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Loaning Out Youngsters

By Dick Anderson :  24/03/2010 :  Comments (6) :
Moyes has always been a fan of loaning out young players to other clubs in the hope of getting them some much needed experience. He doesn't do it with our best youngsters though, Rooney, Rodwell and Gosling for example were all good enough to get their experience in Everton's first team.

Moyes prefers to send out youngsters who he's not completely sure about. Players he feels have a chance of making it but aren't perhaps ready to go into Everton's first team. Osman is a perfect example. When he was a youngster, Moyes had serious doubts over Osman's ability to cope with the Premier League's pace and power.

Osman proved himself to Moyes during a loan at Derby. Osman played 17 times for Derby and scored 3 goals. He gained some very positive reviews which didn't go unnoticed by Moyes who recalled him and put him into Everton's first team. Osman has never looked back and remains an important squad player.

This season we have four players currently out on loan. Seamus Coleman has just started at Blackpool and apparently had a very good game last night during their big win over Swansea.

John Ruddy has been at Motherwell all season and has done very well for himself. In fact, he's done so well, it,s hard to imagine him coming back to Everton and sitting on the bench. Ruddy may well find himself signing for a decent side north of the border. Hopefully Moyes will recall him next season and give him a chance to win Howard's spot.

Lucas Jutkiewicz was heading for the Goodison exit when he was sent to Motherwell. His fitness was poor and there didn't look like he had much of a future under Moyes. At Motherwell though Jutkiewicz has done quite well for himself. He's played over 20 times, improved his fitness and even scored 10 goals. Jutkiewicz may still struggle to make the Premiership's standard but he's done enough on loan to suggest Moyes has another look at him.

So thats three loans all working out well. Now though we come to James Vaughan.

Vaughan is a fan favourite since he scored his debut goal and broke the Premiership record. Since then though Vaughan has struggled with injury and failed to make any real impact at Everton.

In September Vaughan was sent out to Derby. He played two games for them before returning to Everton with an injury.

Then earlier this month Vaughan was given another chance when he was sent to Leicester on loan.

He came on as a sub in one game. Missed the next one due to injury and I've just checked Leicester's starting line up for tonight and surprise surprise no Vaughan again. I'm guessing he's injured again.

So... what have we learned from the loans?

  • Coleman - Very promising start could well be as good as some say.
  • Ruddy - Looking like a quality keeper and surely good enough to challenge Howard next season.
  • Jutkiewicz - Was heading for the exit but may have earned a second chance.
  • Vaughan - Injury prone as always. His body just isn't up to playing regular football.
I'm sorry to say it but Vaughan needs to be shown the door at Goodison.

Reader Comments

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Robert Jones
1   Posted 24/03/2010 at 23:55:57

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No way Ruddy will be challenging Howard next season with Mucha arriving, he'll be third choice and most likely sent back out on loan. Coleman is the big prospect out of the 4, looks great
James Flynn
2   Posted 25/03/2010 at 00:01:27

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Send him and any others to MLS. Obviously money has to be hashed out. MLS won't pay top dollar for the next 5 years or so. Likely Vaughn is making much more than MLS money.

On the other hand, MLS today is tailor-made for EPL loan-outs. Who is EFC looking to develop for the future? Why leave them waiting for training camp in the summer? Loan (fill in the blank) player "on the verge" to a top MLS side like Galaxy.

Assuming the loaned player does his best, he'll get plenty of light in MLS and be available for EPL duty before November.
Richard Parker
3   Posted 25/03/2010 at 12:57:09

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Ruddy is way off what is needed to be a top-class Premier League keeper. In my books, Howard is one of the best 5 keepers in the Prem and Ruddy wouldn't get near him.

Plus Mucha is coming in next season and we have Turner. I'd say there's a very high probability of Ruddy staying up north come the summer.

Jutkiewicz clearly doesn't have what it takes for the Prem and is further away than Vaughan at the moment.

Vaughan could've, should've, would've, but looks less and less likely that he will. It's a shame because he was a real prospect 4 years ago, but he just can't keep fit. If he doesn't get a decent season in next year, I don't see him making the grade for us. He's already behind Anichebe in the pecking order and Anichebe isn't a world beater.

Coleman looks useful and hopefully will be good enough to be a long term replacement for Pip and Hibbo. Neither Pip nor Hibbo are my favourite players, but I'd have either one of them in the side ahead of Coleman right now.

I'm struggling to like Gosling, he's popped up with a few big goals for us, but aside from that he looks out of his depth.

But the real excitement for me at the moment is the potential pairing of Rodwell and Fellaini in our central midfield for the next 10 years. They're both top class and very young, just imagine what 3 or 4 years of experience will bring them. I just hope we hang on to them.
Kevin Gillen
4   Posted 25/03/2010 at 14:00:05

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Great comment about the MLS. Someone like Vaughan might really benefit from that. I'm all for loaning out players. Coleman seems to be doing well and proving himself a cut above the Championship.

Ruddy has been brilliant at Motherwell and I can see him getting a lot of interest from other clubs. Jutkiewicz has scored goals and has also set tongues wagging. Most of these players recoup their costs and get valuable experience through the loan system.

In the past many Everton reserves didn't get a career in football but it now seems that the development of players and recruiting of players at Everton has reached a high level. In my opinion Moyes has also an excellent reputation in that he often does the best by the players. If they are not quite going to make it he gives them the chance to make a career elsewhere (e.g. Hughes, Fox, Gerrard). Rarely has he been proven wrong in letting much vaunted youth go.

Everton it seems to me have a reputation as a club where youth will be given a chance and where their skills and physical development will be given top priority. This gives us an advantage over the likes of Liverpool and Chelsea who haven't produced anyone in living memory.

Overall I'm all for loaning out players if only to show them that being in the Premier League is a far cry from playing in the Scottish League or the Championship for that matter. Sir Alex at Man Utd have done this with Beckham as a youngster and is reminding Welbeck about this at the moment.

Michael Coury
5   Posted 25/03/2010 at 14:38:39

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In addition, I read somewhere (can't recall where) the 2 American youngsters have also been loaned out.
John Crook
6   Posted 28/03/2010 at 16:41:28

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I don't understand how hard it is to send players out on loan. We have several young prospects who need to play at a level more competitve than the reserves. Duffy, Mustafi, Vaughan, Baxter, Wallace... Why can't these players all go out on 1-year loans next season?

None of the above have a chance of making the bench when everyone is fully fit so the only way to see what they can do is see how they handle a Championship or Divison 1 or Scots Prem team.

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