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In Defence of Wayne

By Chris Butler :  21/01/2010 :  Comments (83) :
On the Official Website, it claims "Subscribers to Everton TV will be eagerly anticipating Wayne Rooney’s first interview on Everton TV since leaving Everton."

Now hearing the chants aimed at Rooney, I was disgraced at our small club mentality. Many people have criticized him but I think they are forgetting the reasons why he left. In the two seasons he played for Everton, he was idolised like a god by us — he always used to get the biggest cheer when the teams were read out.

The intensity of media scrutiny surrounding Rooney his girlfriend and family was unbearable for his family. Even recently his cousin claimed she’d had a fling with our current Belgian superstar. It seems to me it’s impossible to be a local lad playing for your local club, especially in Liverpool.

Steven Gerrard has been threatened by local gangsters; his wife’s antics have also got him into trouble with the local press. It seems to me every time a local lad plays for Everton or Liverpool, they have to watch their backs all the time.

Rooney’s family had their car vandalized and Liverpool supporters tried to do various other things to Wayne and his family. I felt sorry for Wayne as he also had his family attacked by the local and national press. Every incident that went on in the Rooney family seemed to end up of the front page of the local tabloids. For such a lad, it’s a lot of pressure. Despite one magazines article, Liverpool do not sing about Tim Cahill’s brother or Lee Carsley’s disabled child as nobody would stoop down to those levels.

I would challenge all the people that shout at Rooney to say it to his face on the street... as I wouldn’t. Wayne played some part in his move but so did David Moyes. In my opinion we should have waited until he was older so when he eventually left we could get far more for him. The reality is, since he left, Everton have gone from strength to strength which Wayne will also be happy about.

In Manchester he wouldn’t have the same problems as he did in Liverpool. He would not be put under pressure as he’s not a local lad he wouldn’t have supporters following him in the street.

Let's be honest, the move benefited everyone as we get a million quid every time he wins something. Also when he left it was more a team effort rather than the team revolving round him.

At the end of the day it’s not like he left for money or moved to Liverpool. He moved purely for Champion’s League football and to win trophies which he has done.

I think it’s time to forget it and clap him when he comes to GP and chant his name as most people are getting tired of the abuse we give him.

Reader Comments

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Robbie Kirkham
1   Posted 21/01/2010 at 20:53:05

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Why oh why is the Official Website promoting a four-part interview with Wayne Rooney? Who really cares what he thinks? He shit on us & couldn't get away quick enough. So what is the reason for the official site to promote this?
Alan Clarke
2   Posted 22/01/2010 at 14:27:56

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They should get a few of the fans’ opinions on the shitbag as part of the 4 part series.
Michael Kenrick
Editorial Team
3   Posted 22/01/2010 at 14:30:51

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Well, I suppose it was bound to create a certain level of angst amongst the many Blues who have developed a pathological hatred of someone who is, after all, a fellow Evertonian (Once a Blue... remember?) and who was once an absolutely fantastic Everton player, lest you forget. It takes me lot to fall out with players who have toiled for the club in the Royal Blue Shirt and scored some fantastic goals, that one against Arsenal in particular.

Also, he didn’t shit on us, his agent did. And if anything, Everton cashed in on him at a moment when they deemed the need for cash was more important than the fans’ desire to keep hold of the greatest footballing prospect to ever come through the Everton Academy.

And heaven knows what Moyes did to piss him off. A very poor episode in the history of the club, for which most fans want to blame him and only him, when he was clearly just a pawn in what was going on. A dumb idiot scally pawn from Croxteth, no denying that... but still predominately a pawn.

There... that should reopen the Rooney debate nicely. We haven’t had one for ages...
Nick Entwistle
4   Posted 22/01/2010 at 08:39:15

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"It's been six years" starts an article on the OS about Rooney having an interview on EvertonTV. So why exactly are they having this potato-faced loon on our club's website?

Well, as it's a bit quiet between games at the moment, I'll put forth this conspiracy theory...

Everton are making Rooney's appeal to the fans more pallatable so that when his contract runs out in 2012 he will return to a hero's welcome. He's made his money, got his medals, and he'll return home to his true love and kiss our badge instead.

Couldn't think of anything more disgusting.

Think I'd prefer Radzinski!

Gareth Humphreys
5   Posted 22/01/2010 at 14:43:30

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As Michael says Mr Rooney was not totally to blame in all of this.

Naive - yes.

Before you all slate him there is not a single person who would not be absolutley over the moon if we broke the bank to bring him back.

We hate him so much because we loved him so much.

Shaun Brennan
6   Posted 22/01/2010 at 14:48:05

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Maybe young Wayne is making some kind of move to heal wounds.

I’ve no doubt he is still a Evertonian.
Matt Traynor
7   Posted 22/01/2010 at 15:00:35

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There’s never been any doubt in my mind that Rooney remained an Everton fan after he left.

A few years back when there was the "spygate" scandal with Man U’s dressing room being bugged, the clip shown was the Utd team coming in after full-time, and the first words out of Wayne’s mouth was "How’d Everton get on?"

Although I bet some on here would be claiming he wanted to find out we’d lost...
Kevin Gillen
8   Posted 22/01/2010 at 15:00:27

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The kid was, and still is, the best footballer England has ever produced. That we weren’t in a state to pay the kid what he was truly worth is a crying shame for all Evertonians. Without the money he and Lescott brought to the club we would be in the Championship now. It’s hardly Moyes fault either, I’m sure he wanted the best for the lad, but you can’t expect the lad to play for us for £30,000 a week when you can get 3 x as much playing in the Champions league for United. I have some great memories of the lad, particularly that brilliant goal at Leeds in midweek. Different class.
Chris Fisher
9   Posted 22/01/2010 at 15:10:00

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I think he’s grown up a bit now and maybe we should too.
Chris Lawlor
10   Posted 22/01/2010 at 15:01:08

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Im in agreement with the author. I was gutted when he left as much as everyone else, I hated him for his celebrations in front of the Park End and his success at Utd but I like to think I’ve matured a little since then.

He was a pawn and a very young one at that. He was shown all he could have and he went for it... who wouldnt?

If he ever returned, I for one would be ecstatic. One season back with us and I guarantee he would knock Ferguson off the Iconic perch. Why do we love him so much when he mostly got sent off, never got off the injury bed and cost us millions in wages? Yes he scored the odd goal and has an Everton tattoo but which player would you prefer to come back now?
Dave Roberts
11   Posted 22/01/2010 at 15:00:43

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I think it is a bit simplistic to suggest he was a pawn in the whole business. He stopped playing for us long before he left (doing no more than going through the motions)

And wasn’t it him who telephoned Bill Kenwright pleading (I’ve even heard ’crying’) to be allowed to leave?

Blaming his agent entirely doesn’t make sense either. I am sure the agent was happy to make a few bob on the deal but the lad’s family were all Evertonian’s... some with season tickets.... and I understand he was under some pressure from them to stay (but that’s only what I heard) If this is the case Rooney was able to disappoint members of his own family. No Agent could have made him do that against his wishes.

Rooney made the decision, not his agent or his family or anybody else. He may have been badly advised here and there... especially by a shithouse, self-serving crook of an agent, but Rooney was NO MERE PAWN.
Chris Lawlor
12   Posted 22/01/2010 at 15:17:14

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Dave, What age was he then? Put yourself in his shoes at that age, would you have turned down global fame, millions in the bank and a Champions League, 2 league medals and a World Player of the Year nomination?

He left, he made the right footballing decision, he is still a blue by his own admission and hopefully one day he will come home.
Nick Entwistle
13   Posted 22/01/2010 at 15:26:38

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Kevin Gillen, I can only presume you’ve gown up under the assumption Sky invented football.
Shaun Brennan
14   Posted 22/01/2010 at 15:50:50

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It’s the mob mentailty that rules. Next game he faces us, he’ll be booed have all sorts of gestures thrown at him. Did any one hear the "hissing" when Benayoun came on against us in the derby? That there is what you're up against.
Dave Roberts
15   Posted 22/01/2010 at 15:44:54

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I’m not criticizing him I’m only pointing out how it is extremely unlikely he was a pawn and that all the decisions were made for him by an unscrupulous agent and a Club who only wanted the money he could make for them. I don’t buy all that.

And what is more I do not believe the money Manure offered him was at the top of his agenda either. He started there on £50k per week and Everton offered him that. (Although where it was going to come from at that time I don’t know!)

Additionally — unlike many Blues — I do not hate the lad. In fact I enjoy watching him... especially when he plays as well as he can do. He’s the only reason I watch England!
Chris Butler
16   Posted 22/01/2010 at 15:53:28

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After his new child, he said that he was unsure about whether he’d want him to be a blue or a red. With the family he has, can you blame him for being the way he is?
Steve Beck
17   Posted 22/01/2010 at 15:56:15

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He was sold because we were skint and the money helped fund the start of Davey's team rebuilding. For me, he is a great player but the one thing that got my back up was his badge-kissing at Goodison. Even if the crowd are on your back, you don't do that at the club you support.
Jim Potter
18   Posted 22/01/2010 at 16:01:54

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When he left, no-one detested him more than me — especially the Utd badge kissing crap — but I would forgive him in a second if he came back.

Oh to be singing ROONEY! ROONEY! at the top of my voice again. I dream of him letting his contract run down and coming back on a freebie. In the meantime, I’ll keep praying and taking the tablets ....

Adam Bennett
19   Posted 22/01/2010 at 16:09:29

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If Rooney still loves Everton, hopefully that thought will go through his mind the next time he wants to kiss the Man Utd badge at Goodison.

Maybe he’s finally started to grow up, but his attitude towards Everton since he left has been nothing short of a disgrace.

As far as I’m concerned the prick can fuck off.
James Stewart
20   Posted 22/01/2010 at 16:16:43

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I agree with Adam Bennett. If he wants respect he should earn it. Lots of players do not celebrate at all when scoring against former clubs as a mark of respect. Take heed Mr Rooney.
Chris Lawlor
21   Posted 22/01/2010 at 16:27:16

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It makes me laugh how people ask for respect etc from players when they themselves are subjected to the most vile and disgusting chants/ comments everytime they play against former clubs.

Rooney was taking huge abuse from the crowd before the badge kissing. Sometimes I am amazed at the stupidity of supposed grown men at football grounds. How about we give some respect before asking for it in return?

John Keating
22   Posted 22/01/2010 at 16:33:44

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Andy Johnson scored for Palace against Birmingham (I think) and didn’t celebrate. I thought it was classy. Young Wayne and his badge kissing, well.... shit really. However, the transfer happened and it without doubt benefitted all parties at the time for different reasons, those all being well documented.

I’m sure ours is still the first result he looks for, and always will. Unless he starts all this badge kissing and gesturing shit again, we should treat him just as another United arsehole — until we sign them of course!

Adam Bennett
23   Posted 22/01/2010 at 16:45:41

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Chris, part of the reason why Rooney gets all this abuse is because, from the day he left to the day he first played for Man Utd at Goodison (some 6 months or so), he didn’t utter a single word of affection towards Everton.

If he had of done, the level of abuse he received on his return would have been nowhere as bad, and it snowballed from there.

Why should the fans show respect for a player who has showed no respect for us?
Dan Brough
24   Posted 22/01/2010 at 16:36:18

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Pawn or not, I’m tired of pampered greedy bastards, and not just Wayne but particularly him, dissapearing over the horizon at the first sign of a bigger pay packet or better prospects despite professing love, loyalty etc to a badge that they scant deserve to wear.

I’m damm sure I’d be happy being our lowest paid player because being able to don the shirt I love so much is more than adequate compensation — besides which, even being the lowest paid player, I’d be living at a level of comfort I could only dream of now. Which begs the question: do you do it for the love or the money??

And if you want to win trophies, surely it would be more satisfying to win them at your success starved altar of worship than at a trophy factory like United??

And another thing, if I had been fortunate enough to don the royal blue, and because I love the club so much, I couldn’t ever see myself playing anywhere else. And that’s why I hate him for leaving, because if he loved us so much, his and my definitions of love are light years apart.

Gavin Ramejkis
25   Posted 22/01/2010 at 16:55:39

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Yawn, why is there another article telling us we should hold any feelings for an ugly granny-shagging cunt that plays for someone else? For my penny’s worth — even I have more hair on my arse than he now has on his napper.
Robert Daniels
26   Posted 22/01/2010 at 16:53:11

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I think one day the truth about the Rooney transfer will be out, till then we can only speculate.

A certain chairman did go public at the time and stated he wouldn't be going anywhere for less than £50million... yeah, right.

All I know is he was/is a blue and I would love him to come back, at the time Stubbs and certain other players were saying "you can't blame him for going to Utd" — thanks very much, Stubbs, so you can fuck off as well.

As for Blue Bill waxing lyrical about our Wayne and then selling him, whatever the reason (crying down the phone, grandma brasses, gangsters, alien abduction) he shouldn't've ever let him go, and to his eternal shame he did. Moyes tried harder to keep Lescott than Rooney? Explain that one to me!

Anyway he was young and daft, but Blue Bill wasn't... or DM.

Chris Lawlor
27   Posted 22/01/2010 at 17:04:14

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Yawn, another piece of literary genius there Gavin. Rooney must sorely miss your lack of support. ffs.
Tom Hutton
28   Posted 22/01/2010 at 17:01:42

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Time goes by... and with it the blow has softened of when Wayne left. If I remember rightly when he was asked about his child's allegiances there was a ’blue’ mention to it. I for one hope he still has the blue blood flowing , would love to see him come back to the club.

I can now look at the leaving and the comments and look at it now as all the comments made were no different to many a teenager looking to apportion blame somewhere and the rhetoric that comes with it. The spotlight is and always will be upon him as the greatest player to come through the youth academy (Jack the lad next).

Wayne could have dealt with it differently but he didn’t... let's all move on, it isn’t forgotten but as on previous posts, the question would be, in 2012, would you want him in Blue?

I would!!!!!!

Simon Kirwan
29   Posted 22/01/2010 at 17:20:19

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I stopped hating him when I realised his development had not only stopped but gone backwards. He is today a shadow of what he was in his first 3/4 years.

As for the Guy who said he is the best player England have ever produced... There are two players in the current England squad better than him.
David Hallwood
30   Posted 22/01/2010 at 17:09:40

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Since football began, footballers have moved clubs to get a better chance of winning things and, let’s be honest, because the money’s better. The difference is that at, one time, we were the big club... so Alan Ball left Blackpool Gary Lineker left Leicester, to come to a big club, to win things.

Supposing 20 years ago Kendall, had pulled Sharpy into the office and told him that Man U had put in an offer and it had been accepted, would his reaction have been, "I’m going to a big club," or "What have I done wrong, boss?"?

Therefore, it is hardly Rooney’s fault that we have been so poorly mis-managed, that we didn’t so much as fall behind the so-called big 6, it was more of a freefall. It must be remembered that in Rooney’s last season, we were touring the USA and we couldn’t even put a full bench out.

You don’t need an agent, greedy or otherwise, to come to the conclusion, that all you have to look forward to is relagation dog-fights and playing with poor players (ok it did get better, but everyone’s a genius in hindsight), and stunting your own development, and don’t forget you’re not a good player, you’re a special talent.

Supporters, me included, should realise the difference between a supporter and a footballer who’s earning his wages.

Picture this: we’re going into a match and if we win, we’ll win the Prem (yeah, right) our opponents are fighting against relegation, and the equation is we win, they’re relegated, they win or draw, they’re safe, but we come 2nd.

Our star striker is a boyhood fan of the opposing team, 0-0 in the 90th min and he clean through on goal, and hoofs it into row Z. He’s interviewed after the game and says that he couldn’t see his team go down, now THAT would be an interesting thread on TW...

Jim Bean
31   Posted 22/01/2010 at 17:32:51

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Get real, folks. Rooney ain't ever coming back. He’ll play out his career at Utd and become a legend there. (...and that really fit bird you once snogged when you were 17 ain't coming back to marry you either!)
Mike Allison
32   Posted 22/01/2010 at 17:35:31

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Simon Kirwan, what are you on about?! He was overshadowed by Cristiano Ronaldo for quite a while but is really coming into his own now. It's churlish, not to say childish, to refuse to acknowledge his talent.

As for the original point, and Michael’s reply, I think that Rooney could have done one very simple thing, say that he loved Everton and was going to stay at least for a while. As soon as he was properly famous, he made it clear he was desperate to leave, and has had no grace or class ever since on his return.

This last is the key point, the ’Once a Blue, Always a Blue’ claim is counteracted by his own behaviour. And I would class myself as a ’fan’ of his due to his talent and importance to my national team.

Colin Southern
33   Posted 22/01/2010 at 18:13:21

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Michael Kenrick, thats a low blow. Always looking for a reason to have a go at Moyes..tut. Whats next Haiti!

Rooney leaving is one of the best things that have happened to us in recent times. Originally I was gutted when he left but lets be honest we’ve been pretty shite for years so it was inevitable that he’d leave as every other decent player has since Martin Keown. However, we’ve been able to assemble a great squad of players and have improved our football each year onwards and this is directly down to the money we got for him.

So, although I don’t hold a grudge against the guy, I’d like for Everton fans to move on and just support OUR players and OUR team only. I really couldn’t give a crap if he supports us; so does Savage and he’s still complete twat.
Steve Guy
34   Posted 22/01/2010 at 19:02:00

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Why is a Man Utd player appearing on the OS ? Have Manure reciprocated with Tim Howard or Phil Neville being interviewed on theirs?

We all have our views on why he left. It’s rapidly becoming ancient history, though, so why bother?

I do wish some of our number would pack in the sick chants certain players get at Goodiison, but a Neanderthal can’t change its spots I suppose.

I’m much more interested in our current team..... and players such as Tim Cahill who seem genuinely proud to be at our Club.
Alex Newman
35   Posted 22/01/2010 at 19:22:13

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Michael: I remember reading a fantastic assessment of the Rooney situation quite a while back on this website. All I remember is that it listed a lot of the reasons why Everton fans felt so bitter towards him, and could be used to explain perfectly this bitterness to any neutral. Is asking for a link to any articles that may be along those lines like asking you to find a needle in a haystack?
Chris Butler
36   Posted 22/01/2010 at 19:42:12

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I think Rooney will come back to Everton sooner than we think. I don’t belive it will be in the next few seasons, depending on how we’re doing. But, if we’re still challenging for the top 4, I believe he’d consider moving.

The fans at United don’t love him the same way we did. I’d love him to come back to Everton but why not rise above it. It’s this bitter attitude that winds me up it's been 5 seasons since he left; time to get over it.

Steve David
37   Posted 22/01/2010 at 19:53:04

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Don’t want him. Rather have Claus Thomsen or Mikel Madar back. True legends...
Kevin O'Brien
38   Posted 22/01/2010 at 19:40:01

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The sale of Rooney was, in hindsight, the best thing that could happen to Everton. However, he was a superstar teenager that was Blue thru and thru and still couldn't wait to join Man U as soon as he could.

I was told that he was leaving to manure more than 12 months before it happened, but told my workmate to stop talking shite as there is no way he's leaving so soon at such a tender age.

As good a footballer he is, I'm ashamed he calls himself an Evertonian, something I feel very proud to be. He's what you call a football mercenary. Yes he'll have lots of money and probably lots of medals but, when he's retired and looks back on his career, I'm sure he'll have one big regret. I for one hope he never gets the opportunity to play for our club again.
The greedy bastard will be joining Barcelona in the summer because he doesn't like paying the higher tax we have in this country!!!!!

Gavin Ramejkis
39   Posted 22/01/2010 at 20:19:00

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Chris Lawlor, care to enlighten me with your IQ level and subsequent genius on explaining why I would give any support whatsoever to a player of another team? I’ll not be holding my breath Chris, you helmet.
Shane Corcoran
40   Posted 22/01/2010 at 20:24:22

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I don’t agree with hurling abuse at anybody on the field but I’m not having this shite about him being forced out, best thing for Everton etc. He was 18 and his dream had come true that he was playing for his childhood club.

Now maybe if he’d stayed with us for 4 or 5 years and saw no progress being made then you couldn’t have blamed him for going. But he went at fucking 18 years of age and cheered in front of his beloved Everton fans at Goodison. I don’t hate him and I hope he never comes back but I don’t swallow this "he’s one of us" shite.

Brian Lawlor
41   Posted 22/01/2010 at 20:24:45

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I’m not even going to read this article as the title tells me all I need.

Our club are embarrassing sometimes. I couldn’t give a shit what this Manc has to say. He plays for one of our rivals so why do we want to know that he’s gonna paint his kids bedroom blue, blah, blah, blah... and that he cheered Louis Saha’s goal. So what? He stopped being a blue when he shat on this club.

I wonder if he’ll talk about the lies he told about Moyes, the total disrespect he showed Alan Irvine and the other coaching staff. Or explain why he left it till just before the transfer window closed to hand in his transfer request, leaving us with no time for replacements.

His behaviour in every single game since he left. However, I will never forget him doing this at Goodison the week little Alan Ball died. He showed no class and no respect again.

Fuck him and fuck any supporter who feels the need to defend him.

Coming next week on Everton TV an exclusive with Steve cMahon "How I still have a soft spot for Everton".

Chris Leyland
42   Posted 22/01/2010 at 20:53:37

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Well said Brian Lawlor. I’m with you on this one.

Coming soon on Everton TV:

Robbie Fowler — "I sniffed the line when I scored against Everton as I was hoping my shirt would turn blue".

Nick Barmby talks exclusively about his love for of toffees. "Even when I went to Anfield, I used to suck on an Everton mint" Barmby confesses.

Rooney — once a cunt always a cunt.
Kevin Gillen
43   Posted 22/01/2010 at 21:30:05

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Nick Entwhistle, you patronising twonk, what do you mean? I watched the Everton teams of the 60s, 70s and 80s and I stand by what I say. The only player to hold a candle to him was Alan Ball, RIP.
Mark Reid
44   Posted 22/01/2010 at 21:37:48

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I read a comment yesterday that I liked re: Rooney.

Rooney has forever got Everton on his mind. Evertonian’s never have Rooney on their mind.

I don’t want him back. We have good young players coming through who will play for Everton Football Club.

Last week against Man City they brought on £60million worth of subs. SWP, Robinho and Benjani.

Everton brought on £150,000 worth. James Vaughan, Seamus Coleman and Jose Baxter. And we won comfortably.

Everton don’t need a Rooney. We’ve got our own players who play for US.

Rooney’s obsessed with us. But Evertonians arn’t with him. His error.
Geoff Edwards
45   Posted 22/01/2010 at 21:44:01

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Jesus, he left 6 years ago ffs, deal with it.

It looks like the lad’s trying to re-build burnt bridges. What’s wrong with that? Everyone makes mistakes and he’s still really only a kid. He might look about 35 but he’s still only 24.

Mark Reid, Evertonians aren’t obsessed with Rooney? You’re havin' a laugh, mate.
Mark Reid
46   Posted 22/01/2010 at 21:53:31

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I’m not obessed with Rooney. Would rather have not had his face on the tv-feed I pay £40 a year for.

Because I couldn’t care less about him.

That’s me not having a laugh Geoff.

If I’d done some of the things to the supporters/club that made me - I think the words "SORRY" should have been somewhere in the main title.

Not "Exclusive". Because there’s nothing exclusive about hearing from a player I don’t really care about.

I’m really far more interested in Arteta, Jagielka, Rodwell, Pienaar and the EVERTON boys.

Sorry Geoff. Rooney’s obsessed with us. But Evertonians AREN’T with him. And he can’t stand it.....
Shane Corcoran
47   Posted 22/01/2010 at 22:07:12

Report abuse

Geoff, if you’re counting, I also am not obsessed with Rooney.
Geoff Edwards
48   Posted 22/01/2010 at 22:08:43

Report abuse

Indeed I am Shane, I make that 2 :)

The amount of vitriol he gets from Evertonians at Goodison shows a lot of Evertonians are though.

I just don’t see any harm in a young hot-headed kid trying to build some bridges after making a few mistakes.
Mark Reid
49   Posted 22/01/2010 at 22:20:20

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Geoff. Vitriol at his behaviour doesn’t equate to obssession.

When was the last time you even saw him mentioned on an Everton fans website or in an Everton fanzine?

Like I said. He’s more obssessed with us, than we are with him.
Geoff Edwards
50   Posted 22/01/2010 at 22:29:21

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He’s been mentioned on threads on here loads of times Mark. I don’t read WSAG much any more but I remember him being mentioned on there a fair bit too.
Mark Reid
51   Posted 22/01/2010 at 22:37:47

Report abuse

Can’t agree with that. Sorry. Just can’t.

And infact the evidence i have from a boolean search string suggests that Rooney was last mentioned in the context of Everton, in April 2009, when HE gave interviews about HIMSELF in the context of Everton before the FA Cup Semi Final...

Otherwise I don’t think either Toffeeweb or WSAG or many other Everton sites actually have included him otherwise at all.
Mark Reid
52   Posted 22/01/2010 at 22:42:16

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Equally, and call me cynical... but it wouldn’t surprise me if this were some form of Manchester United - psychological warfare... because we all know what a potent weapon an angry Goodison is.

It's a bit funny. Last year Ferguson called Wiley: "weak".

I expect more of this sort of thing.

Everton needs to be its angry 'chip on its shoulder', shouting screaming best.

Don’t be fooled by crocadile tears mate!
Geoff Edwards
53   Posted 22/01/2010 at 22:48:17

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Ha! If it was psychological warfare, it would def be Man U behind it and not Rooney himself, the boy’s not clever enough for all that.

I guess we’ll see how much truth there is in it the next time he comes to Goodison.
Jamie Rowland
54   Posted 22/01/2010 at 22:52:29

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Why are we even talking about this shit. Who cares that he still supports Everton?

If you lot aren’t obsessed - why aren’t there articles about Michael Ball, Franny Jeffers and every other money making scally that we produced?

I wish Wayne all the best, I really do... but I don’t want to hear him wax lyrical about how he loves the club he deserted for MORE fame — he already had every headline and loved it.

See ya Wayne, it was good while it lasted — it was emotional.

As the flag said at the time... you could have been a God but you chose to be a devil. .. end of.
Jay Harris
55   Posted 22/01/2010 at 22:57:34

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Great footballer.

Arsehole person.

Shagging grannies and telling lies about Moyes sums him up.

Another conceited egotistical footballer with no class.
Jamie Rowland
56   Posted 22/01/2010 at 22:55:36

Report abuse

In fact, let's put this to bed: Wayne Rooney’s sale —irrelevant of who master minded it (Trevor Birch) — was the best thing that has happened to our club since the Premier League began.

1. The rumoured cockiness in the dressing room was gone. The team was a team — and it still shows to this day.
2. We got upwards of £25m for an 18-year-old ’legend’... amusing
3. We formed a relationship with the biggest club in the world that has seen us get the likes of Howard, Neville and Saha before the rest of the league even knew they were available.
4. The money saved us — because, let's face it, we were skint. It helped us (eventually) become a better club with a better all round team.

So — whether or not he had anything to do with his move is massively irrelevant — we got what we needed and I think we got a great deal in hindsight.

I ain't going to thank him but I’m not bitter either.
Nathan Ward
57   Posted 22/01/2010 at 23:15:12

Report abuse

Jamie - think you’ve got it spot on there.

Personally, I was gutted when he went, frustrated because regardless of events around him (agents, BK, the press etc) he could of done things better. However, would I rather have the team of 04 or 2010?

6 years is a long time and we have moved on a huge amount but still think it is a little odd (or even insensitive) to have him interviewed on the club tv channel given the feeling of our fans towards him.
Keith Glazzard
58   Posted 22/01/2010 at 23:31:28

Report abuse

I very rarely ignore the thread, but just having read the article I don’t care if anyone else has already said this.

Accused of a small club mentality for booing a Judas? Or is going to the Mancs somehow better than going to the Red Shite? Of course, he would never have done that because he is a Blue. Which obviously means fuck all to him. And even less to his agent.

This smacks of small town mentality to me. I grew up, and was educated very well in Ellesmere Port - a classic example of a small town if you’re looking for one. The Great City of Liverpool forgives the prodigal son because, after all, he’s one of them - a mumbling scouser with the IQ of a fence post. Decent right foot on him though.

He went for the fucking money. Full stop.
Ian Tunstead
59   Posted 23/01/2010 at 00:43:03

Report abuse

As far as im concerned he can do one. Fair enough i can understand him wanting to move in some respects. He was playing in a very poor team and there wasnt much point him being on the pitch in some games because we couldnt even get the ball to him. The team also improved thanks to the money we got for him. But there is no excuse for the badge kissing and the celebrations when he scores against Everton especially after saying ’’once a blue always a blue’’ so how do you expect us to clap him?

I also do not believe Rooney has improved much more as a player since moving to Man U. The only improvement is his finishing which i think would have improved just as much at Everton. He was much more exciting at Everton. Everytime he got the ball you would be on the edge of your seat as he was so direct, now he doesnt have to be because of the good players around him but i think that has taken something away from his game.

As it happend i saw his dad in my road this morning.
Trevor Lynes
60   Posted 23/01/2010 at 01:39:40

Report abuse

Well, this topic has certainly led to a very mixed bag of opinions over Wayne Rooney...Im afraid that I have experienced so many players who have left EFC to join other teams for various reasons over the years but none other than perhaps Barmby have provided such vitriol from the fans!! I can well remember the legendary Dave Hickson leaving and then playing for LIVERPOOL without any animosity, perhaps because we had no website to complain on !! Many EFC players crossed over to the arch enemy across the park and vice versa...players like Morrisey, Sheedy,Jimmy Payne and Tony MacNamara amongst others...lets face it..a player is measured by the trophies he wins and not by the money he earns..Rooney had his head turned very probably by players in the England squad who told him he should move on to win trophies and caps for his country...he very possibly would have won a lot less if he stayed with us and that is a FACT !!
He was playing in a struggling team of ageing has beens and a few never wases with a board of directors without ambition except to hit 40 points to keep in the premier each season..His game has improved immensely by playing with better players and now he is a top class international striker who has created so many goals for others because of his vision and awareness...I have never castigated the lad for leaving us any more than any other ambitious lad moving to a higher level. He plays regularly in the champions league and has every chance of being Englands most ever capped player if he stays injury free.
Two of the best England players come from Liverpool and that is something the media cannot avoid reporting....I for one would be delighted if he came back and it is a great shame and more of an indictment of the clubs lack of ambition that we could not hang on to him....
Other players will blossom and leave us if we cannot step up to the next level and that is something that fans will have to face if we dont build on any success we have in the future.
Our team could be a real challenger for honours if our injured returned to their past form...its a great pity that we cashed in our chips instead of persevering with our biggest asset.
Most of the so called loyal players are the ones who do not attract buyers from bigger clubs.
Rooney was the only one we could sell for big money and he bailed us out of some of our debts.
Just remember he is not the first by any means who has left for greener pastures and he wont be the last !!
Dont victimize him !!!!!!
Michael Kenrick
Editorial Team
61   Posted 23/01/2010 at 05:18:33

Report abuse

Guess I’ve never accepted that you or I could decide on the "Evertonian-ness" of another self-proclaimed Blue.

So, to me, if someone says they are an Evertonian, then they are an Evertonian.

I am not going to judge them; to me, it does not matter how many games they have seen or not seen, whether they kiss the badge of another club that pays their wages.... I am not going to ask for their Evertonian credentials.

Anyone who says they are an Evertonian — that’s good enough for me. "Once a Blue..." Can you see the irony of him wearing that on his tee-shirt — something so many of us believe... yet, when HE says it — we don’t believe him. Go figure!

Michael Kenrick
Editorial Team
62   Posted 23/01/2010 at 05:55:36

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Alex... sorry, lots of stuff to go through already tonite. But you could use our Search tool to try and narrow it down. I’ll have a go later if I get time.
Bob McEvoy
63   Posted 23/01/2010 at 08:33:32

Report abuse

Trevor Lynes; Spot on - my sentiments exactly .
James Boden
64   Posted 23/01/2010 at 09:22:52

Report abuse

And I am getting pretty tired of the likes of you telling the likes of me that I should forgive and forget. Incase anyone has forgotten let’s not forgot the grief he has caused us. For a start this the kid who once showed himself at Goodison to be wearing a t-shirt once a Blue, Always a Blue decides that at 18 years old and with only 4 days of the transfer window to go- that he will hand in a transfer request. Has everyone forgotten the turmoil that the club was in over the summer? It was a painful time to be an Evertonian and that fat cunt topped it all off with his act of selfishness knowing full well we would have no time to do anything with that money.
Since he has returned to Goodison his behaviour has been nothing short of disgraceful. Kissing the badge when he scores and lashing out at players. And of course what about the game the week Alan Ball had died. This was meant to be a fabulous occasion and he ruined it with his antics by jumping up and down kissing United’s badge. If there was a lack of disrespect that was it. And yet we are supposed to let it all go. It isn’t even against us that he behaves like a little brat. How many times has he lashed out in his career? Look at his conduct in particular at the World Cup? Everyone remembers the sending off in which Darling Wayne was considered innocent for stamping on a person’s privates but the one everyone forgets was his incrdibly childish reaction to being subbed against Sweden. He threw off his boots and sulked in a manner beffitting of the most immature. How embaressing it was to a supposed professional to be behaving in that manner on the grandest stage of them all.
I believe I have given justifiable reasons for my hatred towards Wayne Rooney. He is simply a horrible human being, no 2 ways about it. I never want to see him in an Everton shirt ever again and anyone who says they should welcome him back with open arms should be ashamed of themselves.
Brian Williams
65   Posted 23/01/2010 at 09:16:02

Report abuse

I read all the comments after reading the piece itself and swore I wouldn’t get involved in this one again *L*....

...but then a thought came to me. I waxed lyrical on here, and my post was well received, about taking my two sons to their first game at Goodison when we beat Sunderland 7-1.

My youngest son, he’s 9, and some player himself, wants nothing more than to play for Everton. He even wrote that for the school newsletter, much to his headmaster’s (a red) disgust!

Now there’s a couple of points to this!

The first is that when Rooney left, my son asked why? I tried to explain in terms that my son would understand, and in terms that wouldn’t make my son bitter and hateful (life might do that all in good time anyway) a result of this my sons don’t hate Rooney. They still think he’s a wonderful player,a player who will help England progress in the World Cup. When my son gets the latest football sticker book and he gets Rooney in a packet he’s almost as excited as if he’d got Arteta or Jags....

..and there’s the rub, y’see. My son, 9, can see Rooney for what he IS, a supremely talented, naturally gifted, footballer who used to play for Everton.

I take a little credit for him not hating Rooney, for not calling him a traitor (or worse)...and there’s the rub again!

It’s all down to perception and upbringing, and the same goes for Wayne Rooney, aged 24, from Croxteth, used to play for Everton, and is now one of the countries top footbell it does for my son aged 9, who will play for Everton, and go on to be one of the countries top players (that’s my dream)....and should the time arise when my son may want to move on from Everton (his boyhood club) then he’ll do it with respect and grace....because that’s the way he’ll have been brought up.
Tony I'Anson
66   Posted 23/01/2010 at 10:03:25

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I will comment about WR after the first interview on EvertonTV. I wonder how much money this will make Everton as we scramble for our credit cards to hear what he has to say, even if you loath or are indifferent to the man?

If he did come to play for us again I’m sure the first 10 goals he scored will put all his antics "in the past".

Anyone care to reveal to us all any of the cringeworthy stories of what we got up to when we were 18? Or is that for another article (or website)?
Tony I'Anson
67   Posted 23/01/2010 at 10:09:19

Report abuse

OK, OK I am really sorry everyone I shouldn’t have done it.........I went to a Liverpool home game (aged 17) with my cousin and stood in the Kop. There, I’ve said it.

It was only the once and I’ve never forgiven myself since. They won 2-0 and I was not happy and to listen to that song Wa..k on etc still makes me shudder. So there you have it we are not perfect. I put it down to being young and stupid.

The only saving grace was that my cousin had to come to an Everton match. It was the 2 Sheedy free kicks in either corner after the first one got disallowed.
Jim Potter
68   Posted 23/01/2010 at 10:28:42

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Brian Williams - if you let your son, who may or may not play one day play for Everton, and may or may not turn out to be a star - sign for someone else, no matter how well brought up he may have been - I’ll be a bit miffed. There. I’ve said my piece.
Nathan Ward
69   Posted 23/01/2010 at 11:00:10

Report abuse

Michael - fair points and very mature reasoning.

However just because someone says there were once a blue means you shouldn’t ever question their Evertonian credentials is rather flawed..........

Carragher, Fowler, Owen............
Brian Williams
70   Posted 23/01/2010 at 11:10:27

Report abuse

Jim Potter.....I’ll have a quiet word with him now then *L*
Paul Gladwell
71   Posted 23/01/2010 at 11:09:25

Report abuse

Gary Speed has recieved far worse abuse than this rat and kept his dignity throughout when he could of came out and fired some bullets back, this street rat has never thanked anyone at our club for years of dedication in helping him get where he is.
If he had kept his head down the abuse would be mild now but each year he fuels it by celebrating infront of us and his blue family kissing the badge of his team who then chant anti scouse songs two seconds later.
Proper blues dont kisses other football clubs badges.
Ste Traverse
72   Posted 23/01/2010 at 11:32:47

Report abuse

Chris Butler, are you really a Blue??

I would suggest only Reds would accuse Evertonians of having "small club mentality" and as for your laughable claim Liverpool fans "don’t sing about Tim Cahill’s jailed brother or Phil Nevilles’s disabled daughter" well I had a ticket in the Kop for the April 2008 derby and heard both chants with my own fucking ears many times.
Chris Butler
73   Posted 23/01/2010 at 12:11:42

Report abuse

Ste i’ve sat at the back of the Kop the last 2 years and I heard chants about Lescott and Phil Neville. I don’t condone Rooneys behaviour but he’s a scally really. He doesn’t have the intellegience that say Frank Lampard has when he goes to West Ham to rise above the taunts. Yes admittedly in the first few years and after he kissed he badge I gave him abuse like the whole ground did but for it to continue is ridiculous.
Will Leaf
74   Posted 23/01/2010 at 12:16:18

Report abuse

Enough of this idle banter...on the off he goes to Madrid for 100 million anyone know if we have a sell-on clause?

We could get about the same we sold for...25 mill thereabouts!

Come on Wayne, reign in Spain!
John Daley
75   Posted 23/01/2010 at 12:38:50

Report abuse

Every time my dislike of Rooney begins to wane the bastard goes and does something else that really winds me up. Like recording that shitty street soccer programme or letting Colleen ’write’ an autobiography. It’s partly my own fault for originally buying into the club propogated bullshit about Rooney being the most devoted blue on the block, the saviour from a family of season ticket holders, with his big Dunc decorated walls and his ’dreams’ of scoring in the derby and one day becoming captain of the club blah blah. I was gullible and i bought into it all. He was sensational in his first season for us, by far the most exciting player i’ve seen come through the ranks, but halfway through his second season it appeared that he began to buy into his own hype and started to believe he was way too good to carry on plying his trade at Goodison. Let’s be honest here he fucked off because he and everyone else thought there was a damn good chance we’d be relegated the following season. He had the chance to earn big money, challenge for honours and learn from the loveable Sir Alex if he moved to United. It was a no-brainer for him (which was fortunate!). I don’t believe Everton made real attempts to keep him and Kenwrights claims of a £50,000 a week contract offer to the lad was as imaginary as the cash injection he claimed was incoming from the fortress sports fund. The club needed money and Rooney was their only real saleable asset. So he left and there was bound to be antagonism from the fans at first because both he and the club had portrayed him as being the ultimate local boy done good. However, i believe that the majority of fans would eventually forgive him for the move if he just showed a bit of humility and kept his wheelie bin shaped head down when he returned to Goodison. Instead he appears to go out of his way to antagonise the supporters, kissing his Man Utd badge like it’s a prostitute of pensionable age and celebrating his goal at Goodison like some kind of lunatic. Then there’s the whole Moyes slander episode and the fact that he’s never shown the slightest bit of gratitude to the club that gave him his big break . I know he’s supposed to have the brains of a bag of chips but he can’t honestly expect the fans to now believe his claims that he’s still an Evertonian who’s going to be raising his kid as a blue? We’re not so gullible anymore Wayne.
David Hallwood
76   Posted 23/01/2010 at 14:11:29

Report abuse

come on gents, a player leaving to join another isn’t the equvilant of your missus running off with your best friend. All our players supported the local team as boys and probably pictures of the local hero. So what, I used to believe in father christmas, and there’s a fundamantal difference between and 14 yo expressing his love for the team he supports and a professional sportsman, who wants the best carreer possible. Yes the badge kissing is bang out of order, but the reason I think the sale of Rooney has caused us so much grief, is that it brought home that we had become a 21st century of Burnley, former big club that became a nursery for ’big clubs’. Off the subject I’m on babysitting duties and I’m going to miss the game today, so where’s the thread?
Tim Lloyd
77   Posted 23/01/2010 at 18:36:25

Report abuse

What utter twaddle some of the youngsters on this site yak on about. Rooney left, of this there is no doubt, for the money and the glory. I certainly don’t blame him. He is a GREAT footballer, let no one be in any doubt about that and his time with United has developed the lad considerably.

Would he ever return? There is a possibility but certainly some of the so-called supporters would make such an idea pretty doubtful. He had been called all sorts of names when going to Man U and being very young, when he came back to Goodison and scored, not unnaturally he kissed the badge on his red shirt.

I have never lived in Liverpool, I lie! I lived in Grassendale after I got married for approximately one year. It's a scruffy town, well it sure was in those days, the people have an odd sense of humour, they need it to live there.

Rooney is a typical product of a prertty tough area in the city and his fight back against the insults hurled at him from the terraces, the tabloids, wherever they could make themselves heard, by equally young and stupid cretinous hooligans, was hardly likely to endear the lad to the supporters of the club he’d followed all his life.

Think on, you moaning gits, and look at yourselves. Are you that perfect a specimen?
Rob Murphy
78   Posted 23/01/2010 at 07:30:22

Report abuse

Just saw a headline on the official site that Wayne will be talking exclusively to Everton TV next week. Do Everton fans really want to hear what Wayne Rooney has to say?? Or will some still watch it anyway??
Brian Williams
79   Posted 24/01/2010 at 12:32:20

Report abuse

...never mind all that (read back 12 comments or so).

My youngest returned to action this morning and scored twice, one from the halfway line, in a 3-2 we’ve only got another seven years or so to wait to see him play for us at the newly developed Goodison!!!!

I wonder if I’ll get a special seat?
Henry Jones
80   Posted 24/01/2010 at 21:12:12

Report abuse

I was heart broken when he left. He was young, had a greedy agent and our Board wanted to sell.

I’d welcome back the best English footballer in to or team anytime. I only wish he’d been playing for us yesterday.
Vishal Poorundersingh
81   Posted 26/01/2010 at 07:00:51

Report abuse

We should be proud of Wayne, Moyes and Everton..........
Tommy Gourlay
82   Posted 26/01/2010 at 10:05:03

Report abuse

I just thought about if Wayne came back to take Cahill’s place in the team and it scared me (In short - without mentioning his pros and cons — I’ve never been a big fan of Scholes)....

Howard vs Kuszak or Foster or injury prone Van der Saar (Everton Win)
Jags vs Ferdinand (Everton Win)
Any other Everton CB vs Vidic (Man U win)
Any Everton RB vs Brown or Rafael or injury prone Neville (Man U win)
Baines vs Evra (Tie, Evra isn’t the same attacking player he was 3 years ago, although has been good this year)
Arteta vs Carrick (Everton Win)
Fellaini vs Fletcher (Everton Win)
Pienaar vs Valencia (Everton Win)
Bilyaletdinov vs Part-timer Giggs (Man U Win, & that’s not me having a go at Bilyaletdinov, Giggs is special)
Yakubu (as Saha’s well gone) vs Berbatov (Everton Win)

.....I have us winning the league in my head! :)

My local team has had a former player who has come back with many other new teams, he was a flawed genius and a legend for them (think Gravesen), he gets constant abuse all match like Rooney, fans are incensed when he does the annoying things he’s well known for (diving, trying to get our players booked etc) and even signed for the semi-mortal enemies! At the end of the matches regardless, the fans chant his name and he comes over, pumps a fist and applauds the fans.

I think Rooney should have dealt with it like this, he should have come across and applauded the fans at the end of the first match back against us regardless of our reaction to him and continued to do it after every match regardless of our reaction to him, I think before now it would have eventually resulted in this similar situation to my local team.
John Meredith
83   Posted 30/01/2010 at 08:07:24

Report abuse

A possible return for Wayne Rooney whilst still at his peak ?

With now less than two years to run on his current Manchester United contract I feel the player is quite likely to run down this deal and leave on a free transfer. His next destination could be back home here... Why not?

With no transfer fee, Everton would push the boat out I'm sure and pay the huge wages for this speacial one. He has won everything you could win as a player now at Man United so why wouldn't he want to come back to propel 'his team' to the title, the club he has supported all his life?

He will know we have a very competitive squad now, unlike when he left, and his addition alongside the middle field combo of Fellaini/Rodwell would take us surely to major trophies I'm certain.

It would mean so much more to him to do it with us. Don't forget Man United are currently and will continue to have massive debts issues. This will increase rather than decrease meaning they will not be the force they were so a return back will be crossing his mind as I speak.

He'll be back to Everton of this I'm sure, but I just hope it's still while at his best in less than two years time. Rather than when he is on his last legs in ten years' time.

Remember the claim then. "Wayne Rooney back at Everton in two years, on a free!!"

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