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Everton v Everton

By Mike Owen :  20/05/2010 :  Comments (8) :

The announcement of the Everton v Everton game on Wednesday 4 August has caused a huge wave of interest in Chile.

It will be the first time a Chilean club has visited Britain and the people of Viña del Mar are taking great pride in that.

Even the Mayor of Viña del Mar (second from right in the picture at the above link) is planning to come over to Liverpool. It seems that she and local business leaders in Viña del Mar want to also develop greater links with the City of Liverpool.

It's also a boost to the CD Everton club as they, along with others in Chile, recover from the earthquake that rocked the country three months ago.

Chilean journalist Juan Pablo Salgado sent this report to members of the Ruleteros Society in Liverpool, which they have translated:

THE earthquake measuring 8.8 on the Richter Scale that hit Chile, the fifth largest ever recorded in world history, had a massive effect on all spheres of life. Cities were totally destroyed, giant waves washed away small fishing villages and an atmosphere of general panic became the norm for the Chilean people over a period of several days.

And football was no exception.

To begin with, the championship was suspended for several weeks. Then when the season resumed, it was with a big change. Normally there are two championships in one year, with a summer recess in between.

However, due to the disruption caused by the earthquake, the champions will emerge at the end of a single season – a rarity in Latin America in recent years.

The earthquake left several grounds badly damaged, among them Everton’s Sausalito Stadium in Viña del Mar ­- the second most used venue of the 1962 World Cup finals.

The Sausalito was so badly damaged that Everton had to play their home matches five miles away in Valparaíso at the home of arch-rivals, Wanderers. Owing to the poor condition of the playing surface, Everton found difficulty in playing their usual passing game and their form suffered.

It was not until May 2, after a 10-week enforced absence, that Nelson Acosta’s team were finally allowed back into their home ground.

But they could only use the ‘Cerro’ End and the Andes Stand, thus causing the capacity of the Sausalito to be reduced from 24,000 to less than 7,000. There were also problems with the dressing rooms, with several of the walls scarred with huge cracks, windows broken, and parts of the ceiling had fallen down.

The Sausalito stadium was not the worst hit. Some are still out of use owing to structural problems, and others such as Second Division Naval’s ground, have simply disappeared.

Everton’s first game back at the Sausalito on May 2 was against O’Higgins. In a fiery game Everton were awarded a penalty on 60 minutes after Argentinian midfielder Mauro Bogardo was hacked in the area, suffering a fracture to his ankle. O’Higgins were reduced to 10 men but Mauro Guevgeozian missed the spot kick.

Thankfully, seven minutes later, Jorge Torales headed what was to be the winner. Numerical advantage was lost 10 minutes from the end when Cristián Oviedo was sent off but the Ruleteros held on for three points that put them in 8th position in the table.

For the next game the Ruleteros went on May 9 to San Felipe, almost in the shadows of the highest peak in the Americas, Aconcagua. It was the final league game before the midway point of the championship and Everton extended their unbeaten run to four matches with a 3-1 win, thanks to two goals from Mauro Guevgeozian and one by Lizandro Henríquez. The win allowed Everton to go into the mid-season break in sixth place.

The tournament will resume after the World Cup when Everton will have the opportunity to put a few games under their belt — on July 18 against Audax Italiano and on July 25 against Universidad Catolica — before crossing the Andes, Amazon and Atlantic to make history for "that game" at Goodison Park on Wednesday 4 August.

Reader Comments

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Paul Gladwell
1   Posted 20/05/2010 at 14:22:55

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I have recently started to steer clear of pre-season games due to how shite they are and also I don't like to spoil my first day back to Goodison after a summer of cold turkeying, but I will go to this.

I had the pleasure of dragging my wife to Viña del Mar in a taxi from Santiago on one of our holidays and she ended up loving the experience, given the fact she never wanted to go to Chile just for football's sake, instead wanting to spend more time in the big let down that was Rio.

The Chilean people were as friendly as any people I have ever met and it would be nice to see a decent crowd turn out for this game.

Chris McGinn
2   Posted 20/05/2010 at 15:20:51

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Thanks for this Mike (and Juan Pablo), a very interesting read. The shared name and the historical link between the two clubs should make this a really special game.

It will be great to see a South American club side playing at Goodison.

Hopefully ToffeeWeb will give us some more background information about the other Everton over the next couple of months.
Dennis Stevens
3   Posted 20/05/2010 at 17:11:34

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I've been looking forward to this game for years - ever since I heard about the "other" Everton. However, now that it's finally been arranged, I'm going to miss it as I'll be away on holiday!
Christine Foster
4   Posted 21/05/2010 at 05:28:04

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A great insight into a country's and our namesakes plight. In expectation the fixture will provide a special and probably "one time only" Goodison event that will be bookmarked in the history of both clubs. It is of such note that it is deserving of a capacity crowd who, i have no doubt, will warmly give good cheer to our namesakes from South America. In such difficult times it would be befitting of our club, as hosts, to offer its support in some way to assist them if need be as well. Perhaps the proceeds from tha gate could show how strongly both the supporters and the club consider the link between our history could and should be?
The people of Liverpool and the Everton fans in particular would only be too happy to help in any way I am sure. Perhaps it doesn't have to be cash but even a reciprocal game next season?
Larry Boner
5   Posted 21/05/2010 at 12:07:08

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This game has great historical significance for not only the two Evertons, but also the City of Liverpool, from where the founders of CD Everton came from 100 years ago.
Surely there must be an amazing documentary opportunity here for the local Granada or NW BBC stations.
I hope we dont miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to show the fantastic history of these clubs and their genuine place in the path of this wonderful game.
In this age of artificial history, it is wonderful that we are involved with something that goes back to the very roots of the organized game.
I hope Everton donate all proceeds to the earthquake appeal, Kitbag and LQS bring out some significant clothing items to commemorate the game.
I would like to see Everton pay for some of the Chilean supporters to come over for the game etc, etc. ther must be a number of initiatives to get this game promoted, ensuring, hopefully a sell out gate.
But will EFC step up to the plate, I hope so ?
Chris Butler
6   Posted 21/05/2010 at 14:14:51

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We need to pay for at least 300 suppporters to go to the match, maybe let's both supporters meet on the pitch... some sort of presentation before the game.
Tony Rayton
7   Posted 27/05/2010 at 01:03:37

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I don't believe BK has much spare cash lying around at the moment... lol. So how about if every 1st team player gave 1 week's wages to the "Chile" Everton (a massive gesture which would only strengthen the bond between our two clubs)? This would go a long way to helping with some restorations to their ground, and maybe subsidise the trip to Goodison for their fans.

Sometimes we forget how lucky we are! And we should show some support to our fellow Toffees in their time of need. Make this into a massive occasion and something to be rightly proud of.

I know quite a few of our players do a lot of charity work and hopefully would be up for an arrangement like this. I dont know what they spend their millions on (and obvously it's none of my business), but surely 1 week's wages wouldn't hurt? I'd be soooooo proud of our lads if something was to happen? Just a thought, anyone agree?

Luis Ramos
8   Posted 01/06/2010 at 20:38:27

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Historic sports fellowship

"The friendship could only take place through the development of mutual respect and in a spirit of sincerity. "

These past years have been lively and significant historical facts, after a long time for Everton set the pace, and not having had significant milestones in 50 years had three national championships in the 1950,1952 y 1976,and a Copa Polla Gol in 1984, in sports The change to Viña del Mar and the acquisition of the house of Viana 161 in 40, entering the professional football 44 years, and ... ....

Now in late 2006, the fundamental change SADP., Which sees new directions as far as a company, but by Evertonian's heart, the difficult start and the achievement by 2008 of the Chilean Football Professional Championship, and ranking second time in its history to the Copa Libertadores.

But there was something pending for the undeniable link with Everton FC in Liverpool, which is closely linked to the founding of CD Everton in Valparaiso, and is that just in that year the English Team toured the Southern Cone of South America, playing several games with teams of Argentina and Uruguay, and left a seed sown.

Many years later, a young Irishman, John Shearon, Toffee fan, he learned, while in Mexico studying, here at the end of the world where in 1909 the seed left had germinated and there was a club called Everton. Adventurous, he wanted to get here and grabbed his backpack and came with the limited means of a college student yesterday and forever.

Got to the Estadio Sausalito, and housed at the site, he could finally see that other Everton and this memory remained burned into his heart.

Years later, as a professional man, and living with the anxiety of returning to this city and the club that had so impressed him, he arrives with his wife and child and visits the CD Everton’s home in Viana Street, to show his family what he had seen years ago. He is received by the writer of these letters, an Anniversary Magazine presents to him the years in which appeared a report of the visit that he had made years ago. This impresses him greatly, and is the first concrete fact of a friendship that has remained for years.

Motivated by all this back in Liverpool, and with other friends he decided to form The Ruleteros Society, in 2002, a group that aims to create bonds of friendship between the two proud groups of Evertonians.

And so, in a constant hammering and a voice that at each Annual General Meeting of shareholders of Everton FC, requested the floor to the Chairman in charge to talk about this other Everton and the need to fulfill that dream of playing against Everton's two brothers by a name, a desire that at last we realized — there are more things that unite us than could remove us as fans, Everton's lovers of this world.

And then it was back to Chile to try to bring fellowship and ties, meeting with executives from CD Everton de Viña del Mar, that little town, and did nothing to appraise the historic significance. John Shearon brings this proposal and would not give in until he met in the end Chairman Antonio Bloise on a trip to Viña, who, when he heard and was interested with the seriousness it warranted the issue, endorsed it and brought this proposal to its board.

And then on to a year ago that, by the efforts of this true quixotic Irishman named John Shearon, there was received the official visit of a delegation of leaders from CD Everton to Liverpool, where we were pleasantly surprised with a warm public reception, being presented in the stadium of the legendary Goodison Park, receiving the applause of the 30,000 fans who had gathered at the official game being played at that time against Bolton Wanderers.

This ongoing work with several trips and visits to our country with other Evertonians, produced one of the largest opportunities that came about through 20 English brothers who wanted to know this other Everton the other side and the end of the world.

Many fraternal meetings where the language was not difficult, were made during these visits, planning and dreaming about the future of the sports fraternity and friendship.

As an anecdote, I witnessed an encounter between an English and other Chilean Evertonian at the entrance to the Estadio Sausalito, who were not known to each other, and with no-one to present or speak the language of the other, came and looked and melted in a long, tight embrace, tears of joy streaked their eyes. It was an awesome time, and sat on one side, to be understood by signs and exchanged hats, scarves and flags as two grown children excited and happy.

It's just time to pay a fitting tribute to the tireless worker for the cause of the union of the two Evertons, that has been John Shearon, who has been a great promoter of this historic event which will come on Wednesday August 4, 2010 at 20 hrs, when the marker point to Goodison Park to play Everton FC of England vs Everton SAD Chile.

As I mentioned it once and recalled the words of Rev. Martin Luther King, in his historic speech in Washington DC say .... I have a dream ... we can say thanks largely to John Shearon ... The dream is fulfilled .. for ever and ever.

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