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The End (As I Know It)...

By Phil Martin :  24/11/2009 :  Comments (6) :
Ok, so the big decision over DK looms. I personally don’t know what to expect.

I'm 32 and I've been going Goodison since I was 4. I can't claim to have watched EFC for 50 years and seen the great players in the 60s, and be Everton's biggest fan. But having held a season ticket for 12 years and attended most of the games (home and away) this season. I regard myself as a true blue.

But recently I feel I've reached a reasonable level of apathy regarding DK, our club, and even our performances. I no longer feel valued as a supporter or as a paying customer. Whichever side you fall on regarding DK, the absolute contempt the fan base has been treated with is a disgrace. The whole stadium issue has been done to death but our current leadership has handled the whole situation diabolically.

On the pitch our players look like they're going through the motions. Moyes seems a broken man. Like he knows without funds this “punching above weight” was always going to end. This year after another farcical summer it seems that our chickens have come home to roost. Injuries, severely limited transfer kitty and a loss of confidence have highlighted this fact. Unable to keep our best players I see the vultures swirling over Goodison just biding their time. I think Moyes deep down knows this too.

Quite simply I’m tired of the whole thing. I don’t get a buzz out of going the game anymore. I can predict another scrappy performance against a "lesser" team or a hammering from the one of the Big 3. Sitting in White Hart Lane after the Spurs 2-0 Carling Cup game just left me empty. I can see that we won’t get 4th or higher ever again without funding. Yet I know we cannot spend big.

Personally I have several more major things in my life to contend with (including a wedding). So I've given my ticket away. I had to do this for my own sanity. Why should I arrive at GP optimistic and jovial but leave pissed off week after week?

I love Everton FC, but I don’t trust its owners. Ultimately they'll do what's best for them first and the club a distant second. We're all pretty powerless but I'm sick of my money (for tickets/kits/merchandise) disappearing into a black hole. I feel this is the only way I can take some control back.

I hope the right thing happens this week and DK is finally killed and we get the investment (with or without Bill Kenwright and co) this club deserves. But I don’t hold out much hope and I'm virtually past the point of caring. Sorry for the pessimism and if this opposes your own feelings on the whole situation. But the current state of the club just leaves me cold.

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Russell Buckley
1   Posted 25/11/2009 at 03:44:56

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Well that was uplifting. In saying that I understand you view.

All of us, all of the players and even the board know that the only way this clubs can once again reach our former heights is with the help of substantial investment.
All the arguments I’ve heard here before like be careful what you wish for look what happened to Newcastle etc are void in my opniion. Yes there is some risk in being taken over but it hasn’t hurt Chelsea, Man City or Villa. Personally I’d jump at the chance understanding the risks. At least the club would have a chance then. With Kenwright’s limited resources and more summer’s like the last this club is only going to stagnate. The club needs an injection of something. You can sit still while those around you grow stonger for so long.

I’m in support of a new stadium but think Kirby looks like an all roung pile of crap. Having a new stadium may help to attract an investor but we loose tradition, move outside of the city and into a very average looking ground.

When you look at the world famous clubs an iconic stadium goes hand in hand. Kirkby is far from that, its not going to inspire anyone unless some major changes are made to the design.

Alan Rycroft
2   Posted 25/11/2009 at 04:19:15

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Dear Phil,
I know I haven’t been feeling too positive myself but you’re even more downer than I am! I think despite all the current doom and gloom and some very poor perfromances we must always bear in mind one simple fact, we don’t have half our squad and almost all our best players! Most teams except the Chelsea Manure etc. with very deep rich squads would be in the same boat.

What I feel though is our young players should be better they could have come in seized their chance and carried the flag a while, instead Rodwell and Golsing Coleman etc. have often been poor, at times very poor, and Wallace and Baxter etc. haven’t shown at all. To make the grade one would hope they had somehting real special. I feel ready to write off the team at the mo like you but I want to hold on and give them a real chance when they all come back then I really think if we play like we are capable of we can break back into top half, a real achievement in the current much sronger league.

Longer term we really need a new manager we are stale like frothless beer - I think and more investment from somewhere please God! Welcome the Hiddink! He is the best manager I know he got Korea to the semis of the WC! A msater Generalissimo. Time soon for Moyesiah to make way for the real mecoy ! - well not quite head on aplata..

Gareth Humphreys
3   Posted 25/11/2009 at 09:11:56

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Phil, I agree with you and have given my ticket to my dad a few times this season. It seems more of a hindrance these days.
Phil Martin
4   Posted 25/11/2009 at 10:29:10

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Alan Rycroft,

I wasn’t writing off our current squad. The current injury list is extraodinary. More highlighting the fact without investment we are just plugging holes left by player departures. That isn’t strengthening. And it can only suffice for a certain amount of time before we get caught. This year looks like that year (City, Villa, Sunderland and Spurs) - all now serious threats to 5th place.

My general outlook is that we need investment/ new owners/ more players/ and a top new stadium. However our current board only seem interested in eloping with Tesco and then selling up.

Jamie Rowland
5   Posted 25/11/2009 at 14:11:32

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You go but the spark has gone!
You play teams that you should dominate but watch 11 players drop to the oppositions level.
You watch 1 striker up front at home.
You scour the net during transfer windows, grasping any rumour with both hands only to watch it fade as quickly as it arrived.
You buy a shirt only to find out that its getting replace.
You pay hundreds every year but see no benefit.
You queue for a hot dog, longer for a pint and miss the kick off for the second half...

This is Everton! Its shambolic, its a disgrace but its my team and without support its never going to change.

Why cant we play our football against every team? Tonight, even with a depleted squad, we should beat Hull comfortably...but we wont. it’ll scrappy and (for me) cold and wet. COYB!
Brian Waring
6   Posted 25/11/2009 at 17:12:17

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Phil, thats why feel I ashamed when someone brings up ’ The peoples club ’ Shite.

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