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Let it Snow: the Road to 2020

By Tony I'Anson :  09/01/2010 :  Comments (12) :
With the big freeze upon us, affecting some more than others, it brought back a memory for me….and got me thinking as well.

I remember being really annoyed one day before an Everton match in the 1970’s. I think it was a mid-week European game one winter and the game was in danger of being called off. Why the annoyance? Well, I remember seeing a photo in the Echo of a bunch of Everton fans with shovels in the air on the pitch who had “taken the day off work” to remove the snow and make the game playable. Why couldn’t I just take the day off school and go to help out? Maybe it was because I was only about 10 at the time. I just wanted to go on the pitch and play the snow. I remember that at the game there were huge mounds of snow around the side of the pitch and even standing on my milk crate it could only see the top half of the players and hardly the pitch at all.

If any TW reader was one of the said shovel bearers, a big belated thank you for dedicating some off your work time to get the game on.

Now I will digress. I have just watched the BBC programme about the Noughties, where UK readers can still see on the iPlayer

It goes on about how the face of Britain has changed in the last 10 years including call centres off to India, manufacturing to China, Icelanders buying our big retail shops and Arabs buying our football clubs. I must admit I did feel a bit smug at this bit, although quite annoyed at most of the rest including the city centre binge drinking and street gangs. Sorry, I don’t want to sound like a middle-aged kill joy, but you know what I mean, especially as it focussed on youth violence and our very own Rhys Jones. It goes on about the paranoia of the youth including the banning “hoodies” from shopping centres and much more.

Anyway, why go on about this? Well based on where we are now I thought it would be interesting for Evertonians of all ages to discuss what we reckon will happen in the next 10 years to 2020 and how Everton FC will fit into all this. Let the debate begin.

I will start with the following list:

1) Everton will have won something. More probably a Cup than the League.

2) Sky Sports will be no more. Sky will still be here, but they will not be paying millions to the top Clubs as subscribers will have gone elsewhere to Free online broadcasting.

3) 1 Gigabyte broadband or more to your mobile phone at broadcast quality. You will be able to project the image on your mobile to the size of a current 52inch flat screen telly.

4) Premier League Clubs will be owned by fans as these “toys” are disguarded by foreign owners.

5) Flights will be exponentially more expensive, reducing the match going fan base of the so called big clubs by 80% who have to go back to their roots.

6) Family trips to the continent will be for assisted suicide good-byes to the loved ones who live too long and the youth need their inheritance now!!

7) Seaside resorts like Blackpool will return to their Victorian hey day.

8) The price of alcohol will become extremely expensive as the governments way of trying to fix broken Britain’s booze culture of Chav’s.

9) England will win the World Cup in 2018 to the big sigh of disgust by the Scot’s. This will be the straw that breaks the camels back and the border controls will be put up in Carlisle.

10) We will still be at a superbly re-developed world class football stadium at Goodison Park and Bill Kenwright will still have some influence on the Club, although not necessarily as the chairman.

11) Wags will be banned from football matches altogether as football becomes a man’s game again. Aye right!!

12) In the word’s of Arsene Wenger, there will be a terrorist attack at a Premier League Football match.

I’m sure this will get the likes of the very funny EJ Ruane coming up with some much more witty and outrageous suggestions.

Have fun. But be careful what you wish for.

Reader Comments

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Mike Allison
1   Posted 09/01/2010 at 17:58:10

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(13) Liverpool will be resurgent and five points clear in League 1, although injuries mean they’re worried about the top of the table clash against Torquay United next week.
Tony I'Anson
2   Posted 09/01/2010 at 18:13:25

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(14) Phillip Green buys
David Hallwood
3   Posted 09/01/2010 at 18:00:54

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Tony, you may just be right. If you take a look at 2000, no one or very few had broadband, now everyone’s got it. All that needed is for streaming to be perfected, and its bye bye sky. What it might bring back an era pre MOTD when the only time you saw another team play is when you played them (well maybe not that extreme) Like a lot of people who subscribe to Sky sports I’m not remotely interested in 80% of the games and if it was a choice of watching us or Man U/RS etc-no contest.

It can’t be long before clubs realise that there is serious money to be made selling subscriptons for the whole season to fans worldwide. It would mean the restructuring of football finances but that would be no bad thing. It would also end the ludicrous moving of kick off times, its now got to a point where I’ve no idea when we’re playing-and I’ve got a season ticket!
Danny Burke
4   Posted 09/01/2010 at 18:45:17

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2020: Bill Kenwright comes out and says he is still looking 24/7 for investment and even though he has said it before we should "watch this space".
2021: The Fortress Sport Fund cheque finally clears.
2022: The Bullens Road stand down due to lack of investment falls down.
2023: There is still no "Plan B"
Tony Hale
5   Posted 10/01/2010 at 13:10:50

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(15) Rafa Benitez will be sacked as manager of Subway for hiring an Italian student who claims statutory sick pay for six months without working a single shift. Sources claim that he won’t be out of a job for long as Poundland have just parted company with Mark Hughes. Head bread slicer, Steven Gerrard, will take over managerial duties at Subway til a suitable replacement is found.
James I'Anson
6   Posted 10/01/2010 at 13:50:04

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A real businessman who doesn’t talk shite at every opportunity will own Everton.
Goodison will be rebuilt.
Liverpool wont exist anymore after going bankrupt.
Our captain Jack Rodwell will be due a testimonial.
We will be Champions.
Sky will be gone.
We’ll still be on last on Match of the Day.
We’ll all be ten years older.
Fran Mitchell
7   Posted 10/01/2010 at 14:55:40

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13, David Beckham makes his 300th cap for England, coming on as a 89th minute sub for the 200th consecutive game, claiming he still has hopes for reaching the 2020 Euro Championships. "hip surgery really does wonders". The creation of history (Beckham being the greatest living man ever) continues.

14, Aug 2019, Liverpool FC fans are 100% positive that "this is the year"...liverpool begin 2020 in 15th position

15, AFC Wimbledon make history in making it all the way to the premiership from non-league...AFC Wimbledon are bought out and moved to Manchester, with the name changing to AFC Manchester (after the two previous manchester teams collapsed under debt) Wimbledon create a new team, Wimbledon Rovers and their journey from non-league begins again.

16. Despite being retired for a long period, Leon Osman and Tony Hibbert still recieve 70% of the vote in the ’who is the cause of evertons last defeat’ toffeeweb poll

Stephen Kenny
8   Posted 10/01/2010 at 15:00:29

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1) Everton finally stop playing 4-5-1

2) Abramovich dies of a terrible illness related to a lack of atmosphere, and his children have no interest in football and want thier inheritance ASAP.

3) Saudi Arabia runs out of oil and rich Arabs around the world realise Louis Vuitton Lamborghini’s and football clubs are not as useful as building your country's infrastructure.

4) Liverpool FC realise a new ground is not what their fans want and instead put their ground-building money into a series of Irish themed pub’s with exclusive access to their matches.

5) You have to be the Champions of your country to play in the Champions League.

6) David Weir retires.

7) Barcelona captain Lionel Fabregas Iniesta Maradona Pele states in the Catalunian press he want to move to a big club in England such as Everton FC.

8) Said Barcelona captain agrees a four-year deal worth up to £150,000 a year with bonuses.
Jay Harris
9   Posted 10/01/2010 at 15:19:22

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1. All games played will be virtual reality.

2. All games are controlled by fans on FM.

3. Andy Gray is taken off SKY’s payroll who realise he was only ever a fantasy.

4.SKY concede that they can no longer compete with "THE FAN’S PREMIER LEAGUE" virtual reality.

5.Virtual reality players and managers are only paid on performance at minimum wage rates.

David Hallwood
10   Posted 10/01/2010 at 16:24:20

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I know this has nothing to do with this thread but if you want cheering up after missing out on all 3 points read this its hilarious, especially the comments from posters. It seems that we’re not alone in in our dislike of the RS. Priceless is that the email was sent to London-based Kopite- that narrows it down to 500,000
Tony I'Anson
11   Posted 10/01/2010 at 23:06:48

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David, re your link - maybe David Moores should have listened more to his uncle John.

The mindset of the responses is quite revealing. It’s all about getting rid of the Dark Side, the forces of evil.

But what about electric cars; a carbon neutral world; full employment; banning of the red tops; Lib Dems in government; Rocky 15; 100mph speed limits on our motorways; Downhill skiing in the Lake District; 15% interest rates; £5 a pint; £50 to go the match; recruiting players in the womb (genetic profiling); all leather seater stadium; no points for a win or draw - it’s all based only on goal difference; no National Health Service; limits on family sizes; teams reduced to 10 players as they get faster; the "wearable" computer; live video blogs on; Chinese becoming compulsory in schools; still debating whether to use goal line video technology; 4 linesmen, 1 ref and 1 restraining SAF on his simmer in the sidelines; David Moyes glaring at his centre half for playing the ball into mid-field;

...And the achieving of World Piece.
Colin Wainwright
12   Posted 11/01/2010 at 10:15:26

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13. Bloke in the Main Stand still asking why Tony Hibbert keeps passing to him.

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