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Little Wing

By Chris McCullough :  07/03/2010 :  Comments (19) :
Could it be that some of the grumpier dispositions on here could use a little hope for next season? I’ll have a go.

With fond memories and a warm heart I’ve noted the re-emergence of the name Andrei Kanchelskis on these pages. I think from the editor Michael Kenrick. It got me thinking of the circumstances around his signing. Nobody really expected Everton to get him; it was quite a shock. I’ve no idea where the money and influence came from but the effect on the pitch was disproportionately positive.

Call me superstitious but I think another signing, relative to Kanchelskis, could be on the way to Goodison. Why? Since Moyes's arrival it has generally been a progressive movement upward for Everton. I mean the quality of the team and league position.

Towards the end of this season many commentators will fatuously describe last season as the high water mark of Moyes’ Everton. I don’t think we will finish in Europe but the quality of the team, nonetheless, has continued to progress. That won’t matter to Kenwright the Machiavellian: he is more interested in his media profile than silly matters such as football. Finally, I predict we’ll get a £10-£15 million signing.

More tenuously, according to the fountain of knowledge that is Sky Sports and Jeff Stelling, Shaun Wright-Phillips is extremely unhappy at Sheik City. I think this lad would make us a Champions League outfit. Honestly. Not because he’s so much better than what we’ve got. No, because he would be the missing link in that position. Furthermore, wages aren’t his problem. He just wants a longer contract at a club where he belongs and feels appreciated. Now what club has the reputation of fostering that kind of atmosphere?

Apparently he is on £60k a week — the same as Saha. So come on, Bill, get him signed and give Pienaar a pay increase while you’re at it. Prove you’re not a bullshitter... Alright; prove you’re a bullshitter that can make things happen from time to time.

We certainly could use a Little Wing; and if that didn’t cheer you up a bit, well... it’s an awesome song.

Reader Comments

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Dave Smith
1   Posted 07/03/2010 at 13:47:52

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Sorry Chris, but for me the word pessimistic goes hand in hand with the word Evertonian.

If SWP leaves Man City, he will go to Spurs. Beacause there the only ones who will be able to afford the pricetag City will set.

As for next season, I see us finnishing outside of the top 4, but i would like to see how the summer plays out.
Eugene Ruane
2   Posted 07/03/2010 at 13:38:46

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I really hope you’re right and actually think you might be. Being’no longer in my teens’ and raised on wingers as it were, I still get a thrill by the idea of seeing a Jimmy Johnstone/Dave Thomas sized player who gets disorientated if he moves three inches from the line. I’m not putting SWP in their class but he’s a clever little player and as you suggest, he could be THE missing piece.
John Daley
3   Posted 07/03/2010 at 13:52:52

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I must admit i’m not optimistic about us getting any new additions at all this summer, unless they’re out of contract or available on loan. I certainly don’t see us being able to splurt £15m on one player again. If such money was available then i don’t think Wright-Phillips would be the answer. True, he has the pace that we are lacking on the right (post Donovan) but that’s about all he’s got apart from an annoying old man. I for one can do without gobshite Ian Wright spouting off about Everton every 5 minutes and whinging to the media about how Moyes is ruining his poor Shaunies England chances by not playing him every single minute of every single game like the mouthy Wrighty media whore is want to do. As for SWP’s playing skills, his technical ability is way below that of our current midfield players, he constantly runs down blind alleys, he can’t cross the ball, and he’s another dwarf to boot. Furthermore, all reports i’ve read indicate that he’s seen his arse because he want’s pay parity with some of City’s newer additions who are all on over £100k a week, so i don’t see him being prepared to join the blues for a £60k pay packet.
David Hallwood
4   Posted 07/03/2010 at 15:27:46

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How about Chris Eagles? a good player playing in a struggling side
Pat Finegan
5   Posted 07/03/2010 at 15:23:47

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I would rather have Donovan than Wright-Phillips. The MLS is setting a price of 6 mil, I believe. That is a fraction of what we would pay for SWP.
Christopher McCullough
6   Posted 07/03/2010 at 15:32:10

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Thanks for the comments.

John Daley

I don’t think height is a problem anymore because Billy, Rodwell and Fellaini will surely continue to develop. Plus, Arteta and Pienaar are remarkably strong for their size.

David Hallwood:My initial reaction is surely we should be aiming higher than that but on second thoughts I haven’t seen enough of him.

Eugene Ruane: Jimmy would tear the premiership apart.
Eugene Ruane
7   Posted 07/03/2010 at 17:21:37

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No doubt Christopher. You know who said Jimmy Johnstone was the most interesting person he had ever met? Surprisingly (really!) the actor Robert Duval. He said he could watch him for hours, just the way he talked to people and generally interacted with those around him. I remember thinking what did he see and hear Johnstone doing and saying?
Christopher McCullough
8   Posted 07/03/2010 at 17:48:04

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....they must have had a few pints together then Eugene? I seem to a recall a story about a rowing boat while on duty with Scotland aswell. (see Lord of the Wings with Billy Connolly) Quite a character.

I think Big Dunc or Psyhco Pat would be the closest thing we’ve had to an enigmatic personality like that in recent years.
Derek Thomas
9   Posted 07/03/2010 at 18:03:14

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What ever the ’bon mot’ is that someone would search for to discribe Big Dunc and Psycho. Enigmatic must be so far down the list as to be off it.
Christopher McCullough
10   Posted 07/03/2010 at 18:30:17

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Sorry Derek I was looking for a word that means the direct opposite of beige. A person that doesn’t always follow conform to mores, sometimes causes himself trouble but ultimately is a good guy.
Brendan O'Doherty
11   Posted 07/03/2010 at 18:35:18

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Butterflies and zebras, and moonbeams,and fairytales....
John Gee
12   Posted 07/03/2010 at 20:31:29

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Derek, I found myself nodding to your comment about Dunc there but, actually, thinking about it, Big Dunc was an enigma. A man who regularly gave vent to his emotions (mostly anger) but refused to say what he thought in public (a very rare thing).

I was watching some clips on YouTube tonight with Dunc. Him throwing Paul Ince, grabbing Stefen Freud. I remember Tony Adams saying he was the most difficult player he ever played against.

Anyway, 5-1! Thanks lads, I won’t get any shit at work tomorrow!

Alun Jones
13   Posted 07/03/2010 at 23:19:33

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i am not sure about Chris Eagles, he is talented yes but a real lightweight if you ask me and flatters to deceive. I would prefer us sign Steve Fletcher from Burnley, anyone who can score double figures playing for Burnley would probably score a few more with some decent service. I also like Matt Taylor of Bolton, capable of scoring from anywhere across the middle of the park, good all rounder and good deal ball delivery. Neither would be a king's ransom if our budget is limited.
Dave Richman
14   Posted 08/03/2010 at 01:20:15

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Must say I agree with Alun..... I have been keeping an eye on Eagles for a while now (being a right footed wide player) and he seems to be one who shits out of every challenge..... very lightweight and doesn’t seem to have the heart to be a Moyes player.
Colin Potter
15   Posted 08/03/2010 at 10:40:22

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With Alun on the Steve Fletcher quote. Cracking player.
Mike Allison
16   Posted 08/03/2010 at 11:53:06

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Matt Taylor and Steven Fletcher aren’t in the same class as Chris Eagles. Talk about aiming low.

Eagles has got something you can’t teach, something Fletcher and Taylor will never have, so that’s where you start from. The issue then becomes can you toughen him up and make a man and a battler of him? This formula has been followed successfully with Arteta and Pienaar so far, and we all hope Bily will add to that list. If Moyes thinks he can do that with Eagles, then he’s worth signing.
Andy Crooks
17   Posted 08/03/2010 at 13:18:57

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I know I’ve gone on about him before,but what about Niall Mcginn of Celtic.I know David Moyes is reluctant to throw new players in but McGinn would still be gaining international experience while settling in at Everton.He’s got pace and tricks and would cost a fraction of SWP.Have you seen him Chris?
Christopher McCullough
18   Posted 08/03/2010 at 13:53:23

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Andy Crooks.

I have indeed seen him a few times and he’s exactly the TYPE of player I want. An entertaining and effective winger.

But I would be warey of spending much more than £3 million on him.

Although I’m no expert on Scottish or international football it seems to me that there would be more of a buzz around him in the media etc if he was good enough for Everton. I think the class of player we want would be more obviously outstanding if you know what I mean.

Glad to be proved wrong if he’s a hidden gem.
Alun Jones
19   Posted 08/03/2010 at 15:03:01

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well guess its all about opinions but sometimes it takes more than talent to make it to the top, i just dont think Eagles has got the application and appetite and thats something also u cant teach of instill. Strongly disagree that fletcher and taylor are aiming low both are the sort of players who would thrive in a better team than they are at now. And its not as if we are inundated with double figure goalscorers at the moment despite the recent result against Hull.

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