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It's all relative

By Chris McGrath :  25/11/2009 :  Comments (21) :
I’ve never written an article on Toffeeweb before…and maybe after you’ve read this you might not want me to ever again but I just felt as though I had to have my say.

I’ve just listened to the Hull game on the radio in total disbelief and like all of you fellow loyal blues my blood was boiling at the fact that we were 3-0 down at half time….how can this be possible against a much lesser team like Hull?? I immediately read some fans comments on TW saying that “Moyes should go now” ”It’s his team, it’s his players out on the pitch so no excuses” etc etc and that made me think.

Yes it is his team and his players out on the pitch…but not all of them. For a machine to perform at its optimum level it has to have all, or certainly most, of its key components working together to provide the best results. A number of our key components are injured; broken, not working and so our machine is nowhere near full performance. Arteta, Jagielka and Neville are injured, Piennar and the Yak are not fully fit. All 5 of these players would be in our starting eleven and that’s not to mention the likes of Osman, Anichebe, Vaughan etc who provide quality cover.

Imagine Chelsea without 5 key players, ok they have quality all over the park and they are at a higher level but its’ all relative and that’s my point. Compared to our injured players and their attributes and roles:

- John Terry, our Jagielka, a natural leader, organiser and excellent defender. I think Jags will work brilliantly alongside Distin and will shore up our defence without question.

- Frank Lampard, our Mikel Arteta, excellent passer of the ball, scores goals from midfield, creates numerous opportunities for the strikers and generally conducts the whole team from midfield with composure and skill.

- Michael Essien, our Phil Neville, strong, robust tackler, a leader and organiser at the heart of the midfield,

- Anelka, our Steven Piennar, fast, direct, creative and scores goals. Once Peanut is fully fit and playing alongside Mikel I know he will be bang on form.

- Didier Drogba, our Yakubu, fast, powerful, natural born goalscorer who with the right service from all of the above will score goals for fun.

You can’t tell me that without these 5 players, Chelsea would be performing to their optimum level, they simply wouldn’t. I know it’s the old excuse of injuries but I firmly believe it’s true. I am NOT one of Moyes’s biggest fans and I hate his quite negative tactics but then I believe if he had those players back for 75% of the season, allowing for the odd few weeks with injuries etc, coupled with a fully settled and adjusted Bily Ruskie throwing in crosses and corners and Tim Cahill coming back to form with his old mate Mikel, he would not be so negative.

I think a starting 11 including fully fit Jags, Arteta, Piennar, Yakubu, Bily and Neville plus another 5 of your choice would certainly not be getting hammered 3-0 in the first 30 mins by the likes of Hull. I’m not saying we would win every match but we would be more prepared, better organised, we would play better football and be more dangerous and resolute with these players included in the team.

We will always have injuries, that’s the nature of the beast but long term injuries to such key players is killing us. I don’t rate all of Moyes’s signings, I still don’t know about the big Belgian and I hope to god he doesn’t sign Joe long term, but which manager never makes mistakes? Which manager would you say has never ever bought a dud?? It’s a risk for all managers. I think that Moyes has assembled a pretty decent squad on paper…he just needs to get them all out on the pitch.

Reader Comments

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Bryan Douglas
1   Posted 26/11/2009 at 05:32:12

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yes, it’s Moyes team alright!

He’s very good at blaming them for poor attitude and application

He’s lousy at taking personal responsibility for any of it though.

This apology for Moyes and the current set up is laughable in the light of yet another calamity. This is not the first time, it’s happened every bloody year Moyes has been in charge - that’s what relative - hopefully there will be no way back for the miserable bastard that he is.

I looked in the morning papers to find his resignation on page one - NOT - he has no class and should be sacked NOW
Shaun Brennan
2   Posted 26/11/2009 at 09:03:48

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Well fair credit to Moyes the only thing he got right last night was his Apology. It is about time he gave one. The recent results, getting absolutley spanked by teams is just not good enough and befitting of a premier league club. We ship in a average of nearly two goals per game. Before anyone moans about Jags and Lescott, remember Moyes has brough his replacements in since then.

On a side note Brian - Moyes won’t be sacked, Kenright said he’s got a a job for life!!! What more motication do you need?
Steve Syder
3   Posted 26/11/2009 at 09:37:33

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I’ve been patient up to now, believing that it will all be so much better once a few of our injured players come back, but the side we put out last night should not have been three down by half time to Hull!

This is the second consecutive game where Moyes has admitted he simply didn’t know what formation to play, and, even with injuries, that simply isn’t good enough.

If he continues to blame the players, we will lose the one real thing Moyes gives us - great team spirit.

He has to be good enough to decide the best formation with the available players for any given opponent, and if he can’t do that...
joseph foster
4   Posted 26/11/2009 at 09:49:59

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Pure shit. Thats about the long and short of it
Chris Green
5   Posted 26/11/2009 at 10:07:19

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Chris, a good post I think.

I am a born Evertonian, I love the club, I love the players and I love all that we are, and like most of you, I am also very disappointed about the results so far this season. However, I think a little perspective is needed.

last year, we were top 5, and no one called for Moyes’ head. And rightly so, we did well and played well. Perhaps not the flowing football that we all want, but we were winning.

This year we signed 4 new players. 2 had never played here before. These players take time to settle. Also, our usual solid defence now has at least 2 new players in it each game, this takes time to put together, and without a natural leader like Jags, they are struggling.

In midfiedl, we have been pretty decimated... no Pienaar, no Mikey, no Pip, no Osman, a new left winger who is taking time to settle ( like most), a dutch player who has never played here and is taking time to settle, an out of sorts Tiny Tim and Fellaini who seems to have lost ALL form.

And then up front, we have only 1 fit forward, one partially fit one... and no cover.

Now you can argue, this is the board, Moyes etc... and I agree, with where we have been recently there should have been ALOT more investment.

But when I look at the table we are about 6 points off 6th place. Yes we need to start playing, and yes we need to do it quick, but this season can be turned around. Whether that changes anything during the summer next year is not something I want to debate ( I think we know the answer), but I want to believe we can turn it around. Shit results always get knee jerk reactions, and rightly so, I was pissed last eve.... but I am not throwing the towel in yet...
Colin Potter
6   Posted 26/11/2009 at 10:15:32

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It’s about time people stopped blaming the injuries, for these results, it;’s moyes’s squad, and there were NINE full internationals in for Everton, and he still can’t get them to pass the ball on the ground. He plays good players out of position, and his substitutions are woeful, tactics are non existant. He’s been here just on 8 years, and learnt nothing. He should make one final good gesture for the sake of the clubs finances, and resign forthwith.
Ciarán McGlone
7   Posted 26/11/2009 at 10:25:16

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Phil Neville....our Michael Essien..


Arteta and Billy will make a huge difference to our quality of play....Billy will be back soon and pienaar was back last night (and so was the yak)..

Jags will not make a great deal of difference in the areas we are having most problems ..i.e doing the basics...

Ciarán McGlone
8   Posted 26/11/2009 at 10:27:45

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Oh by the way, if, as you state - ’we will always have injuries’ - does this mean that excusing the inability to do the basics on injuries - is eternal?
Bryan Douglas
9   Posted 26/11/2009 at 11:10:30

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Chris Green

"Shit results always get knee jerk reactions"

results like this have been a hallmark of Moyes tenure at Goodison. This is not a ’one off’ that will repair itself in time.

Others are making similar comments and suggesting that, as usual, things will turn around - how do they know that?? Just because it has happened before is no basis for saying this.

It is simply not good enough for the Club to be constantly on this merry-go-round. It highlights a distinct lack of direction and smacks of poor management. No successful business would be run like it, so why should EFC be run this way. And anyway, what is the value of being so crap in order to make a resurgence? What is the fucking point?
Chris Green
10   Posted 26/11/2009 at 11:58:27

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Bryan, I totally agree with you that we seem to be on a merry go round ,and this season has seen a downturn.

We need investment, we need cash, we need someone to come and drive us forward.

But to say these results are a hallmark of Moyes is a little harsh. Everyone gets shit results during a season, and to me his Hallmark has been turning us around from relegation fodder to a team that expects a top 6 finish! Isn’t that progress?!

This season we have started badly, and the people behind the scenes are partly to blame for the usual lateness of transfers etc...

"Whats the fucking point?" The point is we are not as good with second string players as we are with a fully fit top squad. We are in a bad run, no confidence and ALL teams have it, except the top ones who can rotate £m’s of players through their squad.
Mark Murphy
11   Posted 26/11/2009 at 11:58:24

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Chelsea DID have 5 regulars missing at the weekend, including Drogba and Lampard - their Torres and Gerrard.

They won 4-0 with room to spare.

At a push, we are really missing Jags and Arteta. The rest should be good enough to step up.

name me any player from that Hull side last night that you would really have played in our team and who they would replace?

We ahve the players - just not the motivation! And the day we get out motivated by Phil Brown should set alarms ringing very loudly!!

I’m absolutely dejected and not even the DK news cheers me! We should be good but we are crap!
Chris Green
12   Posted 26/11/2009 at 12:02:50

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Ohhh and I am not all totally for Moyes before anyone pitches in with me being one of those.. I don’t know if he can take us further forward,.. but he has done us great service so far after this shite we suffered before!
Dick Fearon
13   Posted 26/11/2009 at 11:54:40

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Hunt scored a great goal, created most of Hulls chances, won more tackles, had more goal attempts and covered more ground than any two players in our entire team could have been ours last season for a fraction the cost of Fellaini, or Heitinga, or Bily.
In another example of our cack handed dealings in the transfer market, On the last day of 2007 Moyes tried to sign Hunt but the window closed and we missed out by just a few hours.
Lord knows why we did not go for him in subsequent windows. Whatever the reason last night showed that Moyes made another mistake.
I keep hearing that Moyes is only young and is on a steep learning curve, but why o why does he only learn from his mistakes.
Rodwell at R Mid and Gosling at R Back against Benfica are other mistakes he learnt from.
Baines inability to send over consistently decent free kicks can be added to that lot.
Watching last nights debacle on TV it became obvious within minutes to me and the commentators also picked it up that Rodwell was less than useless at R Mid.
It took Moyes a further 40 minutes and 3 goals down before he did anything about it.
Alan Kirwin
14   Posted 26/11/2009 at 13:34:01

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I would cionfidently expect Jagielka to (eventually) have a big effect on the basics of defending. Or is conceding 3 goals a game not one of our major difficulties right now?
Chris Butler
15   Posted 26/11/2009 at 13:46:04

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I disagree mate. We have numerous Right backs. We have 2 supposed good central defenders. We have a quality left back in Leighton Baines. We have 2 wingers in Billy and Pienaar. We have 4 possible supposed good central midfielders in Felaini,Cahill,Rodwell,and Heitenga.

We have 2 good strikers in Saha and Yakubu. So for example Liverpool without Gerrard and Torres are a mid table side. Also bar Osman and Jagielka who else are we missing from our succesful last season. Injuries are an excuse we just do not have good enough players or any strength in depth. We missed on players like Naughton and Delph. Billy and Heitenga were never transfer targets.

We never got any decent players in during the summer which is showing. I will struggle to even clap our players at the derby this weekend. Heitenga seems to be another 1 thats underperformed. Unless changes are made we will struggle this season.

Tony Marsh
16   Posted 26/11/2009 at 13:09:55

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For the record this article is not a knee jerk reaction to last night or what has come before it this season.The truth is I have never liked David Moyes as Everton manager as he just doesnt have enough in the grey matter department to be anything more than mediocre.

The loss at mighty Hull City last night was no suprise to me.It was almost predictable.The only real shock was being 3-0 down in 20 odd minutes.3-0 down to Hull is unforgivable by anyones standards.Another horrible statistic to add the ever increasing list of terrible results under David Moyes.

NEWSFLASH....Moyes has lost the dressing at Everton in fact he lost it before a ball was kicked this season
and those who cant see it must be blind or insane.The Lescott saga started the fallout and DMs persistance with hoofball and shite tactics has carried it on.

For those of you who cant get our local paper Here is a what Moyes said about the Hull game in tonights Liverpool Echo.

The first thing you have to do as a player is you run around,but Ill need to get them to do that more than they are at the moment.

Moyes went on ,We didnt play well enough to win that sums it up really.
I dont think it was anything to do with confidence,it was to do with endeavour and attitude,which Hull City showed.

If we had of matched Hulls endeavour and attitude - they ran around and it earned them something at the end of the night.

To me those are the words of a simpleton.A man who hasnt a clue.
David Moyes thinks running around wins you matches in the Premier League.

FFS RUNNING AROUND.What about passing teams to death?How about
slotting killer balls for strikers to run on to and smash in to the roof of the net?How about finding your own players with ten yard passes once in a while?How about not suffocating your players with shite tactics and letting them go out and express themselves
in games? Nah to difficult that.

Running around just about sums it all up for me.Moyes is football Dinosaur
who has no place at this once great club.We are being dragged back to where we once where under Wally Smith only Moyes has had far more cash than Wally ever had but then again Wally never had a great number two like Steve Fucking Round to help him did he?

Steve Fucking Round at Everton what is that all about?Did Moyes want someone even more clueless than himself so he wouldnt be shown up?
Since Squares arrival things have gone from bad to plain old silly, just like they did at Newcastle when Square was up there.

The football is now a playground joke
and the results just get worse and worse.When I wrote Bottom 3 by Chrimbo two months ago I never dreamed how close to this we would actually come.

Its hard to imagine the Messiah Moyes presiding over such a shambolic state of affairs.I mean this is the greatest manager on the planet,a man who works miracles.Well at the moment David Moyes is turning wine in to water and there isnt a loaf of bread or a fish in sight.

I cant wait for Sundays game now.Thats all we need a wounded Red Shite turning up at Goodison Park for thier now annual three ponts
If we get slammed in this one which looks very likely then what?Is Davey still the man for the job or should he be told to fuck off?

My biggest fear is the one in which Moyes takes Everton down and Shithouse Kenwright doesnt sack him.This is not far away from becoming reality unless something is done soon.

So here we are approaching the hardest part of the season for evey club and 8 years in to his Everton tenure David Moyes now thinks it running around that wins you games.

Well Davey if Liverpool run up a cricket score on Sunday afternoon then I think you Round and Kenwright had better get your trainers on mate because running away is all you twats have got left at this club.


Ciarán McGlone
17   Posted 26/11/2009 at 14:00:39

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Conceding 3 goals last night was merely a symptom of a greater malaise related to basics...And guess what..jags is pretty crap at those basics too!
Bryan Douglas
18   Posted 26/11/2009 at 18:00:46

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good to see you

It’s rather amusing the comments here that ’you may have been right after all’ I’m sure you’ll take no pleasure in that. However, over recent years you have become a target of ridicule for beliefs and approaches that I fully share.

Your post hits it on the head. Clear, succinct and totally correct. I don’t understand why Moyes has not resigned already. For him to proclaim such high expectations and yet obviously be failing himself in achieving them, where is his dignity? He has little credibility with some fans, and that group is increasing match by match. Not only has he ’lost the dressing room’ he’s losing the fans. He will have less and less support. Is he expecting to ride this out? Or expect Kenwright to sack him?(More money there). He should go and go now OR Kenwright should sack him. Funny that nothing has happened. Where’s Kenwright today????
Everton Football Club and its supporters deserve better than this.
James Boden
19   Posted 26/11/2009 at 18:09:53

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Tony add me to those who think you hit the nail on the head. That this negative twat would need another defensive minded coach sums him all up.
Jack Francis
20   Posted 26/11/2009 at 23:24:50

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Im not Tony Marshes biggest fan in fact i think i have agreed with what he has had to say once matbe twice! Well hes just made it a hat trick! FFS RUN AROUND! Didnt Mike Reid used to say that?
Taxi for Kenwright better make it a people carrier!
Derek Thomas
21   Posted 28/11/2009 at 02:52:19

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To my mind we have just 2 options.


STICK; with Moyes and hope it all, well if not good, then 17th or better.

TWIST; Get some one else in to gee up the players, maybe even try some football.

Yes yes before anybody mentions Wigan, I said ’some’ football not suicide, although in the end it may all go Coca Cola shaped, suicide or natural causes the result is the same. You can’t be slightly Dead, pregnant or relegated.

Injuries, poor form and lack of confidence, free fall, meltdown etc etc I’ve seen it too many times over too many seasons to too many teams, Names, Big names, only Arsenal have never been relegated ( I mean of the real teams not conference newbies ).

But I reckon that Bill will stick with the devil he knows and hope for the best, aka 17th +

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