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Stick or Twist?

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Knowing the persuasive powers of David Moyes, I'm sure that he has been working his charm on Steven Piennar whilst out in South Africa, and will hopefully do the same with Mikel Arteta whilst out in Australia. The aim for Moyes will be as ever that both player's are integral to Everton, that the grass isn't always greener, and that they have the potential to achieve much in the coming years.

However, in reading an article by Jack Rodwell prior to the squad's departure for Oz, it would appear that even the player's are conceiving the thought of life without Nuts and Our Tater should they decide to move on. Rodwell is quite right in assuming that David Moyes will fill the huge void or chasm that will be left should they move on.

Given this fact, the lack of contractual commitment to date by either player and the potential to starting the new season with such uncertainty, what do other readers feel is likely to be the solution? I would suggest that we would be looking at a combined figure of around £30 million for the pair given their age and expiring contracts.

I hope to God that they stay but it might be time to contemplating life without them. Creativity would obviously need to be brought in to compliment what we already have, who would we be able to attract and at what price?
Peter Laing, Liverpool     Posted 02/07/2010 at 15:26:24

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Roberto Birquet
1   Posted 02/07/2010 at 17:15:25

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I hope the two playersd are wearing the same blee-tinted spectacles that you are. But I expect Moyes would hold Arteta to at least another yoear on his contract, even if that would cut any fee we'd get. If the big boys from City or Utd, or even Madrid came calling, they'd pay pay good money even next yesar, unless the world economy spins back out of contyrol - quite possible.

We could afford t lose one of them if it came to that, and bring in Donovan. I heard the big wheel - Sean Weelcok - say on up all night last week that Donovan WOULD be leaving for a "big European club", and that "might be Everton".

Here's hoping. That and back up for Baines, and I'd be happy. All that and both boys stay, and we are looking very good.

But, a big congratulations to Johhny! Brazil are out! Bring it on! holland vs Argentina or Spain would be great for the final.
James Stewart
2   Posted 02/07/2010 at 17:20:57

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Losing both Pienaar and Arteta would be an absolute disaster. I really don't think we could replace Arteta no matter how much £ we receive.
Tony J Williams
3   Posted 02/07/2010 at 17:29:43

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Goodbye decent football if we lose Mikel and Pienaar
Mike Oates
4   Posted 02/07/2010 at 17:41:47

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We cannot afford to lose Arteta. He is our playmaker, he sets the tempo, demands the ball and dictates the movements. Pienaar keeps the "joined up" football (as Ken Buckley would say) going, particularly on the left hand side, but is not a playmaker.

I was looking forward to a Arteta / Fellaini combination this season, which if they click could well give us the basis for a charge into the Top 4.

As someone early says how do we replace Arteta , even if we got the likes of Moutinho or whoever else fits the bill they would take another year to establish themselves in the Premiership - I don't see any existing Premier League players fitting the bill.

As I said in an article 2-3 months ago, next season is our last chance to crack the Top 4... if we don't ? watch out for the exodus.
James Flynn
5   Posted 02/07/2010 at 17:34:53

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When either or both are gone, I'll believe it. Not before. I still think they want to stay. They've both proved themselves starters and key members on a team, and with a following, that wants them. Playing for a manager who set them right in their careers. At their age, starting all over somewhere else, why? Neither is being offered THAT MUCH more money elsewhere. Anyway, seeing is believing.

As far as LD, guess what this side of the Pond? Man City is allegedly after him, too! Have they run out of EFC players they're "after" in the media there? Now they're over here too. HaHa. Who floats these rumors?
Karl Jones
6   Posted 02/07/2010 at 18:23:49

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I feel that someone has got at Arteta or his agent in a similar way to the Lescott fiasco last season, because in an interview on EFC TV in March he states that he would sign for Everton for life.
The timing seems to suggest Arsenal potentially losing Fabregas has unsettled him.

Pienaar has probably been unsettled in a similar way by Redknapp.

Hope I'm wrong, but I cant see either staying.
Tony Kelly
7   Posted 02/07/2010 at 18:49:40

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All footballers are mercenaries.

Now that I have got that off my chest, could someone on ToffeeWeb tell me the name of the Brazilian player Everton were close to signing under the Peter Johnson era, who wanted Everton to pay his taxes?

Tony Kelly
8   Posted 02/07/2010 at 18:55:10

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I should have said his tax bill.
Andy Crooks
9   Posted 02/07/2010 at 19:04:03

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Peter, I hope both stay but a combined figure of £30 million is plain ridiculous.
Tony McNulty
10   Posted 02/07/2010 at 19:10:45

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Wasn't it Muller?
Tony Kelly
11   Posted 02/07/2010 at 19:14:56

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Thanks Tony.
Dean Smith
12   Posted 02/07/2010 at 21:32:29

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Dean Smith
13   Posted 02/07/2010 at 21:34:32

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Gavin Ramejkis
14   Posted 02/07/2010 at 21:45:58

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James the LD to Shitty rumour hit the rags here too but was ignored, besides they've just spunked a large wad (£24m) of their oil money on David Silva.
James Flynn
15   Posted 02/07/2010 at 22:12:22

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Dean (13) Hey Brother, take it easy.

First off, we're in the hunt this coming season. I think the main reason we're hearing these rumors about Pienaar, Arteta etal, is they know Moyes feels EFC is finally poised to make a major move and they're trying to squeeze a few more bucks out of it. And THAT'S ASSUMING any of what we've heard about contracts is even true.

On LD - No one here, especially him, is saying anything about moving. It was just in the paper after that final minute goal in Group play and I had to laugh. Even Landon is being sought by Man City? How many roster spots do they have, 50???

Anyhow, he is ambitious (finally). My take is as always; he wants to come back to Goodison. So, we'll see.
James Flynn
16   Posted 02/07/2010 at 22:24:16

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Gavin (14) - Yeah, it's funny about Shitty. You folks over there get to do this every summer, eh? Here in the States, we have nothing to compare to your rumor mill there.

I think it's down to what, you and me, Shitty haven't announced interest in? Pretty funny stuff compared to the dull doings in our media over here.
Dean Smith
17   Posted 02/07/2010 at 22:29:00

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Post Removed
Tommy Gibbons
18   Posted 02/07/2010 at 22:36:09

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If they stay or go, why should we care, just get them out early and get replacements in quick. They're both good... but not THAT GOOD. Moysie knows his stuff and he'll get his replacements...

And btw Dean 17.. judging by your posts on here and on other threads what is it about Everton you hate so much?

James Flynn
19   Posted 03/07/2010 at 00:18:10

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Dean (17) - C'mon man, cut it out. In the hunt to lift the Trophy this year, what else. The past decades are what they are. Nothing to do with this season coming up.

8 teams with legit aspirations this season next and EFC is one of them. God takes it easy on us injury-wise, we're right in the mix to lift the Trophy.

Toffee Fever Dean. Toffee Fever! Catch it!!
Brendan O'Doherty
20   Posted 03/07/2010 at 00:46:48

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James, I don't think there is much chance of Mr Smith ever catching 'Toffee Fever'. It seems, erm... how can I put this, that he may not actually be what he appears to be. Make of that what you will.
Alasdair Mackay
21   Posted 03/07/2010 at 11:04:24

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I think the fact that Arteta's picture has been released with this season's home kit, while Pienaar's hasn't speaks volumes.

The players in the photos would appear to be last season's key players in Johnny, both Tims and the emerging brilliance of Rodwell. Perhaps a surprise not to see Baines amongst them, but they never use full-backs for these things.

There is no doubt that Pienaar was a key player last season and if the club were convinced that he would be there they would have had his picture taken.
Roberto Birquet
22   Posted 03/07/2010 at 17:12:23

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Dean Smith

I did not say Everton are a big European club. Sean Weelock did. That's why I used "speech marks". Pay attention!

I suppose after Donovan playing in the US league, Mr Weelock would consider Everton a "big European club" - for a US player. But I'm speculating. You'll have to ask Sean why he rates us as such.

Re: your other points, we have not been inferior to Villa the last few seasons. Last year was the first time they've finished above us in ages. And by what? three points, after we had half our squad out the entire autumn, and our best three players for 2/3 of the season. They are below us.

Without money, Everton have accumulated a squad. This is our best squad for 15-20 years. We are bigger than some give credit for. It is between City, RS, Spurs and us for a CL place.

I agree with some others. This will be our best chance, maybe our last considering the spending of City and Spurs. Roll on the UEFA rule changes.
Thor Sørensen
23   Posted 03/07/2010 at 21:25:57

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Everton not a big european club?!? Madness!

Everton is a MASSIVE club!

Living in Norway pherhaps gives me a different perspective than those based in England/Merseyside and in Scandinavia Everton is certainly viewed as a BIG club, both in terms of history and tradition and in terms of our great support.

Seriously, club's don't come much bigger than Everton! We're certainly amongst the 5-6 biggest club in the most famous league in the world, and much bigger than most French, German, Italian and Spanish sides.

Everton is certainly in the top 20 biggest European clubs.
Brendan O'Doherty
24   Posted 03/07/2010 at 22:41:31

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Roberto and Thor - you two seem to have been victims of Mr Smith's subterfuge. Don't rise to the bait.
Dermot Ryan
25   Posted 03/07/2010 at 22:47:30

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Sorry not to comment sooner, lads. I've been cruising other teams fan's websites and posing as a fan like that other sad tosser, Dean Smith. And it is true that we were not allowed to dominate Europe in the Eighties, but Dean would know why that is the case. We have him and his red shite friends to thank for that.
James Flynn
26   Posted 04/07/2010 at 00:41:17

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Brendan (20) - Yes, I see him being called imposter by Kenrick and others. Oh well.

A little change of pace from this off-season's steady diet of "Pienaar sucks/Pienaar's great" discussion, the "We need LD/Could you please pry your lips off LD's ass" friendly, and our recent "England sucks/I agree they suck, but even worse than you said and for a much longer time" confrontation.

So, Dennis Smythe. Who are you?
Martin Mason
27   Posted 04/07/2010 at 14:16:29

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Smith is what is called a troll, a bottom feeder. I would hope Mr Kenrick bans the parasite.

I saw the article of Citeh offering 3 players for Arteta. I don't believe it but Ireland would be a good punt if we could match his wages.

Hopefully he will stay but I feel that both he and Pienaar will leave. As long as Arteta doesn't go to a competitor I don't mind, this is something that we have to live with now.

Did someone say we will be competing with Liverpool for a CL place? Don't joke, they'll be nowhere near that high next season.
Ciarán McGlone
28   Posted 05/07/2010 at 14:53:46

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James Flynn,

If we win the league this season - I will pay for your return flights to and from every game - and a season ticket into the bargain. I'll also eat any hats you can find and a flock of flying pigs.

There's optimism and then there's silliness.
James Flynn
29   Posted 11/07/2010 at 04:33:13

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Ciaran - Some facts beyond silliness or optimism.

The hat you're eating is an LFC one. Oh yeah, I've bought it. Plus, since you've added flying pigs you can't produce, I will substitute the hat eating at a locale near Goodison you name. So we can link-up and so other Toffeewebers can be present.

I'll buy the beverage of your choice to wash down that Liverpool Football Club hat you'll be eating.

The round-trip ticket nonsense we'll narrow down to my flight to and from for thre hat-eating ceremony. I'll pay my way and you'll re-emburse me in front of everyone.

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