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Building... Building... Built!

By Tony Cheek :  08/03/2010 :  Comments (19) :
As we near the end of a somewhat frustrating trophyless (again) season, we Moyes-knockers (self included) have to admit that the present Everton squad is probably the best we have seen since the mid-80s. According to the man himself, he is still "building". Well, I think that should be upgraded to "built". I just don't think it's going to get better than this.

Let's say we don't get any more serious injuries to our elite this season... we don't sell Jack or Felli... and that in the summer we have a clinical but necessary clear out, i.e. sell players that don't cut it and strengthen where we have to.

Here I am thinking a top-notch forward with pace, cover for Leighton at left-back, and a pacey right-midfielder. I think we are still lightweight when it comes to forwards.

Now, let's say all this falls into place and we have a fully fit squad to start with next season; then, I cannot see what excuses David Moyes can possibly have for not being among the best next year.

We could not compete this season because of a crippling injury list, and yet we still slated DM when really he was fighting with one arm tied behind his back.

Well, next year there is nowhere to hide and he has to come out swinging. This is when we see what he is made of, and I do not mean from when the whistle blows at the start of the first game. There is hell of a lot of spadework to do before that.

First, in the transfer market:

  • No more pissing off to far off countries for meaningless friendlies when we need your astute brain here, to secure us quality players.
  • No more games against sub - standard opponents. We need to get into a high prestige four-club tournament, not least to give us invaluable experience against top Euro clubs.
  • No more putting players in the team because of who they are. Now, you have to use what resources we have.
Get this right Davey and the days of getting pissed on by Arsenal and frustrating starts to the season are over. We need to compete from day one, a good start to the season is imperative.

Give the job of captain to Johnny "little giant" Heitinga. Phil Neville has done a fantastic job but it's time to move on. This, more than anything you do next year, will show you mean business. His attitude will rub off on all, not least the up-and-coming youngsters in the squad.

So, David Moyes, your time to stand up and be counted has come; best of luck to you, we are with you all the way...


Reader Comments

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Derek Thomas
1   Posted 08/03/2010 at 16:31:30

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A fair appraisal or a wish list depending on the status of your proverbial glass. But half full or half empty, the content, all important IMO, coz it aint just about results, it’s not what you do but the way you do it ( well for me anyway ) is starting to taste abit less like cats piss left in the sun too long and more like a fine ale.

The whole point is...Bring on the Campagne.

It can be done, If you know what you are doing and where to go and Moyes has unearhted some jems. You can get a Grand Cru indistinguishable from the top stuff" at 500euro a bottle for 13 euro.

Go to it Davey.

Back him up Bill!!
Nick Entwistle
2   Posted 08/03/2010 at 17:33:41

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Harsh on the Pipmeister. Heitinger leads by footballing example where as Neville just leads. The Mike Brearley of the football.
Peter Hall
3   Posted 08/03/2010 at 18:04:51

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Reasonable assessment of the things that would be key improvements — assuming cover/competition at goalkeeper is a done deal as reported.

But I don’t know why you say ’ I cannot see what excuses David Moyes can possibly have for not being among the best next year’

I’ve not heard him making excuses — or very rarely. And who brought this squad together for god’s sake? Me? — no. You? — no.

What is your point?
David Hallwood
4   Posted 08/03/2010 at 18:16:26

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Before we all start to look at 2010/11 season, there’s a little matter of 30pts to play for, and the way this season’s panning out who knows what could happen. For instance even though as a right thinking blue nose, you detest the RS, how many of you would have put them down to be beaten by Wigan, and well beaten. On a lighter note, go on a Liverpool fans forum site, it’s hilarious.
Keith Glazzard
5   Posted 08/03/2010 at 18:15:41

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I am very confident that all the players Moyes wants will be with us in August. As we still have 10 hard games to go, hopefully they’ll all be OK.

But a good start would be very welcome. We are good in the second half - in many a game, and over a few seasons.

I don’t know what the rationale of pre-season campaign is today. Getting injured at Prenton Park seems to have gone off the agenda. I feel fairly sure that we’ll be back in North America - California?

Christopher McCullough
6   Posted 08/03/2010 at 18:24:02

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Enjoyed that article, cheers. Totally, agree about Heitinga. As much as I respect Neville as a person you can’t have a captain nicknamed ’teabag’. How would Dave Watson have reacted to that? (and could you imagine him chanting USA USA along with the crowd? ’Little Giant’ isn’t much better though.

Wigan 1 Liverpool 0 haha

Andy Crooks
7   Posted 08/03/2010 at 18:45:41

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There are three things we need to be a force next season:

A winger with pace;
David Moyes to lose the fear and play consistently as though he believes in his players;
Finally, some luck: To go a season without one injury replacing the other.

Keith Glazzard
8   Posted 08/03/2010 at 19:11:05

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Andy -

the injury thing. It would take someone who knows more than me to say, but football seems to be eating itself. Crude fouls like the Greek no-mark kopshite and the relegated Newky Nolan are unforgivable, but Mikel and The Jag didn’t suffer that. There has to be an answer.

We have a pacey winger available for the next game. What price for next season? At least he knows his way to Finch Farm. I’m a Bily fan myself, but there’s loads of room for both of them in our squad.

But I will agree about a worrying aspect of attitude - which must come from the boss. I’d call it ’start slow save your energy’ rather than fear. And we nearly went one down on Sunday because of that.

But we all know the one about going ahead too early. We don’t play against mugs, and they will respond. Thats when you need your Kendall, Reed and now possibly, Heitinga to put a stamp on the game. Snuff em out, keep going forward, make them defend.

Can be done.
Dan Brierley
9   Posted 08/03/2010 at 22:28:09

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I am sure everybody feels that next season we can mount a challenge for the Champions League. Anybody who is suggesting we can challenge for the title needs their heads testing.

Should we reach the holy grail of the CL, how do people think we will fare against Europes elite, considering we have no experience of the competition? I am not suggesting we shouldn’t go for it, even getting hammered 5-0 in each group game will still bag the much needed money to progress.
Jamie Crowley
10   Posted 08/03/2010 at 22:33:21

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What I can’t figure out is this, and it was echoed above: why are we looking to next year on March the 8th?

We’re only 9 pts back of 4th with one of the less demanding schedules left to play. Why is the hope exhausted?

Look at the remaining fixtures: all winable games. I admit it’s a long shot, but surely it isn’t out of reach, is it?

And please don’t bore me, we all know it’s contingent on not laying eggs and playing to our potential. The rollercoaster ride has been suprememly frustrating this season. But if we play to our potential, is there no one else out there that doesn’t see a possible 24 pts - finishing on 64? Surely that puts us right there.

Birmingham, Bolton, Wolves, West Ham, Blackburn, Fulham, Stoke, and Portsmouth. There’s your 8 very winable games and 64 total pts - not to mention if we lay down and die for one of them but put it together for Man City or Villa all the better.

I think there’s still a chance. Am I living in la-la land?

Chris March
11   Posted 09/03/2010 at 04:57:32

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I don’t get the fascination with pre-season tournaments, anyone who watched any of the Emirates or Wembley cups last season will have seen how uncompetitive they are and how the "top" teams rarely play their full teams. I don’t have a problem with our pre-season preparation, our starts the last few years have been hindered by the fact we have had several key players injured at the start of the season. If we have the current squad fighting fit for the first match of the season I don’t see us having a problem, the quality of oppo in pre-season won’t make a difference.
Stephen Ryan
12   Posted 09/03/2010 at 06:56:31

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Here we go again. Having beaten a very poor Hull City team they are out again tipping us for the league next year. Have you forgotten the Lisbon and Spurs games mate. To win any trophy a team needs to be CONSISTENT.
Anthony Hawkins
13   Posted 09/03/2010 at 06:56:29

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There are three positions which need filling before the start of next season to allow Everton to fully compete

* Rightback - Neville has done well and Coleman is coming on but a quality recognised RB would do wonders for the team

* Right Midfield - Donovan has shown what Everton can do with a quality RM can do who has pace, vision and ability

* Striker - no matter how good you think Saha is or Yakubu will be, Anichebe isn’t good enough and Vaughan has missed too much of his informative years to be a striker at the top level. Add to the mix that both Saha and Yakubu are getting on a bit.
Mike Green
14   Posted 09/03/2010 at 07:20:23

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Tony Cheek - I pretty much with you on where we need to strengthen

Priority 1: Off load Anichebe and Vaughan for whatever we can get and spend as much as we can on a quick, young goalscorer. Personally I dont care if we spend the whole transfer kitty on this is we have to if they’re good enough.

Priority 2: A right winger

The end to this season is going to hinge on whether we can perform away form home, given we’ve only won 3 all season I expect we’ll finish 7th but if we can turn it around who knows.

With a fit squad though and a bit of luck in the transfer market I dont see why Chs League is out of the question next year - lets face it we’re better than Man City and they’re in the box seat this season.
Peter Warren
15   Posted 09/03/2010 at 08:35:52

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Anthony Hawkins - post 13 agree entirely and was going to say, you can say that again but you already have.
Liam Reilly
16   Posted 09/03/2010 at 09:06:43

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If we keep all our players and add one or two more, then next season could be very interesting.

The main problem is our strength in depth, which is essential if the side is to meet the consistently high standards required, in 3 or 4 competitions.
Robbie O'Neill
17   Posted 09/03/2010 at 10:47:41

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I love the first paragraph of the article as I do the title, Building, Building, Built and then goes on to outline some other needs that Everton have. How can you say built and then follow it with a ’we just need....’

I agree with the needs that we have and that have been outlined but as usual we get the farcical damnation of David Moyes for next season already. What if he actually does get what he needs and goes on to win the Premier League, League Cup, FA Cup and qualify for the Champions League would you then be satisfied with the job that he has done. I surely doubt it.

I can accept the disappointment of not winning a trophy again as an argument but I just don’t get the premise of yours. It's an amazing thing Football especially the Premier League there really can be only one winner. But I do applaud you on your persistence.

Brian Noble
18   Posted 09/03/2010 at 11:12:13

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As I said on another thread, every team is always that ’three players away from being a good side’. It’s bollox! After 8 years we should be there by now and if Moyes can keep this squad together then he might — at last — be ready to challenge for a trophy of some kind -— or even break into the top four. We’re skint, so signings will only be possible on the back of sales. So get real!
Mike McIlroy
19   Posted 09/03/2010 at 11:22:53

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Totally agree with the sentiment and I’m not being pessimitstic but I just can’t see us moving forward unless there is serious cash coming in.

Transfer money is now a small part of getting the best players — today it’s all about wages. We cannot pay more than £50k a week so even if we do find the next world class starlet we keep them for a season at the most. Yes we have definitely the best squad I have seen since the days of Tricky Trevor, Kevin Sheedy, Andy Gray to name only a few BUT in today’s football world our best players will be snapped up with the lure of £100k a week and the resultant turnover of our players will mean we have to resign ourselves to Top 10 and possibly Europa League.

This season we have been passed by Villa, Spurs and Shity and until we can compete with their wage structure we can only hope no-one else gets a rich benefactor. I hope to be proved wrong I truly do but without a rich owner we’ll move nowhere.

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