone can give Cahill 7 while giving Fellaini 5 is bewildering....
Tony Williams
12   Posted 06/11/2009 at 10:56:06

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Or giving Hibbert the same as Gosling!!!
Steve Cahill
13   Posted 06/11/2009 at 11:09:43

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Jay, yeah I’m from the Oz, Melbourne. Been searching for a pub to watch Everton for quite a while cheers mate !

Yeah I might have been a bit harsh on some of the ratings, but my emotions were running high and fustration leads to some silly mistakes.

Looking back Felliani played quite well, but faded completely out in the second half.

Tay - LMAO I’m sorry champ, if I lived in England I would be at every match, instead I have to stick to our local ’A League’ the comparison of the Coca Cola Championship 2. Goodison looked like you were morning a funeral instead of watching a EUROPA match.

God help us when we play West Ham. A team fighting for survival, and we are playing like dis interested idiots.
Ciarán McGlone
14   Posted 06/11/2009 at 11:40:32

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Oh right Steve..that’s why you gave Cahill a 7...You’re Australian.
Alan Kirwin
15   Posted 06/11/2009 at 12:08:22

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Howard 9? for making one save?

Fellaini 5? Really? probably the best performer last night and he gets 5?

and then Agard gets 6 for his 10 mins and one header. But Cahill, who was utterly useless and invisible in midfield, gets 7?

What is this nonsense?

If you are going to mark players (and I wouldn;t bother with the side so fucked about & missing so many first choicers) then make it serious.

There is nobody in the team right now to marshall the players. Neville would do it, or Arteta, or Pienaar, or Jagielka. The team is missing it’s heart as well as it’s creativity.

Frankly, I’ve almost giving up worrying until we get the threads of the side back. This doesn’t totally let Moyes off the hook. I can’t believe there isn’t a better way to send a team out that can pass and move and try. I watched Nottm Forest do it on Sunday, great toucj, passing & movement, just like Clough’s Forest. It can be done.

But for the time being we are well & truly broken. I have tempered my expectations until Xmas. I expect to see a new team in January. Then it’s just the small matter of Arteta, Pienaar, Jags, Neville etc playing themselves into match fitness and match sharpness. That might be tricker than we imagine. Prepare for a potentially wasted season.

Ciarán McGlone
16   Posted 06/11/2009 at 12:29:29

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I can’t agree....The spine of our side is there...Jags will make no great difference.

So effecively, it’s Piennaar, Arteta and Saha...

That is, unless you can find a place for Neville...I certainly couldn’t.
Ben Polak
17   Posted 06/11/2009 at 12:26:28

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I have to disagree with your assessment of Bily. He had a decent enough first half delivering one beauty of a cross, indeed the boy does ooze class compared with the rest of the team on show last night. However, Moyes needs to give him a kick up the arse, throughout the second half when we were under the cosh he just could not be arsed and kept trying the over complicated pass. It was greeted with ironic cheers when the lad finally made a track back and a tackle after about 75 minutes. In three words - must work harder.
Distin and Yobo were a horror show too, it was truly depressing how many times they sliced through the centre of our defence in the second half. Oh how we miss Jags. It was a pleasure to see some decent football at Goodison though, will we ever see an Everton team slice through the opposition as easily as Benfica did last night?
Alex Carew
18   Posted 06/11/2009 at 12:43:35

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Ha ha, Cahill a 7, are you serious? Fellaini was our best player I thought with the Yak, Howard and Billy at least offering something else. The rest were all poor, a 4/10 at best.

Steve, I am now living in Oz so if you get yourself in the supporters club Ill have a beer with you at the next get together, get signed up (if not already).
Lol McNally
19   Posted 06/11/2009 at 12:53:15

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I no we are short on numbers but we need winners and a leader, apart from Howard they were crap we never put four passes together not played .well since we played aek athens
John Gaulton
20   Posted 06/11/2009 at 12:57:32

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I was there last night. Yes it was the quietest I have heard the crowd for a while...but I think it was only because everyone knew what was coming.

No amount of cheering would have helped that dross they served up last night.
David Grace
21   Posted 06/11/2009 at 13:06:34

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Ciaran, there is no doubt we have missed Neville, 2 yrs ago I wouldn't have believed that but at the moment who is the leader on the pitch, whos getting the lads going, there was still enough talent on that pitch last night but it seems we go one down and thats it, its over, thats not Everton, it's Everton without Neville, constantly shouting and giving orders, there is just no leadership at the moment!

Again we buckled, Rodwell looks shattered but that's not his fault, all the games with England in the summer he’s in danger of burning out, and to be honest all the idiots on other Everton sites who are already rumour mongering about him need shooting!!

Badly need Pienaar, Neville and Jagielka back, gutted bout Mikel but we just have to get on with it!

And Steve your not a cheeky twat, you're exactly right, the crowd at Goodison has been shite for the last two seasons bar the odd game, it's embarrassing, we get out sung at home week-in, week-out!!!!

Dave Wilson
22   Posted 06/11/2009 at 12:47:12

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I cant have this "Benfica are a good side lark" how do we know ? fair enough you can only beat what in front of you, but we have been very poor. Bitterly disappointed with just about everything last night.

I’m doing a complete u- turn of what I was saying a fortnight ago, I’m sick of us just being brushed aside and although I heavily critizised both Heitinger and Neils fitness levels, when it got a bit tasty against Villa these two stepped up to the plate

When it gets a bit naughty on Sunday- andf it surely will - we cant go into battle with people like Gosling and Jo

Given the available players I would go with last nights back 5 I’d play Heitinger in front of them and I would put Lucas Neil on the right of Midfield, I’d also put Cahill up front, he’s been desperate recently, but he has to be a better bet than Jo or the recouperating Yak.
This isnt a time to feel sorry for ourselves, nor is it time to be fretting about whether our footbal football is pretty enoughl, its time to start fighting our way out of this and I can see no place in that fight for players who have trouble staying on their feet
Ciarán McGlone
23   Posted 06/11/2009 at 13:17:34

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Sunday will be a joke......losing Billy from last nights side will mean that Fellaini will not have that outlet or support and will be badly affected- which will result in all out hoofball...

I think i’ll go for a nice stroll then watch the Chelsea game...

P.S Dave I don’t think Yakubu’s game last night was anything to do with his was to do with him trying to play a role he’s utterly useless at....that of a striker who can actually play football....I’ve never seen so many pathetic attempts at trickery go wrong.. FFS - at one point he was playing out on the wing...
Peter McHugh
24   Posted 06/11/2009 at 13:38:40

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didn’t enjoy last night, for Fellani first half was by far our best player. Not sure Billy’s worth what we paid, but he looks good. I must be missing something as thought Hibbert and Baines were both terrible.

What I am really annoyed about is the ethos and mentality of our team - i.e. defensive. We were 2-0 down and still whenever they had a freekick or corner we put all our men in the box - it’s beyond a joke and unforgiveable.
Peter McHugh
25   Posted 06/11/2009 at 13:42:12

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oh, and as i’ve said many a time, jo is utter shite
Dave Wilson
26   Posted 06/11/2009 at 13:31:13

Report abuse


Just when I thought things couldn't look any worse you remind me Billy is suspended.
I accepted an invitation from a couple of hammer Collegues today, already regretting it. Still we’ll sample the dubious delights of Plaistow first, so at least I wont have to face it sober.
Steve Cahill
27   Posted 06/11/2009 at 14:29:19

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Alex, yeah mate I’d love to come along. What pubs are you usually attending?

It’s hard when the majority of my mates either follow United or Arsenal. The constant ’small club’ bullshit I cop is unbelievable.

Calmed down, had a chat to my uncle who is a red shite I have come to the conclusion that all is not lost.
The prospect of ’maybe’ playing Liverpool in the EUROPA Cup really sounds enticing.

Half my ratings are bollocks too, I think I should apologise, the early mornings watching Everton are starting to catch up with me.

Either way, I’ll still watch the useless twats in the Championship at 3am in the morning!
Steve Syder
28   Posted 06/11/2009 at 15:14:36

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Can’t agree with these ratings for all the reasons given above.

Sums it up really when they were given by someone who thinks he can judge crowd "performance" by watching TV!

Yes, I was there - took me 5.5 bastard hours to drive there and another 4.5 to get back.
Stephen Kenny
29   Posted 06/11/2009 at 15:40:57

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David Grace,

Have you been to an away match lately?

Every team in the league gets outsang by the away fans. Probably because the away contingent are the most passionate group of fans a club has!

I’ve been to Goodison and seen it rocking when the team have given us something to sing about, and I’ve seen the fans try and pick the players up when we were struggling, but all to often there is absolutely nothing to sing about.

These days I judge a team on their away fans and to me we are the most voiciferous and turn up in numbers everywhere we go.
Tony Williams
30   Posted 06/11/2009 at 16:03:39

Report abuse

"We were 2-0 down and still whenever they had a freekick or corner we put all our men in the box - it’s beyond a joke and unforgiveable"

And also completely unbelievable, for the first time in years we left men on the half way line, the Yak and the Goose that lost the golden egg were always up the pitch when the had corners and free kicks, so I do not know where you got that from.
David Grace
31   Posted 06/11/2009 at 16:42:32

Report abuse

Stephen Kenny, Surprisingly, yes I have, I'm a season ticket holder and go to most aways and yes we have a fantastic away support no doubt, I'm proud to be a blue!

But every team in the league doesn't get outsung at home, that's utter bollocks. As I said, Goodison is rocking on the odd occasion, and I include last season as well... it's embarrassing. ’We only sing when were winning’ and all that crap, it's one of the quietest grounds in the country and that hurts! I believe there is a petition for something to be done about it so I'm obviously not the only one with this belief!
Alan Kirwin
32   Posted 06/11/2009 at 17:23:24

Report abuse

Ciaran we’ll have to disagree on Phil Neville. His performances and influence on this team should not be under-estimated. Nor should the impact of losing him, and Arteta, and Pienaar, and our best central defensive partnership, in such a ridiculously short space of time. We have been royally done over and we need a break.

However, there are chickens coming home to roost with Moyes’ swapping around of players and apparent confusion so many times on the pitch. Last night was painful to watch. In all truth this was as much because I more or less expected it to unfold as it did, as it was to do with how poor we were.

There seems to be a chasm of disconnect between what Moyes apparently wants the team to do and what they actually do. They were lost souls last night and that must be as much down to management as players. I’m also worried about locking the team in for an hour after the game. A good manager would let them go home and sleep on it rather than trying to hammer it home when they are already dejected.

I sense a watershed developing as this season "progresses".

Alex Carew
33   Posted 07/11/2009 at 10:16:20

Report abuse

Hi Steve, I am based in Sydney so cant advice on the right pubs for the Melbourne games but I think it may be the turf bar on Queens St.

I am in Melbourne (well, Wheelers Hill) for 2 weeks from tmrw with work so drop us a line and if I can get free maybe we can meet for a beer.

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