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The Late Late Show

Backs to the wall as injuries eat away increasingly at his options (No Rodwell, Anichebe, Saha) David Moyes resorted to the old gauard for the visit of Manchester United, with Cahill up front on his own and Arteta playing in a more forward role. And after all the hoopla in the media,... no Wayne Rooney.

Everton continued the attacking dominace of teh Aston Villa game with a blistering onslaught in the firts 10-15 mins, but United withstood the pressure and went on to have the better chances until a little before half-time. A United corner was defended away and Cahill, wide right, resorted to Route One, scoping the ball up toward Arteta who tokk the ball well, beating Evra and scampered on to fire at Van der Sar but he blocked it out to Osman who's controlled pass gave Pienaar just enough time to slide the ball intelligently under the avaning golakeeper and into the United net for a wonderful lead. A smart breakaway goal, that took just 28 seconds from United's corner at the other end.

But the lead was short lived, Baines at fault leaving Nani acres of space on the Everton left and his cross flew past Heitinga where Fletcher advancing behind him had the easiest of tasks to slot it past the stationary Howard

Second half had hardly started and United were ahead through another ssimple goal, a cross defended poorly and Vidic with a free header from in fairly close drove his header into the ground and past Howard into the net.

A strange shoulder barge from Heitinga on Giggs earned him a yellow card, then Nani caught Pienaar for a frree-kick that Arteta did nothing with. But Utd now had the lead and were able to sit on to an extent while Everton went into huff-and-puff mode. Pienaar got in a shot from the edge of the area but nothing Van der Sar could not handle.

United broke down the Everton left, Berbatov beating Distin too easily on the half-way line and galloping on to beat Howard easily

Another long ball beat Distin and Berbatov took it forward to beat Howard for the third goal. Dithering Dave finally changing the plan, bringing on Yakubu and Coleman far too late, with almost 70 minutes gone, to make any difference, Hibbert and Heitinga the ones to make way.

Baines took over free-kick duty and came very close to scoring, curling the ball just past the post, with Van der Sar well beaten.

Coleman put in a great ball for Cahill on the far post but he was leaning backwards and could not control it. Meanwhile, Everton looked vulenerable in defence, Scholes scooping high and wide dfrom a strrong position.

Osman and Yakubu did well to creat a chance in a cowded area but Osman, all alone, scuffed his shot horribly. As Everton pushed forward, wwwide open sapces were appearing when United attacked, and the pattern of the game became increasingly depressing for Everton, the lack of off-the-ball movement when they did have possession just a painful indictment of their attacking naivety.

The standard stuff actually paid off in added time, Baines putting in a nice cross and Cahill powering home a great header. Then on the next attack, the ball came back to Arteta, who drove it ferociously onto the corner of the net.. 3-3!!!

United rallied and Distin almost caused a problem at the other end, getting in Howard's way, but the ball came out to Pienaar and a sweeping movement looked for all the world like a winning goal but incredibly Atkinson blew the final whistle with the Blues swarming forward in attack, Jagielka's shot too close to beat Van der Sar. David Moyes was on the field, absolutely livid that the attack had not been given a proper chance before the game ended. It looked suspiciously like Atkinson had not added any more time for the goals, but Everton had really left it far too late.

Still, a point clutched from the jaws of defeat.

Michael Kenrick     Posted 11/09/2010 at

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Reader Comments

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Andy Crooks
1   Posted 11/09/2010 at 14:50:34

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I'm in work at the moment and have tried to catch some of the match. I'll be calling at the pub on the way home for a few beers with some mates, most of whom support Man U. I actually won't get much stick. I'll be told not to worry as we'll be okay because we have a great manager who has done brilliantly on a limited budget.

When that happens, I may well be involved in violence. What was that line-up about? Totally incomprehensible.

Another disastrous start, playing catch up as usual. We have a negative, safety first, unimaginative coach with whom we will never win anything. Is there anyone on this site who would have picked the same team as David Moyes did today?

Graham Brown
2   Posted 11/09/2010 at 14:51:26

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Can somebody explain why we continue to persevere with Distin? His positioning, touch and general decision-making ability are poor. I know the guy is left-footed but that is the only quality I see. Most teams can survive with two right-footed centre-backs and we have Johnny who has proved last season he is a quality centre-back.

I can't stand to watch us continue to ship goals with that joker as centre-back.

Matt Traynor
3   Posted 11/09/2010 at 14:55:06

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Distin gave a classic performance today ? if anything summed up why we got rid of the wrong back up CB (I know, Distin is even starting) then that was it.

I know he's short, but we have a Dutch centre back who started in a WC Final, and yet can only get into midfield when Pip is injured.

Distin was a decent player in his earlier English career, but even when he went to Pompey on a Bosman from City, his stock was on the wane.

But Moyes won't change it, because he has his favourites, and if the crowd get on a players back, Moyes enters Ostrich mode.

As much as it was a point gained, we mugged Man U (fair enough, we've lost enough points late on last couple of seasons), but I fear the exhilaration of the nature of the comeback will mask some glaring deficiencies once again. Even Kopite Ekoku (who I normally don't mind but I was in the Gwladys St when he stuck 4 past us in his Norwich days!) was calling Moyes inept for not changing the strikers round early in the 2nd half when we'd gone 2 down.

And finally, I also had one eye on the matchday thread (even more enterainment!). To those calling for his sacking, he's got best part of 4 years left on 65k a week. That monster contract was given him at a time when his stock was riding high, comparatively. Unless he walked, we're stuck with him. He is, in effect, unsackable. He could take us to League 2 in that contract and we couldn't afford to get rid.

Look at the other shower. Only got rid of FSW after he agreed to take around 40% "only" of what he should've been paid up.
Andy Crooks
4   Posted 11/09/2010 at 15:03:05

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Michael, I wrote my post after being informed by a colleague that the match was over. I feel more than a little foolish now so if anyone has the recipe for humble pie I'm ready for a large helping.
Rob Murphy
5   Posted 11/09/2010 at 15:03:23

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Great result, great comeback, great substitutions by the manager at just the right time. Kick-starts our season, just the lift we needed.
Amit Vithlani
6   Posted 11/09/2010 at 15:03:12

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Matt, you are spot on ? the exhilaration will mask our problems. I am exhilirated and have slipped a mask on our problems. We were mugged by Villa and we mugged Man U. No better feeling.

That said, Distin provided plenty of comedy value and the sight of him in the second half overlapping our full back who in turn was overlapping the midfield will linger in the memory.
Mike Oates
7   Posted 11/09/2010 at 15:04:20

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As a few have said in in anumber of early posts - to finish in the Top 4 we need to concede at least 20 goals less than last season and that will be impossible with the current back 4. Baines doesn't close down, Distin's decision-making is woeful, and Jags can't make an effective combination with him. AND please dont tell me Heitinga should play there ? he cannot mark, he always drop deep then rushes out leaving huge gaps at the back. I actually had him as our worse player today ? he was even worse than Distin and that's saying something.

So where does that leave us defensively? ? well in the mire!
Pat Finegan
8   Posted 11/09/2010 at 15:11:04

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I don't even know what to say. That was amazing. I thought there were some bad decisions made, by manager and players alike, but right now, I really don't care. We just came back from 3-1 down in stoppage time against Manchester United. Savor the moment, people. Stuff like this doesn't happen too often.
Tony I'Anson
9   Posted 11/09/2010 at 15:15:42

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A hard-earned point, that felt like a win in the end. But when Dave watches this one back on tape, he has to see that Coleman coming on made such a difference. I also thought the Yak made an impact with decent hold-up play and some nice touches ? because he is a centre-forward!! Distin had a stinker.

Starting line-up for next match based on this performance.

Coleman Jagielka Heitinga Baines
Osman Arteta Fellaini Pienaar
Cahill Yakubu

Maybe Billy instead of Osman.

Man of the Match for me was Tim Howard: 3 world class saves kept us in the match and eventually gained us a point.

One final note about an article I wrote called "10 a side & change" which suggested a longer 2nd half to create mega excitement and legendary memories for the game. The end of this game will stick in the mind for a long time and only adds to the point I was trying to make. Now I need a drink to calm down.

Jamie Tulacz
10   Posted 11/09/2010 at 15:08:24

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I'd have to disagree that we mugged United there ? even before the two late goals, I thought that a 3-1 defeat was extremely harsh on us. There's no pleasing some people; United haven't won 11 league titles in 18 years through luck.

As for talk about a negative formation, I think people should look at how we play rather than the formation. I thought we played some really decent build-up football and passed the ball around nicely for most of the game without the cutting edge.

As for the changes being too late, personally I disagree with that as well. I thought we were still well in the game and creating chances at 2-1 down so no real need to change anything. Moyes then made a couple of positive changes immediately as United scored the third goal.

One thing I'm not going to argue about is Distin. Truly useless!
David Hallwood
11   Posted 11/09/2010 at 15:03:10

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A few points from the game. Compare the running off the ball from the midfield of the 2 teams, Fletcher's fabulous run into the box, and our mid that for most of the game played in front of their defence. Just before their 3rd goal, Osman received a square ball instead making a run into the box and playing the percentage, and it was him losing the ball that led up to their goal.

Schoolboy defending from Baines twice, for the 2 goals. Hibbert has run his race and should drop down the pecking order.

Oh and Distin needs to be taken out and shot.
James Stewart
12   Posted 11/09/2010 at 15:25:26

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Jimmy Hacking
13   Posted 11/09/2010 at 15:33:30

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Great comeback, would have been devastated if we'd once again been denied what we deserved from a match (and today it was at least a point.)

At the risk of sounding negative on what has been a positive day, it won't really matter much if we fail to beat Newcastle.

Tony I'Anson
14   Posted 11/09/2010 at 15:39:07

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I wonder where we will fare on Match of the Day?
Tony X Williams
15   Posted 11/09/2010 at 15:38:41

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Lads... I'm in Pattaya Thailand, and I swear I heard the roar from Goodison when our 3rd goal went in!!!
Chris Lawlor
16   Posted 11/09/2010 at 15:34:29

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I'm still shaking after that finish... unbelievable stuff and goes to show how important belief and the never-give-up attitude can deliver! I was berating Moyes to my mates when we were 3-1 down and I still firmly believe he's tactically naive; however, it is Moyes who has instilled this never-give-up attitude and for that, he should be applauded.

Let's make this the catylist for our season now. Barcodes up next at home... it's a must-win at all costs. God it ain't easy being a Blue but I wouldn't change it for all the sand at Eastlands.

Jamie Tulacz
17   Posted 11/09/2010 at 15:42:24

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I thought one guy who put a terrific shift in today was Pienaar. Good in position and seemed to be turning up everywhere. I also thought the front two ran their socks off.
Robert Elliott
18   Posted 11/09/2010 at 15:38:22

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Good comeback, even better than the equally as unlikely 2-2 draw with Spurs last season.

The common thread in both those games? Coleman. Obviously Moyes sees him more than I do, and maybe he thinks he is vulnerable defensively (although that doesn't keep Distin from getting a game!) but surely everyone can see that we need to do something to get a spark down our right-hand side?

In general, I thought we played okay today after starting brilliantly, but the quality of our crossing makes me want to punch something!

We either hit the first man, or the cross is floated and just asking for the keeper to come and claim it. We got in crossing situations so often today, but I can only remember four decent ones, two from Baines for the goals, one from Coleman which was just too high for Cahill and one from Yak when no-one made a run into the six-yard box.

We're still far from firing on all cylinders, but let's hope this amazing comeback serves as a starting point for our season.
Max Main
19   Posted 11/09/2010 at 15:19:05

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Player ratings, the way I saw it:

Howard: 9 - A few brilliant saves, and had no chance with any of the goals. No mistake I can remember.

Hibbert: 6.5 - Pretty standard game from Hibbert, tried as he always does, got in a few good tackles, tried to get forward when he could. But he's just Hibbert really.

Baines: 7 - As always, excellent going forward, and I expect people might think I'm being too harsh on him as he had a hand in most of our good attacking play, but he let Nani get in both crosses for their goals completely unchallenged and that's just not good enough. A defender should primarily defend.

Distin: 4 - Rubbish. Poor choices, poor execution. Didn't even really seem to have the pace to get back at players. Where's Joseph Yobo when you need him?

Jagielka: 6.5 - Did okay, won headers, passing seemed okay, usual Jags performance but we conceded three so can't give him much more than 6.5.

Heitinga: 6 - Thought Johnny was poor today. So slow he makes Bilyaletdinov look like Usain Bolt. Unnecessary foul on Neville. The only thing that rescues him from a Distin like score of 4 is his passing was good.

Arteta:- 6.5 - Was far more comfortable in the second half when he swapped with Fellaini and was able to attack freely. In the first half I thought Arteta was dreadful. His positional sense was worrying. Chasing down Van der Sar who thumped it forward and left Mikel 60/70 yards out of position. Obviously got the goal, and his overall play wasn't too bad, but I didn't see the Arteta I know and love out there today. Corners weren't great too.

Pienaar: 8 - my MotM today. So comfortable on the ball, creating chances down the left with Baines, and coming inside, had a few shots on goal, and generally caused problems in and around the Man U penalty area. 8 might be harsh. Oh and I know I gave Howard a 9 but I'm not giving MotM to a 'keeper.

Osman: 5 - played out of position and frankly didn't play well. I'm actually a fan of Osman. I like having him in the squad, can be like a poor man's Pienaar on a good day, but today he just didn't do anything. Seriously, what did he do apart from that limp shot in the second half? Hard to blame him as he's not a right winger, but when you've got Nani on Man U's right flank showing how it's done, it's hard not to be massively disappointed to see Leon's greying hair poncing about on ours.

Fellaini: 6.5 - had a fairly quiet game. As with Arteta looked far more comfortable second half being played in his proper position. Passing was decent but tough to rate him too highly as he offered virtually nothing in the first half, and the game was a bit stretched for him to get too involved as a defensive midfielder second half.

Cahill: 8 - a bit like Osman, Cahill was played out of position so it's difficult judging him too harshly. He's not a lone striker. He really isn't. But he did well today, getting in Vidic's face ? speaking of whom, is there a more loathsome individual in the league? ? and generally causing problems for the defence up top. He won as many headers as he could, and held up the ball when he could, but the problems arise when he gets the ball to feet and finds himself a bit isolated. He can't run with the ball or beat anyone so he tends to just sort of head out wide and give away a throw-in. Can be painful to watch. But all-in-all, great headed goal, and Man U will be glad to see the back of him. Would have got an 8.5 if he'd lamped that dirty Vidic bastard in the face. As a non-Evertonian friend of mine texted me during the game: "If only Ferguson was playing, I'd love to see him knock Vidic's head off".

Sorry, went on a bit there, but those are my player ratings and thoughts. Overall, I thought the team played okay. We seem to becoming a bit Arsenal though? Pretty football with no end product. There are worse things to be?

Apart from the lack of striker, and Distin, I thought the main problem today was in the defensive midfield area. Man U's midfield and forwards had too much time in the gap between midfield and defence. Our midfield players were often too deep, sitting in a line with the defenders, or were jogging back slowly, having got too far forward. Really felt we missed a Carsley today. Hope Fellaini can really fill that role someday, but don't think he's there just yet.

Okay that's all.
Gavin Ramejkis
20   Posted 11/09/2010 at 15:39:45

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Back from the game and a few observations, couldn't believe the line-up when it popped onto my phone this morning with no strikers at home and thought the worst. The first half hour I thought we actually looked ok, but the innocuous challenge at the Park End corner between Cahill and I think it was Evra looked to cause Cahill to limp from that point onwards. A great pass from Osman to Pienaar for the goal when I expected Osman would squander it with a shot himself. Quickly, a non-foul given by the twat in the black, who had a shit one-sided game and seemed allergic to carding the Mancs foul after foul, led to the equaliser. I couldn't believe we lost the lead in less than seven minutes and went in level.

Second half we looked shite especially Distin who was getting progressively worse. I'd love to see the second goal as to where the fuck either centre-half was as Vidic jumped and headed completely on his own past Tim Howard. Cue another fuck-up from Distin and the ghost Berbatov made to look decent as he strolled onto a gift and slotted cooly round Howard for their third.

After what had seemed an eternity of DM talking to Coleman on the touchline during their second and third goals, he finally came on, with Yakubu, replacing Hibbert and Heitinga. I was confused as to why he didn't rip Distin off but it looked like Heitinga had been injured and looking to be subbed.

The last two mins and three-one down and the unbelievable happens and we claw back two good goals and look on for the fourth when the twat Atkinson blows. I'll hope in vain the FA will have some comments on Nani's continuous non-injuries, Neville going down like a bag of shite and springing to his feet almost Zebedee like after he won a free kick, Vidic going down like he'd been disemboweled only to arise Lazarus like moments later, add to that the countless tackles from behind which I'm pretty certain are a card offence and all round I'd say we had a pretty one-sided shite referee again.

We need to stop this being nice bollocks and play the fuckers at their own game and badger the ref for decisions as, week after week, we are being royally fucked over in that department by other teams. We also need to get stuck in like we did at the death today ? but for 90 mins and not just at the end of a game.

Roberto Birquet
21   Posted 11/09/2010 at 15:49:53

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We all knew that we were a little short at right mid and striker, didn't we?

One question is: can we play Coleman as right mid ahead of either Nev or Hibbert, pref Neville?

Another: can (we might pray) Yak be back ? the Yak of two years ago? We need him. We are vulnerable at the back, especially to counter-attacks. But I do like our confident relaxed passing play.

The dodgy backs: There are good reasons for not playing Heitinga and Jags together, but they are ngood defenders, Heitinga has a great understanding with Felli for me, and I would like a run of Jags and Heitinga at CB, and Felli just ahead of them.

With more penetration on the right, and a confident striker (Saha or Yak), we can yet have a good season.

I'd like this team to get a run:

Howard (good game despite three goals)
Neville Jags Heitinga Baines
Coleman Arteta Pienaar

We've plenty of back-ups except for RM.

David Gallant
22   Posted 11/09/2010 at 15:55:02

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Football. Bloody hell.

Plagiarism 101, I know, but it's so apt today. I thought we played some great stuff but no killer ball (probably because we have no natural focal point to make intelligent runs).

Pienaar deserves a special mention today ? I thought he was excellent. Most things he did and tried came off (love that little shoulder drop to make the extra yard of space). I know he's not flavour of the month around these parts anymore, but give him his due, he proved why he is worth the big bucks today. He will not be as easily replaced as most think.

Arteta was vastly improved today, and needs to stay in this role further forward where he can do more damage. Jagielka actually passed the ball out of defence multiple times today (made a point of watching this) but Distin was (and is) shite. Time for Johnny to be played at centre-half.

Yes, you can debate about the underlying problems (and we do have them, whatever your stance), the manager's flaws, formations, whatever... but today, all of that just fades into obscurity when football gives you the kind of finish you'd never thought possible. That's why I love this game.

I have no voice left. Football. Bloody hell.

ps: Well said Amit Vithlani #6! I have a feeling our season will now begin in all earnest! COYB

Danny Burke
23   Posted 11/09/2010 at 15:39:21

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I'm buzzing over the comeback but it's tempered by our defensive fragility at the moment. We gave them too many silly chances and each goal was preventable. That said, I thought we played well, we had most of the ball but just lack a bit of a spark in the last 3rd. Our approach play is as good as anyone at the moment and we were more than a match for a team that could well be Champions. Let's hope this is the start of a good run now.

Distin's qualities are his pace, strength and size. against the likes of Blackburn he will head the ball away all day. He just seems to make mistakes against top opposition and for that reason he isn't good enough.

The left-footed argument does give balance to a team but Ferdinad and Vidic, Terry and Carvalho, Carragher and Hyypia (hate to put that one in) are some of the strongest and meanest partnerships of recent years and each of them was right-footed.

Yobo and Jags had a great partnership at first when Lescott played at LB. I don't see why they can't play together, so it's a shame he's gone on loan. I'd have Yobo over Distin.

David Price
24   Posted 11/09/2010 at 16:01:57

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it the same ref that added an extra 2 minutes when we equalised against Villa a while back and they scored in the extra minute that didn't exist. So we score 2 and he adds a full 30 seconds!!

Anyway, well played Everton; Cahill superb today, Yakubu looked good and deserves a start. Heitinga for Distin, Coleman for Hibbert.

Osman played well, Fellaini excellent 2nd half, Pienaar has to stay... top draw, and Baines superb. If we'd lost we'd be slating Distin; Heitinga looked lost today and didn't track his man at all well today. However, the spirit is back, now to push on.

Ernie Baywood
25   Posted 11/09/2010 at 16:07:19

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The euphoria hasn't lasted too long for me. I'm usually a positive person but that team selection just fucking bemused me. We can outplay anyone at home yet rely on great escapes because, for the most part, we stick inadequate players in positions they aren't suited to.

Cahill got his goal... any surprise that it finally happened when he had someone else up top? For most of the game, we were crossing to just him.

Osman. Pah, he actually had a decent game but his presence on the right just negatively impacts the team. You might get away with it if Coleman was behind him but with Hibbert the right side is so weak and slow as to not be worth bothering about. The goals eventually came from the right but we had more space there when we at least had something on the right.

I'm giving Moyes absolutely no credit for making the obvious changes after completely fucking up the starting team. Ferguson let us off the hook with his team selection too. No left side.
Matteo Rosingana
26   Posted 11/09/2010 at 15:54:11

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Hello ToffeeWebbers! It's my birthday today, and I also happen to be on holiday too, and for a while I thought the boys were going to let me down today ? how wrong I was! So, here's my Mythos-inspired player ratings from watching it on TV in a Greek beach bar:

Howard ? wanted to win this and it showed, can't be faulted, some great saves. 9

Hibbert ? The only thing he did wrong today was attempt a shot that even Van Basten wouldn't have considered. He is becoming a very reliable defender. 7

Jagielka ? Solid defensive display, one or two shocking distributions from the back. 7

Distin ? I thought he was playing very well until Utd's first goal, which to me seemed like he could have done better with. 2nd half not good, but rather than blame him for Berbatov's excellent goal, let us instead applaud Scholes's inch-perfect pass. 5

Baines ? Great going forward, mis-hit a very good first-half chance. Unlike other posters, I don't recall him being at fault with any goals. 7

Osman ? Wonderfully composed pass to set up Pienaar for the first goal, but after that rather lost, apart from his poor effort straight at the keeper 2nd half. 6

Arteta ? his interchangeable positioning with Pienaar today was welcome. I saw glimpses of Mikel today that suggests he's coming back to his best. So happy for him to get the equaliser. 8

Pienaar ? my MotM. Great effort, never stopped running, always looking to for possession, good finish for the goal, showed good spirit. I hope he stays, as I believe he has found his home, and I hope he realises this is worth more than the extra £££ he will never get round to spending anyway... ha! 9

Fellaini ? A mixed game, he did his job well, breaking up play, laying off the ball impeccably for others, but has an infuriating knack of turning his back on play when he feels it has broken down. If this can be coached out of him, he and the team could benefit hugely. 7

Heitinga ? Was playing as the defensive midfielder today, and didn't do anything wrong. Always, always finds a blue shirt with a pass. If I was playing and looked up to see JH alongside me, it would give me confidence. 7

Cahill ? Lone striker today. Brilliant perserverence, got right under the skin of Vidic, leapt wonderfully for his deserved goal. 8

Subs: Yakubu ? held the ball up very well, set up Osman for a great chance. Get him fit and back in the team. 7

Coleman ? in comparison to Hibbert, who he replaced, I thought he looked very shaky defensively. Perhaps Utd knew this and tried to play on it, but was he was caught out positionally more than once. Going forward, he didn't enjoy the space he has against other teams, but linked well and crossed well. 6

So, thank you, EFC, for a truly entertaining game and thrilling end. I look forward to a continuation of the spirit with which we finished this game. Overall though, we are lacking someone, or maybe overall as a team, with the composure, belief and arrogance of a player like Berbatov. What we lack in this quality though, we make up for in team spirit and on our day, we can give anyone a game. Yammas!
Kevin Hudson
27   Posted 11/09/2010 at 16:14:51

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Oh Lordy!

Spare a thought for the poor souls who left with five minutes to go today..I swore never to do that myself ever again after Andy Johnson smashed one in against Arsenal in the snow!!

And Moyes doing a passable impression of Eddie Kavanagh at the end - with good reason. I thought the rule was 30 seconds to be added to added time if goals or subs had been made - I think he blew up at least 20 seconds too early (TV viewers can maybe correct me).

Heitinga - didn't do enough for me.
Fellaini - better deployed deeper.
Hibbert - I love you, but please learn how to cross!
Arteta - never ever take a free-kick,again. But yes!
Pienaar - imperious.
Howard - great right foot!
Cahill - nice one Timmy lad!
Baines - teach Hibbo how to cross a ball!
Distin - stunk the gaff out...

Off to a black-tie function in Manchester later (cue spitoon FX) with head held high...
Brian Waring
28   Posted 11/09/2010 at 16:31:01

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Kevin, seen the game on the box. I'm sure they said when the ref blew up, it was exactly 3 mins 30 secs.
Tony Stanley
29   Posted 11/09/2010 at 16:39:21

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89 mins watching the feed on the computer, decide I should cut the grass before it gets too late in the morning, my son comes running out to shout 3-3, make my day... unbelievable.
Dave Richman
30   Posted 11/09/2010 at 16:40:51

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Well said Ernie : "I'm giving Moyes absolutely no credit for making the obvious changes after completely fucking up the starting team."

I'm loathe to have another pop at Moyes team selection, coz he always does the opposite!

I (and many others) have been begging for two strikers so he goes and plays with none. Is it possible to play with minus 1 strikers?

Why oh why does he take so fucking LONG to make the subs.... today was exactly the same as the match against the Shite a couple of years back - fucking about before making the changes and we concede again. And is it mandatory to wait until 70 minutes?

A lot of people are saying that it felt like a win..... am I the only one that doesn't feel that way? I was way too annoyed when we went 3-1 down.
Jamie Tulacz
31   Posted 11/09/2010 at 16:55:32

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Cheer up a bit guys, we just drew 3-3 with Man U and played pretty well too if you leave aside Distin!

Thought that the formation worked pretty well today to be fair. I'm not sure who people are expecting to be played up front considering Beckford hasn't looked up to standard so far and Yak is unlikely to last a full game.

Kevin (#27)- Arteta did hit the bar with a cracking free-kick to be fair, though in general he did put some poor ones in too.
Danny Burke
32   Posted 11/09/2010 at 17:17:27

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We played with the famous 4-6-0 that some people were calling for previously, although it's not really like that is it. Cahill played up front as he can do and did well, The Yak wasn't up to 90 mins according to Moyes and Beckford has a long way to go for me. That is why we played the team we did.

As for not giving credit for making the subs, why? Maybe they should have come earlier but isn't hindsight great. We were still doing well at 2-1 and had every chance so there was no need to change then when we were doing ok. The third goal went in and Moyes reacted by bringing on the "saviour" Coleman and the Yak. Then we came from 3-1 down and drew 3-3 in injury time! Just try and enjoy that fellas eh?
David Hallwood
33   Posted 11/09/2010 at 17:20:14

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To the poster that stated he didn't think Baines was responsible for the goals. If you had played full back at any time of your life and at any level, the first thing that's drilled into you is stay close to the wnger/wide man and stop the crosses coming in. Schoolboy stuff from Baines, but great going forward.

In a weird sort of way I think that the times right for Coleman to be given a run. I've never subscribed to the Coleman is God school of thought, but if Baines can get away with it down the left then Coleman can do it down the right, and let the mids cover them when they're bombing on.

We need a threat down the right-something that's lacking at present.
Andy Crooks
34   Posted 11/09/2010 at 17:54:50

Report abuse

David , well said. Coleman is not god yet.
Ian Smitham
35   Posted 11/09/2010 at 18:02:39

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I felt the ground was a bit flat today and some of the abuse of our players unbelieveable especially gobby idiots who leave almost as we go 3-1 down. Glad for them, supporters pah.

On subject, I have supported the 4-6-0 line-up but was wavering today. Yak made a difference; Johnny was poor and at fault for the first goal when he gave up the chase. Distin had a nightmare, and Arteta seemed to disappear. It has been noted on here previously how he seems to against the Big teams.

Not a fan of Jags to be honest but I thought he did really well today, also Howard was great. I really have worry beads about him usually.

Last observation from me for now ? Give Pienaar whatever he wants ? as for workrate, he epitomises it along with an abundance of skill. Give him the money.
John Brennan
36   Posted 11/09/2010 at 18:11:25

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I thought we had had it when they scored their second. I blame Baines for Fletcher's goal, he didn't seem to know where Nani was! Nani was able to cross far too easily and too often.

Some good stuff from Howard, and Cahill and Pienaar were excellent. I agree, Heitinga and perhaps Fellaini were nowhere near their best today, but with today's result, surely we'll beat the Barcodes next week?

Well done lads, but we still panic too much when defending. Get working on closing down, Baines, and maybe Moyes should reconsider using Distin a little less.

Peter Webster
37   Posted 11/09/2010 at 18:09:15

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Mother of God, what a game. Costly defensive mistakes from Johnny, Baines and Distin. Invisible Ozzie, apart from the set up for Pienaar. I often wonder why Moyes continues with certain players when it's obvious to most people they should be subbed ? ie, Ozzie and Distin. Maybe he's like Mrs Doyle and just enjoys The Misery.

Some positive points though: The return of the Yak (cue Mark Morrison) and his subtlety in the box, Howard's heroics and even Hibbo's strip for the ladies. Good job Rooney wasn't playing - the priapic little get wouldn't have known what to do with himself.

Oh, and hats off to Tiger Tim and Pienaar. I agree with Ian 35. Give him the money.

Andy Crooks
38   Posted 11/09/2010 at 18:21:27

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Ian, in view of what you said, how about the Yak and Beckford up front together?
Mick Hoban
39   Posted 11/09/2010 at 18:22:48

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Back from the game - 37 posts and no-one has mentioned our new signing ? Yakubu's thinner brother!

Fuck me, what diet has he been on? Looked sharp though.

Chris Butler
40   Posted 11/09/2010 at 18:20:50

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Is it just me or does it seem a reasonably decent idea to put Coleman in the team instead of Osman? I don't think there was any outfield player that shone today with Howard taking most of the plaudits. Fellaini was hit and miss again but did show glimpses of what he can do.

I thought the Yak was reasonably decent as well and seemed to cause a lot of problems to United's defence and set up Osman excellently only for him to pass it to Van Der Sar. I think Yak should start next week.

I was one of the hundreds of supporters who missed both goals due to leaving early, which is the only time I've ever left early and missed an equalizer.

Gavin Ramejkis
41   Posted 11/09/2010 at 18:15:07

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David Hallwood, correct me if I'm wrong but you blame Baines for the goals (plural), 2nd one was from a corner, nothing to do with him and the third was from a long pass down the middle of the park from Scholes again not a left back's job to stop. The second I can't wait to see on MotD as it happened right in front of me and no one was anywhere near Vidic in the middle of the box with a free header and only Howard to beat.

The third was down to Dustbin and an awful attempt to get to the ball facing his own goal with an off-balance stretched leg instead of staying behind the ball facing the opposition goal tracking backwards.

David Thomas
42   Posted 11/09/2010 at 18:39:55

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Baines should have got tight for the 2nd goal and not let the ball be crossed. I like Baines and think he is great going forward; however, his defensive play at Villa and today has been well below par in my opinion.
Michael Kenrick
43   Posted 11/09/2010 at 18:48:10

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Trying to figure out the 'assist' for our third goal... looks like Cahill got the header but it hit Fellaini's back or shoulder, which cushioned it down nicely for Mikkey to leather it home.
Dave Richman
44   Posted 11/09/2010 at 18:46:58

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On another note...... have you all seen this YouTube vid of the kopite in his car immediately after the match? Tyring to drive through the sea of humanity coming out of Goodison!

Definitely a contender for Britain's Stupidest Man :-) What on earth could have possessed him?
Gavin Ramejkis
45   Posted 11/09/2010 at 19:05:06

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Dave Richman, as we walked back past the Main Stand, some beaut in an RS top was walking past, he got absolutely pelted with abuse, what a knob!! The knob in the car fits the bill and its always been one of those things you ask yourself ? who would try to drive past a ground with thousands of people leaving it thinking they will suddenly be given right of way? Be they RS or not, every home game there is always some knob waiting near the bookies next to the church, trying to drive past the ground as everyone is leaving.
Ian Smitham
46   Posted 11/09/2010 at 19:22:43

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Oh yes, we had this flying right wing back type in the first half. Who got booked for his desperado hacking down attempt? Thought it was supposed to be the other way round.
Steve Foster
47   Posted 11/09/2010 at 19:25:58

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I am sorry, but I have just scanned over the comments made. Been out on the lash, but I have to say one thing.

PASSION! This is why I love this club, this is why I love this team.

I have just sat in a Boozer in the middle of Leeds, with my Manc friend, surprisngly surrounded by Evertonians, and I have just experienced 3 of the best minutes of my life. Not since the Semi at Leed's have I experienced such a good time.

OK, so we did not get 3 points, but we showed passion, belief, and conviction.

Well done lads, well done Moyes, and god bless. Thank you!

And for the record, we were robbed! Should of been 4-3.

Oh, last drunken note, 3D rocks! Even though there is a 3 second delay!!!!!!!

Come on you Blues, the season starts here!!!!!!
Jamie Tulacz
48   Posted 11/09/2010 at 19:32:11

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Steve ? yeah, I tried out 3D for the England game the other night. Brilliant, though dangerous with a few pints as I felt infinitely more pissed than normal!!
Dave Richman
49   Posted 11/09/2010 at 19:33:02

Report abuse

Yeah Gavin :-) Probably see it as their democratic right to walk wherever they please whenever they please!

By the way, someone just put some pics on Facebook of the car afterwards..... wipers and mirrors gone, dented like you won't believe ? like the car in Father Ted :-) Feel sorry for the damage to the car, but it's his own stupid fault.

Better put summat about the match...... Distin was abysmal.
Nick Entwistle
50   Posted 11/09/2010 at 19:49:55

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Got to admit, that's a funny clip... usual youtube diatribe in the comments which is poor, but hey, yeah it's his fault.
Andy Roberts
51   Posted 11/09/2010 at 19:31:30

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Delighted with the result but worried that it will mask the continued schooloy errors that mask our performances. You don't go one-nil up then completely switch off and concede a goal with six minutes left in the first half. You shut up shop and make sure you're in front at half-time.

You then don't come straight out after half-time and concede straight away. For fuck's sake, that is schoolboy football ? these are highly paid professionals. This problem is relevant to the whole team, not just the defence. We need to get back to being hard to score against, defend from the front, and switch our football brains on.

One other point... well, two: we need to quicken up our build-up play, and get Arteta off the dead balls ? especially corners.

Also, I was baffled by that team selection: Fellaini is wasted playing behind the front man ? he needs to play deep where he is far more effective and allows Arteta to press forward, where he is more effective.

Good to see the Yak back.

Moan over ? good job we didn't get beat?!!

Des Farren
52   Posted 11/09/2010 at 19:50:42

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Couple of things strike me:

1) We scored 3 and with chances we had could have had 2 more.
2) They got 3 and with better finishing could have had 4/5 more.
3) Our defence, ie Distin, Jags, Baines & Heitinga, were so disorganised/out of position, it was unreal.
4) I have not seen a dirtier Mancs team for years ?committed double the fouls we did... treble, in fact, if the referee had been half-decent.

Michael Brien
53   Posted 11/09/2010 at 20:07:29

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John Daley
54   Posted 11/09/2010 at 20:27:00

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Back from the game and just feeling totally bemused. What an indictment of the forwards at the club when the manager chooses to play with no-one up front and leaves two strikers on the bench. Fair enough when all our forwards were out injured a few years ago... but it hardly sends the message that you're going out to win the game, does it?

In addition, another forward (James Vaughan) is sent out on loan to Crystal Palace, leaving our attacking options looking threadbare. For fuck's sake, Moyes, if you've given up on him, can you just put the lad out of his misery?

It's now official that we are incapable of defending a 1-0 lead. Distin is a cumbersome liability whose constant lapses of concentration lead one to question the wisdom of Moyes's refusal to give Heitinga and Jagielka a run of games together.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not really a massive Heitinga fan either. I think he's hugely overrated by a lot of Evertonians and pussies out of too many challenges when he plays in midfield. However, he is a decent defender, comfortable on the ball and can read the game reasonably well. It's surely time he was played in his preferred position rather than being left to run around in midfield like a headless chicken.

Sean Condon
55   Posted 11/09/2010 at 21:04:16

Report abuse

I really don't know what to feel. In Langley, the match wasn't on until 11am so I stayed up late last night and watched a great Jacques Rivette film (Va Savoir), eschewing a 4am wake-up to try my luck with Iraqgoals.

We've played fairly well so far this season, but Yakubu's inability to be fit for the start (DM's apparent indulgence of such is another, thornier issue) and Louis being lost somewhere on Planet Saha have meant that we can't score. Relying on midfielders to play upfront is ok for a while, but it's rather like watching an arrested adolescent ? sooner or later you've got to grow up... and buy real strikers (as opposed to guys with neck tats?).

I expected that today would see our legendary team spirit come to the fore and for half-an-hour I looked right. Then we went to sleep for an hour... And then the legendary team spirit returned. And then Moyes went mad for no real reason seeing as Jags probably never heard the whistle and had his shot smothered by the lanky Dutchman anyway.

We'd have taken this result beforehand.

But oh, wasn't Sylvain Distin fantastic today (shuddering)?
Albert Perkins
56   Posted 11/09/2010 at 21:37:57

Report abuse

Scoring three goals against Utd is great. Had a bunch of chances and maybe 3 is fair.

We could have stopped a couple of their goals, and Distin should be on the bench, but they had a lot more chances and we were lucky to get away with it in the end.
And what an end! Loved it!

Utd had players with a bit of pace who can cross a ball into the danger areas. I don't believe players can regularly pinpoint a cross directly onto the head or foot of a striker in a crowded penalty area, but there are players who can regularly put the ball close enough to the attackers to get a good percentage of assists. Utd have them.

And we don't have the strikers who can regularly get into those dangerous positions and finish with aplomb. Get Yak fit and develop Beckford. Give Jermaine some playing time. Johnny H and Jags in the center and Coleman up the right side.

Having said all that, great finish and let's hope this gets the season going. Utd must feel awful!

Dermot Ryan
57   Posted 12/09/2010 at 01:06:02

Report abuse

Is it 2 points after 4 games? Very exciting ending and all that, but we didn't deserve it. And I see no evidence there that we can challenge for the top 4. It is not just gaps in the team (and they are there). Its not the commitment: I saw lots of it. Its Moyes' over-cautious nature.

1. Michael Brien. Nail on Head. We have strikers. Play them!! How can you start at home (on one point!!) without either Yakubu (who btw looks a little thinner to me) or Beckford?

2. Coleman would be as good as Osman in mid-right. But Moyes!! Get it fucking sorted out.

3. And we need to give Beckford a chance to score or we need to buy a new striker.

And on a side-note, did you see Round trying to his best impression of Moyes after the final whistle. Hilarious. Sadly, reminded me of Graham Taylor and Phil Neal.

Sad to say and I have NEVER been a Moyes basher, but I really think he is holding us back. I'd prefer Owen Coyle to Moyes at the moment.

Doug Nestor
58   Posted 12/09/2010 at 01:11:21

Report abuse

Sean Condon .............The match was on live at 4.45am on Setanta..........I watched it in Victoria, they didn't advertise it until this morning, I too got up to try my luck with the computer but decided to check the channels on the telly and there it was....
Richard Harris
59   Posted 12/09/2010 at 13:26:27

Report abuse

This game seems to sum up all that is good and bad about the current side and manager. How many teams will score two goals against Man Utd in injury time and be pushing for a winner ?How many defenders do we need to replace ? Why can't we close down a game when ahead and then concede either side of half-time ? How many strikers would envy Tim Chaill's heading ability and awareness in the box ? We are a mass of contradictions - Tim Howard has been at fault in a few games and we were worried and then yesterday he keeps us in the game ! Distin was on another planet and yet when we signed him and made a huge profit on Lescott I thought we had done well - shows how wrong I was !
Tony I'Anson
60   Posted 12/09/2010 at 14:15:41

Report abuse

Just watched the 3rd goal again on Sky Sports News from a camera in the Park End.

The site of everyone going absolutely mental in the lower Gwladys Street was a stirring vision before me. It took me back 20 years in an instant.

Let's hope we have many more moments like that this season. For some lucky fans this was their first experience of Goodison and a memory they will never ever forget.
Jamie Crowley
61   Posted 12/09/2010 at 19:31:57

Report abuse

Tony -

We recorded the game and had the luxury of going back and watching the final 3 minutes about 15 times last night...

The fans went berserk - it was hilarious, spectacular, et al. Flailing arms, a sea of bodies jumping up and down. Great finish, and well worth watching again and again for the fan reaction. Wonderful.

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